No One Stacks Up to You: Vintage Teacups

by: Kelly Latevola

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[Music] hi guys it's Kelly here I'm back with another video today we're going to be working with this set from altenew which is called vintage teacup and then also we have the Easter set from Simon Says Stamp now yes I know Easter is over however I wanted to put a really pretty floral pattern on my cups and this there was like a prebuilt one and this Happy Easter set that was like perfect size so this is my mask for the saucer and just putting that down so that I know where I want to stamp my cup how far down on the card it's going to be and then because I'm going to stack a few cups I'm going to go ahead and take a baby wipe and just erase that top portion so that there isn't any ink on it so that I can put another cup inside of it before I do that I'm going to stamp the floral part on it and so it doesn't go anywhere except for on the cup I'm using the negative of my masks to block off the each side to go ahead and stamp the flowers and I mean look seriously it's like almost perfectly sized like they were made to go together so once I have that done I'm going to go ahead and mask the cup so then I can start stamping the next Cup now when you're stacking your cups you just want to be careful that you don't stamp it too low because the handles would not sit inside of each other they would stop the cups from stacking so you don't want to stamp your handle below the inside of your cup before the cup line anyway understand three of them so I'm doing the same thing I'm erasing that line and I'm just kind of stacking them kind of offset from each other and being careful about those handles each time I am doing the same thing I showed you the first time masking off the edges and then stamping the flower now this is my top Cup so I will keep the top portion of the cup there's not going to be another one that goes in it so I'm going to need that line so after that's all done all the flowers are stamped I'm asked all of those and then I'm going to go ahead and stamp the saucer now it should have stamped it a little higher up but I wanted you to be able to see the floral portion on the bottom and then it's also kind of crooked so to stamp the flowers here I'm asked the outside edges of the plate and then put another mask down over the whole thing because I'm going to do some distressing keying the background I use some post-it tape to just mask off like a quarter of an inch on each side just to create kind of like a pretty white border and I'm using picked raspberry which I'm being more heavy-handed in the right-hand corner and kind of fading it out to white as it goes more toward the left of the card and then I'm going to go in with the seedless preserves kind of right just really in the bottom right half of the card fourth of the card bottom right 4th of the card though this is a watercolor paper but I wanted there to be some interest in the background so I'm using for those of you who watch my channel my old mangle brush to kind of just sprinkle some water on the back and then I blotted that up so that it wouldn't warp the paper just going to add some interest I'm using a Copic safe pen to draw in the backs of my cups I did want to make one note before moving and when I was sprinkling the water on there I did it with the masks on top and it did cause some bleeding so I would recommend removing your mask before you did that I used the I mean the chart that I keep track of my copics with to kind of pick some pinks to fill in this background I settled on an RD 50 to the middle as an RD 11 and an RV 52 combined and then the bottom is an RV 17 and it looks like it's not going to match very well here but it will dry back and it'll be fine I also use my zero marker to kind of mimic those water splatters I decided I was going to color the cups and the plate using the warm grayza versus the cool greys even though I'm my personal preferences for the cool greys and since these are vintage tea cups I thought that they would work better in the warms so when you're coloring these the saucer the highlights would be on the rounded portions so I'm making sure to leave that pure white since they are supposed to be white and then here you can see I'm coloring kind of around the flowers there is going to be shading over them because when you're coloring anything that has a pattern on it like this for the pattern is part of the earth supposed to be part of the cup you're not going to shade those things like you would for a light source you're going to shade them you're going to shade the cup in the saucer in its entirety so I already know that some of that darker shading is going to go over my flowers but I'm trying to salvage what I can of the flowers on the bottom of a saucer because I don't want them to be completely dark so with the w3 do the same exact thing adding shading to the same areas careful not to cover up all of the w1 and then for this w3 I'm going to start adding in the shading behind the lip of the saucer and adding this shading is going to help give it that more 3-dimensional look because your highlights going to be on the edge of the plate and then I also added some shading since I typically color as everything has a light source in the top right hand corner so the shadows would be more to the bottom left for the w5 I'm really adding just very minimal amounts of it I'm not trying to create grey plates or cups I want there to be enough shadow that they have definition intervention but not so much that I'm changing the color so I'm really just adding it to where the parts would be the darkest and up the side of it I'm just adding like kind of like a quick little line same thing for the bottom just a teeny tiny line in the center of it the bottom for behind the saucer I am going to add the same kind of line because that they would be Kelly casting a shadow back on itself and again this is just something to do to add a little bit more of that dimension don't skip your darker colors even if you just add a little bit that little bit can make a huge difference in the appearance of your objects so I'm shading like as you can see I'm just blending everything out going back from my darkest out to my lightest and for the outside edge of the plate I didn't even go back in with the w3 so I was starting to worry about losing my highlight so I just blend it over with the w1 and then from here I'm going to call the plate good and then I'm going to move on to the cup now you can see that the inside of my cups are pink the inside of my cups are pink because I didn't mash them off since I wasn't creating there since I didn't stamp that portion I didn't even think about the fact that they were going to end up pink so it ended up being fine I found a way around it but if you're doing this yourself after you stamp the second cup in there then mask the whole mug not just that portion of it so for the shading on this like I said I'm coloring assess my light sources in the top right hand corner I'm doing something called reflective light so you can see I left an edge on the left hand side that