Hermitcraft Ep 47 - Prank MonkeyFarm - I Mustache You a Question!

by: KingDaddyDMAC

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what the heck is this if you see it you see it let's get it I should have used my looting sword he has oh this place is not safe if Gascon spawning here what the heck what the heck what are you doing you crazy big man what are you doing trying to hop like that oh there's red eyes speak of the devil anyway I was thinking we should go over to red eyes base to do our little intro okay I'll be lucky it's raining it's a rain oh oh oh jeez lag all right I'm sat or reset all right what's up guys it's King daddy d-mac and welcome back to another episode of hermitcraft around the vanilla server specifically over at red eyeses base haven't been here in a while but anyway this is not what the episode is about today today we are going to click back to the live stream that we did with plunging Schism Hypnose lip Gator and everything and this footage is prom same day as last video by the way if you didn't check out the last video the hermit craft lawyers got to go check that out it was pretty freaking silly I'm really enjoying this livestream stuff I think that I should make it a habit of uh at least once a week doing something with the other guys like this just so we can get a more fun plot stuff going on and whatnot and for those of you that are worried about the progress on the base don't worry about it I'm working on the base in the backgrounds and I think either today or tomorrow will be the last bit of clips from i from this livestream but we'll get back to the base and get to see all the progress I've made I've been careful not to reveal it anyhoo without any further ado today we are going to be pranking monkey farm that's right prank that son of a gun and this is actually interesting prank because I think slip Gator is the only other one that or did it and monkey farm never got to see it that's right because it got destroyed before he was able to to come online I'll talk about that towards the end of the video but anyway again without any further ado enjoy the video don't forget to leave a thumbs up if you do enjoy it and I I'll see you back at the end have you guys when's the last time you went to the old town have you seen monkey farms thing I

think I've been there yet the curtain set on the hipster skull Hey oh I think the next thing that skull needs I think you should just keep adding to it like adding other things like we should put like a little tattoo teardrop on his eye like it's a partner I think mustache should go really well with those sunglasses you know you got shot by an arrow I read you at least like a Hitler stack was looking so good we would get the effect and it would only take you like two to four blocks dude we got we got whole thing up here are you a big moustache yeah we got to do like I'm thinking handlebar mustache that would be pretty cool this would be a good trip up the ends and it's perfect got it right there just fill it right in let's see how much black wall there is we got four stacks so that's so much fire underneath of water here oh this is crazy how much do you think we need um I think we'd all probably already have all the black bowl we'd need here it shows bass because he has that wolf farm right that's where I grabbed it from are we doing are we doing the Hitler's - you gotta go I gotta go I'll see you guys later later bye she okay though I grabbed two stacks of Blackwall do you think that it's going to be enough if you want to do like a thin one I think money thin mustache do you handlebar mustache yeah that's gonna take like a freaking inventory people I asked you if this is gonna go on YouTube quite possibly Molly I'm recording right now so because well maybe once we're gonna put the mustache on I was like yeah probably should I'm gonna ink farm you know there's the ink farm I'll go there and get some some black dye there is an ink pharmacy you know what how much does he only have two stacks of the black he has four I grabbed to see the black and the white he is the least of and they normally are the most common as strange because on none of the sheep or there's like two white sheep and two black sheep all the rest are colors huh thank thank you foxy corndog another donation for the door I think we broke a hundred here this is freaking farm I don't think anybody's afk dat it I think he's gonna be able to upgrade to geothermal in his house yeah where is the ink farm by the way yeah that's in question it's past TF C's portal on the waitis assumed as wasteland on the right right I'm really go there and check it out so I'm nursing it oh I'm here well and there's no no we could also use this T for ink we could use guy even make like glass or something for the mustache that's easier than wall well I think can't force the exit will do it probably I think so that's a good amount yeah I don't know I've never built a mustache on me neither it's my first time yeah if this turns out bad you know we can destroy it and the best part is if it's a wool you can just burn it off is it daytime mmm-hmm yes okay oh we could totally spawn a wither in a skull to drink oh yeah that sounds so awesome a wither mustard I have all four stacks of wool now I have two of them I'll be right back all right I'll go get the other Stax's dude you were pretty pro at this mustache styling you really have like a new profession going for you Oh baby punji you should grow a mustache in real life okay girls would go wild man I think this is what your lady problems are you need these lately handlebar mustache yeah calling mustache time in the subway thing is pretty great oh you can only die whitewall right you can't die already tired wall this takes out correct does anybody know that is correct so I do not know dude it is freaking Perot I mean the zombies are coming out after it they're like damn it yes mustache you a question

