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[Music] guys okay welcome back to the reaction review and this time is a Tamil cinema reaction review the scene by the biggie right ninth-inning I know I'm really surprised we have not done a scene of his movie I know we've always done we always talk about him we talk about his style and whenever we see other scenes we always kind of get that image of like Oh Rajinikanth would do something like that but we never actually did energy consi ah than them I know so now here we are finally doing a scene by mr. Reznik conch mini-mill fight scene entity she wanted the boss by the way we haven't done the reaction review on the trailer but we say why not to go from the bottom till the app and we want to do this direction on the same this movie by the way is epic when it comes to Tamil cinema this is the biggie by far this is the highest-grossing film the ninth highest grossing film just want to give you a few numbers here 148 crores and mind you it was in 2007 yes I actually was visiting India when this movie was about to come out and I remember the high the craze and this was in Delhi we went to Delhi first and it was just like everyone's like Shivaji she was like what is Shivaji I mean I knew who Resnick aqua yeah I did not know this movie was that I'm trying to bet you up so you know because this movie was in him deducted him Lee right okay so the name was still the same Nagi she liked the boss yeah so generally yeah but the point was even in North India it was like such a high such a craze that everybody was just going crazy that this movie was coming oh yeah ah so here we are on the channel called as you was true HD I think he's a fan of Rajinikanth and he is he has uploaded the scene on march 19th 2014 and the scene already got half a million views over half a million views listen quickly you want to take a snapshot of this 553 gate to be precise with 843 likes and just seventy-three thumbs down yep you wanna quickly jump into it yes I do so here we go Binny mill fine seen by the style icon himself Shivaji the bus Rajnikant I always say him she watching - I know I think that the name has such a weight to it yeah that you you think of him as a you know a shadow King Khan right and Salman the bong you know we always say that so for me Rajnikant comes later but Shivaji comes pose I don't know for some reason maybe better hi said a first-time North India has seen such kind of exposure when goes to tumble and Shivaji it is 1 2 3 HP very crystal

color for me what what swing on me he just kiddin yeah no I think yeah yeah buddy on yeah use a politician get quite the power oh my God look at that let me get unto you our decision opportunity to Punggol sub-elements yeah male molestation recorded provider ID de nicely made Adi so revered electorate yeah minute you big talk about Twitter well yeah or not I'm a little mo one on our Vita for George suppose I'm an optimist yeah peace peace I could on again what tougher Mitani about the budget ear I'm gonna burn another cut of our single here you go mom you can do you have you gonna like the boss [Applause] [Music]


you want to see they kind of moving them here - listen he looks like the same old coyote nearly like I'm watching John Bobby yeah yeah oh my god


Oh awesome oh really good hey he looks just the same and this movie is made by Shankar I love it yes Shankar who made Eglin Andy huh any headed Andy Haran and who is now making the book - yeah what do robot - any 2.0 something robo 2.0 or the one that we did do it early reactions here and they said the makeup artist that was used for eye is the makeup artist that is now being used in 2.0 yeah and my & Schanker is a maker of fires yes so just for a good I'll give a quick shout-out to Shanker because now we have you know seeing that this guy is behind a lot of big movies welcome yes I'm gonna send them up yeah number one is engineering then I yep then this one - Awaji so 3 3 out of 10 years yeah yeah I just want to quickly take a snapshot of this and this is awesome that is awesome any other any other director you see well the only other one I see K s Ravikumar yes Linga Weiss Flicka band um Linga and bless my totem but we only haven't done that one you who is in this retard oh I don't know did we do Linga I don't think so Oh is in this colorless oh my gosh I'm oh how can you him the ten avatars oh my god this is oh my god the poster no this is suing for head trust and guys if you have a link of this please come yeah this looks very very interesting and then I'm sure it is yeah yeah it's talking of a shoe boom there is one scene which is highly headed a question please guys if you have the link the a chilling please drop it that is actually the transformation that's fabulous and have mentioned that yeah we haven't getting a lot of requests but if you guys also give us a link cops s into finding something more HD so we can also give you a better quality I think we should region now we should do Shivaji the boss actual the trailer because we haven't done the planner and I got the trailer yeah ideally curious head so the the the movie was made on the budget of 600 to 700 80 million rupees and a box office was 1.28 alien with the bee oh yeah oh no it's it's not it's just tumble how do you know that language somehow no I was made I swear with dog doors maybe it could be done I remember going to the movie theater and this movie was also playing and it was just like everybody was going crazy about it shocked I don't maybe the music was by air I'm on obviously oh the film Oh somebody it was a link actually felt really please guys all give us again please be missed yeah for the trailer if you can give us like a 3d link the velocity inverted into 3d and released on 12th of December 2012 as Shivaji 3d the runtime of 3d version was shot of the original start to 155 minutes Wow and this movie got a lot of athletes a lot of money it did and that's why I remember it because you know in 2007 it was just the high of Shivaji or where or India was just insane I don't remember that I told you like I don't know I originally got I always you say him by Shivaji obviously I know I speak on but the way I look at him was shahbazi right when we talked about it remember that is Shivaji school and so that's what if it also has to do with the fact is he is Marathi yeah but you have Chatrapathi Shivaji and with known as this you know you hero carry more so I think maybe that's why we sometimes you know when you think of somebody so great yeah with that grandeur we think of RAM that's why the name Shivaji that's why you get the name Shivaji because he is a miracie he's actually emerged you yes actually he had no use among pain oh okay hey all right clear constantly I know I tried you know one somewhere that he has Shivaji but that's it actually whose first name Shivaji Dalek I Corps we got it here you so much for clicking haha okay guys something clicks oh you guys that was it that was I the action of you on the big event comes to all the cinema yes of the entire world I would say Shivaji Rama Rao Gaikwad yeah I was like ah the bus they can have fun enjoy the rest of if you enjoying Thanksgiving so keep your links giving happy Thanksgiving to you take your have fun enjoy the rush

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