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oh hey didn't see you there welcome to the live stream I'm not gonna lie had to restart my computer but welcome back oh my god today is the day where we are building our ultimate secret welcome back to episode a damn I got the hope you guys are having a great day my name is well we are here with another ow some live stream and YouTube videos have did not make the actual live stream we go every day around 4 p.m. est right now these this week it's been awesome we've had us in time where Vic was away and we took that time to let give ourselves some building room to build something very dangerous but you haven't caught me on a little bit of an off moment I am actually out exploring for some wool to start this episode off I took about 10 minutes and I couldn't find any we found some I need a little bit more than just this though we're gonna go ahead and sniff you up real nice and oh there's another one over here look at this sheep over here I think this sheep over here is probably dead I think we had the king sheep here but you know been throw oh my god there's so many of them either way hope you guys are excited for another episode ahead of Mike thank you guys so much for joining in today you guys are amazing hit that subscribe button hit that like button oldest all to jazz you guys know already what's up and today as you can tell by the title and the thumbnail of the last room slash youtube video we are gonna be building something naughty we have the defense's relatively setup I have some more defenses that I am gonna be throwing up and inside the base you help mitigate any particular raid by said vikkstar123 eh come on dude come on dude if we get just two back I'll honestly be okay with it I will be okay with it $5.00 a monkey the first trip of the day I managed to make it to this one nice thanks to the vid keep up the good work thank you very much thank you I appreciate it this little crowd we got going on it's amazing it's a little bit of an adventure home now so we've got some time to chat I'm gonna explain what we're doing today in this episode as you make this lovely adventure home and guys another $5 I just want to have a big fan and wish you an awesome weekend oh yeah oh yeah so welcome to the welcome to the episode how is everyone doing today and the livestream Chad say what's up I like to communicate with my live viewers as much as humanly possible when I do live stream it's a little bit of a treat for both you and me I don't often get to do it so it's amazing when I get to lashing to hang out with you guys we have a little bit of a chill stream we hang out if you guys are doing it no windows firewall get out of here if you guys dread the subscribe and all that jazz as well as checking back on all the other videos we've got some really fun series going on if oh my god my mic you guys oh you guys thank you thank you now I sound dope oh but how about now there we go alright my bad guys i like i said i literally just restarted my computer that's why i was a cold minutes late I was having some some classic Ramadan flob issues don't get out of the bath their sheep get out of the bath so yeah we've got a lot of stuff to do it's been so much fun playing this every day this is the most consistent I've been with this series you guys know that I have many other series going on at the same time primarily prisons has ended recently which has given me a lot more time the last week and a half to do this as well as factions well you know Preston's not really much competition you know in that in that looks uh oh man my my lights off back there let's turn this up a little bit guys there we go so I do a factions and that's every couple days and you can obviously check on those if you enjoyed especially this bit factions is all that so that's amazing anyways let's go ahead and get these we're almost back with these sheep how's everyone doing today how's everyone doing today you missed grass I know I know if you guys are new to this live stream chat by the way it's personalized to me joining we like to get a little trollee in this you guys you guys get the trolls on me a good amount of times and I always like that so see what you got sometimes I fall for it sometimes I don't but you can always try and then obviously if you did if I did miss something to mess something up then you know let me know in the live stream Chad just I have a hard time knowing what's what's the troll and what's not you know we try we try our best here but it's fun like I said I like to listen the live stream chat a lot you guys like to troll me and that's totally cool let's see who wins this battle yes I'm also wearing the same shirt as yesterday by the way please judge me severely due to it I really like this shirt it's really comfortable and I woke up this morning I smelt it I was like it smells good what's wrong with who wears their shirt twice in a row who wears their shirt two days in a row no one and no one noticed come on guys you got to be you got it you got it you know you gotta get on point there all right you got to call me out on these sorts of things all right who does who does that yeah we could here we go yeah I know my FaceCam is a little bright I know you guys all do it see I know I know it's up i know it's up you guys all do it man these guys have been do they fix a eye tracking in 1.8 because I remember it being a lot worse than this like really really really bad let's see if they can get across the bridge of death can the Sheep get through the bridge of