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what's going on guys welcome back to a brand new video today we are gonna be watching 10 weird things that only exist in Japan this is by a youtuber known as facts first they do a lot of list videos so definitely be sure to check out their channel all of their links are down below and yeah I'm pretty already aware that a lot of inventions come out of Japan and Japan you know it's kind of infamous for having really weird things at times so yeah it'll be interesting to see what they put together in this video and let's begin what's up at this point number one the poop museum in Tokyo Japan there is actually a museum that is based on poop when you arrive you can purchase a hat that resembles poop you can look at all kinds of poop including poop from animals walking around the museum and entertaining the guests is a mascot who is dressed up like a giant smelling pizza you guessed it dude it like is this real like what I like I mean if it's real I mean I'm sure it's real that's awesome but still like who comes up with this stuff a poop museum like I mean this guy these people are literally walking up and about to jump into a toilet like and they're wearing poop hats I don't know but hopefully the place doesn't smell like poop into a giant toilet you can create your own poop out of clay as a souvenir can create your own at the end of the exhibit you'll be able to watch a chorus of singing toilets this is the strangest cesium in the entire world number two toilet slippers the Japanese culture is known for its high emphasis on personal hygiene and cleanliness this is why many Japanese people take their shoes off when they enter their homes what are the places that are considered the most dirty is understandably the bathroom this is why the Japanese wear toilet slippers they keep the person's feet from touching the unsanitary floor around the toilet honestly this one I'm not really surprised about because it's pretty much the same in Korea like for the bathrooms we all use bathroom slippers or shower slippers like even when you just walk into someone's house through are usually like indoor slippers that you change into like you don't usually whoa sometimes you do but in most places you don't walk around like barefoot usually you put on like indoor slippers and you walk around the house wearing those and in the bathroom you got your bathroom slippers so yeah this one not too surprised strange flavored treats Japan is wait a minute did this kind of spell treats wrong yeah he did he said treats with an e like I don't know if that's how you spell it in some countries but yeah you got to admit the epal i don't know what's going on there Japan is known for its bizarre food creations one of these Bizarre Creations is ice cream if you live in America and you want something other than the ordinary chocolate or vanilla you would get your ice cream from the Ben & Jerry freezer where you can find flavors such as Chuck I want some ice cream now to be honest when you go to Japan you'll find some very strange flavors some of these include crab eel curry horse stew horse cactus and beer cactus on a candy bar in Japan you have several flavor choices including lemon apple mango dang dude they have wasabi ice cream they have sea urchin tofu rose but potato and butter that's then that actually sounds pretty good for ice cream yeah apricot kernel Murasaki potato natto Wow huge pans killing him with the ice cream game dough you can find ice cream and candy bar flavors that you would never expect to find anywhere else on earth number four vending machines if you live in America you're used to seeing vending machines that sell chips candy bars and soft drinks if you go to Japan you can find much more than just junk food and soda pop and vending machines you could purchase things such as lettuce rice draft damn I'm actually not too surprised about this one either okay that one you want a little surprise on pornography machine dude if you sell pornography and vending machines like who's to stop like young kids like teenagers from buying the pornography like does it like require a credit card maybe I don't know squid fish and chicken if it starts raining you can find a vending machine every corner that sells umbrellas if you haven't had a chance to do laundry you can even find clean underwear in a Japanese game that some of the new channels interest is a person to purchase their items online and then go to their local vending machine to pick it up so in a way Korea is kind of similar to Japan in this regard but instead of vending machines all over the place we just have convenience stores all kinds of food lunch boxes sushi like all kinds of stuff like you name it they have like everything there and the nice thing is that there's a convenience store usually on every street corner just about like if you live in the city but yeah I guess Japan is so populated I guess they don't have enough room for convenience store so vending machines it is nothing new I don't see how you could ever find that see Irish people get piercings tattoos and they extend and enlarge different parts of their body the Japanese also have a fascination with body modification yes donut on your floor Tennessee in America the actual how is that appealing procedure was pioneered in Canada in 2007 but it became popular in Japan this modification involves injecting saline into