Wednesday Service: Pineapple Story

by: Billy Crone

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yikes tinta hey how you guys doing good hey we got a lot of ground to cover tonight so crack open your Bibles the Gospel of Luke chapter 14 chapter 14 we got one we got a one verse study so we're going to do something a little a little similar a little different at the same time if you can believe that and hopefully it doesn't create a black hole and but anyway like when we finished each one of our studies I take you into a video so this is that we just finished Christian Science so we're gonna do a video on that's what would make sense but that's not what I'm going to do that's why it's a little bit similar but it's a little bit different let's not create a black hole so but we're gonna do it I've been sitting on it this is probably all one of my favorite videos it's a great lesson it's a lesson on surrendering all to Christ okay and it's wrapped around pineapples I mean guys like pineapples hey priest God well he might like this one too so Luke chapter 14 let's take a look and to text their verse 33 and Jesus he lays it on the line how many times we ever really think about this verse right but verse 33 he says now in the same way any of you who does not give up how much everything how much does everything everything does that mean yourself your time how about that Pew you're sitting in you know in case that visitor comes yeah everything means everything right but here's the thing it's not just oh that's something to think about something to ponder right well if you don't give up everything he the person what he cannot be my disciple Wow now that's a stinger why would Jesus late on the line that you need to have an attitude of surrender that nothing really belongs to you the earth is the Lord's and everything in it in fact when we get saved what's the scriptures say these lives are not ours they belong to Jesus we're just going along for the ride he owns everything he owns the car we have he's our provider he owns the house right he owns the food he owns the clothes he owns everything right it's all all his and that is not only an attitude to be a faithful disciple what we're going to see in the video is that was one of the most freeing he's not being me and this is awesome if you get it it's one of those freeing truths that he's given us as a disciple let's go ahead and pray father thank you so much for study tonight and just what a great said I just can't wait to get started and just pray Gunn as many years back when you showed this to me and you boss my socks off with it and again even as I watched it again we just pray that Lord or I pray would you please use it to be a great tool for all of us here that we would learn what does it mean to be a truly surrendered disciple and help us to experience the benefits of that we pray and ask your blessings upon our state tonight and we ask all these things in your wonderful name in Jesus name and all guys people said amen all right Dean you may got some music traveling music guy ready go no pressure [Music] [Applause] as you possibly some of you've heard the pineapple story took place in the country of New Guinea used to be Dutch New Guinea here in Jaya now part of Indonesia right here in these swamp lands is where we had planted these pineapples I tried to grow everything there but nothing would grow the ground the sandy soil was so bad and so I finally tried pineapples because I didn't know what else to try God had put me there my wife and I among people who were just chronic thieves they stole everything one day one lady stood there and she had neither a necklace on on the bottom of her necklace hung our only can opener and we were so glad to get that thing back you know we were hacking cans open with machetes and it was a mess my wife being a nurse he sterilized that thing good and we got it back one day he said to me although I can't find the diaper pins to keep the diapers on the on the babies and the large slight pins in one day we there stood a group of women and on there years hung our diaper pins and we were so glad to get them back because you know what else do you do the other day I heard of a a rock group here in America which used safety pins on their ears so I guess we're catching up with the jungle people here in America and I I suppose in music some other areas were already ahead of them if that's possible but you know they stole everything and God send me among those people probably the greatest thieves on earth to teach me the lesson that he wanted me to get the lesson of Luke 14:33 where it says whosoever he be of you that forsakes not all that he has he cannot be my disciple now I'm touched by birth Osborne Holland and us Dutch people hang on awfully tight to things we have we just that's the way it isn't my fault really my father was that way I got it from him and and then I found out that he got it from my grandfather so it really isn't his fault later but you know they call it in z:i you know the word and and their culture here was long nosed the word for stains II the long nosed white man they called me and the stingy missionary and I was fighting for all that I had I mean I was taught to you know to fight back I fought for everything like they they stole my shirt one guy he's he's trying to sell me a fish he had my shirt on you think the guy would wear it somewhere else you know nobody else is wearing any shirts around there and I said hey man give him his shirt back first and then I'll trade with you they they took everything one time one guy came staggering and he couldn't see straight and and then I realized that he's got my wife's subscription sunglasses on he hadn't missed him yet oh it was crazy staggering in like this he doesn't know how to walk he has no clothing just glasses and then he's staggering in and and I took them off his nose I said now you'll be able to walk home and you know they took everything I'd go to the village with my box I had a cardboard box and when I went to visit them and to learn language and so on and I just gathered up the stuff I found in their homes you know got it all back they called me to missionary with the Box I didn't like that but I feel the whole thing up I found stuff I hadn't missed yet they'd say I said one day I said looking at this flashlight and I saw that's just like the one I got amazing that these people would have one like that then I went home and found that they'd just gotten it the day before they were chronic thieves they'd get my wife's attention at the front door and knock and then they'd clean off the wash line at the back there was no way we just the two of us and we were fussing with them and they said to one you're always angry I said hey I was never angry until I met you people this is true anger had never really been my problem I'd had other problems but anger was never my problem until I met them I said to them hey I could be a real good missionary it wasn't for you people you know [Applause] well I heard a pastor say that here at home too so you must be you know I could be a good preacher pastor it wasn't for my people a teenager told me once I could pass my grades if it wasn't for my teacher and then I suppose the man that said I could be a good husband if it wasn't for my wife so you have natives around you too so really I think you'll be able to understand my story but they stole all my pineapples and I didn't know what to do I close the clinic I said no more Clinic they said you're going to eat all the pills yourself I said no I said but if you if you're going to have to make a choice you to get pan apples or you get pills if you keep stealing them you won't get pills make a choice and they kept right on stealing they were chronic they couldn't stop stealing and so they I closed the clinic and they all went off to their well no they sat on my front porch with their headaches you know rubbing our - on give me some pills and I said hey don't sit here hurting go sit on your own front porch