HE FOLLOWED YOU HOME.. || Fredbear And Friends: Reboot (Chapter 1 ENDING)

by: 8-BitRyan

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I'm really unsure what I'm actually doing I'm dead I'm literally I'm dead I am so dead right now okay oh my god so what is going on guys this is Ryan here and welcome back to fredbear and friends of reboot so in the last of all freaking back into if you guys haven't seen the last episode I would definitely recommend checking back because the story driven start of this game is really really immersive and honestly so much happen that's leaves announced at this episode this episode we start and probably a very very negative note we've roamed the establishment we've met the animatronics but now they all robe and now I die many times over and over again so yeah let's click continue really me too my friend me freakin too so in the last episode guys what we managed to do was unfortunately find a perished security guard or I think it was actually a police officer came to the place and if Bonnie wants is dead now too I'm not entirely sure what we're gonna do I've been given a few tips from people so I'm gonna try and use them to my advantage I don't know if it's gonna go too good but it's probably gonna be bad the first few times and we have to learn from our mistakes right we don't get this privilege in real life however hmm so we can't go that way oh no oh no I see that so wait does he like peek how do I know when he moves we're gonna go back this way now twelve am I've done wait oh oh oh oh my goodness you here and moving the vents and then he's right there legit and horrible let me just write my death right now Oh Oh No now that dudes going in there I go this way see think something we're gonna move through so we have to survive what the fuck is going on oh my goodness me I don't understand there's someone else walking back feet pattering it sounds like barefoot almost like they're real and like it's one that's Bonnie they each have their own distinctive feet then one is going in now okay now and another and another one I kind of just want to see what is by this point is he that's chica that's chica we ah yeah my boobie dude just fart right that guy's there is so much movement this is nuts by this point okay let me just check this way right now I think we have to do something with this puppet control yeah look he flicked that so we have to go up to this and we have to do movie mouse clicking e.e how do we how do we turn this hold it I don't understand I'm pressing buttons on this thing and II come on dude are you serious right now I don't know how to move this thing I know exactly what I got to do look it's illuminated all right he's moved from the ven so we're gonna move around there don't be there don't freaking be there why hold up oh there is someone come in that way oh okay this is freaking intense as all heck food spring-trap is about to make his rounds again bro yo can't do anything with that this is very it's actually kind of confusing guys I don't really know what I'm supposed to do right now I mean I'm surviving so I'm proud about that I suppose so the cursor will change color when we can interact so why can't we at the moment you hear that that frickin sound right there bro the sound is going straight down through these earphones it's 3:00 a.m. I've survived half of this and I'm really unsure what I'm actually doing I'm dead I'm literally I'm dead dead don't know where I'm gonna get me look at this look at mr. dude look at this room I'm freaking I am so dead right now okay oh my god fredbear will kill you no matter where you are to prevent that stop the puppet from waking up but I was pulling the lever and it would not interact with it I presume that's what we got to do or do we got to go over to the puppet and I really hope you find him I'm gonna go check this out quickly we're in here now there's nothing to interact with this guy there's a tape hold up what's this let me just play this he pulls the switch then he goes through there alright so then the switch it's like a different color bed does not let me interact with this thing so do we what that's the puppet control and like clicking this thing this is all of a sudden like standing up in the way and it just doesn't work what okay so I had to download an updated version of the game now that works I was able to pull the puppet control thing I guess this is what we do then we kind of cycle like this and wait in between I'm Deb and Deb there's no I can go yeah I feel like the hours take way too long right now cuz now every time IRA start I'm just kind of like there's so much standing around between like there's nothing to do I'm literally just gonna stand here guys so I don't really know what else to do okay guys 4 a.m. so I'm playing this a bit differently I've actually increased the speed of this because there's just so much waiting but we never think it's a pattern ok so I haven't experienced this this time so bonnie goes through there alright then he pulls the switch what I'm listening for right now is spring-trap also coming along so we can't go in there just yet just I don't think I think I hear I hear someone else's feet right there that sounds like chica she may be coming this way so I think I'm about to get clothesline but even if I do I'm gonna learn from this okay it's the only way this night goes right now come on fredbear or not for it but no I don't want to see Fred bedroom trap goes in there yep mm-hmm he goes in there beep to make my way around here breathing good right i'ma go I think I can wait here to be honest 5 a.m. all right and no more noise let him disappear he's gonna do here through here again all right pull the lever oh ok this is good this is good so far I think I finally figured this thing out I'm gonna wait here right near the fender skull am I waiting post oh you see that climb oh