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what's going on guys welcome back to a brand new video on my channel today guys we're gonna be reading episodes three and four of I love you you guys seem to really love this series and I know you want me to keep reading it some of you guys have even read ahead and read like the entire 32 episodes that are out already thanks for waiting all I gotta say is calm thyself oh you didn't notice the Hat guys we finally got new merch not only do we have calm dice elf hats as well as ball caps not just snap backs guys I forgot to mention this in the last video but we also finally got stop it get some help t-shirts you guys have been asking for that for like the longest time as well and we finally got it for you baby now if you would like a calm die self hat I suggest getting one sooner rather than later because they're only available for the next two weeks however if you just want to get a stop and get some help shirt those are gonna be there for a while anyways guys I'm excited to see where episode 3 is gonna take us so without further ado let's get started it's a starry night we don't know whose house we're at but we see someone is reading I love you so much let's get married I don't care if we're siblings oh my gosh dude who the heck is reading this Shin Ape makes a surprise look as she reads this weird webcomic basically every kdrama um do you have any other comics I could read this one isn't really my thing do you have something like bat human instead of reading comics shouldn't you be getting ready I am ready you guys are just taking way too long you're kidding right shinik this isn't some kind of party where leggings are fine you need to dress up look I'm only going for the food all right I mean look at me look at her dude I won't be able to eat as much in a tight dress like yours and what I'm wearing is way more comfortable the girls look at her friend astonished but not surprised besides I don't own any dresses pants forever bro a dress gets thrown on top of SHINee's head it's a swing dress you'll be able to pick out just fine with that now take off your clothes you wanted to be a stripper right SHINee's face turns horrific as her friends force her to wear the dress ladies and gentlemen welcome back to I love you so I remembered that there was this party going on that the dude that was Deiters friend is going to as well as the girls are going to so they're bound to meet up let's find out what happens I'm excited alright girls it's time to put on our masks we are here the girls arrive at the he Tejada Convention Center we promise you're going to have so much fun GNA the girls put on their masks and ready up sheena gets out of the car her heel steps out why is everybody staring at me the crowd seems to murmur and gasp as they all look at Shanae because she because she's wearing the worst mask I've ever seen that's her mask are you kidding me shit I really my girl seriously read the Hat okay calm myself and get some help merch link in the description just saying oh I don't know it probably has something to do with that mask of yours hey this is the best I could do last minute whatever anyway now that we're here let me say a few things these people that get invited to the heeta how to party let's just say a lot of these guys belong to upper-class then how are we three able to attend my father has been with the company since the very beginning so as a courtesy for his hard work my family gets invited all the time the girls get ready to enter the party SHINee's masks looking on point I mean like literally it looks pointy might want to get the scissors back out and you know like smoothing up those edges and we are allowed to bring a few friends along so try not to cause any trouble okay what are you trying to say there may be a few entitled brats here and there that might piss you off remember what happened yesterday at the burger place oh yeah I remember who could forget yeah I remember don't remind me anyway I recognize that guy's uniform he goes to a really prestigious school and guess what the uniform cost ten thousand dollars let's just hope he doesn't ask you to pay for damages shiny's eyes widen as she hears the absurd price ten thousand dollars what the heck can clothes really cost that much try not to do anything rash alright you can bet people here are wearing clothes that cost just as much if not more I'll be fine as long as I get my food I'll be calm okay then let's head downstairs that's where all the fun is can't we go eat first we'll get the food later for now let's go dancing we don't want to dance in full stomachs you know the girls race off to the dance floor um why don't you guys dance I'll just watch out what but that's no fun it's okay I'll just stand here alright if you insist the girls Russia to the party is it weird to think that my idea of fun is staying at home no that's kind of my idea of fun most of the days and this is not at least Rika and Meyer enjoying themselves that's good but this stupid mask though she reaches up grabs her mask and tears it away making my face get all sweaty Shanae stands out casted from the rest of the crowd until just then hell yeah partay excuse me what are you doing Part A Part A a weird creepy looking dude just comes up the shin and starts dancing with her it looks like it's grinding up on her you looked lonely over here hey leave me alone another guy comes over and starts twerking on the shehnai it's really weird I'm not gonna do it come on don't be a party pooper guys please I'm not interested shinny scurries away it makes her escape my god dude she's killing me right now she runs into another boy who starts dancing in front of her hey can you not rub your junk on my leg yeah I need to get out of Jack as shinny turns around she smacks face-first into someone's chest and I think we know who oh that hurt are you okay yeah I'm fine and embarrassed SHINee says sorry about that how can I lose it if I stay down here she name makes her escape as she runs away the masked man that she bumped into can only stop and reminisce and then he finds her mask huh oh what is up with those guys just then she notices is that hits food it must be that room then oh dude she's found the food room here we go she peeks inside the room her eyes widened finally look at her squatting in front of everybody hey they always say that the key to a woman's heart is through food right this is awesome yo Tina grabs tons of different food and puts them on her plate I'm trying out every single thing they have to offer huh it's that tiramisu never had one of these babies before last one you're all mine scheanette goes and grabs the tiramisu right before it looks like some other guy was about to grab it tonight it's gonna be a good night Shinae strolls off with her food and the tiramisu just then he steps on her foot she trips so food he grabs the tiramisu out of her falling hand and - what just happened hmm my precious food her scheana turns around angered expression she looks up at the guy who tripped her and that's the end of episode three okay so this dude who do we got here dude another mystery man do - how many how many dudes you're gonna introduce to us kimchi come on all right guys here we go Episode four let's find out who this other mystery man is now I know a lot of you guys have already read this okay so shut up okay I don't wanna hear any spoilers whoa she looks up at the