hurt there that's where you eat the pineapples that's where your head is going to hurt and oh they weren't happy with me but by the we can't they let their babies die can you believe it blamed us that stingy white mend along those white men won't give us any medicine and I will this grieved our hearts of course and we quick open the clinic again thought well let's forget about the pineapples let them have it I have the pineapple school what we'll live you know and save their lives and so we endeavor to do this and two or three weeks come by went by and it was time to weed the garden again they said to on your garden East weed let me read it all you know and I said hey we if you're going to eat all the pineapples weed it yourself you know but they finally I paid him to weed it and I thought I'm trying something else I hadn't I'd grown these things they took three years before they ever produced fruit and now they'd been producing fruit for a couple of months and they stole them all and Oh like I was angry and but you know I didn't even know what it tasted like and I wondered what they taste like people say why didn't you beat him to it to them and while they ate him while they were still green they always they ate everything Green they never even knew bananas turns yellow they they ate everything green they see that we're in a society of chronic thieves you couldn't survive there unless you knew how to steal the women would come to our house and would train their children how to steal always using my pan up of garden SS training grounds they you know they'd say no check two windows now get mommy that big ones on all it and all those women I told them I said you know quit train they'd beat the kids if they got caught no wonder it no they they grow up the way they do and so we open a clinic again and I thought I've got to think of something else I've got to get some of these pineapples and we can't have these people walk all over us and so I closed a trade store I thought they can do it out the salt and the fish hooks and stuff like that matches they'd never had matches till we got there and I closed the store eivol I told him a week ahead and they kept stealing so I closed it all now they reacted they were angry at me they said that's stingy white man if he doesn't share no advantage living near him and so they moved out they moved to their favorite hunting grounds further towards the ocean this way and and we were left there with a grand vacation can you imagine how neat that was they look in every window every moment of the day oh friends that gets to you after a while there's no way we can we go on a picnic they follow us you know they watch this eat they tell us when we're eaten enough and then they you know they want the rest you can't get it we could only get out of there and and go visit our children that we're in school up here on the coast we get out maybe twice three times a year but the rest of the time we were locked in they were watching everything we did now they've gone through a jungle Oh was that neat I got all my letters written I got all my reports in everybody thought I was a good missionary now you know no people and I have nothing more doing a plane comes and we're dragging two rice sacks to the house and he says where's your coolies I said they've gone to the jungle and he says I hope they come back while I was still enjoying the vacation after three weeks but three more weeks oh the boredom the monotony and a junk can you imagine sitting on a jungle island with nothing to do no no radio no TV no books to read nothing just eating pineapples but oh that was good and did you get tired of him you know and I'm getting convicted you know it's only to home church is supporting me new I all I was doing here is eating pineapples I could do this back in the States and my conscience bothers me because they sent out the monthly checks to our support and so on finally the plane came back again while the grass was too tall and and you should have seen the line she left in the grass as he landed on that grass airstrip I knew I was in for it I was in trouble he got out his plane just shook his head this is coning you know better than this this is get your people that cut this he says where's your people anyway he should have remembered I told him before and I said they've gone Joey says we'll send somebody to call him back well my wife wouldn't go hey you can't blame her folks those spiders know snakes in those jungles and those mud trails with slippery logs and leeches and what-have-you she didn't know where they were anyway he says hey I can't come back till you get that grass cut I'll call you we had a two-way radio with contact with the MAF base a little north of us and with our mission headquarters and hey he says I can't come back I'll call you ahead of time how would you like to be missionary back there in Jungle and pilot that comes your way isn't going to come back and you say Oh God and need my natives I need my people I need a messenger and one guy came stood there smiling and I said hey get that smile off your face I'll tell you what I'm going to give you a job you you call all the people and I'll pay you good and he smiled again and went off and I said thank you Lord you gave me a messenger and we waited it out in three four more days there they were and they yelling at me I said to on we're here to on we're here Wow hate it didn't have to tell me we could smell them you know they oh they never bathed can you imagine it never bathe they can never sneak up on you they and I thought they'll probably steal my pineapples again they did and now I tasted them and now it's even worse that's when you complain when you've had it good and now you have to cut back and I was fussing and they said tone you're always angry you're an angry white man and that bothered me you're stingy and I said no I'm not leave him alone I'll show you I'm alright and but I tried everything to harder finally I got this German Shepherd dog he's a big full-grown male Shepherd I got him up here in the mountains of New Guinea a missionary raised him and oh the day when that dog was on the plane they could only see the pilot as he landed he was in the tail end all the people like usual crowded around that airplane to see what was in there to see what they would steal next and oh I tied the pilot wood oh he couldn't get a door open you know he said get your can't you control your people get him to stand back there and I I do I have a stick you know and tap them on the shoulder hey get back but you know you don't hit them too hard they've got nine-foot Spears right and they're headhunters and cannibals so you go easy and they and you know I'd back this side off and they'd beat us in all those flies would get inside his cockpit and he'd be fighting flies all the way home and he says oh oh he says get your people away all there's another reason he would polish up that plane our people never use a handkerchief and get their noses against this glass and all they just look at the mess they're making done can't you go he was fussing at me and I'd be fussing at the people so we're both fussing Adam and but this morning when that Shepherd dog was in there I almost encouraged him to get closer I thought this Oh this oh you should have been there you should have been there when he opened that tail door to plain that full-grown Shepherd jumped out let out one bark you should have seen him run I never that was my best day of my missionary career high I never I they ran at the dog that you know they were up on my roof up in the coconut trees they were everywhere in years oh it was unreal and that dog did his job no more pineapples were stoned I thought I've got it you know I beat him finally but alas I didn't it got worse you see the dog ruined our ministry nobody came loitering around our mission station anymore my wife had a clinic 200 feet away as he says Auto get rid of the dog I said why she says come over to the clinic well it was true all those hundred people