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[Music] so what's the deal sign squad um should we do the intro jazz over here y'all by the way what's the deal was saying squad what's the deal saying squad you go first first cuz I want to say it last cuz I want to do well because when we first started so you guys say extremely tired we just got back from we just got back from the dealership where we bought the car and we've been there for so long we've been s is like 2 then afternoon and it's like almost 7 o'clock p.m. so we've been in our days on yeah we did like we we spent like 20 dollars in that of in a machine but we were supposed to go to uh to this restaurant so we can sit on e but we you know we expected to take that long we expected to take that long whatever jazz she's supposed to be cooking tonight and that's gonna call them the vlog channel so subscribe to the vlog channel link will be in the description box below uh but by the title I know that's what I really really came to see and I want to shed some light on that a little bit and I want to state my opinion cuz a lot of y'all missing like I think you should keep this on keep off camera and this is like private I feel like I feel like y'all I basically already told y'all before this even occurred that my family is not like the tightest fam like we not like we not like the strongest family with with the best bond I already told y'all that for you so so bringing this up on a few videos is like is not like a bad thing it's not a bad thing you feel what I'm saying I like to get to support I like to get some of y'all some of your pants some of the good pins and stuff like this and my advice I liked it that's why I'm uploading and showing y'all cuz it's it's other people that go through the same thing that I go through so I'm not uploading on my behalf I know it's other people out there I see I've seen the comments that some of your even pin the comment that somebody said they know what I'm going through it's like it's people out there they're going through the same things that I've went through and I'm still going through now so don't don't don't get it too all that private stuff and stuff like that it's cool me that I'm uploading it so I should be cool at all anyways I really need a haircut too by the way I don't need a haircut that sorry I need a haircut every week I went to him like two weeks in the row so he even said like how many times you can I'm like man like I can't you last week and this week so I ain't even go on and like no more like right now I'm a wait to pry it like next week to get my haircut or probably this Friday baby girl but yeah I know about the title y'all saying y'all would this which I came to see uh we just had came home like I said from the car dealership right now we had to come here we had to come get the camera or whatever um see because blur you back there Derick oh I got you you dark you dark right there I'm talking of you but uh like I say mostly I came here to see that uh when we we not we finna actually actually from the leave I just had to come get the camera because of the simple fact that I'm bringing that back up here you have to come get the camera I'm not like I say in a previous video I'm not recording inside my mouth my sister's home or whatever I'm not recording inside her home i'ma respect her and I'm respect uh her property you know what I'm saying so I'm not even I'm just going basically we won't go in there have a civilized conversation and go over everything that that's good say you know what I'm saying yeah right so that's what I mean that's what we gonna do you are we gonna get to the bottom of everything and stuff like that is like I'm gonna come back out and I'm gonna tell y'all how everything is going and everything's going good then y'all will be notified that everything is going good right honestly we wasn't even gonna go today because it's like arañas times like a lot of traffic I even missed like going to get my soup and my soonest array for Jasmine Jasmine's mom and dad a renewal renewable disk or whatever you know I didn't even go not saying you feed it for my students not like that cuz we've been in there for so long and how technic I honestly don't even want to go over my sister house right now but we got nothing else to do so he's just gonna go head over there and stuff like that um one thing one thing though I just hope her baby daddy isn't there because I just I've been high I met him before yeah but it's just a simple fact I never like to do vibe I don't like to do I don't like him I don't like him at all you feel what I'm saying I don't like him so hopefully he is not there I don't know I didn't today nothing this before man you even man she already know I never liked him so this before we even met so don't don't don't get that confused it's just I hope he not there because one thing if you say one thing to me I'm telling you I'm not I swear to God on my life is it's over wait I don't want to hear nothing out his mother hopefully he not there we only going over there so my sister get him and my sister and jazz my fiance can talk that's it that's only reason we're going over here so uh I'm not going to be fuzzy I'm not going to be this whole video talking on because I want to actually come back on here and get y'all some feedback on what's going on hopefully at the end of the day they can just hug it off and just just just get over him and just be courtroom you know I'm saying oh but yeah man blowing subscribe turn off notifications as found in the comments I'm really feelin y'all comments on some of these past videos I never knew yeah honestly I was scared to put this to put my personal business I love business I like this but I had to remember that I told y'all about how my family was but I still was kind of like sketchy we're putting it out there but I was just like what the heck man I'm carry but I got so many positive comments and feedback on this situation that I just want to shed some light on y'all and I just want to thank y'all and I just wanna say I love y'all from the bottom of my heart thanks for supporting me throughout this whole situation you know uh yeah last call from my sister house man ready

[Music] well uh yawn everything I feel like everything was the misunderstanding I was gonna put my sister what my sister actually wanted to be in she wanted to say it to her side of the story on camera but I said I didn't I didn't really it wasn't the right time you know it wasn't the right time I just wanted to sit down and talk to her with with with jazz and stuff like that and I wanted them to come to an agreement understand and and see you figure out what what was wrong you know what I'm saying so we talked we laughed we had a good time you had a good time baby tell about you favorite I just like it was a misunderstanding that's it she we just meet I've been together for my three years and I have not met her so I guess she probably just went step away that we went all out to go see chase other family members whatever and we didn't make time to stop and see her cuz she stay in Michigan with us and her other sisters all the way to Texas oh yeah I guess she felt like what we did all that to go see chase sister but we couldn't go see her like that and she lives and living the same state sir right you know she apologize with everything she got she's like really cool really sweet in person like she's really funny me heart was vibing we were vibing yep honestly it's kind of dark that's because we stopped at the gas station yes we actually fit a head back over there to my sister house and just probably chill for a couple more minutes and just you know just vibe a little bit like and bring up memories you know yeah y'all bring up all the times and stuff like that so we brought the hair back over there we just have to stop at a gas station example a couple of things and yeah but I just want to get back on here and let y'all know everything went good and stuff like that man just oh I just heard baby daddy there and it's just I don't like I don't like her a weird vibe yeah I don't like how he's looking at Jess you feel what I'm saying with me either it's not that I didn't know he was going Peter you know what I'm saying I thought it's gonna be a work or something it's just I never liked it to do you know I'm just like his rules for you to be looking at somebody like we're like gonna probably when you don't even know he knew to speak to us and that's that's him he don't have to speak to us or not like that but he thought like okay we all in my hotel asked me to meet you but I mean like I said we're gonna go back over there and honestly I'm not even thinking about do but thanks for watching thanks for all the supporters that supported us and just was giving us advice and just yeah and just not leaving tonight not talking down and stuff like that I join I think y'all know that I love you all from the bottom of my heart nothing but blessings nothing but blessings from here y'all hey what a puppy's gonna wait for you to put out if you want to be a part notifications game click the bail [Music]


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