Warhammer 40k tau stormsurge progress

by: Tha Nerd Life

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well just figured I'd do a little short video it's Halloween my kiddos are out trick-or-treating I can't go out with them I have I have lymphedema so I don't get out very often because it's hard for me to get out horrible disease don't like it hate it whatever bloody block but are you to stay home and have fun with this stuff so I got going on tonight I'm doing some basing I have started my ghost keel I'm sorry not ghost killed my storm surge and the ghost kill hasn't come in yet storm surge so I started him the other day I'll just I'll do a quick rundown of what I'm doing him anyway I'm gonna do his base I'm working on his base right now I'm also gonna work on my

stealth Kats basis he's got them finished yesterday so I'm gonna work on they're basing today this guy does have a weapon I actually have him magnetized I'll do a run down here real quick on what on how I magnetized them but yeah that's what I'm doing today give me a second I'll show you the storm surge yes before I go into the storm series I'm going to show you this yeah I'll just finish them up not to start basing them and I magnetized the one guy for all the options we have the first burst cannon of course gotta have that

then the fusion blaster of course

knocks on there and then I also went a little crazy so plasma and why not flame her just because I mean so what it's not the rules it looks cool he sits on my shelf you can chill with a flamer then put that little flame with a thing I made in there too so that kittycat yeah there's my little stealth team I need to get three more so I can run that uh I don't have my codex yet but I know they have that little stealth unit thing that sounds pretty beast mode so then you go through more of these guys and then I can run them so let's go ahead and move this I got I got basing supplies off the butt and here we go the storm surge I'm probably gonna keep calling it a ghost kill all dadgum night anyway there he is and yep it looks a little weird but I have it magnetized at the waist for storage and because I can move it what I did is pretty simple magnetizing it man super simple at first there's a little piece of metal under there I tried to do it by that but it wasn't strong enough so I went ahead and did magnet the magnet I don't normally like doing that but when things are needed I'll do it so I'll put a little magnet in there and then I added one here built it up and then boop clicks together perfectly nice I mean yeah inside there you see that little thing that pole I think these guys in the little cluster bombs so it slides in there what's the pain it'll be a little stiffer but that way I can rotate them just because I mean it's pointless I mean dude I even did this look at this look at this say Jesus do that yep that's that flap it's an exhaust flap and what did I do I made it move I am nuts but it's cool and I went ahead magnetize that so I'm go through the options on that bad boy as well oh right on top of that say this guy here is Keegan and of course I'm magnetizing that as well

20 now way it's supposed to be yep nighttime mom papi just going to show you fragmentation Deeley yep those are all magnetized I like doing magnetizing all the options because I want to be able to do everything I want to run different choices for different things man so then here we got this guy back here so there's a little reactor whatever it is well that sticks good man that comes off and then the jacket stuff goes in there and then that goes in the top so I thought about carving that out making it to where this could slide down inside of it and making a track system where I could actually do that and not saying I won't do that in another one but seems like your idea and of course the just I haven't glued it on yet just so I can

let's make him look somewhat finished now I haven't set up the main guns yet I haven't decided what I want to do how I want it to go upside down but I'm kind of liking that those I might magnetized it to where I can put it either way if I felt crazy enough I could really get to weigh it tilt but I also haven't decided which main cannon I want to run and I'm contemplating casting this piece doing a little silicone mold and then running some running in resin I'll do that I'm gonna have to either cut that out or pack that with something and put some clay in there to where when I fill it with resin I mean sorry when I fill it with silicone and make them make balloon I have to pack it with clay and carve it out so that way when I run the mold out of it it'll fill in here but still leave it to where you can slide these pieces on the end

and that way I can put these together without having to cut anything still and then there's another little hole back here I'll fill with clay in here I'll put some clay into so that way they can just be knocked out and easily put on put the pieces on this pose to you but we'll see I'll probably do that later I have some other crazy stuff in the works too involving some hydro dipping and that will be on the ghost cube mmm but I haven't got a doom yet and haven't got the stuff in yet so but I will make a video for that as well well you guys have a happy Halloween have fun and just

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