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hey guys it's Alisa and welcome back to my channel today I am here with my dad and if you guys remember last time we did where I went shopping for him well this time he went shopping for me and I did a good job last time I actually guy that he wanted us to do it vice versa and I got a lot of comments saying you guys wanted to see it and I wanted to do it for myself so I'm really excited about this I have no idea when he got on where he went and my mom also blogged while they were out shopping so I'm going to roll those Clips right now I haven't seen those yet enjoy those clips and then we'll come back and I'll try on the clothes good afternoon good evening I should say this is Alyssa's mom and today we're going to do a hundred dollar makeover if you've seen earlier Alyssa made one with her dad she took a hundred dollars and bought him a wardrobe and now he's going to do it with her well actually we're going to do it I'm just going to film it so let's get into it here we go over the pots forever21 see what we can get done now [Music] exactly about the clearance rack this is killing me that I can't help them say this is getting better now pink socks tinkled on gold ore and that's crazy walking around I saw what he's doing now we're on to shoes look at the store or to possess stuff everywhere you've given me anxiety absolutely wearable we're getting down to the last penny we're going to add everything up he'll comes out really bad at this i apologize alisa it's a disclaimer I saw you wanted to get you a t-shirt how to make it fit oh my god okay we're at $98 with tax you're going to be good we going to do it Sephora see if he knows that would top it right off that exact one and I get sick trying to find a six for your little foot he went over budget and this poor girl say hi Alyssa the poor girl has the rear Inge now you're going to get a void and get into trouble okay we're done I hope we did good we didn't pay less now Pat ready for it Dida receipt okay one place I spent $76 many one thing I've had very 21-inch a little bit every room and this is from Payless I spent $20 38 cents so I'll ask you though the receipt shows proof that I only spent money $7.00 a night proof this is a forever 21 receipt we got 76 Payless we've got 20 I got a lot of clothes and repair shoes wet Bowl for that right I'll show you the shoes because what will mix and match elliptical nervous look so nervous okay these are cute cool yeah have ones that look so similar to this and then I got these flip-flops that have like a back ankle thing okay did you and it was BOGO while I get one half price now the only thing is those are a six and these are a five that's all I had so I think it may be no fit okay I like the style these are cute I don't know how they're going to look on you though he looks cool your father and I what you saw so we'll try those by the head he got me these sandals they're like black little details and then these flip-flops that wrap around your foot and have like a back thing on them you got them black and then stripe these are five though I hope they fit I don't know but now the first thing I got you know what - saying your wrist more one more medium it's the only one they had who's a one-off that can't go I'll be healthier a shirt and to put with those I got you these shorts they may say Brooklyn on them doing like a pudding okay that's your first outfit and I would wear with mini would be okay say boy [Music] what why how can that be look at this on the bottom what's I got it's weird [Music] ready ready say they're spitting machine know what's happened here only this one's bent this one's so tight look I can't get it on and me will ever look a little bit look at your foot I can't get my foot into all on okay here's my socks the shoes are okay but this one doesn't fit though I can't really wear them you know this is the one good routine yeah the shirt really cute I like the shirt and I like this ever more because I have the Texan one it's cute the shorts are a little big they're they're okay the cool thing is yeah they're nice for like around the house but I probably wouldn't wear my own shoes right I probably wouldn't wear them like out somewhere you know I give this outfit like a 4 out of 10 and I definitely wouldn't wear this shirt would be short no no I wear this with like leggings yes so this just a different color white did get black lighting which could war with that okay I had a bunch of the big redfish ticket white one yeah no leggings would look cute with the white shirt and I got the shirt to go with the leggings just a white tank top yeah good they're good just plain to try to eat hi folks I'm in my closet you do I don't even know it okay I'll go try it on okay ready ready - yeah I would never wear a shirt like this on its own I wear under stuff so like if I were good we're going on top yeah they're long slimy not really need underneath the shirt let's go this with leggings cute I'm definitely to keep this shirt especially cuz I like high neck by rating for this outfit without this or what it will utilize either way this is a tent and everything fits once you ready shirt behind us look cute different like a little tie in the front oh I like those oh we do yeah I don't think fit though and I'm probably use the same shoes this time table maximum strength so these are fish you to do okay let's try it okay ready right oh I like it yeah you think I make sure it in even otherwise it hangs low and weird I like the short I'll probably keep the short the shirt I probably won't keep no it's cute but it's like different looks nice yeah I wear something plans you're especially like these shorts are like flowy like they're like the staple piece of the office then I wear like a plain top you know so I can any bigger with leggings or jeans or something else you but they shorts are cute not a short that's your third outfit ready ready just tomorrow but wow these are leggings but you don't have this color I don't okay and this is one of those little black shirts to go with it okay [Music] that's it some other outfit okay one more outfit after that okay let's take this right try these that's what I wanted to I would think they're going to be small I'll try trying you never know ready right fit yeah good to tell if you've been under six no the six is fit but only one of them fit the module goldfish yeah I definitely like the black better these are cute but I wouldn't wear this in 2002 it's gray it's just like because like everyone around me is yeah this is like a workout outfit and I mean you're like cute sandal you know how items are fit night I might have went a side up maybe because they're a little tight up here and it would stay longer than coal I felt a square legging the shoes are cute but I have to see them with a different outfit we really jeans are there different yeah but definitely not the velvet I give it I'll give it like a for accent now this one I wanted kind of like a green bean I like green Moochie little short okay the only thing you're like workout shorts this is like almost like a little sweater but I don't wish to children or anything happen to probably not really good with short yeah look I was going with a green demand it so this is more like for teens or something so really they don't go together where once want to see anything okay so he's like yes it's cute but I can't wear these summer no I know what I like I'm gonna try to offer you is topping yeah okay what's it short yeah little baby and they're extra small they fit weird like there's too much fabric here she looks cute on yes there okay three little ones back with you know long sources if it goes me of that you know cute okay too much fabric up in the front alright let me talk try the light use the sweater okay ready ready I like it a lot shouldn't one I think I'm gonna keep this but it would be cute because it's kind of short so if I wore high waisted jeans it would be cute on you know you should use hot to wear right now good job I'm inside I thought it might be worse I'm glad that you got all like neutral colors and get any like hot paper no I really don't these are issues that I had in my closet and these are the shoes that my dad got me oh they're like almost identical good job I'm impressed I think you were really yeah okay guys that is going to do it for my dad go shopping for me challenge I hope you guys enjoyed this if you aren't scarfs I blog channels but check it out until I delete this top of the description thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you all in my next video bye guys


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