hard to tell you could make it bigger you might wake it dank enough to match up with the sunglass you look here oh wow it's really good thank you dude I'm telling you he's yeah well my thing a little bigger and you might want to put both sides cuz it would be weird if you just shape the one side okay I keep falling I keep really really hurting myself do we need like a ladders and such we need to go to full 9s you could do a new pillar up there probably should gonna break this bad boy down do we have room to do like a little goatee - I don't know that was in the chat he's suggested Oh smart he suggested coach Gucci as well it might not be a bad idea you know if we could make these stairs I don't know if we can if there's a black half slab look out homie but if you could you could just do the stairs in a diagonal fashion it would look kind of like a goatee from a distance I hear ya um do I have oh my gosh ears oh here you go there go now I am a professional mustache maker except they're called Clippers I think when you're oh right right you are wise no just call clippers and you're good do we we probably want to see the bushier - right whoops see ya dude here you go come here come here play you need a single piece of zombie meat this is this my gift - yeah it's half of my mustache I'll give you some more - later if you're not trim didn't you trimmed it up already just trimmed up the trim eNOS you need the knife early dude dizzy get off there punji is the pro mustache maker Oh slippy oh look it's Kizzy oh man you're right I'm sorry need some glasses man Where's Waldo yeah every time I see your thing I think that it yeah yeah that's pretty much identical it was not thinking about that okay let's do this we need to we might make this easier to access well it's good we made it it's perfect oh all right is it handle Ari yeah no it's not on my handlebar II I was instructed to you're gonna do it do you need these other ones here to do it what because it complete yeah you do to get up there okay so we want this dude here's my problem I keep falling don't fall as much I can't get any progress well good advice man yeah just try and see if you can fall less often just really the advice play the game better I'm feeling that I feel that let's just go straight out for a minute and then we'll start cooling it up yeah yeah that's perfect right there where you are doing starting your curl yep yo all dude I'm telling you he is just a natural-born mustache maker I do want to start curving in in fact go yeah right from there perfect perfect now start the curling yes I learn a lesson yes that is perfect mm-hmm okay do back one more towards the middle yep yep perfect yeah what about if you want anything ooh ooh I do what about this man you are professional sir oh isn't that no man has came back it looks good from up close to I wonder if I could replicate that I probably should have concentrated I'll guide you hyung guide you from down here okay I appreciate that and I hit slick although sometimes the best mustaches are ones that aren't symmetrical that link with wisdom you have a mustache no but i've swatched you know Cheech and Chong movies

I'm gonna go for the asymmetry I'm gonna give that a try let me see it looks good so you okay see that how you have that middle block right there if you want to throw out the asymmetry move that over one so it just gets the part like one off I read yeah he's a little bit off to one side yeah no yeah yeah pretty ways this thing it's like a big skull reminds me this totally reminds me of it like a skull I think he's anorexic that's gotta be it Oh monkey I didn't know that he has the eating disorder yeah dude is so good it's so are we looking at it's a little yeah it's perfect it looks like this is like he's winking yeah no this is what I'm saying this one part do you tell me if you like this hold on oh whoa that over one Oh which one you go what was it here yeah like that was that that look worse better let me see let me see I just moved this one the order to make it that's better has anyone seen hook yeah have you seen it since we last talked about it no I know I remember the crocodile part okay but do you guys remember when his handlebar moustache was like taking to the South right now should put a piston and have one of the ends go up yeah that looks great punji you like oh yeah then you got your pranking perfect dude now we just gotta add the murder tear and the arrow through his head yes it's not a gang member yeah he's grown his mustache right now cuz he just robbed the store and he wants to change his appearance so no the police won't be identify him yeah that's true no no I think he's like admirers of jail Tippie Santa Claus Santa Claus which Santa Claus has been known to be those things mm-hmm gangster Santa is this sir back in this head - it's a good question yeah go do things the back another mustache looks like a rat tail - yeah horn opened up ponytail for the hips there yeah we're putting a brain in here how many of you have ever gone up is elevator by the way no not at all now is the truck oh dude yeah if you're going up to the top right now you might as well do the elevator I think I'm inside the brains I don't even get to that go in the mouth I'm probably can't do this while recording but we'll see oh holy crap screaming no I did it why is this a bad thing to show no how do you get in this damn frigging thing oh my god no oh I found it tonight sometime if your if your computer your connections got to be fast enough in computer fast so okay do you go through the mouth yet right there you got a stand also in the right spot right in the center hang on I got a quick move I'm so carefully I'm dead I saw your character make it all the way up all right I'm ready squirt me up there yes he made it quick get off get off okay I can't Oh victim they gotta add it so that pushes you out yeah you gotta add that part on the right engine right it's not a wonderful coincidence where the server is versus where we live thing they made it hey see you later it's a quick safety map I wonder if it's a coincidence do you and I might do it together yes yeah we can do it all together oh I didn't make it that time dude no this what made it possible arm really all right right right you just hold if you hold back it should be fine yes I mean it made it yay just five guys riding an elevator together we're just simple folk mm-hmm doesn't take one a lot out of life there's not much entertain us he said I gotta be in the middle that was my problem I was sitting off to the side oh okay like a fool well okay your parents should be ashamed I think they are the boy they raised they are oh man that was pretty silly I really enjoyed that pranking so I'm hanging out monkey farm scarlet train go up this elevator this elevator is just the coolest freaking thing ever I love it could have to install one of these someday per cells this was done actually on Mambo with helps monkey farm do it and finally got that little part improved but yeah the skull so it's pretty sad I thought they came out really well it's pretty funny to find out that hi pungent happens to have such a special skill set and building mustaches but it's unfortunate it burnt out right past here I guess the fire spread and this version is higher and see how his lava up there he doesn't Slava just for the effect so that it drifts down like this which is a pretty cool fact I'm really diggin that but we did the moustache a little too close so the whole thing just barked down before he had a chance to do anything about it so sad so sad but you guys got to see it now and I'm glad that I got to show you so make sure to guys if you enjoyed it make sure to leave a thumbs up I really really enjoy it when you do also look in the background or starting to see some headway going on the Lich tower schism and pungent they just uploaded an episode more procrastinating but starting to at least do something working over there so I hope that that job ends up paying off and guys if I haven't said it make sure to go check out Monkey Bar movers pranked he's a great guy make sure to check out all the people in the video schism pungent slip Gator hypno all their links to their channels are in the description I highly recommend any and all the hermit's butts on anyway guys thank you so much for watching don't forget to leave a comment and we should have another video out tomorrow as well wrapping up all the different live streams everything like that and then also should have a video the day after that as well showing progress and updates around the base and getting on with another little project so thanks for watching guys and

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