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hey guys in today's replace your radio we have a g35 we have a metric hit and a pioneer radio we're going to show you how to put them in so stay tuned so today we're gonna go ahead and take this out now a couple things to note about this factory radio it has a Bose system and it also has the factory navigation system most of these don't have this anyways but if yours does you're probably going through the same reason why they're replacing it they can't get an updated CD the last time they made a CD for this car was 2013 it's already a 4-year old disc and it's expensive so join us today in the process of putting a new radio and hopefully soon to be your g35 so to replace the radio if you actually have to start over there in the passenger kick panel you have to remove the running boards the kick panel the glove box this side panel here and then you just have to drop this so there's a lot of work you have to do before you can get to the radio you also have to remove the gear shifter go ahead and pop the little silver thing down here and you'll notice that there is what we like to call an oh Jesus clip it's just one of these cool use that holds this in place you can use a panel tool to remove the floorboard as well as the kick panel over there in the back is a little 10 millimeter plastic bolt thingy that you can just twist off [Music]

now in the glove box you're gonna see a yellow harness that's gonna be an airbag harness do not unplug it the panel will just pop off you can also just pop off the call box light alright so go ahead and put the gear shifter back into drive

this just kind of pulls back and up a little bit and then what you want to do is unplug the harnesses and remove it now in case I forget when you go to reinstall it see this little guy right here and this little guy right here they're little nipples that stick down camera might not be doing them justice either way on the gear shifter there's one on the front one in the back those are what you use to line up this center console so if you're having a hard time make sure that these are going into the appropriate holes alright now we have to get these side panels off on both sides I still have to drop undercarriage here


now to get this panel out you don't have to remove this you just have to pull it back we're gonna go ahead and remove the whole panel though because we're gonna be running the Bluetooth mic and it's just easier there's one screw in the back that holds this panel in place and one screw at the top and on that side there's one there just the one screw in the bottom and these two screws in the bottom of the radio go ahead and put those up until this point it's been pretty straightforward and easy now is where the hard part starts this guy right here there's one screw for this radio behind here so we have to get this out this is the part that is fragile I mean the whole car is pretty fragile but this part in particular very fragile just take your time be real careful use your vinyl panel tool just kind of work your way around a typical nice sound fashion it has metal Clips holding a plastic product

now you just want to remove the two screws that hold the clock in place move your wires out of the way and you will see the one screw that's up there go ahead remove that as you imagine getting that piece out can be a real pain in the butt now imagine trying to get that piece out several times to remove that one screw it's not totally necessary to put back in on install and we'll show you how when we're done there's a plastic piece on the new kit though actually there's a brace up there that sits like this screw goes into the top normally you put the plastic over it you screw it in the plastic will actually go underneath it which will keep it from moving so when you're going to reinstall it slide the plastic underneath the metal bracket and then don't bother putting the screw back in put the clock with the panel back on you'll never have to remove it again it won't be loose won't cause you any issues I've done tons of them that way never had a problem all right so we have this all ready to go we're going to slowly pull this out and start on plugging in all the harnesses

when you're taking it out put your hand on that top metal bracket just like I am I'd be real careful of the - as you're pulling it out it is really really close I mean like like close go really slow and then just keep your hand on this whilst somebody else on plugs the radio all right we got this bad boy out let's take it to the bench so this is the oh three two oh four Infiniti g35 kit from metro part number 99 76049 of it there's a T which stands for toe there's a silver and there's a B which also stands for black let's go ahead and get this out now this kit will do single and double din comes with instructions comes with the kit itself wrapped in foam now the major complaint about this kit over the years has been these buttons here they don't feel like the factory buttons and this doesn't have the silver trim around them down in the bottom here you have the pocket inside the pocket or your single din brackets that plastic feature I was talking about earlier that's gonna slide into the top the double din brackets the air-conditioning control cable in a bag with two screws now we don't need this so we're gonna go ahead and throw it away now let's take a look at the factory radio and check out all the parts we have to get off of this thing in order to reinstall them onto the new kit the first one is gonna be this guy here this is just this little black or silver trim bezel now most of the time this will already be broken it's got little Clips here that just push in and out

