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just like a little cat kiss her forehead do it bet that's a girl bat I was hoping for something more than that you serious you serious which is trying to do

[Music] here this is where we met for the interview Kimmy now please don't tell anyone I gave this to you smart move Vicky yous about to get your next snap no you wasn't Batman don't kill I meant take you what are you waiting for I didn't give out no information I didn't say too much didn't do too much and I still got my source I don't care if you remember that sky train depot Highland Lane pile in line okay good job Batman sometimes you got a little a little crazy with these women I'll make you talk ooh but here it is first and last there you go that would have been me everything's dark quiet it's empty never signed him the children of Arkham they may not have gone far not for the moment means I have time you see what they've been up to just be careful we don't want any surprises no we don't we don't I'll continue monitoring the drone feeds from here thanks going to have a look around all right let's see what you find there's a body here a while the work of the children of our common I'm gonna look around see what they've been up to let's do it let's do it oh this music whoever scored this excellent productions look at the dead body you got Nathan his arm oil from the looks of it he got drugged the officer that was taken from the construction site shot in the chest there's something else you see it was shot dead center twice executed I suppose they no longer had need of a hostage men hold order what is this over here oh it's nothing it's nothing like the rest man's veins they look like one Toya's veins after she was drugged only there's so much water yeah this is why where is the same drug from the debate i feared we hadn't seen the last of it there's no puncture mark here no entry point for an injection how did it get in his body in look at the map maybe they've been referencing the map whatever they're building must hinge on it somehow yeah like remember the train system this deeper was pretty centrally located it's got a it's got it's got to do with some bombs this got to do with some bombs okay timer parts right there and then what is this the timer like in the timer mission device but it's disabled they must have intended to hook it up to something oh wow timer is set for 27 minutes and 13 seconds now the numbers aren't moving doesn't seem to be counting down yet oh wow this is how they were timing their route Alfred what stations are within a twenty seven minute train ride from this Depot looking into the transportation database now this madman is a genius there's just water rushing Street Station it's one of the busiest places in the city thousands of people go in and out every hour oh wow oh wow you gonna link this with the timer parts right oh no you want to be a leader with that with the drug [Music] that doesn't make sense seem to know what they're going to do with a drunk exactly how they're planning on releasing it yeah okay okay okay I'm following I'm following you looking though okay Chemical barrels it's just as much the shrapnel that I found at the docks same explosive huh the same explosive [Music] maybe um maybe you got a maybe you need some maybe if you could um maybe by doing this with it uh we don't cancer the Lincoln we gonna keep looking how about that nothing over here okay here it is here it is chemistry equipment someone's been practicing chemistry okay yes this spilled here analyze that analyze that this made me want to play Batman BR again this is the drug they've been using refined it's the same as the one given to Montoya and Harvey Wow well that's crazy okay okay look at the empty container [Music] this solvent increases dermal permeability it looks like they ran out of the absorbing agent chemistry lab connect that with the chemical barrows traces of both chemicals here the drug is being modified here they're changing it they tryna they trying to fuse both of them because I remember they had said something about one type of drug made him crazy one type of drug made them uh feel very light that was the damn hold on hold on hold on there was my toys version of the drug and there was this dude's version of the drug that dude was nuts I mean both of them was nuts but for different reasons linked empty container to uh okay they need me to unlink something let me see let me see I'm back here oh it won't let me unlink so okay it won't let me on link no Zelda so will link in the modified drug with the chemical station no it doesn't go that far maybe with this dude maybe maybe with this thing empty container they're manufacturing the drug so that it can be absorbed through the skin [Music] and in the chemical Barrow's I swear this part making me feel so stupid oh [Music] you can keep going you keep going ring car has been modified how do you mean look at that sprinklers have some kind of sprinkler system downfall they're planning to put out fires nothing for Joe easy access the train car was raised to make working beneath it easier they wanted to get this done fast clearly the holding tank it's empty for now the train car is their delivery system maximum coverage then I'm gonna link this with the map and it's gonna tell me where they're planning on going hey guys limp do you want me to do Paul us the modified train cars going to be sent to Mercy Street station the drug the children of Arkham us have found a way to weaponize it with a drug that can absorb into skin effect hundreds of people at once chaos for loading the modified drug into the tanks on the train cars dispersing it through the sprinklers Wow the timers are set to go off just as it rolls in over the crowds we have prepared to contain something of that scale releasing a dragline man in so populated in an area would be devastating they could infect the entire city if they had enough thankfully there wasn't enough of the chemical to mix with the rest of the stock pile of drugs there's a train coming oh wow

