The White Wolf!! Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja & FearItSelf

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and that's lights not gonna be till like 11 o'clock thank you so much with 1000 bits and that makes me so happy man talk I think the 1000 is where the samurai think 1000 bits I'm going doc I'm in I hope you love it buddy thank you so much for support of the strain dude you just I mean I disappointed you supporting me hope you enjoyed I really hope you love submerge me know if my name is shadi BlueStacks gonna come down here


okay I thought this game so much see when I see Chuck an AIDS old scar down here I'm grabbing so quick where are they I see I see where you're shooting up offline the whited sir level

yikes dude what go dude clip that what's gonna you want man you're muted by the way a rapper food what you say Iraq those goods okay blue and old clock towers going when I say there's more people here nomads won't you munching on holy mmm oh yeah

shop oh right over his head you check my Garret yeah top floor

open the store real quick hello big puffery on here yep I want these drinking this oh there's axon yeah whatever you want oh yeah might be let's pull over have him that's your pool boy I ever had [Music]

I don't have the mass for a long fight I don't even we're gonna throw a question attack I'm a grappler I'm just gonna all right I'll be a little bit line

got a posting for me

hmm what do you match like I guide you mmm I have 400 total

the tower 60 across the river

interesting group of people

Angeles uh-huh yeah No Mas


no really what the 1000 base goes hey with the 1000 is man thankfully boy stick with it $10 don't know man appreciate it dude I don't know I don't check out people sound clouds man I don't kill I think the one that I was interested Minnie's tag dang the booty cheeks 86 and a poor terrific Jesus they've got all the mobility

don't think he's close to him oh he's 75 going to the diner just remember me for the Instagram toasty for ya we're both thinking the same thing I was like I have this hits and then you hit I was like what I say it what players at Grandma's house Southeast's it was gonna be a long bomb at rewind I got the clock I got two clips back back that's all boys are southeast don't know Punjab

and the edge of the divot that's all going on it okay this guy's peeking Oh downing me uh tag the F first one tag the second one no 23 shield white white white the bowl should be pretty toasty

noise mmm-hmm stack Rosemary's uncle phone oh yeah I should be home players on right from east rotating through dusty all right as a hot game you guys are enjoying the content feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel guys and give it give the video a thumbs up don't forget to ring those bells do run away to nineteen million subscribers

there's definitely any players in oh no what's this on the edge of the storm ones going into the storm 8624 it's guys going deep into the storm where are you going sir are you doing out there grappler coming right at the cop car your life dance oh yeah uh uh straight 15 north north north north with my hearts go panini jumping around the last dance I think I got this one in yes sir whoa dude my life is like for my eyes I'm rope around little F they don't know I'm here might get a good uh nice rocking themselves that's going down

nice guys up top be careful there's traps two people are gonna be coming out stop once it died from the diner they're like they were deepened by the edge oh yeah they're right here they're right here straight so check that guy up shield

yeah just show maybe I can I have a heavy side socket here I'm down

33333 - where's my jag man don't see it what it go was it ever than here yeah it was alright bro tap my blind you're trying to get no

oh my god I'm gonna find it no I don't well there they are oh boy this game is taking a turn I have a launch oh I swear I saw it ladies like uh three times me too we're going into the Whirlpool interesting play if I got 24 again yeah lay on these guys that's it yes no no no I jumped it he jumped over me

so we likes we can go this video make can we get a million likes let's do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


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