Rimas com Carisma #2 - Roke 714 & Dj Walk (EPISÓDIO 2)

by: Carisma Records TV

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my fists stop don't pull anchor cookie-mommy anchor that's a solid feeling think one climber sure you can hop yellow big photo because - you saw that - back burner wonder that by Friday back Black Sea fest further scores no match I want general right - Oh Chad they'll cash in five suspects the light inside fungi myself I'm gonna do it on fire I started filing for me looking for you vit Papa tell you I'll be riding off a guy you're gonna clean up a look define a time for fistfight I strung around at that time for your skull a killer put my head kid I broke his nose Q yeah she need that man Sookie go back speakers walk up up at school people that come back he's that Hawk that invites me ain't ya worker sadly for you hackers but I do suspect

can you come

- my so veg - nobody vegetables all finish the loop so early bundles your

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Imagem e Edição: Gilberto Barbosa Instrumental, Mistura e Master: Dekor Scratches: Dj Walk Letra: Roke 714 CARISMA RECORDS 2015 www.facebook.com/rimascomcarisma




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