Rats (Trouble In Terrorist Town)

by: PauseUnpause

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trouble any I Shrunk the terrorists

dude that needs to be a movie honey i shrunk the terrorists little explosions with like tiny IEDs and everything bummers the dad it would stay would stop how old and kuma honey i shrunk the terrorists how long i love all these maps are so classic actors Milby I wish I wish we had little green army oh yeah oh I went on to Netflix the other day my brother uses my current and that's all that was on it honey knows how old and Kumar Cheech and Chong and it shared on my facebook my brother my family jump up to this board do you think we can make it I don't know I'll try I'll try I'm practicing one second just gotta believe in yourself don't stop change oh wow I'm sitting on the air shotgun Wes has a shotgun oh wait Wes is interesting did you see it para I know I heard it that's good right I have eight bullets in my shotgun I have not shot anybody Oh someone go to Skype someone just got their head off told but I thought it was a shotgun oh good coming so defensive by B Sadie had a shotgun so there's a there's a knotted rope on the side of this drill this bandsaw and I'm wondering if I should jump to it you try to make it oh right yes I did it you can do it go I'm up here yeah yeah those are the ladders Wes you're you're up top yeah where I know so I'm not I'm gonna different place sorry pyro is the traitor is he I think we all agree do we I mean he did you did call out behold the killings of the peoples I don't want I don't want to be like Chad I don't want to fall to my death my way you want Chad Chad Chad how do I get up here oh fuck the Neil's they hurt on the chalkboard for some reason I can't even jump very well it's the old age it just looks like that cuz everything is really tiny a really big sorry oh I'm getting sniped I'm getting shot look I'm in the middle of dancing I'm doing a few more either me wait where's ko ko where I got sniped fine if I could the pyro so far is dead now though so I don't know we're better than confirm his body Wes I can't I'm stuck just jump I don't want I don't want to do that and like even if I go up on top of this bandsaw well us has left alive other than Wes I don't know but I I have surprised I haven't gotten I did that's cuz you're the traitor okay dog I slowly opted away everyone on that one Pyrrha Pyrrha was the guy cuz he kept talking like he was the guy he really was we were both shooting at him cuz I wish you're not even from above you be off Billy as like wait good shot me like such as such happened a good seems like no one else who wasn't you ought to get this I was like I feel pretty safe up by here I guess it's just the Wes why did you get so defensive I said he got a shock because I because he was the traitor yeah because hey because you were saying oh oh yeah but right after that I failed yeah pyros said that Wes killed pause or somebody said West killed pause so it wasn't just that you said he had a shotgun fram's dude I'm so for the top on the shelf I pause to jumper jumpers what you're going off

I just think West had nothing did you see anything happen than anyone or did we just get to go for pause this sound okay what's he calling over there how do you how do you write good you see this plank of wood here this one here Oh yet how do you reach that well I don't know I had to fall and almost died hey it's good to get around this place I don't think I don't get how'd you get it where you are then I don't know just kidding my my school I just um off on this thing I got spawned up here now I don't have it leave hmm I find a way you have to be supervised by an adult oh shit I'm getting look kind of man just cut his wood without even getting shot at power I'm watching you no no we were getting shot at over here oh okay we didn't take any oh it's it's good it's good he's he's denying it is he's applying it oh he's good okay I heard that okay I felt that stop he'll be just got did that's not good cool is it I saw a GU getting shot yes me too me too who's there so it must be pause or Wes or even Oh wasn't me wasn't you but it could be who's me is that way over there at Spira it's me and Pyrrha so far so good what do you miss never near me then yeah well maybe nobody flew off to the right of my angles so did sweets tons so I think that the trader is on top of you or around you somewhere dude damn it oh there's there's a there's a somebody inside the cabinet yeah I just got sniped begin so it has me I thought it was fucking pause hot shot me of you go ahead oh wait top top Wester for Robin taking shots he's up above you good oh there's other ones shooting at us what's happening with that good where'd you go man I'm in the case team in the corner oh okay I see oh we're being shot at again I don't know to help you shed go up call you dad boy I think you guys killed him dad Bo he's dead I can confirm that Perik as well you're bad man para see what they are cooked the are there is lace in the corner that's good in the corner that's kind of funny I shot him I don't know if I killed him he's been he's in the cover did you just you just try and sing REM then for a little bit yes yes I did yeah you're out jump and snipe you oh I'll kill myself in the process but I want a montage clip oh shit I still get a shot who does that you okay rest in peace me off the fucking ladder that lodged me CLU is Wes yeah at least I killed Wes yeah yeah that when I died I looked to the spot where I'd killed everyone from before I was eight yeah Chad's in the snipers spot yeah there's a perfect sniper spot pretty much a you got everything you would need Niels