oh here he is here he is if I'd known you were gonna make me lug this thing myself I would have worn more comfortable shoes just add it to the list of your mistakes must be why you didn't come through on your last assignments what are you doing here it's all here

what is she doing here this got these mixed floated onto the train loose were you better be on later with Catwoman she's got more about absorbing agent she must have a good reason for being she need to have one um you know she you don't know this please whatever sign meets her needs Oh Alfred stop with the jokes do it or not we're done here right not yet no no there's no part two of this I got what you wanted I'm done why just will come out Batman I know you're here oh wait I did not bring him here I honored our deal you're loosing surrender unless you'd like to see firsthand what a critical dose looks like get down there Forrester go he said go ahead and do it stay quiet you're the Batman you don't speak now screw this huh what move was that trains ready oh this little let's do it what's up children daddy's here Oh bitch temple shot oh no you did it stop it oh stop oh stop oh they're coming at me with guns oh it's all us big bro get out of here get out of here oh oh you want you want some buddies - OH oh shit oh you shouldn't ha ha there you go fat pig fat oh I'm Malou - pose I'm right here I'm right here I've been ready stop it big ass Oh big eyes Rafi he stayed got some energy in it what was this you can't protect your awesome self Oh hold on to this mummy fire we're just here to stoke the flames you do the talking not sure you could back it up oh come on precious watch what I do right here what's what I'm finna do to you just like the other lawyers I'm not even gonna throw it not even no throw it I'm better than that did I just die I

thought I just died oh shit okay lucious lucious I need upgrades lucious Oh still too fast still too fast

oh the block the block let me get some smash tanks going please oh you forgot what I had over here no oh baby girl just do me some ooh Oh what is that

explode him what happens in a bomb you said oh there it is

there it is there it is he's not going anywhere you're not going anywhere with that that move now let's make sure none of the gas leak is mentioned under the gas leak


Oh oh my gosh real love photo what you trying to do right here what you trying to do don't pass out on me I'm out goodbye oh I'm still up bad minutes the truth he's the truth he stay good she had my bag get you somewhere safe just stay with me [Music] oh my gosh this is litters are caught up dog Salinas apartment I know come on Salinas apartment at midnight okay so she knows Catwoman is the only one who knows that's crazy Catwoman Alfred and Lucius that's my squad right now what was you doing there no answer for that you just took all my clothes off in t minus two seconds okay what you trying to do just don't move what you try to do where you going where you going don't leave me leave don't leave I'm just getting something from the other room you're gonna be okay Bruce oh my gosh shit you're lucky you were wearing that suit you know that was stupid right yeah what yes that may seem a train depot taking on their leader alone I didn't know yet on our dress I am NOT invincible and painkillers do not solve the problem why you got actual cat food in here what's up with you you weren't gonna take them down on your own would she be eating they would have killed you you're one to talk I never pick a fight I can't win oh she likes it getting very far with the shoulder like this yeah great you can stay here in some morning thank you thank God oh you anyway that's twice now you just keep adding things to my list don't you Selena I told you I don't like owing people probably best to lie low for now anyway I know with the children of Arkham finding this place I had it handled you know with their leader I had a plan I wasn't there to save you I thought you'd gone back over to their side you thought you were gonna take me out did you well if I had to good luck that was gonna be my ticket out of here one last job to get the goons off my back so much for that thanks again bats there is another way out we can take them down together come on girl we might be cute the dynamic duo fighting crime being serious I know things have a habit of not working out for me on the duo front in this Bank ugly-ass cat out of my face thanks you okay well tell her to go okay she really doesn't like no one likes me that's funny yeah well you've got most of Gotham behind you on that oh no most maybe half I'm just trying to be optimistic Cuddy go in the other room why are you right here in front of me on the couch all that house you got you want to stay right here and go yeah out of here hey cats man this really hasn't been your week has it you think I lost my company my reputation and I find out my father was just like everyone else they've all got something to hide Bruce every last one of them even the so-called good guys there's always something just beneath the surface so what is it you're hiding Selena all kinds of things whoa whoa those even you have your secrets of course of course shake check my browser strings you hide from the world you'll be disappointed and won't let anyone else see well difference is my secret doesn't hurt anybody then you're better than most you're a good man Bruce I know it but good men don't lie with thieves I know what I am no noble intentions just the thrill of breaking what they say can't be broken knowing there's no safe I can't crack no fortress I can't infiltrate proving I can I'm never really sure if I can trust you can't say I blame you for that well fix it they're stolen from corrupt jerks like Hill but I've taken plenty from good people too for what some shiny new toys and a crappy apartment on the edge of town hi is nice but it wears off then you look around and see nothing yeah so you get back out there try and chase that feeling down I lightly merits to anything really Oh bad you gonna do it I think the place has charm what's charming about it the leak in the ceiling or the dirty underwear on the floor it's not what I meant hmm just like a little cat kiss her forehead do it that that's a girl bat I was hoping for something more than that you serious you serious what you're trying to do

