5x16 : Blair/Dan/Chuck #6

by: windizeful2

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so it seems you were right I do have feelings for Dan I'm sorry you don't have to be but I won't see him not because I'm in denial but because I care too much about your friendship you come first you're my family look this isn't gonna be easy for me but at least you're being honest and if our friendship is real which I know it is and we can get through this you two are gonna face a lot of obstacles but I'm not gonna be one of them I don't want to get in the way of you and Dan I'm really glad you're here though I need you

hey hey so I guess we're cousins guess he'll give you if you ever want to get coffee or something I'd love to get to know you yeah um never until 10 minutes ago I didn't even know I had a family so forgive me if I'm not really interested in coffee or something

what do you mean that cater girl is your cousin oh there's a lot going on here ready to face the ma'am I need to make a phone call first okay Chuck stop trying to hurt Dan if you want to be mad at anybody be mad at me I can never be mad at you it's nice to hear you say that really but being a good person isn't just being good to me dan has done nothing to you but be a friend you made it seem like you wanted me to wait for you was that a lie no did your feelings change no I don't know but whatever happens don't punish Dan for my confusion I need some time to figure some things out and if you target him then I'll just push us closer together and I know you're too smart for that you're better than that so please Claire don't I gotta go as we wait for spring to come we desperately look for the signs that the harsh winter is coming to an end Oh

the only d hello father son you something check your email and the signs are clear she a ray of sunlight that cuts through the darkness

allas hundred is called shucks sent over my real proposal really yeah she thinks she can salvage this that's great Dan I don't know what made him change his mind I'm gonna head home okay thank you Miss J Serena needs me a sudden spike in temperatures

all to us but don't you forget Upper East Siders February isn't the end of winter in this town there's still a long way to go turns out tropical islands are boring and the lack of scandal is getting to me so I've decided to turn up the heat from the fire I have a certain email from lonely boy that will make Chuck basses blood boil you're so green Chuck I've always loved you well I love you more and more every day it's even possible to love someone that much over you bastard but if you think winters over think again there's sure to

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