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so welcome 25 we're back pretty awesome today we are talking about social media and basically things they don't tell you about social media and also influences so we'll touch up a beach on will touch on yeah I think that will and becoming social media influences and also just being in social media even outside of influences you know social media has taken over our lives they don't say about social media one quick captions or like and those captions as an extra for extranet how sometimes you can take a picture like with your family or whatever and you like you know on this day we are doing this this and this but then you add you take a photo that Tuesday and another position you caption it was one that happened the previous [Applause] then filters on four tools some things of you could even if I was there let me take a picture and you post yeah and I know maybe we were not it was a man it yeah you have to be so careful about and how you your processing information online another thing which is becoming a huge topic now is like the new 2019 buzzword and social media addiction they some wedding so I think it's on Instagram way it tells you how how much time on average you spend in Syria truths about how much against how much to me to be a sexual thing is really when I wake up its they got an idea when I have a meeting light in the morning a

shot yeah you just on your phone Mme I used to I am I stopped and I was like I don't like this feeling blue before I knew what social media picture I was like hey I feel like it's not you know that you wake up and you just human is quiet but it's like the music on social media and I'm gonna be stopped for a while yeah then I just pass it and I do like it when I'm right I mean it's the first paycheck was a my alarm is the phone the first thing I do I was like maybe I need to get an alarm clock which now is my alarm so that I

was I was it's okay for me you are even even be a conversation someone is talking to you and then you happen to pick up your phone and you go tracer and you're not doing I this person yes yeah you I answer all my purposely do not even see to anybody when every time you get in my house your new phone like when you guys are they are ARS he trained not to have my phone because I have company yeah one of those for well we were in social media

[Music] cuz I think what the help of your failure also I think iPhone 6 which is our phones are way more realistic than some some pictures it's really good but it's almost like it's like duck in the greens and it just looks to design richness that's right it that I don't I get on my phone but our selfie camera there's something yeah [Music]

we will we are just it was just well vertically you guys is the reflection from the building the way the light was hitting the ground and bouncing back and [Music] about Instagram or social media is for us his hitters for example sometimes you put something in there there is especially these the pages oh boy so I don't know you just see through sense do you and then they come in comment on your page like a team hot chicks white hot chicks I was trying to dig for dads like about slake my friends relationships this is like oh yeah so we ll know who has sent you oh yeah cousin you exposed you you've opened yourself up to such in social media is you have to be able to give yeah yeah

yeah that's why you are like so stupid like I feel nothing but this little one I knew I am like first of all they can ever tell you that - yeah it's probably yeah but also what I'm trying to do is if I see a negative comment for example for what you say we hope we get a lot of love and their social media platforms we are on on YouTube we are so but then it's that one guy who says okay I think what you see one like another good of sinkhole yeah I'm trying not to give that person that power you can't give them that you can't have enough I understand it and still it can affect me but it's like don't give that person that power they are why are you giving me that that touches you it my power eating and stuff no why are you giving them the power by allowing that comment to not get injured you get into your mind yes you've seen the hits but then other put your will you start feeling a bit bad cool like actually I'm not giving you your ticket yeah on to the next - block yeah

[Laughter] so show me definitely your best friend or your worst enemy so those who are image like to grow like a Zachariah or something like that you have to put in effort for example when I was doing a positive space and I said how to grow my phone was I knew firstly consistently every D is very very important checking even in terms of your stats if your audience is active at a certain type of a blotch and engage them at that time and also audience engagement talk to people in the comments such people in the DM to ingest ignore people you cut you off to put too much effort what about social media and I just want to mention is another one that I really like which is LinkedIn and you know that cuz I'm truly go all the time having true the resume I'm saying yes you were I'm actually 18 have you mentioned that we're talking about addiction these are buzz you get when you're uploading a picture and I just talk about that same thing even sometimes when I'm saying an emu tryin time even that of me for through and it's a proposal or something you know in what you were not meant is up said I'm trying to make them feel better picture of their life I don't make together experience it's you who's captioning and [Music] captions even after sometimes of postage leads to anxiety the first 10 minutes like when I post it on my future enjoy especially when I'm when I'm really feeling either and I'm not too sure who take his first 10 minutes refresh that's why you guys should actually go and watch me or anything and series of them episode about social media okay oh because I feel like with bash social media we fight I have wine and buy because of social media in general SC somebody I had I had on a podcast Amano's like in terms of social media we're at infancy stage we really don't know what it's going to grow in warm or into or so we don't know like this is how its new to all of us sometimes I'm having a bad day and and you post something images so much positive feedback from strangers yeah but you're just getting so much love in you just like maybe maybe I'm maybe I'm kind of cute yeah you know they choose always have you have days when you're just not feeling yourself

oh my god

[Laughter] that has also made me realize that a lot of chicks cause for me a lot of those comments


so I'm also just thinking about you know like I'm not really I was not really relation to her so what you're seeing but actually now that I'm really thinking about is me my issue is when I

like to see you I had roots I like to see who me I check my starts all the time really I don't like a can't even memorize me just posted my post but I know what you I always go like oh my god


I also I know is my sweetie and I love you much creativity on social media like edgy like if you go to Lee's feed show media creation or is that these relationships people and relationships but this unromantic

but she you talk to this bustle oh all all the time every day so you know you keep on someone oh you might just want to show any hey interesting so what you went through you goodness win like 100 pictures at once indent at me see ya you can't see you can't tell you stable mmm I'll just go make me a vision let me be like oh thanks man that's not Emma leaves and mediums but we know it oh my god you know what I would love for a month to walk up to me and tell me and he told me not happy but you have made it easier for me to between my DM friends when I need them in person oh it is I think on Facebook



[Music] [Laughter]


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