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You are not allowing me to speak. But how would you

restrict my feelings?

My heart will call out to him everytime. And he'll come here feeling for me.

And he would keep coming here until he finds me.

Ms. Saya is like our mother. How dare you talk to her in this manner?

A person who hides her family members inside the basement and lies to the police

is a criminal.

And not a mother.

Upon seeing the desire my loved ones have to meet me and upon seeing their courage I can wait for them all my life.

Even if I meet them while breathing my last

I would live the moment of life then.

I know that sister is here. I'll wait for her here itself. I won't go anywhere. But Surbhi. Until we stay here they won't allow Soumya to come out. We tried our level best. Did we find her? No.

I wonder where they have hidden Soumya. You are a part of our family now. You'll lose your identity if you go to them.

And with every passing moment you'll look for your identity.

It would be difficult for you to lead a normal life.

And I don't want that to happen with anyone of us.

That's why, I'm protecting you and would always do the same.

We aren't able to do anything even after knowing everything. I'm feeling so helpless. Look at the positive side. We had been looking for Soumya in entire Bhatinda. But now, we know where Soumya is. So, we'll find her out at any point of time. Look. We need to go from here now. Come on.

'Harman, Surbhi, both of you' 'are trying so much to search for me.' 'You still aren't able to find me.' 'But upon your arrival' 'the feeling of you being near' 'increases my strength.' 'And then, I feel my victorious' 'upon seeing the fear in their eyes.' 'Now, I'm more determined to go from here.' 'And I do believe. I would go from here soon.'

Soumya's mother-in-law is such a bad person. Had she been my mother-in-law, I would have sent her to jail.

I had made you understand. Her mother-in-law is a bit wicked. She insulted you, right? That's what. She insulted me and I couldn't meet Soumya either.

I didn't even find Brother-in-law Harman there. It seems both of them were not at home. Or else, Soumya would have met me for sure. Maybe they were out, dear. It's your baby shower tomorrow, right? So, they might have gone to take some gift for you. And listen. You hadn't called them up so that they would have waited for you. Yes, ma'am. You're right. It's okay if they don't bring any gift. I'll teach Soumya a lesson if she doesn't come tomorrow.

Her mother-in-law created a ruckus today. Tomorrow, I'll do the same. You will see.

'Ms. Preeto saved us this time.' 'But if the same happens next time' 'she'll tell everyone about it.'

Hello, Ms. Preeto. - Rani. Have you gone crazy? Talk in a low voice. We would have it from Ms. Saya if she sees the new phone. Speak softly, okay? - Okay. - Yes, talk. Hello, Soumya's sister and your son had come again. The police had raided as well. Shall I say something something important? The way your son is yearning for Soumya he'll find seek her out at any cost. He is smarter than you. Don't tell me stories. Tell me. Did you do something to Soumya or not? That would happen.. Nothing is done for free. How much money do you want? You will have to pay us more than what was originally decided for this task. So, I need more money now. Listen to me carefully. I am ready to pay you as much as you want. But this work should be done. That's it. No matter what I want to remove Soumya from my son's life at any cost.

Yes, she has agreed.

Here comes Harman.

Harman.. Dear, please take the offertory. We have received this from the grand temple. Let's have the food now. We were waiting for you. Kalsi had come here

to meet her friend, Soumya. She had asked us several questions.

While leaving, your eunuch wife..

Today, Kalsi has questioned us. Tomorrow, others will question us.

She had come here to invite her for baby shower. The entire village will be there tomorrow. She is her childhood friend.

People will keep asking us questions. They will come here for sure. What would we answer them? Today, we asked Kalsi to leave.

But how would we shut everyone's mouth?

This offertory grand celebration of 'Navratri' your faith in Goddess.. Sometimes, I feel these are fake.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have forgotten your promise that you made in front of the Goddess.

You had promised me that no one would come in between Soumya and I until 'Navratri' gets over.

Why are you all making noise then?

Mom, behave normally.

Why did you misbehave with Kalsi?

I don't understand what's wrong with you all. Everything will be normal when we find Soumya.

I am feeling hungry.

Let me go and freshen up. Serve my food.

'Everything will be normal for sure.' 'But Soumya will never return to you.' 'Never!' Ms. Saya has released you from the cellar at the behest of Ms. Mallika.

You should thank her.

Everyone, please leave.

I need to take rest. - Okay.

Tarana sit beside me.

I had faith in you

that you wouldn't run away.

Don't trust me so much. You will regret when I leave from here.

You are so naive. No matter whether Harman or the entire police force comes here you won't be able to leave from here. Why did you get me released from the cellar? Why do you always save me from punishment? I enjoy talking to you. People have isolated us by calling us eunuch. When I talk to you, I feel..

I feel like I am a human.

Have you held me captive here so that you can feel like you are a human?

Just forget it. I know you don't have answers to my questions. You need rest. Take rest now. I am leaving.

'Oh, Goddess.' 'Help Harman in finding me.' 'I will keep this lamp lighted till the time Harman finds me.' 'With this flame' 'my hope to attain freedom shall be alive.'

Tarana, what are you doing here?

You can restrict me

but not my courage

and hope. No matter how hard you try

one fine day I will surely go from here.

Be it talking, scolding or convincing. Now, I will do all these things with this.

This souvenir of yours, makes me feel your presence.

And it also reminds me of the pain of separation. They will be worried till they find me. As you saw today my sister and Harman came in search of me till here and that too, along with the police.

Right. Now, even I feel that your loved ones are unlike others. Yes, they are. My sister is unlike everyone and even my Harman is. Your Harman? Tell me how your Harman is. He is..

Let's do this. You play the role of Soumya, and I will show how Harman is. Then you will have a better idea. All right, let's do it. This is all that I have. So, let's do this. You are Soumya and I'm Harman. Okay? Have you gone mad? Go to sleep now! And let me sleep! - Turn off the lights before you sleep. And don't you dare disturb my sleep.

You are not going to cook the food. You don't have to care about me. Did you have food?

Oh, my.. Now, please don't start crying. I don't like this at all.

Dear.. Now, please smile. You look very beautiful when you smile. Dear, I love you.

Where did you go?

Why do you go away from me

after coming so close, every time?

Even I don't have any answer to that. What do I do now, Ms. Kareena? Ms. Kareena, I want to go from here. I don't want to stay here. I want to go back to my loved ones.

Soumya, I want to bring you back amongst us.

All hail the Goddess! Hail! - Hail! - Hail! Hail the Goddess! Hail the Goddess! All hail Goddess Durga! - Hail! Hail! - Hail! - Hail! Congrats, everyone. Now, the Goddess has blessed your home as well. Brother.. Sure, Brother.

Mr. Harak, this is Mr. Harman's first 'Navratri' after his marriage. The veneration that will be performed on the seventh day will be performed according to the rituals by the newlyweds.

Well, I don't see your wife around, Mr. Harman. Where is she? Well, she is not feeling well. So, I have asked her to take rest. It's okay, Harman. Let her take rest. On the seventh day, we will perform the veneration and till then, she'd fine too! - Absolutely. Okay, we will take your leave now. Goodbye! - Goodbye. - Goodbye!

Preeto. Do you know what I want to do now? I want to take out my gun and shoot everybody.

God knows what is going on here! She has surely left. But she also has left behind a streak of questions. How am I supposed to answer them all!

Oh, my! Does she think that she is a queen or something! We won't go to Kalsi's baby shower. We'll make some excuse. Dear, if we don't go there, people would talk. They'd still talk if we go there and Soumya doesn't turn up. We are bound to be insulted one way or the other. I don't know what to do. - Until Surbhi gets married we will have to worry about the society.

We have no other way.

Dear, he is right but don't you worry. Goddess is there to help us. She'd take care of us.

Your prayers won't go unanswered. She would take care of everything. Everything will be fine.

Oh, God!

Kalsi is too much! She is continuously calling me up.

Yes, Surbhi? - Brother-in-law Kalsi has been calling me up continuously since morning just to confirm if Soumya is coming or not. I just don't know what to tell her. Do one thing. If she calls you up don't receive her call. But Surbhi, if we both don't receive her call won't she start suspecting? - Don't worry about her. I will make some excuse afterwards. Don't receive her calls for now because if you do she will convince us to come anyhow. She is very stubborn. - Are you sure about this? Yes. Don't receive her calls please. Okay. - Okay.

Hail Goddess. - Hail! Hail Goddess. - Hail! Hail Goddess Bahuchara! - Hail!

Tarana, show the 'Aarti' platter around.

I would like to tell something to all of you that I am leaving for Chennai for a few days. Till the time I come back Mallika would take my place.

Hey, Rani! Are you thinking what I am thinking?

If Ms. Saya leaves, our task would become easier. What do you say? - Yes. I am planning to send off Tarana to Bangkok.

This isn't possible while Ms. Saya is here. Now, there'd be nothing to fear and nobody to stop us. I will join hands with Preeto and come up with a plan that Tarana will be off to Bangkok for good.

Let's go. - Let's go. Come on, Uncle. We are getting late. Hurry up. Come on!