is substantially lighter because the new light would be hitting the plate the plate would be reflecting the light back on to the mug so I'm only going to add the w5 behind the lid the lip of the mug or cup because it would be darker closer up and then I'm also going to add it just to the left-hand side for the handle I am going to add a little bit of the w5 just to give it some depth because that would delight would be coming on the right so the edge of the handle would have the most lightly inner edges would not and then the same thing that I always do back out to the lightest color I didn't even need to shade to like really blend go w3 on the right hand side because I didn't add anything but a line to it and that was just to give some definition to the cup and then I went ahead and colored the second one this is how I fixed the issue I was having with part of the inside of the lungs being pink and part of them not I used the same Pink's that I found that matched the background to just go ahead and color the inside of my mug and then I'm going to do this the gray shading over top of it just like I did with the other ones so for this one because it is open the edges would be more shaded and the part closest to the front cup would be darker I kinda messed around with it for a little while and I didn't really like the way that it was looking so I tried making it darker more toward the front I still didn't like that I tried making it lighter more toward the back I still didn't like that and finally I realized what the problem was is that it didn't have enough like downward depth like if you were looking at it it looked like in the same level of light was hitting it all the way across so I just brought my dark up a little farther and then it that looked so much better to me so here you can totally just stop before adding any color because I think that they look really pretty just white with a little pink insides but I'm going to go ahead and color my flowers so I picked some those same RV's pretty much that match the background and then I'm going to shade these just like I normally would but I'm not doing it with a quote-unquote light source in mind because they are supposed to be part of the mug and you would be shading it in its entirety I'm just adding shading to how I feel like they would have been painted on there so going around each petal you know trying to get that little bit of definition I went out to the darkest color and for this flower in particular as well as the one on the left and just doing lines of color and even when I'm bringing it a little bit farther out into the petal I'm still leaving enough room to go over my highlight for the flower on the right hand side it's kind of like a double layered flower and you'll see that I start to color it and then there's like this pause because I'm not really sure where if there's any leaves which in the way that I stamped it there was not any Leafs to the right hand side like you can see on the saucer there is Leafs this one's a little bit harder for me to shade because it has two layers it doesn't really have a whole lot of real estate to kind of get any real depth with I had a hard time salvaging my highlight but I think it turned out okay in the end it just wasn't there wasn't as much differentiation as maybe I would have liked but sometimes you just got to call it what it is and move on for the flower on the left-hand side which is like a smaller rosebud I picked some RS which are a little bit more unlike the peachy side less like tomato red or the right I usually use which is like all the way up to an hour 59 and I'm going to do the same thing that I did with the flower in the center I'm just going to put the colors in just a line of color down and when I do the mid-tone I'm going to kind of pull that out a little bit this was a particularly soft color combo and I added it on the side that has the most shading so it really looks kind of like it almost has white edges I picked some I guess more subdued green colors I felt like with this color scheme these made more sense though I did bring in a darker BG to do the final shading which was really just a flick of color and I didn't even blend it out this is just to bring in something a little different and I tried to leave it this way honest I did there wasn't enough contrast for me so for each color of flower I went back and found something that was a little bit darker to kind of bump up that contrast so that I would be happy with it and then I did the same thing that I did before I just added in the little lines I did go back in and blend them all out I spared you the videoing of that since you just watched me color all these flowers I just wanted you to see where I was putting the darkest portion of the shading and then I'm going to just go ahead and blend them out here this has been finishing blending them and then they're done so I'm going to go I went ahead and colored all of the cups so everything is all matchy-matchy and then I'm going to do the ground for the ground mmm at first when I did it and you'll see here that I added like that line I'm blending that out with those are the same double use I used to color with I'm blending up w5 with the w13 and finally the w1 this looks like this this saucer and cups are levitating and it's because I shadow doesn't go back far enough so each time I do it I'm then turning it so I can check it and then I realize well I got to go back even farther so I did the w5 I did the W did the w1 until I was happy with it and now it looks like a little bit more grounded whenever I think of these vintage tea cups I always think of how they have like gold foiling on the side oh here I'm going to add just a little bit more shading on the bottom I felt like with all the coloring of the flowers it lost a little bit of depth there so I'm just going to add in a little bit darker shading and then I'm going to use this jellyroll gold metallic pen to add like gold foiling to the sides of it so I added it to the edges of everything including the handles and then also the center of the plate and it's kind of hard to see on the video but in real life and you can see the shimmer and it's really really pretty and it adds just a little bit of something I like to outline all of my images for this particular card I'm going to use two different sizes I'm using 0.35 for the bold outline on the outside edge and I'm using 0.25 for the delicate little flowers I didn't want those lines to be too bold to cover it up go ahead and stamp my sentiment from the same vintage teacup set with my mini Misti because I've done all this coloring and I don't want to ruin it so I'm using black Simon Says Stamp ink to go ahead and stamp down that two sentiment which says no one sticks up to you and I thought was super cute with a little stick teacups and then I picked out some gold sequins I think these are actually from meeting tangled and then that completed the card so thinking I so much for joining me I hope that you are inspired to try something like this yourself and I will catch you guys on the next video bye

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