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[Music] hi my name is Fred Gruber with Miller industries we're going to talk to you about the Wheeless and the different hookup options that you have available for your Miller industries carrier your Miller Industries carrier is most often outfitted with the hydraulic independent raise and lower wheel lib those would come for this ten series with a 3,000 pound extended rating and for the 12 and 16 series a 4,000 pound extended rating one of the unique features is the anti-theft alarm storage that prevents you from being able to remove the alarm until the we lift is lowered allows us access to the alarm prevents loss or theft of the LR all right we talked about the two different capacities on the wheel lifts there's also a total of five different hookup options or the standard offering is the L arm that you see here the century slide NL arm slides into the two of them place with the plunger that hookup uses a standard lasso tight strap the next hook up which is part of the no charge standard option is the Chevron drop in style L arm again 4000 pound rating drops into the receiver place the pin just like that the Chevron drop in style also includes an aluminum wheel pan that allows more contact surface with the tire when towing the vehicle if you should get in a situation where clearance doesn't allow that the pan is removable take that pin out and remove that and use just the yellow on the tie down for this comes up and around the tire and into the L arm and Ratchet it down next we have the sensory lightweight 3-way pivot Enel arm lightweight aluminum construction centers itself on the pin plunger goes into place it also allows if you have a car that has a broken tie rod or something like that if you're able to be able to turn that to get maximum contact with the tire three positions the standard basket strap for this tie down allows two points for a small diameter tire or a large diameter tire it comes down into the front two hooks on the cross block a lot of people also modify this to be able to be used with conventional lasso strap if you want that the nice thing about the basket strap its nylon coated so it resists any acid battery acids antifreeze things like that and there's no moving parts to it alright the next hookup we have is the Vulcan scoop style L arm slides in centers over the set pin in the bottom this also is easy to load because you can drop it in here swing it behind the tire and then place the lock pin into the top of the L arm hole to prevent the alarm from being able to come out you look here in the scoop you got several holes that give a good traction and bite to the tire as well as the lip here that can either come to the inside of the tire I'll have to tire a little wider it's gonna catch the tread to be able to give a good secure place for the tire to sit down this device here is designed to be an additional retainer for the front tire goes up against the front tire to be able to keep it down into the grid and not allow it to roll forward the Vulcan strapless wheel lift design doesn't use a strap to tie it down but it does depend on the proper vehicle being properly safety chain to keep it into the grids last option is the auto grip - we live for your Miller industries carrier it's a fully hydraulic operational hookup hydraulic claws closed a complete 180 degrees this does a couple things for us first of all it brings the overhang in to where when it sucked up into here we have legal overhang without the alarm sticking out in this position the L arms can also be stopped in any position necessary to put the proper tension on the tire size that you're picking up regular tire now if you have a flat tire maybe a missing tire it can actually still close up around that smaller diameter to the fully closed position if you should need to accommodate a larger diameter tire a spacer can be removed to increase the diameter of the wheel grip this style uses a basket strap that ties into here comes over the top into the slot here to secure the tire down into the grid with the ability of the claws to be completely closed in this direction it gives us the opportunity to be able to use this as a tow bar if necessary as well thank you for tuning in to watch our video on carrier wheel lift options for specifications pricing and availability for the different wheel lifts options covered in this video contact your local distributor you can also find and download literature for the different capacity carriers available from miller industries by visiting our website at miller ind comm to stay up to date on all the latest news and product information for miller industries make sure you subscribe to our newsfeed on our website this video is for product demonstration purposes only and is not intended for training or instructional purposes situations vary and operators should rely on their own professional knowledge and safety procedures when conducting actual recoveries


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This video showcases the different wheellift options available from Miller Industries for your Century®, Vulcan®, or Chevron™ car carrier. In this video we show the different wheellift options and their benefits across all brands of carriers from the 10-Series car carrier up to the 16-Series carriers. Our own Fred Grueber also demonstrates the some of the benefits associated with the different style wheellift hook-ups.
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