SHOVEL KNIGHT RETURNS - Far Cry 5 Funny Moments

by: TheDooo

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all right welcome back to far cry 5 my dudes you guys really like the first video so we're just gonna mess around in the game some more but we already have a problem see I just loaded up the game I have spawned in without my shovel so before I can even start this video we have to I have to go find a shovel okay now we let's go do this having a moment just to yourself in all this craziness it's important not to lose sight of what is and isn't worth fighting I'm sorry what were you saying okay secure Falls end okay

got your back cheeseburger always always she's part know what okay what's up dude you see me take that plane down getting quite a reputation deputy where'd you see what I just did you're the first good thing to happen to this valley in a long time batter just shovels in general hey I made some friends when you get the chance come on stretch don't be there [Applause]

okay do it okay do it there we go that's a hook hey Scott you hungry get us some dinner no no dang it dang it I gotta go buy more shovels thank you right there come on now take it hey again thank you how can I call myself a shovel knight if I can't even impale an eagle out of the sky you got the touch Oh dinner is served meat cross screw you let's go get this Jaguar looking companion come Oh God we're here today are you Italian just what I want my jewelry to listen now to what racist nasty old woman but discuss this like thank God for once it's not me nah dude check this out pick up Scott survivor negative not doing it okay let's go let's get out of here the head all right well we gotta take these treats to the cat will you shut up I'm trying to explain what we're doing all right so we gotta take these special treats to a cat that ran off and then I'm probably gonna replace you with that cat companion Scott fur where's this cat at you boy hi peaches we're gonna take you home peaches come on did you kill all these people peaches there you go peaches now stay in there okay I'll be honest doc you a little dim in the headlights why don't you start over still not too bad for someone I suspect is Italian Oh peaches look food get him peaches oh good girl ah once man had realized that eating meat helped him to survive he had to become a better hunter to feed himself and the tribe he was able to devise better means to hunt larger and more dangerous animal hold up carry more handgun ammo and melee weapons does this mean does this mean I can have more shovels because if that's true this is the best perk in the entire game give me that okay let's see if this is true 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13 shovels all this game messed up Ubisoft look I don't know if you guys watch all these videos that people post of your games on YouTube but if the dude who put this perk in the game is watching just thank you seriously what are you swatting at stop your car I need your truck for something really important yes shut up Scott okay this is very important that you hold this specific position please okay don't move don't move Scott don't move Scott oh

this is the most fun I've had playing it gave it a long time it's a truck get in get in the car believe it that's a bear Scott let's go to that mission I'm gonna get right to the point mmm I was on the trail of one of Jacob's zealots this guy's butchered a lot of innocent folk around here so boy can't let him get away with it any longer follow me all right let's go following you I'm following you I'm following you can we please go can we please go I want to follow you but you won't move can we go now if you squat in the same person move I don't know what to say I'm leaving son of a lot of bad guys here I don't care

get out of the car all right I took care of it that's the dude down there that you've been trying to kill for years all right let's do this one hey sky you remember this good blood don't know come on I promise no funny business this time dang it Scott I didn't even mean to do that that was not my fault you want me to snipe today okay hey get out the way yes yes excuse me excuse me excuse me earn stupid music oh that's what I'm saying

that's it these missions are really easy I saw her talk about the hot dinner to heaven you wrote yeah earlier today I destroyed the key for hope god I know that I ran a plane into that thing it's kind of hot whatever she says whatever she promises definitely smash Oh stay away from her you'll end up just like the marshal you know my dad I'm good there thank you though rumors swirl about a place called misery where resistance fighters are tortured and killed you must kill the leadership it's shut down the place for good reach the misery hey Scott Scott we're going home going to misery they can't hear you Scott let's not really look like misery I get him I'll get him go get him go get him here come on here you want you know I could just grab a gun and shoot people this game probably get stuff done way faster whoa Scott Disick are you good let's talk about this okay well you got the say for yourself where did they go right here well oww it's easy took back misery all right well I think I want to stop the video there what I think I'm gonna end the video there for today let me know if you guys want me to keep playing far cry 5 drop it a like if you enjoyed you know let me know your thoughts down below all that stuff and I'll see you guys in the next one

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