Harman! I am leaving for the factory. Something important has come up. Come with me. - Dad, my work is more important than yours.

I am not coming to your factory. - Hey! - If I.. You people blame me for speaking up at such moments. Harman, I am your elder sister. I understand everything. I understand what's going on in your life. Got it? Let it be! Don't you have anything else to do? You just have to interfere in other people's business. Just let it be! - Greetings, sir! Advocate, you are here so early! Any important work? I've come to tell you that the last hearing is after four days. Okay. - The defense side has no argument so your will get your grandson's custody. - Okay.

Make sure you people come to the court on time. Great news! Did you hear what he said? This is called a good news. Don't worry. We will be there before time. Don't worry. We are set to win this case.. What else do we want! Why don't you have tea and snacks with us? Hey! Bring something for him to eat. No, sir. I have to meet a client. I am in a hurry. I will meet you in court after four days. Okay, sure. - Greetings! - Greetings!

Hey! Hey, Harman! Just hear me out. Hey..

Mom, what happened? Are you happy to hear the news?

Yes, I am. I am happy. I am just worried for tomorrow's veneration.

If people would ask about our daughter-in-law.. What are we going to tell them?

It's 'Navratra' after all.

Welcome! Greetings! Come.. Greetings! Please come.

Nimmi and Surbhi, welcome! It's good that you people have come.

Didn't Soumya come with you?

Soumya stays at her in-laws' place. Why would she come with us? She would come with her husband. - Indeed! Please take your seats. Come inside. Come.. Come in, dear..

Greetings! Now, you won't be needing me as your best friend is here, right?

So, I will take your leave. Even I have the right to meet my best friend, right? Just leave then! Am I holding you back?

You are crazy! Do you know? You are looking beautiful today! May God save you from evil eyes. - Let it be. Where is Soumya?

Well.. She must be on her way with her husband. What is taking her so long? Just call her up for once. Ask her where she got held up. - Phone! Hey, Kalsi! It's your day today. Why do you keep about Soumya? She will come. Just think about yourself. Crazy woman! Just ask her where she is. Even I haven't met her in a long time. Okay. I will call her up.

Well.. She is not receiving the call. What do I do now? It's a topic to ponder. Since the time, she has got married there is no news about her. Who does that? She hasn't even come back home after her post-wedding ritual, right? Today is her best friend's baby shower. She should come today at least. She has been married off in an affluent family. Our status doesn't match with her status. Maybe that's the reason she doesn't meet us. Shut up, all of you! What are you all blabbering? There is nothing as such. She must be on her way. Right, Surbhi? - Yes. She must be on her way. You are her childhood friend. You were like sisters. She should have come here yesterday itself and participated in the events from today morning.

Ma'am, does Soumya visit you or not? Or is it that you don't visit her?

She is weird. However, she was weird before her marriage as well. She never used to interact with anyone. Is she still the same?

Ma'am, please stop criticising Soumya. Yesterday, Kalsi had gone to Soumya's in-laws' house to meet her. But she wasn't there. She had gone out with her husband. Hence, she couldn't come here. It's possible too that she isn't at her in-laws' house.

Is there any problem? Maybe her in-laws don't like her as well.

Why are you all making it an issue out of nothing?

My daughter is happy wherever she is.

Moreover, today is Kalsi's baby shower. Why are you hounding my daughter? Don't blame us. Why would we hound her? I was just wondering why she didn't come here if she is at her in-laws' house. Is there any problem or what?


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Harman and Surbhi feel helpless as they know that the kinnars have hidden Soumya in their house somewhere, but they are still not able to get her back. The kinnars inform Preeto that her son and Surbhi again came there in search of Soumya. Mallika assures Soumya that no matter how big a police force comes there, Soumya sould not be able to go away from there. Soumya, on the other hand, has complete faith that one day she will surely get out of this place. Harman and Soumya both remember the days they spent together, despite being away from each other now. Meanwhile, Guru Ma is going to Chennai for a few days and she appoints Mallika as the kinnars' head in her absence. Stay tuned to find out what happens next. Set against the backdrop of culturally rich and vibrant Punjab, Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki portrays the power of a family to dictate the fate of its daughters, Soumya and Surbhi. Deprived of an education, companions and toys, Soumya can't understand the indifference her father and Dadi show towards her and finds solace only in her mother's arms. Meanwhile Surbhi gets everything she wants, except for the one thing she yearns for-her mother's love. What has caused these heart-breaking rifts in this otherwise perfect family? What makes parents discriminate between their own daughters? Watch the mystery unfold. To go to the show playlist go to :

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