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you know I was not expecting to make another one of these video guides so soon there I was finally having the time to work through Orleans when suddenly Gil out tomorrow out of nowhere but you know what it's all good a lot of you were requesting a guild video so without further ado let's just get this started now I know that there is a ton of hype for Gil hell I'm hyper Gilgamesh I have a 120 ports ready to burn on that gotcha we all know how great of a character he is but how good of a servant is he in fate grand order so before we trip over ourselves to empty our wallets this is actually take a good look at him and just like with Sabre we're going to be looking at his skills his stats and followed up with a brief guide and overall rating so what their Gil stats look like well his HP is on the low end 4 5 stars at only 13,000 97 but his attack is through the roof as 12,000 280 that means that release he'll have the second-highest attacks that in the game in North America among all the servants and even in Japan he's still in the top 10 among the hundred and fifty plus servants that they have there so he's an offensive juggernaut and when it comes to the trade-off between attack and HP attack is far more valuable so stat wise Gil is in a very great position where he hits like a truck but he's not as fragile as a glass cannon Berserker skill wise Gil has the charisma a plus which buffs the party's attack between ten point five to twenty one percent for three turns much like Sabres he also has a golden rule a which increases as a noble phantasm gain between twenty to fifty percent and he has collector X which increases star absorption between thirty to six hundred percent and that can actually be upgraded to be an interlude to also charge his noble phantasm gauge between twenty to thirty percent for his passives he has independent action a plus to increase his crit damage by eleven percent he has magic resistance e to increase his debuff resistance by ten percent and he has divinity B which increases his overall damage by 175 so right off the bat let me just start out by saying Gil has the best straight-up charisma still in the game even better than Sabres no one has a charisma skill higher than rank a plus so it's an extremely useful buff everything I said about Sabres charisma applies here and even more so he also has Golden Rule which is pretty decent as it allows you to charge your noble phantasm faster but it's not the most impressive skill in the world and he has collector X which is good if you're building a crit team otherwise it's not particularly noteworthy although it is helpful after the interlude since it can further charge your noble phantasm also I should note there's a difference between noble phantasm charge and increasing your noble phantasm rate golden rule makes it so that your noble phantasm gauge charges 20% or more faster from your arts and your quicksand your muster cards so if you use an arts card and you normally get 10% noble phantasm from it if you use golden rule that will jump to 12% now compared to Treasury of Babylon which is what collector X becomes after the interview which charges your noble phantasm by 20% which means it just adds a flat 20% to your noble phantasm gauge so if you are 80% you use a skill now you're at 100 and you can unleash your noble phantasm the skills that add noble phantasm charge directly to your gauge are usually a lot better than just increasing the noble phantasm rate so golden rule is a bit of a weak link when it comes to Gil's skillset and gills passives are a mixed bag magic resistance as I noticed what Sabre is utterly useless just ignore it it means nothing but independent action is strong given how well it synergizes with yos collector skill and his ability to absorb crit stars and divinity B is just a small buff to damage it's nothing major it's not a huge difference but it doesn't hurt either it's not useless so he does have one useless passive one good passive and one okay passive as far as leveling his skills you should always go to max charisma first before anything else and then you can decide on whether you want to level up your golden rule or your collector based on what role you want Gilgamesh to play for his command cards noble phantasm Gil has the same deck a saber which is quick arts arts of Buster Buster it's the generic standard deck making him able to fit really well into most team comps because he won't secure the decks in any which way and he also has an incredibly powerful noble phantasm which is further increased after an interlude Gil's noble phantasm is an AoE much like sabers making it good for wave clearing also like sabers it's a busser noble phantasm and he has two buster cards so you can bust their brave chain for insane damage levels now here's where things get crazy almost all a owee normal phantasms are bad at boss killing because they spread out the damage to multiple targets it's a trade-off system however Gil as we know does not negotiate with anyone so he says screw that trade-off system and he has a built-in additional damage modifier against servants in his noble phantasm that means the more charge has no phantasm has the more bonus damage he does against servants which completely offsets the