You're Invited - The Olsen Twins Movie

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then continue to fun with your invited to Mary Kate and Ashley escape out party because no one has more fun fishing and pitching tents than be awesome twins music and laughter are only the beginning is the twins of their friends enjoy a night under the stars keep the party going with all Mary Kate and Ashley sure invited videos you're invited to mary-kate and Ashley a sleepover party first a party Hawaiian beach party and Christmas party and you like singing dancing and laughing with the Olsen twins you'll want to join in the fun with mary-kate and Ashley is our music video and mary-kate and Ashley is our first video fun doesn't stop



though the great Hope Diamond what killed the dinosaurs who makes the finest pizza what's in your brother's dresser drawers [Music] my name's mary-kate that's my partner Ashley

three per kid it's a 24 karat gold


how many cans are in a cantaloupe

we'll solve any crime by dinnertime hello bitches whoa my name's mr. Plunkett and I got a problem problem in paradise my life ain't no paradise there's a fucking problem so what's the poop mr. plank of paradise of Sun surf and dance friend love sounds like fun I don't know what the fuck you're talking about what's the matter so I'm not shining I called you to talk about my lunch surf not surfing my words don't work and not standing what I got a lot of problems here a lot of things missing my legs my legs don't work and I can't find my car please please no no it's a cabinet it doesn't seem like you have a puzzle mr. plinkus oh it's not a puzzle sounds like you do have a problem in paradise I don't know about my cabinet they're gonna solve mysteries right well I got a medical mystery I can't find my pills swanny come over here and rest again me we don't usually investigate dirty rotten scoundrels oh god I'm gonna go kill myself I know more mr. plinkus were on our way

Wow oh I'm hungry me too do we have any food of course we do yeah special camping food what's special camping oh I would make some s'mores we eat this much on except we won't be able to do a thing

[Music] we carry all this stuff yeah do not test me foolish one I'm all powerful [Music]

it's pretty good paradise sounds like you do have a problem in paradise Oh No so my fucking paradise stolen a lot of fun to listen all right mr. plinkus what kind of things I missing I got ghosts and I need you to come over here and investigate my illness most of our mysteries are about goes wah dragons monsters you know that kind of stuff I can understand saying about no goblins I haven't got no goblins and ghosts sounds like fun wah paradise of Sun surf and dance no I started automatically what's the matter except for my legs your girls need to come over here and fix much warmer hurry it up with those a long screwdriver want to give a party it's my party beach party poker party oh great time

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