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you know what is good everybody welcome at my channel why can't walk so I just watched token yeah so that shit was born so I need something alive me up a little bit so I'm better watch the red K this nigga just need to get unique now I'll tell you know like when I was watching token breast like first like his it's this float is my dear like y'all was comparing him to a K and I'm just like it's not even a question to me I is there it's really nice I had a couple people say check out the process I'm gonna go ahead and do that one say it's like I said I seen a couple people um commenting and saying do the process to the process so I'm go ahead and do that one I said we are gonna do a motto but yeah Friday day is probably gonna be the only one I'm gonna do it for today and I heard you chopping another one tomorrow so of course we're gonna do that way we can get to be good [Music] [Applause] [Music] Britta's be coded um [Applause] Oh I know you better really bro how many [Music] [Applause] yeah


[Music] [Applause] [Music]




[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Siva's be jumping a mic cuz he know he went dog oh yeah but like I say there's no there's no fucking question like is he better than token token is from what I seen token not ask but he's nowhere near him like he like I said it took him right fast cuz he do but here at fast also but he own a different type of lyrical level than token didn't it using what he sent you like damn he just like he's necessary shit token is awesome you know so I don't even know oh no I gotta give him another chance if I do go on you know if I am yeah like I said we gonna do all these videos I only got how many I got left a probably got like ten or so maybe even less than that so you're gonna do all that really okay I mean the one you got tomorrow and yeah yeah like I said just be sure to count me anything you want to see be sure you all subscribe to the channel like I said I appreciate everybody that's been calm me and everybody just not subscribing I can see all the comments I see them all but like I said I can't get back to everybody I guess they're just stay tuned to the channel these beats get everything bitch go account to the big is I'm trying to get rich and spent on that penis trees all niggas bitch in my

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