weaker damage to single targets rule that applies to pretty much all other AoE noble phantasms so if you're finding a service which 90% of the bosses in this game are if not even more then Gil can do insane damage to them with his AoE noble phantasm making him also a strong boss killer on top of being a really good waveclear this is one of the best noble phantasms in the game across the board period but it gets even stronger after the interlude which further buffs of noble phantasm damage by 30% that is essentially a built-in mana burst in his noble phantasm after his interlude it's completely insane levels of damage he can get off with his normal content so what team does this monster fit in well he mostly works well in two roles he can either be an offensive lead with two supporters who can buff him and heal him and be both the enemy or he can play a damage dealing all in a creek based team now he only has one quick card which is an issue but his attacks hit so many times per card that he is pretty good at generating crit stars all on his own even without using quick cards and remember his collector skill really helps them because it nearly ensures that all the crit stars are going to go to him and he crits hard because it was passive it may be a bit gimmicky but you want to go the crit team route with Gil I really suggested leveling this collector skill after charisma and pairing can with either hassan or atlanta if you have her since those two are amazing crit star generators if you want to put in a more straightforward role as just your lead damage dealer with some support he pairs ironically well with saber since they can basically just charisma above each other or if you're not phenomenally lucky you're rich and you don't have both saber and Gilgamesh you can also pair Gil with Shakespeare who is easily obtainable from the frontline gotcha and works phenomenally well with Gil since he also has a mini mana burst skill that he can use to buff Gil's noble phantasm and after his strengthening quest he also gets a skill that helps charge and allies noble phantasm and increase their crit start rate both things Gil really really appreciates he also works really well with Hercules for obvious reasons and because you can actually make a lot of critics arse which hurt can then use to create with and hit you even harder but if you're going to go that route you have a really fragile team there so I would advise against it unless you have a really strong support that can keep them both alive my overall assessment of Gil is he is everything saber should have been whereas Sabre is good at everything Gil is great at most things especially everything that matters he has very few weaknesses but one of them is his traits it's not something we need to pay particular attention to but he does both count as a divine servant and a male servant and there are these amount of servants out there that can do bonus damage to males and to divine servants with their skills or their normal TASM but hardly enough for it to be a concern and while this charisma is great it does get power creep later on by other servants who have charisma like skills that aren't called charisma but essentially do the same thing by buffing the whole party by 20% and on top of that have some added effect like charging everyone's noble phantasm and stuff like that somewhat diminishing the effectiveness of Gilgamesh is just straight fun but when my biggest complaint about him is that his strong party wide buff could be even stronger that says a lot in my opinion he is the best archer you can possibly get even in the Japanese version he's still King he is a great way clear he can kill bosses he can take out multiple servants at a time which is in certain events very very helpful because you'll be fighting multiple servants at a time he can quit hard while also being able to generate enough Chris stars and as a skilled collect all the critters he generates so on all fronts he's really really self-sustaining and really really strong there's really nothing bad I can say about him and truly we are all mongrels at his feet my rating for Gil is a strong a and I bump that up to an A+ after his interlude since that gives him a semi mana burst on his already strong noble phantasm and an extra noble phantasm charge effect on his collector skills so that he can expand his noble phantasm the only thing prevents me from giving him an s-rank is that he doesn't completely break the game though he does come pretty close alright guys that's my thoughts on Gilgamesh I wish you all the best of luck if you are rolling for him I know I will be rolling for him I hope I get them I never got on my Japanese account so really I'm hoping you guys the best of luck those of you out there wishing to roll in and this will be an ongoing series as I mentioned last video look forward to more videos not sure what 7 I want to do next I heard a lot of you guys making your voices heard wanting me to do different 5 stars and even some 4 stars so you can look forward to my next video and until then if you enjoyed the video please leave a like leave some comments and if you want to see more just go on and click that subscribe button so until next time guys there's a silver on me

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