an average of hundred people would crowd in on her nobody wanted me on the outside when the dog got Lucy they'd yell and I tie up my dog with this vine but he could chew himself free in 20 30 minutes and oh one day you know they would yell at my wife quick-quick neonate me first me first quick quick quick look he's chewing the vine he's going to come he's going to come and they're all she says they're all pressing up on me I can't even haven't got elbow room I can't work with them she says it driving me up the wall I'm going to be nervous breakdowns he says as he says I I can't I can't carry on like this well see says I'm bending all the needles on him they're so tense that time together I saw she was right one day I saw the dog get loose you can't you all believe these tore off of the piece of vine hanging on his neck tore off towards the clinic and all the sudden those sick people weren't sick anymore I hate bring them in on stretchers and they run home now can you believe that they they're the ground is filled with crutches hey the guy that couldn't even sit up is sitting on the roof for the clinic now how do you my wife says well I guess I'm all done for today I said jinsan but you know she was right I couldn't I ruined my Minister too I used to sit on my step and learn the culture in the language but now no more loitering around there so I I realized that I had to get rid of a dog and I finally did and they clapped they cheered that's the best thing you've done since you came and I thought what do I do next I tried everything I fussed with them I did everything trying to get that garden those pineapples and finally I drove a stake in the garden they said what is that - and all of them were there and I said this is a marker all the pineapples on this side are yours all the pineapples on this side they're mine you leave them alone this is it - and you're giving half of your garden away I said yeah now that must be a record for a Dutch person right 50% hey I was losing it anyway so really you're a if you're losing it anyway you might as well give it away isn't that right and they stole both halves anyway you know as a matter of fact it was even even worse now they'd get my I see a guy on my side of the garden place I'd yell at him and he'd jump over the line and standard laugh at me you know what my pineapple oh that got me I'd promised god I'd never get angry again have you ever done that I I said God I'm it's not right I'm a missionary and how can I win these people if I'm angry and I get convicted many a time and I promised God never get angry again and then a guy come to my store with a pineapple - and you want to buy this look how nice and big it is and I I'd lost it again I had to confess my sin again then I walk in my garden with my wife some I see a nice one in the corner - garden eye covered with grass nice one coming up I found two weeks they'll be ripe I'm going to get one and I hide it but somehow they always found it I'd come back and lifted up the grass and a pineapple was gone I threw that grass down there's Rascals there getting them all and I'd lose it again I'd have to confess that I was angry again this went on and on how many times does God forgive us anyway I'm so glad that it isn't seventy times seven I figured out once that's about a year and a third you know boy if he stopped then many of us be in trouble and God keeps forgiving when I keep confessing that's first John 1:9 you believe that don't you if I confess he forgives and I'm so glad that's in the Bible I was camping on that verse you know I struggled on what do I do I tried everything and finally I found out that the guys were stealing him we're the guys that had planted him and you know what they said my hands planted him my mouth eats him they're mine I said no they're mine can you see us standing in the garden he's yelling at me they're mine and I'm saying hey I said look I bought this garden from the chief I bought these pineapple plants from a missionary I paid to pilot to bring him here what are you talking about they're yours boys this too and that's true the garden is yours and the plants are yours but the fruit is mine I said what's your fruit doing on my plants he says doesn't matter where it is I said come on and I told the chief that I bought the piece of ground from he says yeah - and that's their pineapples I said well and you know what they're their culture they said whatever you plant that's what you eat no matter whose plant it is or where it is so their hands planted I mean they said you didn't get your hands dirty and so the whole village agreed and they said we always wondered why you're angry over something you don't own do you ever do that really isn't everything we own God's anyway and be fastened Stu over it we're just wasting our time really and finally I said well take your after about two weeks I said transplant them into your own gardens I thought I'm going to start all over again I dreaded the thought three more years can you imagine this three more years to start all over again and they I said you men come back two more and I'll take all the plants and plant them in your own gardens they said will you pay us two on I said no I'm giving them to you and they said to onion that's going to be sweating you know you got to pay for that so I can imagine that I paid those Rascals to take my plans out of the garden and I stood I lost a lot of sleep over this garden I shouldn't have but I did and while I didn't pay him enough I guess they dropped him along the airstrip they wanted month's pay for planning new gardens and and getting preparing new gardens and and so nobody got the pine up stay didn't get him I didn't get them but I'm going to start all over again I got a new load and I told them they're going to plant them and I'm going to pay him this extra beautiful machetes and I said no you forfeit your right to own them they're mine I'm going to eat them your hand is going to use this machete and so they all sudden all wanted to plant them and year goes by and I said do you still have those machetes I said don't lose them if they lost the machetes I'd lose my garden it was a very shaky a risky thing if I didn't have pineapples to worry about now now I worried about their machetes they said get locks on your doors well they didn't even have doors yet you know and there was but I was so glad to get out of there I was going on furlough and oh I promised my wife I'd never come back and she promised me the same thing and we'd hoped we told God we'd go anywhere but to those thieves and you know have you ever said to god I'll go anywhere but there you know what does God say you know he'll hold you right to it don't say it don't say it because he'll say he wants to make the choices in our lives you see and it was soon after that that I attended to the the seminar right here in Chicago at McCormick Place the basic seminar are sitting up in the balcony and that second night bill talked a whole night on right now that could be that's a long night Anse around fighting for your rights because all I could think of was that crazy garden back there halfway around the world way there above Australia and I the longer he talked the more miserable I got he said give your possessions to God God takes good care of his property and I thought oh I never thought of that and then he said whatever you give to God with the right motives you'll never lack in that thing and that's so - and it's so scriptural because if you give it to God he's in control and he whatever he's Lord of whatever he controls he does a better job we can and I proved that I can't get a way from pineapples now everywhere I go people actually think I like him I everywhere you know whatever you give to gods you'll never lack this is very very true and but oh he went on he said the people you fight with you'll never be able to win for Christ oh that grieved me I thought that's right here people have died on that mission field and I was their missionary and they're lost forever and a Christ las' eternity in hell and they're lost and I was at God I've already done it and when he gave the invitation how many need to put something on the altar tonight and give it to God boy I raised I think I raised both of my hands I given it I said God that's your pineapple garden you do whatever you want with it and the peace of God filled my soul and I walked out of that seminar as if I had a burden lifted that you know my shoulders were never broad enough to carry a load and I said God I never have to angry again I never have to fuss and fight again oh what relief but freedom it's like getting born again all over again I got back to the jungle and stood there in the garden one night I said God is your garden if you want to give these pineapples to your to these natives that's up to you if you want to give them to your faithful missionary I would sure appreciate it now why do you laugh I know what you're saying hey you didn't deserve any I know I confess that I said God I'm not a very victorious missionary I don't know what I'm doing here why you ever sent me here but I did say to him but I said God I'm your child and I feed my children and you've got all kinds of good food coming up here in this garden no no that's really putting the pressure on god I hope you've never done that I'm ashamed of that now that's like twisting God's arm God my kids aren't always good but I described how wicked they where that made me look pretty good and I thought God certainly would want to give all his pineapples to his missionary rather than to those Rascals and you know but I still wondering God start to grow his pineapples we walking in the garden the natives were looking at the pineapples I prayed I said God the natives are looking at your pineapples well I was looking at him too you know where everybody's looking at him who's going to eat those nice big ones and I reminded him over and over again that I was a full-time missionary I wasn't just short-termer I was in this for life and you know all this and then the natives were really starting to look harder and now I caught it and I said God these guys stealing before they type if you want to get any of your pineapples you're going to have to watch over this garden now because they're looking under about ready to steal they don't wait till they get right see I'm giving God some good advice I'm I'm hey I've got experience I said I'm not stealing your pineapples God they're stealing them I told God that just in case you didn't know and and I'm angry now I had given the garden to God at the seminar and here I'm still wearing myself out and I came to the place friends where my if you if you're angry long enough you'll destroy your health that's what I did my nerves were bad and my health was bad and finally I said god I I fell on my knees before him one time and I said god I can't help you any longer I haven't got the strength I am getting I haven't got any fight left you're gonna have to look after your own garden if you don't nobody else will and and I've literally you know what God showed me that morning Romans six dying to self reckoning myself dead to sin and God showed me that I should give up my right to own a garden while I was at the end of my health at the end of my rope so I gave the garden to God one more time I said God I died to the right to own a garden and I died to the right to eat pineapples and I endeavor to live that way and again as I get up from my knees that morning on that mission field the peace of God came over me again I never need to get angry anymore I died to the right I said God I'll never walk in that garden again I'll never even look at it now I shouldn't have said that the garden was right outside my window but and for a while I couldn't stop getting angry hey I'd been doing this for seven years you know stir and I see that these in my garden you know and I do see yell at them hey what are you doing my garden they'd say just looking to on just looking I say well do you're looking somewhere else you know but now that I'd given a garden away I still sometimes get angry at him I forget you know and then God comes vit convicts me and I say Oh God forgive me once right in the middle of getting angry at God got to me and I said okay okay go ahead go ahead steal the Pinetops that's fine and I shouldn't have told him to steal him but that's the way it came out and can you believe that God brought me to a place where I waved at the thieves stealing the pineapples and they said he's gone blind who's taking this pineapple this his eyes are bad and I said no I saw your man I just didn't say anything but now God Delfin me on that - si hey if you're dead to that thing you don't worry about what they say and so when they stole I turned my back and for a while there I said to the Lord I said God look this way look this way you catch him around your garden and I don't think God was even looking see and God dealt with me on the whole thing finally I died to this thing and I I'm not fighting anymore and this this is when this group of natives stood their high mower very intelligent fellow said to one you've become a Christian haven't you and oh that's devastating i hi I said why do you say that man he said you don't get angry anymore when when we changed today when they steal your pineapples I said mean does that make me anxious yet - and you're a Christian now I thought what about all the other good things they've done here I've knocked myself out for these people trying to help them doesn't that count know that they only remember when you when you blow it you ever notice it your neighbors expect you to be totally perfect right now how can you be a witness well listen to the rest of stories see what happens I wondered now how does he know what a Christian was then I thought of it for seven almost eight years now I preached about Christianity a priest how Christ what he's like how he how a Christian lives how he acts how he reacts and they always said tone whenever you said that we hoped we'd meet one someday see now that's the difference between our walk and our talk right I'm preaching at him but they're watching me get angry and my message is nullified and so here he stands Jesus - on why don't you get angry anymore I said I don't need to get angry anymore I gave the garden away oh you should've given it to me he said and and he s I asked him some questions and then he said to one who owns the garden now I said I'll tell you tomorrow I was friends I felt so bad at this point because they just said you know you've become a Christian I thought I've blown it so bad I should move to another tribe I don't know what to do there's 150 tribes in the yellow side of the island on Irian Jaya alone that her without missionaries that have not received heard the gospel yet can you believe it there many more on this side - and I should go to another tribe but a missionary wouldn't find me anywhere else a missionary pilot he said why do you want to go I said I've I've messed this up so bad I want to start all over again he says why don't you do I didn't want to tell him didn't won't tell anybody hadn't told my wife you know I and I said they just said you've become a Christian he said they're laughing at me he said tell you what to do show them the difference and you'll win him you know I thought about it but I remember that night I went in the house it was nighttime and Highmore says to one who owns him now and one more question to him before you go in there go to sleep who owns him now I said hey I'll tell you tomorrow I'm not going to talk anymore it's late I'm tired come back two more we talk every day anyway so I looked through a crack in a curtain and he stood there pointed at his people they point with their chin he said did he give them to you did he give to you to give to you did him to you and he's do you want him and he says one more question - and I can't find the owner who owns him now I said I'll tell you tomorrow go home and they round the corner of my house you know what they said