man who tricked her that hairstyle she looks like a q-tip what hey that's my tiramisu were you the one that tripped me that's my cake I got it fair and squared you better give it back give it back give that sad low-quality outfit of yours don't make me laugh judging by the amount of food on the floor you'll be fine without it fat ass how did you even get invited to this party have standards gotten that low the mysterious q-tip headed man walks off with her tiramisu leaving in and raged SHINee on the floor dude this guy's a freaking jerk buddy read the Hat you're not even wearing a mask you want to talk slut oh crap tell me she didn't just yep she did shit threw food on him dude shinny can you please calm bitch you read the Hat Janet jeez the man turns around oops my bad I was aiming for my mouth but I hit the ass dead oops oh my god this suit is a custom dulce de leche do you have any idea how much my jacket alone costs ah crap I screwed up ten thousand dollars she's gone what freaking sinead dude she just she vanished she bamboozled him she's skadoosh Don it let's hope he doesn't find her again ladies and gentlemen welcome to I love you episode 4 back at the party people are dancing partying having a good time swinging Shanae seems to have lost the guy good I think I lost him as long as he doesn't come inside the ballroom I'll be safe I can't stay at this party any longer after routing that q-tip suit dude I love how she's calling him q-tip curse this hunger at mine I need to get out of here I should call Rica she pulls out her phone and starts dialing the music blares people are partying it is a party ladies and gentlemen Rica's phone rings she picks it up hello who's calling you it's Sinead yo Rica can we go home now what it's only been 2 hours since we got here where are you did you get some food yet I'm at the ballroom upstairs and about the food well no I haven't eaten yet then go to the dining hall without me and Maya it should be right next to the ballroom me and Maya are going to be dancing a bit longer but oh my god oh my god oh my god Rika it's Tim Harrelson what where the girls seem to notice a boy the boy that they were talking about earlier gotta go shi nae I'll call you back in a bit don't lose sight of him wait but I need to click she hangs up what she hung up on me ok just calm down don't let your stomach control your emotions just redial her number she redials and your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system dr. Sheena hangs up damn it she's ignoring me you okay there miss need some help I just want to leave this place I'll give you a ride wait huh crap oh dude well that's that's the guy from before did he just notice that it's her sing it perv she dashes off and runs away from him come back I didn't mean it like that oh okay I guess he didn't he sounded like a perv coming off like that I'll give you a ride is that really pervy well a bit forward huh I am having such a blast first those creeps at the club then that asshole at the dining area now a perv I should try calling Rika again I really hope she picks up please pick up as she holds the phone to her head oh my god it's just calling me again voice Sheena here's a familiar voice what does she want I think she wants to go home this is the third call I already got from her what already we haven't even been here that long I know why doesn't she like parties she is our friend and she's super cool and all but she can be really boring sometimes I'll just turn my phone off it'll be easier to ignore the calls that way good idea now where did mr. halston run off to he went that way I think oh ho you two are gonna pay for this come on dude like your best friends would not do that to you well unless you're Shanae ah there you are what Tim you run fast I didn't get to explain myself she turns around to face the perv I mean orange hair dude yeah you again the perv from the ballroom are you stalking me or something don't come any closer you stalker or I'm calling the police calm down I'm not stalking you I swear you're definitely following me though what do you want I want to help you I didn't mean to scare you earlier and I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your phone conversation earlier okay maybe I did but anyway I heard that you wanted to go home but your friend is ignoring your call correct me if I'm wrong yeah that's right but that's none of your business and why would you want to help me anyway you're not going to get anything out of this hmm the masked man looks away for a moment and thinks and then he smiles I'm just bored bored every year I'm forced to attend this stupid party just to play politics and every year I see the same thing fake smiles brownnosers it's hard to tell which people genuinely like you do yo okay if I was a girl and a handsome dude like him came up to me and he was like rich and all dude I don't but I'd be a little brown nose as well maybe most of the time it's just people being friendly because of who you know or who you're related to and wait were you even listening to what I was saying yeah I'll take that as a no dude what she really zoning out Oh Mike classic Shinae all right look don't take this the wrong way but I couldn't care less whether you're the son of the prime minister or a random cashier at a food mark you're a human first Wow well spoken having morals that completely negate who you are in the social hierarchy of society that's rare gotta say that that's probably one of shanae's mo impressive features and humans kind of suck so by Shanae walks off leaving the masked man all by himself looks like he's getting some kind of idea that now I think he likes her dude hopefully he stops following me after what I told him now where's the bathroom I can hide there while Rican Maya party I got my phone to keep me company anyway step step step oh dude tell me it's not oh it's him again you've got to be kidding me why are you still following me when I said I wanted to help I meant it so here I am what the heck is wrong with this guy he's not going to give up busy okay fine so what is this help that you're offering well first I was thinking of calling you a cab and paying for it and second prank your friends is payback for ignoring you hmm Sheena gets an excited expression on her face now let's see what she has to say oh okay and yep I knew it dude I freaking knew it and that is the end of episode 4 ladies and gentlemen things are getting heated dude so much literally so much happen tonight I don't even know where to start okay so so we met the new green eyed orange haired dude from before who I kind of like he seems like a good dude and then we also met some other random guy let's call him the asshole for now and dude he is just a straight-up not nice guy dude he tripped a girl he took her tiramisu and he freaking called her fat I have no idea how it's all gonna come together but somehow I'm seeing like a sort of love triangle kind of thing going on big shout-out to Kim Chi the original creator I am really excited to see where this story is going and guys if you want to read the full story the link is down below if you guys enjoyed my read-through of I love you be sure to leave a like hit that subscribe button if you're new because I upload videos just about every day thank you guys so much for watching and until next time I will see you guys in the next video goodnight

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