these things they don't have textures yeah this is great nails nails how did have the saw kind of there this time okay so where's and cold up in this new suite sniper spot I find there isn't enough transitions between areas on this map lets you go up somewhere in your start now you can get that all around really kind of awkward yeah it's mostly just like I don't trust the ladders in this game oh yeah never trust the band so today hey oh god dad some boy stood on this day I'm like that I don't want to shut off map ouch absolutely just got shot pass out so by someone probably in the cupboard dad were ya hanging up the cupboard okay where's go up in the curse pyro who's almost dead there I see other a nog scout pause pause oh I see you pause I'm gonna find my golf shots pyro I see you I see you tyro oh my god Oh hit me hit me mitt why would I hit you you're you're about to die oh oh I'll get shot Oh nobody's getting shot I'd rather get down for my Mel B bye Paul Oh what someone just shot me up down to 50 health now did you see him shoot me then goood is re shooting from the cupboard and I can't get away hit for whatever reason I'm not getting shot I want to get shot - okay I just oh so I heard a grenade I was gonna die here he's not gonna make this oh dude you're you claim with the devil oh there we go that's another one God you can't see any money in this map it's fucking difficult dude stay here oh oh yeah they're definitely covered it's cold let's go oh yeah it comes in the cupboard I'm not going in there for fear of leaking right now it's in the Copperhead popera it's the killer cupboard oh yeah I was like I feel like I'm walking it was cuz I was like walking oh yeah I was I wish I could be the saw as a prop that'd be good the movie is it just me that's laughing stop down here gentlemen okay I wanna take care of Coe he's hiding over fuck Oh shadow is so sketch oh my god oh my god hey there's a body - there behind you can you go check that a mom listen my song if it's you Co shot me up down to 50 health ok where is it it's like all the way underneath that table down there

I see it Lowell Oh perfect perfect yes I've worked it out you solved the riddle it was a good it was a good that was a good try of the melon by the way thank you Dad there's my there's my body Jackie please good to be back oh yeah may your soul rest in peace what it made me very happy fuck this aughh dude it's so not accurate snipe with the paws no you get it the Bulls think he's still in the cover no he's he's still up top he left the cupboard I repeat koloff the cupboard has the covered I don't see him anywhere man it's hard to get around

KO's hose on the ground now clothes on the ground Sneaky's new Chatham jump to your right up to your right up to your right okay see you he straight dead ahead dude I fucking hate this we're like the size of dust bunnies and it's just here here here no I see I see Mason paws LP there's a rifle behind you what type of shot pause tetris tetanus there's a 10 - oh yeah a shot of tequila slamming down tequila as well playing TTT my viewing has gotten stuck so that I can't turn what's the key to an address out I think alt my fridge I just roll I have not seen COEs like person like I haven't seen ko at all this entire game like you're a shadow to me I'm a ninja I strike in that actually totally broad daylight apparently you imagine of the do to humans this just walked in right now I so he's the real traitor what the fuck are all these miniature traders terrorists traders guys doing inside of my yeah it's the least items well fuck your bar was why the bar was having a war wars when the bar was gonna be good I tried keep on running dude you got a minute left I can't like I just want to see him like I don't even know if he like I don't know where he's at

not under they don't tell you that

anything I'm trying to move because the radar takes 20 whatever seconds update so I'm moving around the map by talking come on Co you can do it have faith in you one shot you can do it ten seconds remain well done Chad I don't know like I'd like I really didn't see you I still where are you right now underneath the paint can a shot was Chad but I overestimated where he is gonna be I was I was doing a pretty good job taking potshots at people and then I backed off of the shelf and fell my instincts and fell behind the Shelf system all the way to the ground cuz I'm that qua really I spawned in the air final round everybody turn around oh yes final round that's right but it's not final round as last round most round finale round guys finale round fun ultimate round everybody an ultimate I just throw my gun which is pretty cool I'm sorry Mel B for your loss yeah what did you end up losing their mill be like hello there I pause and pause open gun from my gun shop please back up okay that's it you're done you're done I'm chasing but I needed a neuro drop the gun you you're supposed to buy from you can't just steal okay what strength drop the gun oh please drop the gun oh please drop the gun I'm not gonna do that please gonna do it do what's the street in Sydney area I'm down to 38 health is know let's just kill pause where's who fuck fuck me what was that somebody just got killed hey hey hey I've decided that you're probably okay to trust this round gets you at the trailer laughter those massive shit you and me could be pals then watch out to the left here right I heard a debt oh let's do that no no isn't it jessimae no but I killed Wes okay where's Chad Oh same shelf together yeah yeah I should do not do separation this is my shelf yeah good stay on your shelf car you stole actually get down from here oh no yes maybe go forward yeah he's still alive there's like a little ledge you can stick his head around the corner and say yeah yeah why he doing Coe I'm not gonna shoot you for fuck's sake you can shoot me but I've like I've placed my trusty yeah oh you actually get down from that Oh alright good alright Co cover me

who is dead down there Chad that that is Wes and pause I shot Wes those are the guys that Chad killed you shot Wes right Wes isn't they were all innocent oh okay walk this way who's left then it's me good you and co west pyro co we killed that guy it has to know pirate yeah you say you killed that guy no so we gotta kill that guy ha ha well interesting I somehow helpful help again now why is that that's competing ok you can hold down shift and look over edges like you're doing minecraft it's like a Mexican standoff over it coming to rescue you Moby it's alright I've rescued myself ok oh do you want help dude I think so you could have killed me I could have killed ok did you kill him oMG wait it's already at my dad this round it's gotta be Chad right no I killed Wes okay I don't think you're the traitor cuz I don't think you would have bird Julia I know you're not the traitor yes because you have not killed me yet has okay we're missing pyro right you kill me aren't you fucking god no I'm not dude it just came up the thing is Co Co check and check

Chad was innocent that was crazy save you good I was gonna kill Chad

you psyched with the guy that killed four innocent people right around yeah he sounded wait what did the hell and I

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