now most of you guys are just gonna have a pocket behind here in which case you just remove these metal brackets and get the pocket out because this one has the navigation a little bit more work but the end result will be the same what we're trying to do is just get this metal brace out here we go

now all of them are gonna have some form of roofing cable to connect the main unit to this control center go ahead and just unplug that all right once you've gotten this out go ahead and set it aside now we have to remove these AC vents there's little Clips down here on the sides that are gonna allow it to on snap there's typically four of them start with the passenger side now the driver's side has this little piece right here attached to it it kind of gets in the way of the clips the easiest thing to do is just drill these and remove them once you've removed it you'll see that the four clips are on the other side are also on this side all right that's it for parts that we need off of this now you can set this aside so looking at this kit there's a couple things to notice these guys right here these are there to hold this together in shipping what you have to do is just kind of twist them and they'll fall right off now if there's any little nipple on there just go ahead and take your straight edge just kind of rub them out of place now we want to flip it over and we want to reinstall the pocket or in this case the navigation controls now it's okay to use your drill to get the screws started but make sure you finish them off with a regular screwdriver go ahead and remove the trim bezel so because we're gonna do it doubled in we want to remove this piece here you can do that with some cutters and then a little bit of sanding now when you're sanding it down there's a little piece that sticks up this guy right here make sure you leave this the reason why that is there it's because it's what locks into this if you sand this all off you're gonna have a real hard time lining that kiddo all right so now we want to go ahead and take our brackets we're gonna line them up with that L that we left you don't even have a little L shape there at the top then we want to go ahead and test fit our trim bezel now at this point I like to put a little CA glue on these four corners here and snap it into place also if there's any bulging here I put a little CA glue on here here once it gets in to lock this thing in place

make sure your not getting any the hardener on the kid itself so always hold it like gravity do its thing make sure you have no glue on your fingers or anything like that it'll totally destroy the kit there's a little bulge right here so I'm going to go ahead and add a little bit of glue to these to hold them down alright give this a couple minutes to dry out make sure it's nice and solid next we want to go ahead and put in the AC vents

now in case you forget which one goes on which side these guys here are always at the top now go ahead and plug in your AC controller wire and if you actually had the pocket you want to do this before you plug before you put the pocket in now we can go ahead and get the radio mounted all right so now it comes to this piece here this piece here is gonna mount just like this that's what this bag of two screws is for all right now because this is basically falling apart what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and add two little pieces of double stick tape to this so that it stays in place now a lot of the times it'll stay in place just because the dash hangs over it but we like to you know be sure all right so at this point if you had the pocket you're pretty much done we don't we have the nav system so we still have to keep going

