The steps it take to replace your radio ,Ford Mustang 2000 2004

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hey guys how's it going today we got a cool one we have a Mustang it's an older Mustang with a mock stereo in it now we get tons of questions through the shop not necessarily hear about these cars let me show you what this car has it so if you have a Mustang and your car has similar stuff you're gonna love this so obviously this is a little older Mustang it's got these cool sailfin speakers here it's got this lower guy here these are the subwoofers this is a convertible so whether you have the hard top of the convertible the rear speakers are gonna be in different locations you have a hardtop they're gonna be here obviously you have a convertible they're gonna be here and then vertical you have a top speaker here and a six and a half down here these are five by sevens by the way and the top or speakers so this guy that guy that guy that guy those are all playing full range so they're full range drivers these are where all the sound comes from and then these lower ones here here six snaps in the back or if you have the sedans there's going to be two drivers here and then the five by seven inch woofers you're gonna have the two silver amplifiers in the convertible they're actually buried underneath this top to get one all the time and go bad the five by sevens or in this case the six and a half's are these up woofers there were all the bass comes from and it's on a mono channel meaning there's no balance and fader for those subwoofers the factory radio has no way to control the subwoofers aftermarket wise we do because we're gonna go with this one here 5800 are see this little guy right here this will show you once we get that out of the package has a subwoofer control so if you buy a radio that has a sub overriding control you can control the level the subwoofer actually makes these really nice pause active crossover you can cross over those little speakers make them sound a whole lot better if you are gonna replace the speakers that's where it gets confusing because you can't just pull out this five by seven put a new five by seven in this place it's a subwoofer it'll play sub bass it will sound terrible so when you go to put in that aftermarket speaker this guy here's what you want to come off of don't use the wiring that goes there those are the subwoofers these are actually powered off of the radio so when you go to replace it you know you can put like a tweeter here and a mid-range down here and use these wires here don't use those wires for anything and the same is true for the back if you're replacing all the speakers and you have that sedan version you'll see that giant plastic thing screwed to the dash take that whole thing out get rid of it you don't need it for anything use the wiring for the two small speakers those are power that new 5x7 coaxials you're gonna put it in the rear deck when we do one we'll talk more about it this guy here all we're doing is replacing the radio today so we're gonna talk about replacing the radio anytime you're integrating into that factory amplifier the factory amplifiers in these sports have a 5 volt trigger so what you're gonna need is one of these guys here this is a volt 3:9 this has a vibe old output so it'll take that 12 volt remote turn on output and can convert it over to 5 volts there's cheaper ways to do it you could get something like this guy right here this is the V r5 these are variable resistors that's what most people have used up to this point some form of a resistor to knock that voltage down and make it not pop when you turn it on since these guys have come out they're a little bit more money but they work every time I don't have to go into the car after the fact and vary the resistance even though some of these kits actually some of these come with resistors and I'm most the time they don't work for whatever reason sometimes because the car is older I don't know I just never have any luck with them this works a lot better what we're gonna do get the radio out of the dash now the first thing we want to do is remove the panel around the gear shifter here this little guy right here this got some clips you don't even need a panel tool just kind of know this guy is also gonna unsnap okay so here's where the fun part comes in up here by the air conditioning control for some reason this area here always likes these vents they like to break off this is where you're going to want to go slow take your time panel tool very helpful now breaking off and popping off are two totally different things there's actually teeth at home in place so sometimes they'll just pop off which is fine because you can just snap them back on you just don't want them to break there we go go ahead unplug these three little plugs right here kind of give it a pull there is some slack and they won't come loose now we want to do is grab a seven millimeter you're gonna be two plugs in antenna on it go ahead and just unplug them this has a standard antenna and that's pretty much it now we have the big gray harness here and we have this little guy right here this is the subwoofer harness here most of these are gonna have eight wires own depending on what Forge you're doing this case because it has two amplifiers it's got all eight so we're definitely gonna hook up all eight wires on the aftermarket harness he has no steering wheel controls to worry about that it's over to the bench as we said we're gonna use the BH a 5800 our harness and in it we have a standard four harness here and then we have the subwoofer harness here this is the Volt 3:9 that we just mentioned this is gonna attach to this harness here now on this harness you'll see these two guys right here this is an amp turn on and a power antenna turn on more than likely these aren't gonna be in your car always check first don't worry about hooking them up take this into the car now that the radio is out plug them in see if they're there just like this and they're not there now you can either remove them tap them off take them into the harness do whatever you want if you were gonna do a car that had steering wheel controls the stereo controls are in this harness so you could actually pull these out and repin them where the steering wheel control goes something to think about or just save them you know now with the Volt 3:9 the reasons why it's called volt 3:9 is because it does a bunch of different voltages 3.3 v 6 and a 9 volt output what we want to do is put it on 5 volt and just flip a little switch here there we go now it's got a couple wires on it basically it's got a trigger an accessory input a ground and an output so what we're gonna do here is we have the blue wire is going to be the remote trigger from the radio red and black seseri ground and then white red is going to connect to these two guys right here just like this on our harness we have all the standard colors we have the white pair the green pair the purple pay the gray pair those are all our speaker wires or the car then we have our constant 12 volts yellow black ground rat accessory and the orange white is illumination go ahead and pull the harness out from the radio here it's a pioneer we're putting in this this is an F H s 500 GT so on our pioneer harness it has all eight of the same speaker wires it has a yellow black red and the blue remoter know what it is missing is the orange white there's no illumination control on this on this particular radio the illumination is controlled via a clock so we'll go ahead and to start out we'll cap off our orange white wire now what we want to do is we're gonna go ahead and solder all this together we're going to solder this red wire to this red wire we're going to solder this black wire in with this black wire so essentially what we're gonna do is we have three red wires and three black wires soldered together we're gonna solder these guys on here and then we'll tap in our blue wire is gonna go to our pioneers blue white wire and this red white wire is gonna go to these two blue white wires that are coming off of this plug here hopefully that makes some sense all right let's get to solder and shall we

