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[Music] they may be awesome heroes but the way they became heroes not so much welcome to is superhero origins for this list we're looking at superhero origins which are strange bizarre or just plain dumb we're also focusing on the origins as they appeared in the comics not other media and we're looking at heroes and not villains although you may still find some anti heroes here also many superhero origins get updated and retconned over the years but we're looking at those origins as they first appeared in their original comics as well as any updates that made him even worse we ruled this land with fairness and compassion and the people loved us but there were factions that resented these two gods from another world number 10 the Golden Age Adam it's like the writer for this one took those Charles Atlas ads from the comic books way too seriously okay so you got Al Pratt this short guy who's in love with this girl named Mary and emasculate Sal for not being able to punch out a crook who mugs them fortunately al meets a bum who just so happens to be a former trainer for famous prize fighters one year later al so muscle-bound that doorknobs break off in his hand he manages to save Mary from kidnappers but she doesn't know it's him who saved her which was kind of the whole point of Al's transformation the atom may have gotten stronger since he last saw Mary but he's also still dumb as a doorknob and all that's basically just ignoring the fact that he's still just a short guy who got really strong number 9 puck the Golden Age Adam isn't alone in the short of stature hero Department alpha flights punk is a little person with great acrobatic skills but when his origin was revealed things got unnecessarily goofy you see puck was originally a very tall and striking guy he was also a bit of a mercenary and one day he was hired to steal a mystical sword mystical how you ask well it kind of contained the spirit of an ancient wizard remember this is still technically a superhero comic and not a Dungeons & Dragons module anyway the evil wizard escapes from the sword and puck had to give up some of his height to defeat the mage and ended up with immortality in the process but seriously was it so wrong to have him just be born a little person number 8 Valkyrie warriors your seats in Valhalla are promised protect Odin with your lives there's unnecessarily convoluted origins and then there's Marvel's Valkyrie Brunhilde the Valkyrie was originally a warrior goddess who took the souls of Fallen Heroes to Valhalla but then the villain enchantress took possession of her soul and used it to give other people the Valkyries powers starting with herself eventually Valkyries body and powers were controlled by a woman whose own body contained Valerie's mind and by pure coincidence the two looked so alike that not even brynhilda could tell them apart oh and that woman's body was also trapped in another dimension eventually all that mind and body swapping was sorted out but that also involved a lot of confusing deaths for everyone involved fun stuff number 7 black Condor Valkyries origin is way too complicated but black condors is just dumb and fine dumb we mean set your suspension of disbelief onto total overdrive even for a comic book story basically this archaeologist is traveling through Mongolia with his wife and baby they get set upon by bandits who kill the archaeologists and his wife the baby is saved by a condor who raises him as its own and in the most amazing example of nurture trumping nature the boy grows up and gains the ability to fly just because he was raised that way just like that no wings no rocket pack not even a propeller he eventually of course doles out justice to his parents killers and then goes to the United States and flies around catching bad guys of course number six Black Canary okay you're really gonna need to pay attention for this one Black Canary was originally a costumed hero married to a detective named Larry Lance when he died she left her earth and moved to another earth in an alternate dimension where she found not only her husband's dead body but also her own still following okay because it turns out it wasn't technically her body it was her mother's body it turns out that Larry wasn't her husband no no he was her father it all had to do with her mother's memories getting switched into her body and this whole time she wasn't the person she thought she was this was all the result of an Origin that totally got out of hand and then another attempt to bring all of these threads together which just made everything much worse number five Catwoman well then again there's you but you need therapy Catwoman's origen wasn't revealed until a decade after her debut and let's just say that that time was not well spent in Batman Volume one number 62 Catwoman gets hit on the head by falling debris and forgets the last few years of her life with Batman's help Selina Kyle pieces together the story of how she became Catwoman it turns out that she was once an airline stewardess who kind of fell out of a plane as it crashed this gave her amnesia and because she didn't know who she was she decided to become a criminal because shut up that's why few poor guys Oh is confusing your pistols make you what about the cat persona well her father owned a pet store and all those felines must have made an impression on her even with all that amnesia it's that simple really meow number four Hawkman and Hawk woman you and I are the reincarnation of lovers who died here thousands of years my real name's Kate our home [Music] but you can call me puck on the surface the origin of the original Hawkman and Hawk woman doesn't seem that stupid wealthy scientist Carter Hall discovers an ancient Egyptian dagger and goes into a trance where'd you get this in Egypt during an archaeological dig it's not from the invasion it's been on earth for over eight thousand years he realizes that he is the reincarnation of an Egyptian Prince Khufu using a mysterious inth metal that defies gravity he and shiera become crime fighters we're not sure why the gravity defying metal is necessary since they both seem to have wings but whatever it's comic book stuff anyway we later find out that they are actually both aliens who came to earth as part of a galactic police force but they look like Egyptians in order to combine two very different and conflicting origins into one absurd mess DC Comics does this all the time by the way in 6600 b.c two thanagarian law officers were sucked through a war room into an uncharted sector of space they landed here when their ship ran out of fuel number three psylocke [Music] here's an origin that's so dumb it seems like Marvel just kept throwing things against the wall to see what would stick while her first origin is pretty straightforward Psylocke shows up here on this list because of how long and convoluted it took for her to become the psylocke that we know and love today but Disqus from the first Olympic Games should be worth a few pennies a ninja sports fan I keep my baseball cards in my book readers first met her as Betsy Braddock the sister of the hero Captain Britain Betsy was a pilot model and did a little espionage on the side when she became blinded by one villain and kidnapped by another her mind is swapped into another body she turns evil for a while and ultimately becomes the psylocke most fans recognize it was such a drastic change to every aspect of her persona Marvel should have just made her into an entirely new character

number two Golden Age flash Jay Garrick Barry Allen became the flash when lightning struck him and a bunch of chemicals at the same time [Music] not a hundred percent scientifically sound but still way better than the story of his predecessor Jay Garrick a college student Jay is conducting experiments involving M hard water during a and I'm not making this up I swear smoke break in the lab Garrick knocks one of the beakers over and uh the water fumes give him SuperSpeed yes hard water which by the way is nothing more than mineral water with calcium and magnesium in it that's what turned him into the fastest man alive while the origin of Barry Allen's flash is definitely better kid flashes isn't as they just copy-pasted Barry's origin onto a new character still it's better than a smoke break and some Merrill water right valve down kid oh please before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions number one Shazam [Music] see if you can spot the bad ideas here when a mysterious stranger meet two young boy selling papers and finds out that he has no parents he beckoned that young boy to follow him into a dark deserted subway station before you can say stranger danger he abandons the boy in a hallway lined with creepy statues the kid walks alone down this bizarre hallway and meets a weird old man sitting underneath a huge block of granite held up by a mere threat the old man is like hey kid you want some superpowers and boom kid turns into Shazam so remember kids if an old man that consumed down a dark alley well he's probably a kidnapper but maybe just maybe he will give you some really sweet superpowers so why not roll the dice seriously oh please kids don't talk to strangers be nice to your parents so do you agree with our choices what other laughably ridiculous superhero origins should we've included on our list for more marvelous Tom 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to yeah baby clap it up

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