[Music] so cut to crews on the side of the navigation hole located next to the big circle then go ahead and slide it back on and then right here you can go ahead and attach it to the radio and that will hold it in place all right so if you're gonna do one of these and you don't feel like going through all this nonsense that we just had to go through to get this into the kit because the kit wasn't made for this we had to modify it to work pick yourself up a pocket I'm sure they're not that expensive and it would save you the time of going through all this with that being said let's take this into the car and test fit it make sure it all still fits with all this extra stuff on it all right so as we said in the beginning if you have Bose there's three different ways you can hook it up now if you don't have Bose there's really only one that's this using this BHA 7550 harness it's just a regular harness which you go over the wire colors in a minute now if you want to use this harness with Bose what happens is the volume will get really loud really quick so it like volume 10 you'll be maxed out that's it you won't be able to go past that so you won't have a lot of volume control so to counteract that you could go with this one here which is a 75 51 which will allow you to use the RCA section now to things that aren't the greatest about this one is that most of the time you're gonna need some kind of a noise filter like these the S&I ones you'll need two of these one for front one for rear sometimes not all the time now with this it will work and it will play volume normal per se and you'll be able to turn it more than likely all the way up however in some cases when you turn the volume all the way up it's not as loud as it was with the factory system when you had it all the way up so we'd like to do as a hybrid we like to use this this is the LP 5-4 from pack this is designed to interface with factory amplifiers now what you're gonna do with this is you're gonna hook up your harness to this and then these RCA's to that so let me show you how to do that because this is how we're gonna do ours so when you open the LP v 4 it has one harness it has RCA's on one end speaker wires on the other what you want to do is come in here and cut the RCA's off now don't cut them off really close you want to cut them off somewhere like you're about halfway now once you've gone ahead and cut off the harness go ahead and take your rca's and plug them in now what we're gonna do is connect our speaker wire outputs to this we're going to lengthen these wires so they marriage up with these wires here and we'll be all set and ready to go now just to recap on what all these wires do so that you have an idea you have four sets of speaker wires they're in pairs they have a solid and you have a stripe it starts with white which is the drivers front gray which is the patcher front green is the drivers rear and purple is the passenger rear next you're gonna have yellow which is constant 12 volts red is accessory black is ground orange yellow is going to be illumination for the pioneer it has a yellow black which is a mute water it also has a purple white which is a reverse trigger and it has a white green which is the emergency brake wire now on your factory harness you'll have all these wires plus you may have a solid blue which is going to be your power antenna or amplified antenna you want to connect that to your red wire you may also have a black with a white stripe black with a white stripe is a secondary ground for the preamp section you just want to connect that with your black now there's several different methods that you can use connect these two together you can use Buck connectors you can use crimp caps you can use solder with shrink wrap which is a preferred method [Music]

[Music] all right so also on this install we're gonna add one of these this is the pack audio SWI RC steering wheel control interface this is a universal interface that you can connect to most cars inside the box is some instructions a couple of them the wiring harness and the unit itself now for this car you want to get to the main wiring instructions that look like this and turn to page two at the top of page two it asks you what's radio you're putting in and gives you a corresponding number we're putting in a Pioneer which is number seven on the unit itself there's a turn dial go ahead and turn it to number seven go ahead and set these instructions aside you're gonna need them for programming in the end next you want to go to the vehicle installation information guide this is the one that has the car manufacturers down the side and you want to turn to the page that says infinity which is page six next we want to go to the g35 corresponding in the year of the car so that's gonna be the 2003 to 2007 go ahead and put a star next to it so you know where it is it's gonna tell us that we're gonna use the white wiring harness we're not going to cut in either loops the brown or purple the wiring harness you want to look for which is gonna be in the wiring harness installation guide which is right here is gonna be the g35 we want to program the unit to version 3 go ahead and write the number three on the back of the unit what you want to look for is step 274 that's gonna be in this guy here that has all the numbers on the side of it go ahead and turn to step 274 mark it so you don't lose it