my god come on this took way longer than I thought but I'm still determined and I think we can get through this okay son sighs spring-trap right there the dude pack wait one Kanaka you got to correct that sound right there my dude there was some interruption some glitches surely nothing's wrong you're still local option in the file not caused by spring-trap right oh shoot maybe it is which Bowl I would not run into that best to quit man okay so we're being chased down by what's not like spring-trap I would use the door I wouldn't stare at the freakin old luck okay maybe I would maybe if I did the outer died oh shoot wow you're a freakin dingus Anya you can still press the button quick neck massage it's like you know okay no no sure I'm down right yeah are you kidding me that's all it Frick why can we do that will it revanche man oh my god if we just start like spring-trap a head body yep yep we decaffeinated him you what what is wrong with our look dude like seriously fortune cookie money said like you will not be killed by an animatronic I'm thinking like what's this thing talking about animatronics whoa so we're frozen in time right now hey I'm gonna run these holes I can only walk I'm like hey my dude we're gonna back this way alright something's just happened ah we just oh my god we literally just chopped the dude okay yeah we're out something in this there's a reason you stood there and they put it now I'm thinking cuz things feel like blurry almost like guys what the frig like we go back we're still trapped I can't do nothing - foxy this is very interesting is chica about to do the same thing for the third time in a row yes she is this is too close for comfort okay that goes for I feel like this is definitely the puppets doing there's Bonnie you I should oh yes I see you right there my friend what's good pal huh what's good I don't have no flashlight on nothing are we roaming for any particular reason there's one animatronic I haven't seen and I'm slightly concerned and that one would be fredbear the big one that chased us down when the puppets thing was not powered down I'm thinking all what I mean the door still not there man are we slumping to his needs dang like got shoes in his knees let's not comment each Twitter oh maybe he prepped for this moment twenty years in the making okay what this oh oh okay what that's like oh sure this is like a security lockdown system congratulations Thomas you made it out alive until 6:00 a.m. yeah what about I've been watching you all this time frickin sick twisted survived all of the difficulties that have stood in your way okay however I wouldn't be considered a proper psychopath if I were to let you go like that all right look behind the same point so I freakin okay killed all of my friends you killed them all all of the animatronics enmity active you're talking with his negatives all fixed in one place so a few of my favorites okay so we're not closing in time no you won't have any cop heroes rescuing you anytime soon have fun wait I definitely heard something right there yeah indeed listen we can't see find me the two of us in here before I know it it's me maybe it what's it nope nope what's going on anymore dude you've got a process alright second is locked with a keypad may be afforded you I gonna figure this out please it's down the wall I've been looking at this right ten seconds like this dude is slow so he'd be a clue yeah find me let's search around for more okay we're gonna find out you're slinging the baby straw what's this looks like a butt like a Taser watch that's February no that's bad all right could be useful wait how do we equip this thing okay geez the button now it tells me the freakin in I would've preferred it if you told me before where I hear of Rome in these holes we've got to find me I don't know if me is fredbear every quiet destler's freak right now I guess he's gonna run us from weird angles isn't he I think in the vent mind me can I pass this dude now okay well the animatronics still completely frozen you know how's people now he is freaking peeled back as well which is kind of gross but you know you got to do what you got to do to liver Ayumi is it you or sis I need to put the light now my back is to what here always talking about another electronic animatronic look for that that's our first clue for the code you have the first in your back is not to the corner always gonna be Freddie hey buddy how's it going huh how's it going your back is to the corner right oh my god I had he runs all right when that's the East he's definitely gonna get us no matter what I got a shock him okay fingers on gg4 ah shock here we go what I press G there's something that I missed it's it held up Freddie will run at you very quickly every once in a while when he does to it what was I to do then okay let's try this again so like what I'd like here I don't really know what do I do don't know how much time I really had to escape I don't think I had now I'm trapped in this man he turns and looked at me I'm shocking okay right let me just get this have you got time to move no it's not very heavy foot let me just see why he knows who I am um okay this really sucks he's gonna be stalking me the whole time so do I just wait him to run or something is that how this dude works I kind of think so watch but why not it's the day of the Bands oh my god oh my god it's all across okay let me try the Taser here we go no this time we managed to make it so I'll cam - great thanks for the freakin hint Manny here he comes isn't for the running watch I mean I don't know how fast he like picks up speed you know so I think I gotta set this thing down somewhere and maybe look at the cam - oh shoot okay he's roaming there oh man so I see how we can get like blocked off don't run to me don't freak him Remi hey he's still cool you still buddies no no no we're not I might be running