S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Trunks Figure Review Dragon Ball Z

by: erivera94

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hey guys we were not forgive another action figure video are super sand trunks action figure that just came out by bayonets and watching nations of course this is a non exclusive seeing that the packaging is just like beerus and just like awakening warrior goku this is the non exclusive packaging now I really do like how it looks this is something that was announced and it really caught me off guard this figure I don't think they wouldn't make a chance like this I know Jax doe did that knockoff head or whatever to fit on a regular body but this is cool that they officially released a trunks like this didn't expect it at all he does come with a normal head to see all that once we open it up and it's all new scopes and everything so they they weren't all brand new with this pretty cool on on bayonet tamashii nations part but the front pack is right there here's the side got some pics there's the non super saiyan head very cool and in the back we have more poses of the figure and here's the other side let's crack trunks out the package and see how he looks and before I start this review I just want to give a big shout-out to ageless geeks calm where I do recommend you go get your figures from your sh t or to swear I order my SH V or its Dragon Ball Z figures from and people always ask me where I get them from in the comments and I keep telling you say if ageless geeks calm so you could use the white player you could use the Facebook page I use the Facebook page because you can get in contact with the owner directly there we have Super Saiyan trunks out of the package and he looks very cool this is very cool update I guess to the sculpt of the sand armor or the Vegeta armor or whatever you want to call it it's very different from what we've seen and it's all mainly in the torso and lower torso of the the sculpt like the groin area likewise it is a new scope in arms are pretty much what we were familiar with already I also feel like the ankles are new and I'll show you that in a second but let's start this off with the accessories of the figure and he comes with an alternate head of course as we saw in the packaging but here is the normal power down trunks this is the long version of this here that's tied up on the back very cool that they did this I never expected them to release his figure mainly because I don't know I thought they would focus more on other new characters and I didn't think this would happen we also got a Jax toe head of this too in Nino ironically I don't know maybe they thought that and they inspired them to make a free one to show them how it's really done or something although the Jacksonville one was not tight on the back it was long but wasn't tied but nonetheless I'm happy that I got released officially this is very cool and I like how it all came out like the the hair tie is white and you can see but not right there we got this soft rubber for the front piece of the hair and you can't take this apart until you can put another face but here's the thing there are not other faces that will match this because they're all Super Saiyan faces you can see the eyebrows there's no more trunks faces I think they still give you the ability to take it apart and you know put another face in it even though there's not really an alternate face that comes with it you also do get some crossed arms and we haven't seen this for a little bit I think the jido might have been the last one that we saw cross on with I might be mistaken though but that's always cool to have those and then two Super Saiyan alternate faces we have a screaming face over here and like a grinning face there and then we have alternate hands include open hands like blasting hands and then we have these open hands right here a little bit different like almost to grab something and then we have the fists on the figure of course and we got the face that is on the figure that is looking to the side so there's not really a neutral face that looks forward for the Super Saiyan it's just this one that looks to the side and of course looking at the Super Saiyan here this is his base Super Saiyan it which is not extended if you ever saw the bulky trunks with the big muscles in the big spiky here that's the Ascended Super Saiyan trunks which is not tight on the back but here's you know here we have this version with it tied on the back a little closer look at the hair sculpt here you can see it very nicely sculpted we have to the hair tie tying the hair in the back at the knot there I've got a little bit of shading on the front and that's how he looks with his purple hair on powered down stage and I think that looks just very nice I love how that looks came out really nice it looks good powered down I might have to get multiple you know of this figure to display him differently cuz that's just the way I am and crazy I've gotta have once represent in one pirate town but that came out really nice I like how that looks all right time to check out the articulation of this figure we have the head on a ball-joint attains that we're all familiar whistle left and right up and down so all that movement is good but the neck moves slightly you see that there's some area of movement for the neck but not a lot going on to the newer articulation here to take a look at how this looks so forward them back on the on which we're all familiar with upper biceps well we got a double jointed elbows and in the wrists soles and it does hinge as well then we look at the shoulder this is kind of new it does come out this way and you see how that works goes inside the body but that is a new piece of articulation there so that could be used for grabbing or a blasting pose then going on to the torso we have a diaphragm joint out this is a new when it comes to Dragon Ball Z figures we're not really used to seeing diaphragm joints on their figures but you can see you move it back and it gets to the point where it gets a little bit too much you see a big gap looks a nasty doesn't look good but does crunch forward like this but then there's a huge gap on the back so that looks kind of ugly I don't like how that looks I see what they're trying there you can you can pose them like this and have you know you can look at them from the front you don't see anything but once you do that you got that big gap you try to kind of rest it down and then get it back to normal there it does swivel there as well but that is does look weird one or two later if you look at it from an angle that you shouldn't I guess does look weird we do still have a way so then we're looking at through the groin area you can see it looks very different people are calling this like the jockstrap joint looks you just you can say it looks like a jockstrap it looks okay this looked kind of weird with all the lines and all the pieces there see it moves forward just like that so you see how that works in and out once you do the end and now you can see that piece right there so all this is a brand new we're not used to this upper thigh swivel on like so not bad I mean I guess there's some good range of motion there and it goes forward doesn't just fine you don't have to drop down the leg like we used to so that's I guess that's why this is being used right now to see if it'll work we have a double twin the knee right there we don't have a boot cut but we do have the ankles going forward and back ankle pivoting or rocker in swivels so the integration is different you can actually pull it down now so I can pull it down you can see a big peg there and you can have more range of motion once you pull it down but all you gotta do is push it back up and it's back to normal so that's different I don't remember seeing down any other other figures we do have torch equation there I like how they sculpted those toes very nicely done overall that is all the articulation I so I wanted to show you guys the figure with the cross Dante I think he looks phenomenal with the cross lines it fits in perfectly it looks natural doesn't look wacky doesn't look like it's not supposed to be there or nothing looks you know abnormal I think it looks very nicely you know executed and everything fits in perfect alright guys that concludes my review on these super sand trunks by Bandai Tamati nations my feelings about the sculpt it's a nice fresh new take or update to what we had I don't mind having the older one being reused as much as it did because that is to say an armor that is the you know whatever but the articulation wise I don't know I might prefer the original one better just because what I've found out trying to pose chunks right here is that I mean this might be only my figure who knows but when I try to spread this one out it kind of you know it kind of jumps back in you see how that kind of jumps back in so it's kind of known you might it might be my and let's see that it might be my favorite so I don't really want to blame it but overall it doesn't bother me that much this whole look or a jockstrap look whatever people want to call it people are calling the upper torso like a bra look whatever man uh-huh it doesn't look too bad in my opinion I think it looks fine to me and I don't really mind as much as other people do so for me it's okay I don't mind if they use this mold or the older one all right and I'm gonna conclude this video with a comparison with the original sculpt this is the premium color Edition Vegeta but is it is the same sculpt as all the other videos or whatever with the same armor and you can see the difference there and and I think it looks a lot more cleaner on the original one because it doesn't have all these pieces and the growing area of the crotch area and then the diaphragm going of course it makes it look very different I don't know why they didn't detailed outline the outline of it like they did here you can see they outlined each piece of the armor and here they did it so I mean they could have added that I think but I do like the original one better it does look cleaner the new one is not bad at all it's pretty cool that they tried something new and changed it up because people you know do complain about oh the same scope to reuse the same you know same everything but then when you get something new people complain because it's you know it's not like the original you know so it can't really make people happy but I do like them both I do enjoy both scopes but if I had to pick one it'd be the original one I hope you guys enjoyed the video please leave a like comment subscribe you guys like yes have a great day bye


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