death find out which one will do it that is the king that is the king sheep the only one to actually get across the bridge yeah shoo this is not good they're gonna lose interest no no no no guys you want it hello hello come on I know everyone's having a splish Splash everyone having a bath we got sheep having a real good Aussie he know this guy knows what's up all right come on yeah swim to me oh my god dude am I gonna need to push all of you guys out of the water come on yeah there you go I got Deb Stratus no so I'm flying I'm flying all right come on come on this way guys this way can you guys not swim he's got it you got it dad you gotta bro come on Nick come on dude come on let's go get get up here don't God the all right there we go guys come on come on I know you guys don't want it yes yes true of survived three come on the rest of you can do it I might have to come back for you I don't want to have to come back for you come on guys hey let's go what all right that you know what if we if I just get these four back I'll be very satisfied we're so close let's just get these guys back and we'll be good to go okay yeah serious serious life struggles Musa asks what's the weapon that is a good question the weapon is inside this regenerating cannonball regenerating box and there's the new gate it's looking fresh I like that look a lot by the way I think we can actually go and look quicker these guys can keep the pace up I think yeah yeah yeah let's go let's go boys let's go boys and then we're gonna actually utilize okay just these two I don't even care I just need to and then I need them to breed come on get in here yeah buddy we started with eight ended with two all right birch bam bam you sorted ma'am yeah that's right you can't get out of here you are stuck in here forever now okay I do my slash kit I cannot alright we'll be dark in here for a little bit but have no fear actually you can't do that it's got to be uh-oh abort abort abort abort put an actual block here alright can can I get this guy into right he's right here right come on buddy let's get three in here yes come on good job and I think I might want to actually organize them depending on color don't lose interest are you serious you've fatty alright let's get let's get the plain-looking ones in this corner come on you're plain-looking one there you go bud get in there get in there get in there I know this is just the we're just hanging out for a bit guys alright and then we're gonna do the main stuff there you go alright they're in there they're safe you you're gonna get in this corner yes I definitely this is me being a total racist apparently I can I totally agree but you know what and minecraft segregation is required when I get my kit and 36 minutes okay well good luck guys have fun hashtag not really see you later let's just up that a little bit hopefully you don't die too mobs yep can't help you alright there's no rules in Minecraft villagers die everyday it's a hard world to if you think you have what it takes to handle how to Minecraft then you've thought wrong this hardcore rated-r game will test your wits alright and workbench is it just how do you make a painting it sticks right yeah alright so why did I do all of that that is a great question I'm trying to make sure that I keep my build continuously growing and better every episode we're not just working on one thing missed a super chat though 10 euros Rob pick smashing down so please either play pigs went on with the guys one last time I'm making a single-player series please also I love your bits thank you very much I heard about that that is really unfortunate I mean they weren't hurting anyone it's classic classic like just Nintendo is is so hard that way anyways we are going to put paintings here so I think we need to we put it over what's the trick to do this again it's a door and then you open the door yeah that's what it is okay so we got a door we go like that okay oh there you go come on give me give me a good tour give me a good tour no give me give me give me oh you're gonna be difficult aren't you I know there's a tour one and it's me in a oh my god alright you're making this complicated game alright and you know what I don't appreciate it so I'm gonna make just a ton of these and we're just gonna go ham there you go we got 16 paintings Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam give me the two top give me a two tall me too tall I'm going to die I'm going to die a slow death what the hell give me that to tall one ah yeah two to one all right super cool now we go through here and open the door yay super secret not really but it'll do okay for now at least well maybe do something actually special okay awesome so I didn't know where I'm putting like all my wool and stuff we have digressed and gone into a complete and utter mess again with this is it's it hasn't been great anyways okay let's stay on topic here I'm gonna clean out my inventory all the useless things that we do not need which is a lot of this let's go ahead and jump in to the actual weaponized beard I'm excited I hope you guys are too there will be some things that we'll need this might be a little bit of an adventurous episode let's go and see what we've got in store okay so most of you guys have not really figured it out some of you have we are indeed building drumroll please eat steak hold on a second and I'm gonna work on the roof later as well but we are building drumroll please a