the forehead to create a bagel shaped bulge it became so popular that the underground culture has what the Frick dude they're just literally getting saline injected into their head saline what is that isn't that the stuff like that's in like your contact solution so yeah it's like a liquid and they're literally just getting it injected into their forehead dude like what the heck like look at this girl or she's she's filling her whole head up like like a balloon like it's almost like getting to her eyes like what happens if you don't stop putting the saline in what is it gonna like blow up her entire face this would honestly be hands down the coolest Instagram picture ever like you are gonna get a buttload of maybe not likes but you are gonna get a lot of comments go ahead parties where groups of people can get their foreheads modified since it looks so bizarre it's good that the results are not permanent oh thank goodness for that and the Bulge is often gone the next morning mister konso in America it okay for your body to just absorb the same Camille most Americans turn to their canned goods when they didn't have a chance to get to the grocery store in Japan however mister konso is a restaurant that serves only canned foods there are no menus in this restaurant guests would choose something from the huge pantry of canned goods you can find canned potato salad canned spendy that's where it's many other types of food the canned would be opened and prepared by the staff and then sir so if there's like ever like a war or like a plague or bombs are dropping you know the end of the world this is the place to go guys okay go to Japan go to this restaurant this is where it's that dude all that canned food that'll last you years and years and years this is a poor business practice but mr cuozzo is actually successful the first restaurant opened and not suppressed and since then there have been 17 locations open number seven Gangu row this is a very popular look among Japanese girls the word Ganga Row means black or charbroiled in English the girls first get tanned so that they resemble the colour of bacon when they've achieved I'm sorry dude like why does he have to describe it like the colour why's it got to be bacon like that just sounds so funny yeah guys the color you're gonna be dyeing yourself today is bacon yeah the color of bacon how's it feel guys you're gonna look just like bacon eyeliner and light shades of eyeshadow and lipstick I'm sorry wait a minute did he just say light shades of eyeshadow and lipstick how are these light dude like these are so heavily apply maybe he meant like the color or the tone is light I don't know what he's saying their hair bleach blonde and wear colorful flashy clothing and shoes ganker oh so basically they want to look like donald trump's the traditional concepts of japanese beauty the liberation rapper this is one of the weirdest japan inventions a japanese restaurant chain called freshness burger noticed that women were not purchasing their biggest most popular burger in japan women are afraid to go against OG bo the is the desired trait of eating small modest mouthfuls of food when a woman okay eating a large burger with an open mouth yeah they try not to be rude attractive to increase sales to women freshness burger created the liberation rapper the rapper goes around the burger and covers the woman's face the only thing that the person sitting across from the woman will see is the rapper you know sometimes when you're just really hungry and you want to eat fast you don't want to eat o polite and chew with your mouth closed and eat all prim proper pinky up you know sometimes you just want a flat-out pig out you know and take big bites and chew yeah dude I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to get one of these for 10 strangest Japanese fast-food restaurants in America you walk up to the counter at your favorite fast-food restaurant look at a menu on the wall of the counter and choose your meal you would then tell the cashier and pay this strange restaurant in Japan has two gorgeous girls sitting on the counter right in front of the menu in skirts and see-through panty is this even allowed like is this legal how are you supposed to eat after hey like look at this they're sitting literally right in front of the menu it's like which one are you gonna look at okay so that's what they're going for they're trying to just attract more dudes but on a more serious note if these girls job is just to sit here on the counter with their legs spread open isn't that like isn't that uncomfortable like think about the position they're in they're like they have to balance themselves on the counter with like their arms behind them leaning back they have to force their legs open dude that's a lot of that's a lot of endurance power right there these girls must be really fit oh man okay guys so that was ten weird things that only exist in Japan and if you want to watch the full video with no interruptions the links are down below be sure to check it out I mean I've heard a lot of crazy stuff coming out of Japan but I have never seen anything like this this is just weird but yeah guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you guys are having a great day and if you enjoyed it be sure to leave a like and as always I will see you guys in the next video good night


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