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what's going on everybody welcome to call of duty black ops now I was hesitating to do this single-player because I was worried that a lot of people might be doing it but a lot of people tend to focus more on the the multiplayer I know the games like these are obviously based around multiplayer but you know this one is actually written by I forget who JJ Abrams I want to say I highly doubt that I don't know but apparently it's actually a lot better than than the previous single-player story lines and I've never done Call of Duty like single-player on my channel I think I have like maybe 1 or 2 multiplayer but you know with me going to Paris I need some footage out there for you guys so I'm trying not to let it down or let you guys down so you know and you know because it's it's it's the beginning of an episode I like to just you know hopefully you guys support me throughout this whether it be through likes favorites whatever sharing whatever you guys do it's your channel you do whatever you want with it but this game does not need any more introduction without further ado let's get call of duty black ops 2 started

secur to go

Safety's on dipshit hey old man was roaming in this here today sergeant woods Rob Menendez as the leader of quarters dia and the most dangerous terrorists since Osama bin Laden

fucking waste time guys a vegetable back off all he said was me hermana that's Spanish for sister dipshit

the boys better get your shit together he's gonna attack if you have information about a threat to national security you gotta tell us then the camera on your old man he's doing okay to ask I'm scaring I need help you're seven years old David stop acting like a baby

David wait

Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence NSC you already know just us what are you doing here yesterday certain woods led a covert team to take out an arms smuggling ring in Angola this morning you lost contact so go get him CIA why are you here Castro and the Russians are all over Angola we can't go in the CIA have buried the mission Woods and his squad no longer exist whatever you need Mason name it David can stay with Jenny like before she loves having him he'll be fine dad you said you'd never go back to the army you promised me it's uncle woods son they'd do it for me they found where I was being held prisoner with a spy satellite one of them kids nines this baby shits out a film canister 12 miles up let's see what there he goes miners snagged about 30,000 feet this was not the digital age this film had to be processed analyzed delivered all by hand our dog in the fight this guy named Jonas Savimbi you know I'm fucking nuts this guy

right damn it

but sometimes it's too late to save a man before we join

they fight we did them a fight

and we know memories leaving a counter-charge


already in the action man could you imagine being safe than just being that burn wood it's weird to say you'd be in so much pain constantly it'd be ridiculous he has the death machine mainly because the blade multiplayer good god what the hate oh god I thought those were my guys at the start already well Jesus well looks like I am killing people with machetes are killing people okay never mind they have guns you have guns too this is weird the FAL is like semi automatic it feels like fully automatic and this one definitely weird get the hell out of here mate wait isn't they Kate it made me choose the Falla at the beginning that's why okay I'm again I'm gonna go eat up these targets and let's see if I can hit them from the area let's see oh really the rock well they're down oh my god got that Call of Duty reload sure the wave of Tanks oh my god don't hit don't run over me Jesus okay here we go here we go fire rockets the fire machine

well that was easy eliminate the mountain Gunners now oh Jesus this suck alrighty then here we go one down and let's try and explode this one - oh really the friggin rocks man wait oh oh oh screw it I'm just gonna go out Jesus know I'm getting I'm taking fire I'm down there we go took him down this time further away oh my god jeez I'm gonna call him their support again take out these buggers here will do mate I've been talking with bash along that keep seeing me

there we go bigger than other guys oh my god really more

oh my god one more oh my god that's not good

see is this the felt I can't tell if it's the foul or not mount the buffle to lead the final push here we go

really we're just driving forward why couldn't I just like stand beside it Jesus look at that me Rodman it's like they're all the same people there we go

so I'm kind of curious as to what frickin weird twisting of an ending we're gonna get this this game because they always have that or some snow motion thing where the guy comes in on you he always kills you but then you pull out the gun shoot him

but just super haven't killed a lot

Oh you gonna budge

comes first boom welcome to the Hanoi Hilton six months later they sent me over to Danang and there's a fucking place made the Hilton look good bus 17 of my group they said they do it was just me I was not gonna die in a fucking swamp

coming on the convoy now the boys met suspend these Intel would should be inside

oh Jesus

well I better jump down here I suppose please oh god I thought I died oh my god what the hell that is insane I don't think they know I'm on do they oh god oh god I jeez man leave me alone both have to cut open there we go I have bolt cutters on me oh okay flak jacket protects against explosive damage sweet SAP oh my god oh god

how many friggin bulls does he take oh

there you go wow the boats freaking just sinks superfast in this game ultra realistic don't worry let's say we got one more here that's cool like I would explode it on the other side Oh what the hey when did you get on our Petey don't want the RPD where you guys coming from all of a sudden really we got more guys back here alrighty let's take them all you know what I really can't there's only one here

really get off then where where who's us it looks like it's just me not no more oh wait do we what the hey what happened the poppy get the hell down from there and who's driving this - is my friend he must be right over the container I assume that's me no nope dog do I use it no have to use or is that this where are you search the container Oh over here all righty here we go and before there's people in it

well I was expecting a live feed brother body's a badly decomposed he's met at the dead for weeks


Frank it's me it's me Mason dude away Madson

use the battery a lot you destroyed God where is the battery launcher what the hell just happened Jesus

here we go here we go oh no I missed it here we go here we go are you kidding me what day is this there we go god you're still up this isn't cool we just got James Woods I know it's Frank wood but it's James Woods let's go down let's get him Bal it's too weak to swim

here we go man-whore Frank woods I got your back soldier would you worry about this I water must feel good though we've probably attracted the attention of every MPLA foot soldier in the area we need to move Frank but mr. woods escaped into the jungle well I can't really sprint but Oh God really like what's up God okay dude looks like you got tortured that ain't cool be alright are you going pal or am I having to go forward no Chad the antenna means they've got a radio we can cause an emergency extraction it's weird it's like I go faster sideways with myths mr. Woods here want to go forward look how slow that is we'll go sideways

which log Oh behind here the hella cute ones doing here

they're just kids

oh my god

it's saddening that this actually happens in real life I'm gonna lie sorry Frank get a compromise where we were if it if I let you cop bro stay though keep your head down

okay my lead we run for the wooden hunt you've run or crouch really how Oh I stood up didn't I see you don't know if I should be oh god oh god I don't know if I should be crouching or not he isn't shut up you bird you're gonna give our position away don't move patrol is passing by oh my go we enter the grass which grass god this guy is too close that's too close I don't like it the moving is really awkward James look out twitching it is it closed

crouched we're good

we're good they don't see us yet just hiding behind some pussy willows oh Jesus how does he not see me you blind fart I know I could see to where I'm following you pal oh wait no it's running time there we go James you'll be okay Frank I'm gonna radio for help I'll take care of woods okay really all I have is my m-19 where's your village and find radio try not to draw any more attention uh don't want the Dragunov I don't want the foul I'll take the foul so what is it it is a foul see now I feel dumb okay I see anyone around me

okay I think I'm good if I go here approach and overpower the radio here we go do not concern yourself with local politics first Amerian yet god sake d yeah that's personal you do exactly as I say tune the radio I guess so lower your weapon I swear to god I'll kill this bastard no so many guy knows no sobbing no no not kids why kids oh shit this ain't

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