cannon bum bum now hold on a second I have to go ahead and just fix this here so we're gonna go ahead and do that this is a mod called a schematic and it is amazing it allows me to grab up actual builds and build them live with you guys easily so this is fitting perfectly that'll be okay Wow perfect perfect perfect fit and the barrel is right here which is leading right into Vic's place right on okay so we are building a massive ultra destructive tnt cannon now this thing doesn't look super impressive it's not crazy but it's super compact and that's gonna give us actual ability to build slightly more defenses on this backside as well or just have a lot of room for chests and whatnot and it's going to be absolutely the destructive it does have a sand a stacking mechanic which actually won't work here so we get to get rid of this part here but it's okay that's gonna save us all this red stone which is quite nice because we actually don't have to send it up to any sort of stacker but it's gonna be awesome now before you guys freak out I will not be blowing up Vic that is not what this is okay I want to make that very clear like I said I don't want to destroy anything of vixx I don't want to steal anything of vixx I am just positioning myself to have a little bit of power in negotiation techniques now like I said a lot of you guys have been like hey Rob team up with a Vic team up with Vic oh you know what actually hunch guy I just got a little bit of an idea here we're gonna move this back and we're gonna build a little bit more of a compact barrel it's gonna help us with kind of seeing where we want to actually shoot it you can see that this has got a one long barrel here we can make it actually longer moving it back maybe one block so we're just gonna open up our schematic like this and we're going to move it Oh wrong way we're gonna move it like that okay that's perfect a little bit better so I will not be hurting Vic it's not it's not gonna happen but what I will be doing is I will be having a little bit of a chat with him and to secure himself in this event he will have to we'll have to talk we're gonna have to figure some stuff out and that's why I have all these defenses and we will be obviously blocking up the roof by the time he gets back so there it is that is the plan we're gonna build a cannon let's get started so to do this I've got some awesome materials to help me out with the actual building it's in the one thing I need a lot of our dispensers and I don't have those so I wanted to do it on camera so you guys actually saw me do this just in case some people were naysayers and thinking that like you know I cheated or whatever I don't know because you know this is definitely a little bit of a of an interesting play that no one else has done ever and how to Minecraft and I wanted to make sure I did as much of it with you guys so you can see the whole process it's why it's great that Vic is out of town so we need a lot of dispensers and dispensers are annoying to make because you need fresh bows can't be hurt bows it's got to be fresh bows so we've got to get a lot of these now there's a couple ways that we can do this we can get a lot of string from our lovely lovely lovely mineshaft which I'm thinking is the course of action that we go for just because it's gonna be awesome we got to go to the abandoned mineshaft we get to maybe get some diamonds but let me see exactly how many dispensers I need now there is a way for me to materials I get to seize we need twenty dispensers one button one ladder one piston 18 redstone two comparators we don't need 18 repeaters we do not need five sand and everything else is really really really easy to get so we really just need twenty dispensers which means we need 20 boats right now we're not really close at all we have enough for three dispensers so we're gonna need another 17 bows now I think we're gonna actually have to head over there let's go ahead and do it we're gonna actually use our button and I'm gonna be showing what we'll do we'll go through the door and everything like that promise cheating by using schematic ax oh no that's totally not cheating guys totally not cheating you are allowed to use schematic ax all right let's go through here throughout duel and take a teleport voila and we are going to head over to the abandoned mineshaft I should've been here in awhile and I will be also next project we'll be making the ha we'll be making the amazing secret doorway to actually get inside of it's over here right the secret doorway to get inside of our underground area can I cut right here yeah okay good all right so this is the way to the abandoned mineshaft awesome by the way guys we've also got 50 levels in our swords which is great oh hello XP I don't trust XP anymore because all of a sudden it's gonna give me like three thousand levels and I'm gonna get killed by the police officers and it's like it's not gonna be chill we're you know it's is gonna it's gonna it's gonna get juicy all right and yes today is Friday really quick is the prison's reset first celestial happening today which is really exciting so make sure you check out the forums on that cosmic prisons comm if you guys watch my Prison series for sure all right I think this is where the abandoned mineshaft is so we should be good to go honestly though I kind of wanna like super breaker and like maybe just find diamonds how awesome would that be also getting level 30 again would be nice last time we hit level 30 we got the beautiful wonderful depths riders that we are rocking right now it is only deaf strata too but it was such a help was such a help it's just random