now this is gonna tell us what to do is connect a hundred fifty ohm resistor two pins twenty-three let's go over here and find the G 35 which is located right here on page two so it's telling us that pin 23 say 23 which is a green wire it's gonna get a hundred 50 ohm resister pin 22 which is a red wire it's gonna go to the white wire and then pin 25 which is yellow it's gonna go to ground all right so set this right here we don't need these anymore put that right there if you go to this little piece of paper inside of it this guy right here what you want to do is come down here to where it says 150 ohms that's gonna be the white red wire on the harness that it comes with it already has a wire with 150 ohm resistor connected in it it's gonna be the red white so what we need in order for this to function is the red black there's two blacks once you get to the end you need both of them you need the white wire and the white red wire now there's also a white black on here you're not gonna need that you can go ahead and just remove it I also like to go ahead and remove all the other wires I'm not gonna be using so in this case we're not using green not using orange they're not using yellow and we're not using blue the brown and purple loops stay intact now just go ahead and pull this straight like this I like to go ahead at this point and tape this up for the tape we use is called Tessa tape this is the felt interior tape versions now what we want to do is separate out a red and a black so that you have a the whites the two whites in a black going off on their own we'll go ahead and tape those up a little bit now what we want to do is go ahead and solder our red and black into the connections we have here which are the red and black on here [Music] all right now you can go ahead and finish taping up the main harness now go ahead and then plug in your steering wheel controls now on the harness is gonna be this blue yellow wire for using a Kenwood or a JVC this is the wire you're going to connect to using everything else more than likely it's just going to be the headphone jack that hangs off I like to cut it short put a cut connector on it so it's insulated and then zip tie it into the harness I do not tape this wire in with the harness because if for some reason the steering wheel control module goes bad all I have to do is cut a bunch of zip ties instead of unraveling a bunch of tape nothing to keep in mind the reason why this is so long is that I like to route the steering wheel control interface to somewhere that it's easily accessible instead of bearing it up behind the radio so in this case I can tuck it down by the gear shifter so all I need to do is pop it up if it needs to be reprogrammed or anything like that now what we're gonna go ahead and do is lengthen these wires because they need to reach over to this because the other harness is gonna be down here as well [Music] so now we can go ahead and take this into the car install these wires and finish the job right so once you get into the car you're gonna grab the harnesses that we're all attached to the radio you have your two big ones here they're gonna attach to these guys and you have these two other ones here one of these is going to be the harness we're looking for it how you can differentiate it is across the top here you have three and you have three then you have a solid we're all on the bottom this one here has two and three that's not the one we want so what we want to do is grab the one that's three three and then a solid roll across the bottom and then on it we're gonna use the instructions like we said pin 23 is green pin 22 is red pin 25 is yellow the numbers are located here you can go on flip it over count and you'll find the three wires that you're looking for the red the green and the yellow now what we need to do is just attach our wiring to these wires and we'll be all set now we want to go ahead and program the steering wheel controls to do that you have your steer wheel control module there's a button on the side make sure the car is off press and hold it turn the car on the red lights gonna come on solid press the button and release it three times so that the LED blinks three times then wait the LED will flash three times let you know it's program in four three go ahead and turn the car off turn it back on it should flash three times if it doesn't flash three times do it again now we can go on to throw grabbing the steerable controls that's this portion right here go to your particular radio in this case it's pioneer on a steering wheel we have volume up volume down track up track down mode and power so we're gonna program volume up I'm down presets up and down source and voice activation for series so to do that just press the button once it'll blink and press the corresponding stereo controls hit the button volume up volume up volume down we're skipping skipping skipping we're gonna go source I'm gonna track up track down skip skip skip skip phone activation now the unit will sit for a minute with the red light on and it'll blink a few times he'll let you know its program now you can go ahead and test it so we want to plug in make sure carplay works all right we want to test the microphone what's the weather like today today the temperature will range from 78 degrees to 91 degrees now we also want to test the air conditioning to make sure it does what he needs to do make sure the lights come on

all right so that all works so now we're gonna go ahead and reassemble the car and get it out of here all right guys that's it so if you want to add a cool new touch screen to your g35 that's how you do it thanks exciting isn't it I know right what a pain in the butt okay a couple things to know go slow take your time that's it this car is one of those cars you just don't want to rush through I Fernando if you please all right if you like this video please subscribe thumbs up share you know where you find us Facebook YouTube Instagram and also in Twitter and if you'd like to ask us questions we have a live show that we do every Monday night on Facebook it's Carly I'll talk with Dean and Fernando that's us alright guys you have a great night and we'll see you later next time bye

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In this video we show you how to replace the radio in a Infiniti G35. What make this install different is the fact that this car has a factory Navigation screen. The dash kit is not made to work with. that option, so we have to do a little modification to it. Enjoy
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