I'll make it up to you back free to get some cash that is funny get some patch [Music] don't have to do all the work myself no sir and do this for me yes sir their button for that yes sir I want to watch you this is a freaky shit can I show this on you Joe we shouldn't do this allow me I wanna watch think I'd rather watch

yo yo yo we are going with it I can't show Moses yes stay in the other room Perry goodbye I'm over here taking care of mama right now you sit in the back eat your kibbles and bits while I take her to town well Betty Nietzsche matches whoop Dee I would have had a hot dog those when I go to sleep I would have been in there like hot dog in it the morning rise and shine it's time to get up I'm starving everything's hot a girl bradwick tough kids are gay give her some more not quite what I was looking for she won't get real I got a Silver Streak expiration dates on anything before you think about putting it in your mouth you would say that you would say that this this this does how freaky with it looking at all that cake in the bed and you want breakfast just right there what is that mad you got a okay let me cheer let me chill with me too Bruce morning of law thank goodness I was worried I'm good bro I gotta hit the jam bruh I hadn't heard from you I didn't know what happened if if you were I'm sorry I didn't mean to worry you Alfred sorry Otto I'm just glad you're okay I always fear the day you don't come home Bruce never happening never happening where are you anyway I stayed at Salinas last night oh wow that certainly explains it I really like her I'm sorry are you smiling I know you won your there this might be a good opportunity to learn more about miss Kyle after all we really don't know anything about her oh I know a lot see what you can find lying around if she's trustworthy you may not have another chance come on bro i'ma stay quiet on now one you should be do what you will thank you but the very least you can find that grapple gun of yours right that might be harder than you think she doesn't share your love of organization yes well I'll see you back at home Bruce okay Selina Kyle Selina I'll be Rosie you probably you probably make more money and live in a nicer spot if you just vlog you probably need to get you a camera start you you see Stan I'm just marks on her burglary checklist I suggest a GoPro for you um here's your grapple gun there you are I hope you didn't break anything no no no just just put it in your drawers or something how you gonna take this where'd you go where you gonna put it up [Music] so that's a grapple good hold on let me cheer let me to open up the fridge I went up to fridge I hate it's my boyfriend I feel like I just got laid so looks alright to me we just say first right now at least that cream cheese you shoes give the essentials alright you can close it now don't open up Celina door oh okay okay okay see ya rider but here you go Harvey hey I have I brought breakfast oh my gosh oh just remote I really need to talk to you why I'm gonna go I'll go but I have to get this off of me oh that can't really just fuck it up what what are you doing here no I don't need to sit down Bruce tell me what is going on I spent the night here that's it you I should stay quiet stay quiet I should've stayed quiet touch me I thought I would come here and look at my body look at my body you should have known I should have known you would do this to me not if it was real anyway don't have to ever think it was I said have cuffs okay first of all you're right you crying you need a reality check about Barbie you two are never a couple to begin with there you go yeah YouTube done you want something you gotta say so nobody's responsible for your hurt you see savage see savage you will not be able to protect you and I don't need him to just get out of here Harvey what happens when the children of Arkham come for him you think you won't get caught in the crossfire you can't stop them he can't are you ready to die on that altar I may go down for what my father did but I won't take her down with me she'll be fine funny thinking you have a choice thinking you can save the people around you you could do what Harvey put it I'm sorry what the hell is going on with you until Faye I don't know Harvey spin week he's been afraid oh my god this this is the monster they all know that you are Bryce's freak Harvey oh my god what Harvey will be pushed around anymore no he's gonna make them pay everyone who thought they could hurt him and get away with it starting with you both of you you're gonna pick that up Harvey you are our friend we don't want to fight you what if I do it now Zelena I'm not the beaver I've gotta be fair about this can't play favorites they both deserve it one way or another he's really talking to himself how about we flip for it this isn't funny no no he isn't