to each other they said how can we steal if we don't know who owns him you know it was a it was a difficult night for the hungry thieves and can you imagine the agony of a hungry thief any can you know the biggest headhunter my my don't under witch doctor my don't so all that night I couldn't sleep folks my conscience was I was awake they I've just become a Christian I felt so bad I was awake I said oh god I'm starting all over again I thought it was starting over at the seminar you know two years ago and then you know when I gave you control of the garden I thought I was starting now I'm still have to start over and I felt so bad but you know the amazing thing as I lay on my mattress that night I heard commotion of village everybody was awake those guys were at God they woke up everybody trying to find the owner of the garden desperate hungry thieves and I thought you know there's this neat finally they're all losing a night's sleep over this garden and I just made me feel so good they went with torches through the next village can you believe this at night snakes and all they went to and woke up the next village trying to find you or never did find him and early morning I must have fallen asleep because they woke us up and they were all around our house and I woke my wife up and I knew what this was all about but she didn't and she's afraid and she says what is it on what is I said calm down Carol just calm down no problem at all I know what this is all about you'll enjoy this you join me outside and you'll enjoy this one well now see it never my wife is a night person you know and she'd never seen the Sun Rise in New Guinea and and I'd often say you've got to see the sunrise and she says oz he's smart that's just a sunset backwards so you'd say once he said God wanted me to see the sunrise he'd scheduled later on in the day and but you know it was beautiful it was really beautiful that morning my wife saw the sunrise it was neat curiosity got him and there's that all those natives with their hands across their chest like this and the dampness of the early morning all of them were there and I said good morning man what do you want one shout who owns the pineapples I said I came to my God up in heaven and they started to rub their nose that's how they think you know it's neat you can't laugh and you see the whole 300 of them real thinking real hard you know they rubbed it you know him and oh it's neat when you're preaching you know you at least know when your audience is thinking it sometimes gets the real mess you know and they never blow their nose but but anyway yeah you know we think scratching I used to think scratching my head you know and they'd say to and you got those bugs too miserable aren't they you know but they stand there you know you can laugh we printing each other standing there straight facing or you can't make fun of them and so they stink - um doesn't your God have any pineapples up there and hair and I said I don't know gave him anyway and they thought some more one guys is - on how many how many moons ago did you give your garden to your God and I thought a little while and I said well I said we learn to think like that too you know matter of fact I was in our mission candidate school and way up there on the top row as I was saying this guy let out this loud sneeze and somebody else shouted he blew his mind and so I guess you can I guess you can blow your mind in more than one way but anyway here they're standing there thinking they said I thought it well I said all maybe I said five six months ago and then the strangest thing happened the start a commotion start and they started to talk and they started to get louder and they got excited and they got angry and I heard snatches of it and they said to one get in there go in your house and get on your knees tell your gods you want the garden back I said oh I don't want the garden back I've been so happy not owning it have you ever been happy not owning something oh I can sleep again now my my worries are gone my anger is gone my health is improving my nervous system is improving hey I'm so happy not to own it and don't envy the rich man he's got more worries than you'll ever have but friends I I said no I don't want we want you to own the garden I said why he says you're the cause of all the problem you tell you God you made a mistake because you did you tell him you made a mistake and get it back I said I didn't make a mistake I feel it's the best thing I've ever done they said Oh to him but you didn't make it was think I said why you're saying is well why you're the cause of all the problems they'd had powwow state had talked state offered witchcraft to the demons you know why because nothing was going right in the village after I gave my garden to God everything start to go wrong for them because they were touching God's pineapples and he can take good care of him the the rain wouldn't fall the gardens wouldn't grow they let the fishhook in the river nothing would come up they'd hunt and they'd never get any pork we hadn't gotten pork for months they they said our women get aren't getting pregnant where there's no babies being born we're going to be outnumbered by the enemy's tribes they said everything is wrong to on they'd been making sacrifices to demons they've been having talks who has wronged them who has who has turned them off what is wrong they couldn't find a problem and all the sudden they stand in my front of my house and he said missionary it's you it's you you're the cause of the trouble get in there and get the garden back and I said I don't want the guard back well we want you to own the garden we never gave you permission to give it to your God he is not to own any property around here and I said hey why'd you quit stealing is pineapples are too long you're so dumb that won't work I said why not I said they said well you know what it was their chronic thieves they couldn't stop stealing any more than some of us here can stop worrying and we should be able to stop because we have the way of escape right first Corinthians 10:13 when you're tempted you resist Satan right resist the devil he'll flee from you we should be able to overcome our chronic besetting sins they could not because they were deceived they were controlled by Satan they had never faced temptation and not yielded and they said you know when they get near to garden they smell the pineapples you know Satan make him feel hungry right he does that to some of us too we get near the fridge and we get hungry but Satan control them totally is he and they said to and that won't work you get the garden back oh I didn't know I didn't know what to do I said I don't want to own a garden all they come at me they got all the spears you know now at this point they shown me the spears all the heads of the spirits with the ugly ostrich bird claws on the tops sharp they started you see them all start to move they start pulling the bows back to see if they still work you know they start playing with the bow strings Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing you know yeah till you hear it you know you really get the point don't you you don't want to get the point and and they're gonna hang to on get in there pray and my wife says to me I thought you said this was going to be funny wasn't funny anymore there was I did some quick praying and God gave me a name hi mold that's very sharp native I said hi mo where are you I want to talk to you and hi mo comes out of the crowd and he stood there and laughs at me I said hi mo why you laughing he says to on you can't be a Christian and own the garden at the same time and I said hi mo you're right now what was he saying this verse that had troubled me unless you forsake all that you have you can't be my disciple discipleship means lordship you can be born again and fight for your rights but you can't be his disciple because if you're his disciple then he's your Lord then he's Lord of all and only lordship and he's your Lord that's the Christianity