We called 999 | Real day in the life of a Mum of two

by: Jennifer Joy

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[Music] moaning in so we've had a bit of a rough night haven't we daddy just a bit both of the kids are not well we're after that cough so hard he's been sick both of them have been so unsettled in the night this little one here decided that she would get up for what three hours wanted to play she's licking her lips are you doing yes just we don't felt my bed at much sleep but I've been literally every five minutes one of them was crying and I'd go into one come out the next one would start we kind of took one each she's just got that little cold in a cough but where I was really suffering so I don't think he'll be going to school today and do Olivia and I some breakfast so Olivia's having ready brick with one of these Ella's kitchen pouches and I think I'm gonna have some of these weeds mix minis [Music] whenever I some said a flavor of [Music] but never on the stars above I shine so we're in hospital Ralph had to call an ambulance he was so unresponsive he's improved a bit but still not way so we've had an eventful day where did you go Ralph what have you been in yeah so he wasn't well this morning and he was asleep him but I couldn't get him to come around his eyes were not opening and he was trying to talk he wasn't talking to me I don't know I'm very worried I just panicked to be honest because he just was so fluffy he went powers like gray and I've got an oximeter that'll pop on his fingers to check his eyes my sorry I can check his oxygen everything Sanford his levels were the lowest they've ever been we're just looking at the Lego aren't we yeah look the Lego Hospital Wow look at that Lego Hospital yeah and when they're that low like you have to bring an ambulance so paramedic on then they called an ambulance nickname over there and but everything seems to be under control at the moment here we go he's a lot better we've been discharged I want my we can go home but they're sending us home with steroids just in case is that some sort of flares up again but it's an hour wait for the pharmacy to dispatch so we're just hanging around the other hospital waiting now but my dad came up here elf didn't name so should we go our home we've got a steroid so we're going home mommy nanny's been looking a few ways many Danny's over there oh these kids worried I don't really know what it was I think just like low blood sugar levels low oxygen levels you just my view hasn't been feeling well anyway yes [Applause] [Music] we will just chilling out put me a mouse Olivia's on the move while we watch him read what you got you got lamb tonight daddy's home but daddy brings gifts look at this daddy it is Christmas in about two weeks your nightmare

[Music] we're out there watching home alone so that's what he's asked for for dinner so daddy's just gone out and got him a pizza funny watches when I pour water she oh she loves it not a CD or drinking it I'm shattered I'm just that emotionally drained I've got something headache I still still got an infection I feel all paying you my back with that the mountaineers is Ralph is okay I just think we're all gonna make it an early night tonight I'm free and hungry No [Music]

[Music] I've just been sick everywhere all over so far over cried over him it's on the floor

Crysis 1

it's not like sounds like a normal bar get weird so well seems okay at the moment how did you feel about being a victim new experience you sit on me on my lap what did you do runaway ticket stop I ran away to get towels and bowls I read the hell's anyway we shut it off say main priority is that we look after this little one tonight one of us will be staying in bed of in well so you like those good night Kevin gravlax home alone anyway we're gonna end this here good night everybody I've been feeling

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