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welcome to Bulgaria I am slavi and I will be your host for the next few minutes an exciting trip awaits us Bulgaria is attractive for holiday and visits all year round because of its beautiful nature favourable climate amazing cultural heritage and folklore we invite you for a trip traditionally we welcome our guests with bread salt and honey this is how we show our hospitality

nazarov a that's right usually in Ostrava is one of the first Bulgarian words our guests learn after double den and blog wat area the Bulgarian national drink is called rakia and is mostly made from grapes we're in the zebra some 35 kilometers from Bor gasps this is one of the oldest Bulgarian cities together with Plovdiv and Sophia was in three thousand years of age Nessebar attracts thousands of visitors so many memories of ancient peoples are amassed in this spot so much energy in one place Thracians Greeks Romans Byzantines Bulgarians the city is one of the nine material sites in Bulgaria included in the UNESCO list of world heritage wherever you turn to the north or to the south of nasarah along the entire coast you will enjoy sandy dunes go to our casino to see the Robert amo natural reserve if you like diving there are hundreds of sunken ships and treasures in the Black Sea especially near Cape Cali Accra and kam embryo you want to combine two pleasures sea and golf you wonder what your destination shall be only forty kilometres from Varna Airport there are three big golf courses of a total area exceeding 50 acres with professional services and shops the courses were designed by golf celebrities such as Gary Player and Ian wisdom enjoy the game and when you look up enjoy the sea view to Bulgaria also has its megalithic compound and not only one they were recently found and are not yet as famous as their English and Breton analogues ours is called Begley - here the stones outline one of the most accurate solar calendars

at the end of summer near avner village a festival of Bulgarian folklore costumes is held when it gets dark and fires are lit you will witness a unique ritual fire dancing or nesting asked for the ritual is so powerful and so ancient that it still holds much of pagan tradition the dancers say that they perform in a divine trance and do not feel the burning of the embers it is a fact that authentic dancers do not have any marks on their feet after the dance only 15 years ago nobody even suspected the importance of this place this is the ancient compound perperikon the rocks here were worshipped as long ago as in the Neolithic period another beautiful place in the Eastern Rhodope is the bridge they call The Devil's Bridge is more than 500 years old why the name The Devil's Bridge the reflections of its three arches in the water form the head of the devil what are the Rhodope mountains without bagpipes a traditional bulgarian instrument the bagpipe which can touch your heart listen the rila mountains are the highest in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula with the highest peak Messala realer and Piron are enchanting with their glacial lakes

it is exciting to dip into the mineral water pool knowing that before you Imperial personages have relaxed here between battles and have decided the destiny of people's don't you wish to be in their place this is his area one of the most famous spa resorts in Bulgaria and I really feel like an emperor only here there are 22 different kinds of water the town was founded 17 centuries ago by the Roman Emperor Luke leishan he chose the place for it's priceless mineral waters

here mineral water treatment started centuries ago and continues today see for yourselves

yogurt and white brine cheese are our national identity yogurt is ascertained is very beneficial for the human body it has an excellent taste and Dietetic and healing properties Bulgarian yogurt is the reason for longevity especially in the Rideau pee area

in Bulgaria we keep the old winemaking traditions of the Thracians not by chance they worshiped Dionysus the god of wine the first stop of our wine trip is the winery near sterasyl village here is the largest royal burial compound found the Thracians believed in an afterlife and that is why they buried their dead with many gifts and items to serve them after death the Madara Horseman is the only rock carving in Europe the days back to the early Middle Ages a similar artifact is found in Persia only the cave near the bas-relief used to be a Thracian shrine and nowadays it is a concert site Sophia the capital city in Roman times had the name of serdika once the city was conquered by none other than Philip of Macedonia the father of Alexander of Macedonia serdika was the favorite city of emperor constantine the great who even considered moving his capital from Rome to here this is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral monument the tallest Orthodox Church in the balkans in clear weather its bells can be heard at a distance of 30 kilometers speaking of capital cities we are heading east there are the three former Bulgarian capitals risker 7th century veliki preslav called the great this Bulgarian capital became famous as a cultural and educational centre here books were translated into the new Slavic alphabet created by the holy brothers cyril and methodius it is impossible to miss salivates the third Bulgarian capital is today's Veliko Tarnovo City when you go among the hills as if carved by the river Yantra you'll be enchanted by the sharp hide some naturally inaccessible rocks

visitors since summer come back in winter our largest winter ski resorts bansko pomp or ovambo robits are called to the big three no doubt Bansko has the most snow of all and is also the most attractive over fifty kilometers of ski slopes of various difficulty cabin and ski lifts ski and snowboard schools hotel and spa compounds mineral water pools something for everyone here in recent years world-famous skiers have come to open the season personally and try the good skiing slopes after a pleasant day skiing comes the even more pleasant evening in good company with delicious local specialties and good red wine are you tired pleasantly tired quite so wherever you go in Bulgaria on whichever side of the Balkans and in his high mountains you will be surprised along with the conditions for sports recreation and entertainment by natural beauties ancient ruins and preserved live traditions to you our guests we promise all Bulgarian recipes for

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Bulgaria is situated closer to the Equator than the pole. It falls within the southern part of the temperate climate zone with subtropical influence. Its location on the transition line between two climate zones influences the climate, soils, vegetation and animal species. All of them are characterized by great diversity. The country's geographic position also determines the relatively wide angle of sunlight that falls on the country, making the country predominantly sunny. The official time in Bulgaria is Eastern European Time, which is two hours ahead of Greenwich Time. The Black and the Aegean Sea also influence the country's climate. The influence of the Mediterranean is extensive for the climate in the southern parts of the country, while the Black Sea influences the climate over an area extending some 40 km inland, supporting diverse flora and fauna. The Danube River is important for the country, both with regard to water resources and for species diversity. Bulgaria's favorable geographic location creates excellent preconditions for the development of tourism.
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