that witnesses to others that's a Christianity it's that shows the others see and they say you you can't be a Christian own a garden you being angry white man again and I said I'm will you tell them and they were getting angry and you know what they said at this one they said to one we gave you the privilege of living with us oh brother you know they thought I'd gone all over the world and found the nicest people anywhere and liveth that's weird they thought that I said hi mo you try to talk to him and I step out of the way you know and he and they day and they looking at him he says quiet all your people he says hasn't this to unbent a nice to him to live with since he's become a Christian but if he make him take the garden back again he'd be an angry angry white man again a miserable fella when we let him own the garden and I said hi mo you're crazy Fiona's that garden if his God owns the garden well then then we'll die hi mo you're going to starve too and they're honking angry at him though he says hey just a minute he says look if you can't leave those pineapples alone walk the other path you can get to the river the other way you don't have to go by his house here you know what he was saying equivalent he was saying like we say if you've got a problem with alcohol don't go by the tavern that's what he's saying says you won't smell him you won't even know they're there let his God on him then he can be a Christian I said to him oh I said I really want to be a Christian hi mo I've so enjoyed being a Christian let me be a Christian and he says he really wants to be a Christian let's let him be a question mr. rub their nose again what are we going to do it to on you know and I'm just waiting this thing out and finally one guy says to him does your god see in the dark I suggest he does and that was the first realization that they had that God knew everything you could see in the dark and most sin is carried on in the dark and they realized that God could see in the dark and that really worked for stay under start to understand God and another guy says God - when you're God's big isn't he I said oh yes he's big he controls the rain he controls whether your wife gets pregnant he controls whether your fish when you catch fish where he shoot pigs he controls whether your child gets sick everything you can't even breathe without God's help you die if it wasn't for God sustaining power in your life oh this God is big he said I'm not going to steal pineapples anymore and about half of the crowd quit stealing because they were afraid of God and you know when you have a fear of God that's when you started that's when they got converted the other half still stole all the pineapples so I still wasn't getting any but I I they brought him to my store and I bought them from him and no that isn't in a pineapple story book because bill didn't want to put in there you know I didn't want to propagate buying stolen goods and you can understand that and he was right but you know I thought what God's given him to them so maybe I can buy him I you know put the strangest thing happened now I ordered a group of people that weren't stealing anymore and they came to me and they said we're not stealing anymore - on your God's too big I said good for you I said now you ought to be a Christian they're starting to win a church and these people became converted and and I started trainees preacher boys and one morning I was they woke me up early and they said to on come out here and I came out and I said what's this and they had all these pineapples laid on the on the front porch and they said to and take him in the house it's not right for our people steer your pineapples take him in house I said what do you mean by this they said to him we can't watch them anymore we're going to jungle for a while and so I said what do you mean you know what they've been doing to preacher boys had taken turns watching the pineapples at night snakes mosquitoes and everything while I was sleeping and I didn't know it without pay they're guarding the pineapples because it wasn't right that their people would steal my pineapples I couldn't believe this God sure can take good care of his property candy and he delivers him to him I said look they're God's they're not mine and it gave each man his portion and took a portion myself we all thank the Lord together and and and I was amazed I said God you deliver him to my front door I don't even walk in the garden anymore I don't even know if they're growing if P if the garden needed we did I first thought about God owns the garden he can weed his own garden right and you know that's not the way you do it friends I become the manager I'm de steward he owns it I'm working for him if the garden need we did I send them into Eden yes he and O God did marvelous you know what happened to the thieves they kept stealing well once it went this way with the pineapples I gave my banana trees to God to Oh friends the way God can grow bananas we had to prop up the trees that the bunches were so big it's soft stem tree and they would fall over and the papaya and the coconuts and we gave the whole thing to God and really we were exporting fruit now the MAF plane would come and we'd load it up and I'd send it to other missionaries and they'd say words you get this beautiful fruit how is it that you got assigned to the paradise of the south coast you know I mean the Garden of Eden what did you do to deserve this it wasn't a paradise until I gave my fruit tweets to God and everything and they say how how do you keep your people from stealing them and I could share with them give your possessions to God God takes good care of his property and I could share with him this whole principle of yielding your rights and surrendering your rights the fence amazing thing happened at this point the the thieves were still stealing him and the preacher boys caught on inevitably when somebody stole something would happen in this house somebody gets sick house would burn his chickens would dies something would happen God would have the pressure on him and the preacher boy said you've been stealing the two-ounce fruit and they'd say yeah I said he'd say oh that's why his God's Ani is big they'd walk and and now all these thieves start to get frayed every time it happened you know what we found on the front porch we found bananas and find pineapples and stuff brought back overnight the curse had gone on the pressure was on they brought it back hoping that it would be lifted missing and now we're finding everything everything they ever stole from us we found on her front porch that's how God got it back to us Missy and it was unreal and friends the pressure was on to the place where they didn't want to steal anymore they're afraid ah you know I I didn't know what to do I couldn't even get guys to weed the garden any more they didn't want to get in God's garden lest they die anything and now I'm going on vacation I had to be away three weeks and I said no look when I'm gone take the fruit use it it's yours I can't eat it it's all I turn it over to you as long as I'm gone it's all yours to take don't let it rot on the trees don't let it fall off the trees I'd come back three weeks later in the fruit was rotting under the trees and it was rotting on the trees I said why didn't you people eat it you needed so much ah - honey you saying it is one thing but your God he's something else he's big I see and I couldn't believe it now I couldn't get rid of it hey let God have control of your things you'll never lack I was exporting it if the planes didn't come I'd carry it to the village here eat these bananas some some guys wouldn't even eat them till I took a bite first and then they'd eat the rest of it but this kind of thing I couldn't believe it God sure can take good care of his property and you know this is the way it is all the way around this circle notice here the altar in the center all these areas of our lives you know I learned the area of possessions that gave everything