Selina looks like your first oh stop that show us down boy yeah oh he's kidding at the middle of things I was in the middle of a lot last night oh come here oh no they turned their backs on oh my gosh this is gripping what the knife down Selina [Music] he's gonna hurt someone this way I need to leave the apartment have you lost your mind wear him down we're down - calm down what are you doing it's not my friend oh wow okay okay I'm here I'm here I'm here in a shirt on Harvey oh wow he finished himself no crime oh god please

with him oh wow this men battling real demons right now but I kid who are you talking about there's no one else here not it's no one it's just me my fault Harvey don't Bruce I don't think we can help him this man really losing his mind on our own that's just me just me just me just me just let me talk to him you don't know what you're doing he needs a professional please all right it's okay Bruce I'll go I don't deserve your help and go off with your tail between your legs I'm sorry I'm so sorry Harvey huh so much for this place I'm not gonna stick around and wait for him to come back I thought it would be a while before I had to move again I need to get a body or I need to get up out of here yeah you're right it's not safe to stay here I'm not sure I'm gonna find another place with this kind of private access yeah you're living with me now huh maybe I'll live on a boat kidding you're coming with me now yes that means you too no no he's a bitch is not coming anywhere don't go far come on come on would you ever don't worry that thing is staying here but you're coming with me you should come stay with me I don't know there's plenty of space Alfred could set up a guest room for you and plenty of pipe if you need it I'll think about it

who is this now great oh wow the press conference I'm supposed to announce my resignation at a press event today somehow try to appear happy that Oswald Cobblepot is taking my job sounds like an opportunity how do you mean they screwed you out of your own company you have all this information that could bring them down and they're handing you a live mic so use it don't be their puppet no I need to keep my composure bide my time I start spilling secrets I'll just look desperate I guess you're the businessman you better get going I've got some packing to do the offer still stands sounding better and better by the minute / Selina Kyle might be one of the sexiest videogame chicks around and I just piped it right that's why I feel so excellent right now I'm sorry about all this Bruce we've we've prepared a brief damage control statement to make this easier after I introduce you all you'll have to do is read what's on the teleprompter and then I can take it from there got my little coronation speech just waiting thank you for being so cooperative about all this Bruce it really is for the best I'm putting everyone really I'm about to expose everybody y'all got me twisted if you think I'm gonna sit here it's unfair to ask this of you but please please what right now your reputation for our entire legacy depends on your cooperation through today and I can help you doubt it I can convince the board to bring you back it might not be CEO but it will be something excellent response this is my legacy and the only reason I'm putting up with this charade yes well as long as you cooperate I suppose your motivation is irrelevant I hate Regina Rudy then we are going to make quite a splash today aren't we all I don't think I'm ever going to forget this day the other four whether corporate intrigue a well-deserved comeuppance an oval hero writing in to save the day oh don't worry oz I'll make sure you remember every moment meaning that's enough both of you it's time Bruce I'm going to introduce you and then you're on please stick to the teleprompter no Regina I'm not going turning everyone and thank you for being here Wayne Enterprises has always taken its role in the community very seriously funny how everything I say to you in the park has come true take it everything it's you then it's not even a punch not even close no one's gonna follow you around and take pictures now you're just a pawn Oswald and everyone knows that pawns are meant to be sacrificed perhaps but at least I'll get the joy of watching your shocking and surprising dissent first this is just a first step towards making things right soon enough it'll be Kabul Party districts Cobblepot Medical and Cobblepot Tech up on tops of buildings and you Wayans will be what you should have been all along I've forgotten footnote Cobblepot will come to me the future of Gotham what happens to my company is up to the board you think you're all deluded about the type of power you're gonna have oh good time all in good time it's amazing the sort of patience I've developed over the years oh I forgot to mention I did some digging you know how old Hill admitted he had your mom and dad killed I found out why he did it oh yeah and I'll tell you the story but only if you say pretty please it's quite the page-turner I'm sure you're just dying to hear it I know you're lying Oswald you don't know anything I will lie about this I promise stories too good for that but suit yourself and now Bruce Wayne would like to say a few words remember enjoy yourself Bruce after all you never know how much time you really have left [Music] [Laughter]