if we shocked him when he gets cocky and here we go good whoa you like it scared by the Taser what the Freak do we do I'm screwed I'm completely screwed right now dang man this sucks this is literally a day never go near the office alright know it I've already wished though that once I did this like the paper picking up part I could just start from there because I honestly get what's going on and this takes like 40 seconds to run here I'm back I mean I know this is gonna happen I love it if I just like maybe sat in that room alright so okay yeah all right let me just check out what that means - I should've pressed uh-oh here we go look up oh shoot six and side my head so I guess that's one part of this okay now can see by this thing man this is frustrating as heck let me just see if I can outrun this I don't know I don't know are you oh this is so ridiculous man for example like I already know the first digit six like if I go over here right now I can't even check it I just want to see so I'm not looking it cam - will the note still be here okay thank goodness it is alright so look up yeah I know it's six and we get inside my head but I need to find figure out what the Freak that means I really don't understand you get no range on that guy either place seriously you're really down inside my in here I don't know I've something inside my head but this is three all right six three let me just shot this guy No down take up behind a curtain shit this game is so annoying right now I can't believe you've done this okay I took way too long that was crazy that was absolutely crazy sit wall it was legit like the same thing though guys just finding the code so unit was so difficult and it's for this moment right here wait what did we just get saved by the cops yes we did all right I would say the happy ending all our friends are dead right now like we got to remember that this ain't good but we escaped the trapper the guy that held isn't much what else was it they found me they rescued me mm-hmm I was free from that hell of a rotten restaurant pretty bad place even bad a person can stand to go back home should they're never freakin gone the whole thing when you think about the butterfly effect guys if we said no none of this would have ever happened to us just from that simple moment where he went I'm kind of tired man sorry put the phone down never would have any of that experience been something we had okay

so this is in the police stations I'm gonna be asking you a few questions today Thomas mr. Thomas yeah Irvin of the missing oh wow what a thing victim I we have done fredbear and for establishing it's a 92 hello he previously stated boy spoke - yeah we heard that scribe working here they won't they're all dead Chris got pulled inside of that pipe and one of those things I like - Chrissy I feel the holy smokes mr. pubb's happen right you know any moment what's gonna be like there was nothing Kevin there Richards was chased down boy oh god worse Ashley bro oh your friends are dead I'm sorry there would dinguses know they were just walking in to say okay I'm talking he's probably stressed the Freak right here no and is that we're literally just cuts I think it may be you know something there's something more suddenly after life or something always the credits so that was Fred Bern friends reboot that was chapter 1 so I think they're gone for like a I guess I plenty in the English Teen Titans with this game which I experienced towards the end and I hope the devs are actually listening to this part it's the fact that you had to keep collecting the like the little leaflet things before they actually appeared and doing the same thing over and over again when you know what to do but you're being chased out and then you get some like BS mechanic where they came and yeah it is so frustrating to keep experiencing maybe if you die and maybe if the objectives are structured in that kind of way I think maybe what they should do is allow checkpoints and maybe more of them regular all the credits rolled I thought there might be something it's about to leave them to chapter 2 isn't it so we're back home we're in bed we're very panicky hey we got no feet bed look stricken flatter than a pancake like how thinner my legs like you know that spring-trap right oh and it showed us the one evidence thing about William after so who's to say that's referencing that I mean there we go guys we know we'll get a chapter two from this right here and then we have like this spring-trap thing here oh we got a museum okay let's just check this out real quick just wants to talk about the other things alright we can light this up oh I see we can check out all the different characters I did enjoy this game and I think you guys I'm hoping you guys did as well I mean they seemed like the first episode went down an absolute treat oh my goodness like what the Freak even is that thing it kind of reminds me of the ignited dude you know from the joy of creation so much so and then finally we've got the freakin dingus puppet talking it dings is a village freaking freak we got mr. twitchy he would hide behind the doors if I'm correct and uh oh we got like a mystery animatronic I don't think where did we see this guy I don't really have that much more to say about this other than really I'm just looking forward to chapter 2 I hope maybe some of the annoyances are cut down just a bit just very small checkpoints here and there I think that's all we needed for this and yeah would have been a much more enjoyable experience but if you guys did enjoy this video why not drop me that like crate and hey if you're new around here why not subscribe for more videos just like this one right here No thank you so much for watching this video guys I of course that we did enjoy and I will of course see you on the next one


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