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by: Angela Fehr

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hi everybody Angela Fair here I'm just standing outside in my yard and I'm about to walk over to my studio and I thought it would be fun to give you a studio tour so first we'll just take a look around and then you can see where I live and work and then we'll go up into the studio and I'll show you my space I'm quite proud of it it's very functional and it's also a lot of fun okay so this is really not the best view of my house but there it is and if we just turn I have lived on an acreage so and there's bikes everywhere because I have three kids and we have about six acres and this is our shop and garage my husband built this about five years ago and above the garage up there is my studio so we access it through these stairs here at the back of the carport and you can see something cool here is his is my husband's hot rod this is a rat rod 38 Dodge Fargo and he pulled it out of the bush it was an old farm truck and he everything you see here he built from scratch so it's pretty cool he's got his sweat on and DNA on every piece of that truck and same with the gas pump something we dragged home and he fixed up and painted so I live I'm married to a pretty creative guy and we both respect each other's creativity in our different fields and now we're just going to head up to the studio and you can take a look one thing I like is I can see my house from the deck and I have a nice big deck here which we actually use for family parties and stuff to still need to furnish the outdoor part of my studio and and I like being close to my home so I can keep an ear open for my kids and I also find our yard very peaceful we're surrounded by trees and I actually have a great view it's a little cloudy today and so not the greatest the greatest view right now okay so we've just stepped into my studio from outdoors and what you see here is kind of just one of my favorite spaces on my whole yard my home and I'll uh I'm so thankful to my husband for building this for me it was really hard to be patient for those five years that it took though and what I love is that we've worked on this together and we've really tried to make it as creative as we could there were times when my mom would tell me my mom would comment a few times you know like there is easier ways to do this you guys because we built the like the floor we built from raw lumber rather than buying hardwood and the ceiling which is absolutely beautiful you can see the tiles up above here and these we we painted and then stained and then varnished and I could do thirteen at a time in the in the shop so that took a few days and then my husband built the beautiful crown molding as well vintage look my original vision was kind of old fashioned general store and I think the ceiling made it a little bit fancier than that but we really just wanted to look yeah kind of old-fashioned and and we love antiques so so that was a great fit for us and the floor as well with raw lumber it's not the cleanest right now but we just stained it to a nice dark color and then stand it off as much of the stain as we could and it's a soft wood it's just a I believe and so it's gonna wear as we as we use the floor and get this traffic pattern like you would see in an old store so I love that but this room is divided into two parts and this part I'm a little scared to show you because it's kind of a mess and and this is you know the next on the list for my studio is just to get some storage in here because I just don't have storage as you can see there's a bed in this corner we can use this room as a guest room when we have family come visit which is great because our house it makes we have to kick the kids out of their rooms if we're having company so they are happy to have a quiet space for guests and our guests are happy because it's nice and peaceful up here and I'm self-contained so so we're thankful for that and yet the only person who complains I guess when we have company is me because of course I'd like to be in here using the studio I have these two large tables and this is where I do all my painting my I have these two large tables this is where I do all my painting and my classes and one of these tables is extended to its full length the other one I can make a little longer too so I can fit ten to twelve people in here and it might be a tight fit but we can we can get everybody in here and then I have some painting storage over here this is a gorgeous antique cabinet that was a gift from my grandmother and I have wonderful memories of growing up and and seeing it in her home full of fabric because she's a quilter so that's pretty special and meaningful to me and somewhere along the line like I said we do need storage in the studio so we have plans to build a big cabinet to fit along this wall here but until then you can my thinking wall I just have a little clothesline set up and any new paintings I've finished or paintings I'm not sure if they're finished or little doodles that I've done I can hang up here and look them over sometimes the painting that doesn't look good to me at first will kind of grow on me and I'll realize it is pretty special sometimes the painting I think is great hanging for a while I start to see the weaknesses in it and decide I want to paint it over again so I really like that having having everything visible so I can think about it and decide whether or not I need to you know fix or improve over here I have a bookshelf as well lots of watercolor books and magazines that can really inspire me I'm generally pulling those out when I'm teaching a class and saying here's the way another artist interpreted the same subject or look how this artist used color or so forth just to give my students an idea of the versatility of watercolor and how much you can achieve the camera holding those it's just a GoPro but I like it because it has a wide field of view for filming when I'm teaching a class and the thing that you see here right now

watercolor and you don't recognize that you want to check out that course again in a few days and you'll be able to take the lesson that demonstrates this painting okay again more storage is needed this is a paper and so forth in the corner and then again I really need to clean I have more products and a little coffee corner over here the you see a lot of scrapbooking products over in this corner and that was something I used to do I just kind of do scrapbooking and paper crafting socially with my friends now but I used to teach classes on that before my watercolor got so busy so that's kind of my main working area and my storage corner and the guest room so now come with me into the bathroom and the bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in my whole studio just for the way it looks because my husband and I had a huge ton of fun putting this together his vision was a gas station back alley kind of look and I think he achieved that really quite well again the unfinished pine floor that we did ourselves and I love the stripes on the wall they're kind of fun the brick paneling on the back wall I I brought from I drove six hours to get it to Dawson Creek to to our hometown with my van seat pulled it right up to the steering wheel because that was the only way I could get it inside the vehicle the mirror you see is an old model a grill or radiator that he popped him you're into and it's slightly warped but it makes me look thinner so I don't mind about that I love the I love the photos on the wall they are family photos we took last year with the hot rod and that's my son and my husband tweaking the the motor and that stuff they do on a regular basis the towel bar is made out of pistons and my toilet paper holder is made out of a crankshaft I guess you can't really see it in the dark there and then behind the door we've got a vintage drag racing poster from a museum that you know down in the States that we picked up while we were traveling and even the door is made by my husband from one by force and a very authentic looking latch there I just really love this room it's a lot of fun to to have this quirky bathroom that is just interesting you know every part of this of this room is going to this studio is going to be interesting when we're finished and and it's still a work in progress I think all great designs take time to be refined I'm so thankful for my space and how useful and functional it is and you know whatever space you have you can make it work and enjoy it and you know just keep painting and I painted before I had a great big space and I'm just gonna keep painting no matter whether I have guests in the room or not and I hope you enjoyed this little tour I meant to make it short and it's a lot longer than I planned whatever space you have I hope that you that you use it to paint and don't let not having a fantastic space keep you from painting or creating whatever it is

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