all they stole the silverware and finally we gave that to God then they stole the shirts and finally I remember one day a guy stood there with my with a special nose bone my ballpoint pen right there in his nose later he stood and I I pulled that thing right out of his nose and you know the day I did that God got through to me I know God must have been laughing at me or crying over me see I given all the stuff outside to God now I'm fighting over the silverware and they and they they all they stealing everything from inside the house to house boy you know drop the silverware on the floor kick it through a crack baby brothers under the house catching it it was so fast we'd never caught him and then I finally caught on to that and stopped the cracks in the floor and now they're smuggling it out in a garbage pail and everything went out there and they stole everything from see and finally we realized we better give the stuff inside the house to God to you see and I never give anything to God until I lose it are you any of you like me are there any Dutch people here Jim Elliot said he has no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose and you know but the opposite is true he is a fool who keeps fighting and struggling for that which he cannot keep and ruins his health is not true and friends I finally gave to Sweden my wife and I gave to silverware and stuff and the clothing that God remember when I was down to the last shirt and I saw I saw that red plaid shirt going on the line and and I said oh God I'm going to lose that shirt that's it I've only got and I quick gave it away I said god you're going to lose your shirt today because I can't keep it any longer and you know that thing stayed on the line all day and people even didn't even see it i asked him next day I was wearing didn't you see my shirt they said no he never saw it was unbelievable and then how God supplied us with silver word with shirts and stuff that were issues we never lacking those things neither it's God's got a real joke going with us we got more so we're more shirts than we can wear we can use and friends is that true it's true it now God kindly real you know the joy God had when he saw me graduate from grade 1 in his school she disliked his school I didn't know there were eight other more areas that God is going to see me through if I had known that I would have quit I think what I got discouraged but I finally got this whole all my possessions on and I said god I don't own anything anymore the day I pulled that pin out of his nose I said God the diaper pins and the pens and everything is yours inside not I don't own anything that's the way I want to live I can sleep good now and then God put me in the second grade now everybody's wasting my time they had me fixing their harmonicas and fixing their shovels and their pots and wasted all my time and I was so frustrated I was afraid not to do it because I wouldn't be able to sleep at night because I did that once didn't fix it and they were angry at me and I had a lot of trouble couldn't sleep and God had them steal all my time and then finally again my nerves are bad like Pete gave that on the altar and God blessed my time you know what missionary said that came visited us you and your station are up to ten years ahead of every other station on the Southern swamplands I couldn't believe that you know what I'd given my time to God and started fixing their junk with a happy heart and a rejoicing spirit and they called me a Christian again they said you've become a Christian again third time I got around the circle they were sure that you could lose your salvation and but you know because I myself and I was struggling in this area of time I thought I'm so Bankston I was so happy back when I gave my possessions to God I and now I'm struggling and I'm so back so no I'm not back slimming I'm in grade 2 you see and then soon as I gave that to God God put me in this reputation and I almost got sent home from the mission field and God let my reputation hit rock bottom and then I gave it to God too and then they put me on the field Council and I became leadership you know if you humble yourself God exalts you but I gave my reputation to God it doesn't matter what missionaries think of me matters what God thinks I mean it doesn't matter what people think matters with God things but in every I've fought and then almost losing our children dying out there in the jungle with no doctor and no help and then waiting till they're almost dead and then giving them to God o friends why do we wait so long why we just let God take control of every area of our life and as we've preached this we found in the area of health when people surrender their right to be healthy how many people get healed it's just so beautiful you know when they say all right god I quit going to quit fussing about this I'm going to quit praying about this and pleading I'm going to surrender you get so much more done folks by surrendering and rejoicing than by pleading and begging and so surrender and rejoice and let God have his way and let him do and never ask again God knows the desire your heart he knows what you've prayed in the past and let him do it in his time and I find that people surrender right to be healthy so many get healed God says hey they've learned a lesson involved with this problem and that's the way it is in every area of our circle but I fought in each area and I struggled and that's miserable and the more you fight and the more you fire struggle the worse the problem gets and my brother John was a missionary in the Dutch Antilles and there it is touch me touch people on their head this touch swing have you ever seen a Dutch swing you really get banged around on that wouldn't you I don't think it's a Dutch swing I don't really think it is but that's what he said and then he says two engineers came from Holland and they solved the problem and he said to me he says well what's the matter I didn't laughs he says don't you like my joke I said no it reminds me of my pineapple garden the way I struggled the more I struggled the worse it got the more I mean my lose my health besides now my nervous system and I said no I said that this represents us solving our own problems I used to say but I don't see anymore I used to say that this represents a church problem after the board gets through with it but that that doesn't sound very good me but God has ways of solving our problems he had a branch there all the time friends as long as you try to solve your own God won't push you all the way he's waiting for you to let him do it I think we should all bow our heads we all bow your head with me maybe God is speaking to you about a garden you own are any of you doing what I'm doing are any of you losing your health or your nervous system or you're struggling and fighting and they're saying hey you're losing your witness because you can't win - once you you're fighting with would you say to God right now right where you're sitting Lord forgive me I give my garden to you have your way and would you say one more thing God remind me to do it again tomorrow morning surrendering rights is daily everyday we have to give it to after we confess our sin let me surrender our rights and say God it's yours again and then you don't have to worry about it you don't have to fear you know you don't have to get angry over it oh and you'll have all this free time if you don't have to worry and you'll be rejoicing no load will be lifted just like pilgrim when he came to the cross remember and and that burden fell off his back and rolled down a hill remember that and he was free you can go out of this place a night free but peace in your heart with joy like you don't believe possible when you give that problem let God have his way I would like to ask this question how many of you are giving some to God would you raise your hand praise the Lord there's a lot of hands all over the place oh that's good one more question how many here are struggling would you raise your