I'm stepping down from my position as CEO of Wayne Enterprises but I am not doing so voluntarily the board of Wayne Enterprises has voted me out at a meeting I was not invited to attend

that's real I was horrified to learn of my father's corruption I'm ashamed of his actions and would like to apologize to Gotham for the pain he has caused so many of you I'm sorry that's e tonight I worry for the future of Wayne Enterprises the decisions made in the next few days will be critical in shaping what that future will be careful Bruce

mr. Wain are you having trouble reading the teleprompter all right shut up Regina listen is Oswald Cobblepot is a member of the children of Arkham they control his every move exposed security Oh agent like - Duane greasy ass monkey hands off me that was quite a show you put on Bruce my apologies folks please forgive me mr. Wayne everyone I for one completely understand his band nice statement he is worth the price indeed and Wayne I rather enjoyed it myself not that it'll change anything must be I did what I felt was right yeah well someone has to go I just didn't think it'd be you you know is gonna be me you feel that that's the truck taking hold of you you're with the children I am the children of our Gazoo I think it's real

look at him up there taking everything that should belong to you mocking the sloth and sigma2 investor bathing's you can get away with it because none of them know who you really is they want to believe and if we could just get one more round of applause for our friend the man of the hour Bruce Wayne

[Music] ouch someone's a little touchy you see I'm tripping okay hold on I thought that was Selina Kyle this whole tops and you're like I just gave you some and you come in and in do this but that's Vicki Vale that's Vicki Vale I'm so glad I never gave her no press that's Vicki Vale she came and did that to me else never trust us [Music]

[Music] Vicki Vale that's how she got the interview that's how she always knows what's going on that's why she was always a little bit biased against me Wow [Music] of course I well I didn't yeah I kept my good punch I wasn't fitting to punch him sorry that press conference he could use that against me not did you ask loose just to stay yes I did me and everybody did as well did you bromance to leave them haha did you beat up Harvey no no we didn't we didn't we better than that look at my stats alright y'all I'm out of here

[Music] after his shocking an atrocious display of violence towards Oswald Cobblepot and members of the press Bruce Wayne has demonstrated a clear lack of mental stability that is why regrettably I made the decision to have my old friend hospitalized in Arkham Asylum Batman the children of Arkham the penguin doesn't Gotham already have enough - ranged criminals terrorizing its streets I believe that Gotham citizens deserve to be safe that they deserve to be protected even that means I have to do it myself with the children of Arkham in full force we need him now more than ever where is Batman

Wow so Vicki Vale was never to be trusted from the beginning but I don't expect anything less from somebody who makes a living writing tabloids I'm not finna trust you as far as I can throw you and you kept asking me for a damn interview get off me okay you see me I'm struggling I'm stressed don't ask me for an interview III knew she was wrong from the beginning episode 4 Bruce and Batman must forge new alliances and fight old rivals to protect the innocent and keep Gotham from descending into chaos Wow alright Shaw there goes another episode of Batman if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you are new I'm loving this series I love the direction this is going I'm gonna try and finish this before I'm gonna try to finish this one and the next Batman evil within this month and then I people be on track for season 3 or whatever season 2 laughs I don't even know how many how much more left it's all good though yo but that being said I love each and every one of you yep you and I'll see you in the next video peace dog Batman you might be my

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