[Music] all right so the harness is all set we're gonna let that cool down for a minute and then we'll tape it all up let's take a look at the dash pit for this we're using a BK f MK 5 5 for my best tips now in this kit there's actually the main trim Buzzle here there's two side brackets a back bracket that never gets used a bag of screws and then these two little spacers here don't lose these these are important Radio basically slides over just like that but before we do that what we want to do is go ahead and snap in these two brackets here they are universal so it doesn't matter what side is which now these are two different sizes mean there's a big hole here and there's a small hole here so these actually have two different sizes too big hole small holes and they have little tabs on them little little risers so they're going to snap into place and I will tell you they don't actually snap and hold so you either gonna want to put a little bit of glue on here or a little bit of double sided tape thin really thin tape just to hold these in place and you don't have to go crazy with the glue you just need a little bit on there just to hold it so the radio is done we're just gonna go back here and tape up the harness alright our harness is all set and ready to go went ahead and taped over that little dip switch on the volt 3:9 so that it doesn't get bumped or anything when you're stuffing this back into the - alright let's go ahead and get this into the car alright so now we can go ahead and plug our harness back in we're gonna go ahead and plug it into the radio make sure you plug this into the subwoofer outputs of the radio

all right now this is like an almost shaped screw down right here what you wanna do is you don't want to go ahead and hammer him down really tight just kind of see how this is still moving here because what we're gonna do is once we get the kit back in you may have to lower it or raise it so for right now we're just gonna loosely put them in place or you go ahead and turn on the radio and make sure everything works before we snap that on though all right so the radio works make sure you go up and set up your high-pass crossover for these top little speakers and your subwoofer make sure you turn it on if you're using this particular radio that's simple for coming default off so you have to go into the menu and turn it on some pioneer radios do that a lot of the NEX most other manufacturers just come default on all right now let's go ahead and get this Center - piece back in place we just kind of want to loosely set it and make sure it's the right height it is go ahead and tighten those two screws back down we can snap this into place

so we have our nice new shiny radio in the - all right so if you have one of these older style Mustangs with this mock stereo in it and you want to replace yours now you know how thanks for watching as always you guys have a great night and we'll see you later bye-bye

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