hand yes to our people strong I appreciate your honesty let us pray Heavenly Father these dear ones that are struggling would you bring them to the end of their rope in quick time would you help them to see so that they wouldn't have to run ruin their health in their lives father we pray that everyone in this place night might come to the place of surrendering their rights to you letting you be Lord of all so that the world might see there were Christians now by our life and that we might become witnesses to you and might be able to win those around us our neighbors our natives whatever they are to you so give us all a great victory as we surrender to you in Jesus name we pray amen the pineapple story the first time I watched it that was back in New York and I was like wow I don't know if he's trying to be funny but man he's funny so but it's a good stuff great lesson man that'll preach that'll preach I always have a backwards don't wait we just tried to hold on had a preacher one time he just simply said this you know God put stuff in our hands and in life at different times and what we do is we just grab onto it he says the pain comes when God wants to put something else there and or replace it something good but then he has two prior fingers off of it and the idea is just know he puts it in he puts it out it's his anyway and just keep her hands open and let him do his will it's a much better much painless procedure so hey we're gonna have a quick time on prayer requests and praise reports and as always if you'd like to leave an offering you can do so the plates are down here at the front but we'll do both the same time well hi this is Billy Crone of getalife ministries and I hope you enjoyed today's study but in closing let me ask you one final question are you sure that if you were to died today that you go to heaven and not hell now before you answer that let me share with you a couple things that the Bible says the Bible says that God is holy and that we are not and the wages of our sin or unholiness is death we don't deserve to go to heaven when we die we deserve to go down we deserve to go to hell now to make matters worse we don't even want to admit this problem that we have that we're separated from God and only now but we're gonna be separated from him for all eternity in a place called hell we don't even want to admit that so once again out of love God gives us what's called the ten commandments the Ten Commandments were God's x-ray if you will divine x-ray to to get us to admit the problem that we have inside that's separating us from him let's take a look at a few of those of God's divine x-ray for instance if you think that you're worthy on your own you don't need a savior you're gonna get to heaven all by yourself then let's take a look at God's tests they're the ten commands the ninth one says you shall not bear false witness that means light how many of you've ever told a lie before raise your hand okay if you didn't raise your hand you just pulled one but folks we've all done that that makes us a liar the Ten Commandments God's x-rays showing us that we have sin that's separating us from him we're not wholly imperfect like him the fifth commandment says that you shall not steal don't ever wants to take anything without permission how many view ever done that well if we're not gonna tell another why we we should all admit that as well well that makes us a thief now the Bible says that God is so holy even his name is holy and that's why the Ten Commandments says you shall not use the Lord's name in vain and if we're honest again folks hey a lot of us how many of us have used the blessed name of Jesus Christ the only name the Bible says under heaven that men might be saved we've now turned it into a common cuss word if you can believe that the Bible says that's the sin and blasphemy the Bible also says hey show you want to show God you're so perfect you have no sin then don't ever once commit adultery you might say well I've never done that really Jesus lays the standard before us God looks at the heart man looks on the outside Jesus said if you ever looked with lust in your eye at another person you've committed adultery in your heart that's his holy standard one more the mama says okay you think you're so good then don't ever once commit murder you shall not murder and you might say well hey at least I haven't done that one really the Bible again says that the sin of hatred wishing someone was dead is akin to the sin of murder it's just if you will you pulled the trigger in your heart so so how are you doing that's just five out of ten of God's divine x-ray by the way showing us the problem how are you doing not if but when your time comes we're all going to stand before God you will be forced to admit when he already knows hey God let me in let me in oh I'm a liar I'm a I'm a thief I'm a blasphemer an adulterer and a murder and the Bible is clear such people as these will not inherit the kingdom of heaven you're not headed to heaven in that state you're headed to hell but here's the good news God said if we would just admit this number one then he could fix it and it gets fixed only one way and that's there Jesus Christ Jesus said in the book of John chapter 14 verse 6 he says I am the way the life and the truth and nobody comes to the Father but by me why because only Jesus lived the perfect life in our place and Jesus died on the cross he took the death penalty in our place so that we could be set free and since we weren't there and since it's a gift and we can't earn it we have to receive that wonderful gift by faith and the Bible says God will pardon us for our crimes our sins against him and you could actually see this analogy working in the natural in the normal world we see this actually in the courtroom for instance if a person is guilty and and everybody knows they're guilty they've committed a horrible crime and and and that the sentence has passed the judge has knocked down the gavel and says hey you are going to jail you are going to the death penalty for that crime and we know that people that happens all the time and they go to jail but believe it or not did you know there's a way for that person even though they're guilty to actually be set free from that crime it's called a pardon and the one in authority the governor has the part out of mercy out of goodness certainly nothing that that person did in jail they can't undo the crime it's too late but out of mercy the governor could go down there and grant that person in jail a full pardon for their crimes and by receiving that pardon the doors come open and they are set free and they're rescued from the death penalty folks that's what God is doing every single day with us spiritually he has allowed his son Jesus Christ to take the death penalty in our place he's pardon us but a pardon does you no good unless you reach out and receiving and it's actually been on historical record that there had been people on death row who a governor has gone down at a mercy and extends that him a full pardon but they've rejected it and by their own doing they went to the death penalty folks don't make that same mistake for all eternity God loves you he's willing to forgive you of anything and everything you've ever done all of it even the sins we don't even know about he wants to pardon you and forgive you but you must receive that by faith today the Bible says if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ if you call upon his name ask him to forgive evolve err since believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be safe please do that now please do that today because tomorrow may be too late well this has been Billy Coen getalife ministries again thank you for joining us if there's anything that you need if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us our information and number and things will pop up here on the screen here shortly and remember I hope to see you in heaven god bless


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