How to do a front camera on the Pioneer NEX radios

by: Five Star Car Stereo

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hi and thank you for watching on today's show we're gonna show you how to hook up camera number two also known as the front-facing camera you lose your face any direction you want if you're NEX radio stay tuned okay so you've got your new NEX radio and for you want a front cam you want a camera that faces forward in the car so that you don't hit like a pole like a handicapped pole I use gate one didn't have a car Daddy's car did you so sad you are gonna hit and while you're mentally handicapped okay so as long as we show you how to set it up we got this little guy right here this is the just in case you're wondering this is the pack of VCI bk1 is a cool bullock cam uh yeah so that's what this is in case you're wondering so we're going to do is I'm going to rock I'll show you let's just get to it alright so we're going to start out here now there's actually two ways you can go on and set this up first off you're going to hit your gear if you go to input output settings you can go to AV input because well first off you're going to hook up the camera to the AV input that's a wired input on the back of the radio right here AV input that is camera number two input so if you turn on the AV input by going here it'll ask you source camera off all right so you can get to it through this or let's go back if you go to camera settings and you come down here second camera input and you click on OK it'll do the same thing so if you go back to employ output settings AV if you notice it's set to camera so they have two ways for you to do this so don't screw it up alright so you want to make sure you have the camera input on back up camera input on however positive or negative okay parking guidelines assist that's a whole other video all right so and then you can also do second camera reverse video basically what this will allow you to do is if for some reason if you camera the left and right is wrong you can go ahead and change it here if your camera doesn't have the ability to do that all right so now we want to do is we want to come here press the function if you notice you have a new drop down it says camera view to go ahead and touch that alright so over here in the corner it says one or two so right now we have it set up baby alright we'll turn it forward up that's upside down these are cool little camera equipment know our little nice Fernando's nose okay so anyway yeah there I am whoo okay so if we tap the button that'll switch it to rear camera which you're going to have looked up so this allows you to switch it here okay so it's basically on the fly and that my friends is how you do a front facing camera I don't NEX radio so there's two ways to turn it on as far as in the menu and then when you want to view it it's and your drop it adds that extra icon in your drop down menu it's pretty easy yeah you can put it anywhere you want you put it in a side mirror front facing under the rear view mirror in the dash or in the grill maybe you want two cameras in the where we've had some people want two cameras so they can have one camera out the back and then another camera hooked up to a trailer so when they have the trailer on you could use it for that as well so any situation where you need two cameras like I said it hooks up to the a the video input the game but the cabled video input on the back of the radio hmm cool all right well that was it it was quick it was fun to waits till commerce hot damn alright thank you for watching we do this um every week yes multiple times so check it out there's something on there that you don't see just ask we'll make a video for it eventually I think can you find us on you can find us on Facebook YouTube and Instagram thanks for watching and if you have a question and in the comments we'll get back you know Isis but okay let's get Daniel my new batch oohs yes whole thing

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All the new 2015 Pioneer NEX radios allow you todo a front camera. In this video we show you how to setup your radio todo this feature. We show you where to plug in and what setting to turn on. Thanks and enjoy.
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