things just laying on the ground in here geez what happened here it's like a war zone also might as well grab all the iron they have not paid me the fifty thousand I'm still only at fifty two but I should be getting a hundred thousand today yeah I should be getting a hundred thousand today or maybe just four hundred thousand if the officer is is lazy and doesn't want to doesn't want to keep on paying me oh my god is this not where the abandoned mineshaft is what I don't really like this noise anymore that it makes when I pick stuff up it is different I don't know why it's different on this pack something something that was put into it but this is a custom pack it's not quite done yet I'm never quite satisfied with the with the packs I use everyone's always asked me what text back to you guys is what do you use Rob and I just can't do it to new sponsors what is going on in N can't speedy be thank you guys welcome I think we missed the ban in my chest [Applause] so let's head back Oh what is uh diamonds oh my god okay I actually don't have my fortune on me though if this is more than two I'll go back and get my fortune if it's not I'm just gonna pop them is it worth it to get my fortune guys only two diamonds yeah I say we do it I missed it anyways so it's almost broken so I might as well just use it diamonds though awesome what a way to start it off sweets where is my fortunes probably in here right you would think an almost broken pickaxe where are you probably in one of these

well awkward guys where's my fortune big

dark I lose it in the fire did I lose it in the fire

oh no it's a good book oh no how is it am i under chest all you guys are legends this is why I live stream these episodes because I've got the live stream chat with me and I think it is in the ender chest it's not is it in here oh there it is alright we're good here we all right close one close one we're good we're good another spots are welcome Clayton thank you five dollars almost heaven just teeny Vic's house now no no no no no no no no no you guys need to look at the bigger picture here if you think that I'm only building one cannon pointing to one person's house you miss underestimate the flower king all right I'm not just going for Vic I'm gonna I don't want to say too much but what you need to realize is that I don't want a blow fix house up I don't want to be his enemy I just you know next time he wants to galavant over with Lachlan and VR and try and kill me I want him to know that that might not be stood for and that might get him in just a wee little bit of trouble with this enormous can and a half pointing at its house I don't want to use it I need you guys to understand and I do not want to use that TT can but the last time I went over to try and C&C Lachlan's it was thwarted I've been bullied and pushed and I know me and Vic are on the same side right now we both kill villagers you both see eye to eye on a lot of things that doesn't necessarily mean that the fight is over it really doesn't oh hello creeper and I want to make sure that I have my side protected and that's what that TNT cannon is I might not have the best gear you know I don't really grind XP a ton where the hell is his time and I really wasn't paying attention it's definitely not here because I would have mined up this iron I think it's over to the right one so let's just go three blocks this way

hello diamond just you again so that kind of makes up for well that really gave me three I was seriously seriously unfortunate there it is though awesome another another diamond where is oh my god is a creepiest creeper look ever is it over this way anyways I do not want to blow I don't want to blow blow up anyone's house guys I don't want to blow up anyone's house okay I simply want to make sure that I am protected as an individual on the server and having enormous TNT cannons which is something that I can do and build and know how to use and fix if I need to is you know my way of protecting myself oh this is where it is okay that's pricey record great they killed Donnie for me first of all you know that's a completely different matter and I think that that was Vicks thing but thanks me and Vic are on the same side I'm not you know I'm not saying that I want to kill vicar or not be on his team at all so super breaker cancels for in fortune yeah I think so you're actually right up for that before that was stupid of me what I all right this way right right right right right right right okay and then diamond there's two and there's two all right so we got hey that's not bad that's not bad I'll take it that's why I wanted to go on this adventure just a free easy eight diamonds now where in the world is this abandon my chest was it in beef it was in the first row wasn't it you know what I ain't sure remember it now being in the first row we do need to grab some coal that we always need more coal Joell says you make no sense well war doesn't always make sense man war doesn't always make sense but if you think that like in politics when you're an ally with someone you don't have a little bit of a you know rainy day situation then you are very sorely mistaken because the bestest of friends should always have a plan B in mind and this is my plan B and especially with someone as crazy and it's crazy as Vic got to make sure that you're sorted there we go think it's this way right here huh I was right make sure that no skeleton knocks us into the lava let's put some albright on and let's uh let's get the choppin now I might make myself a workbench like that beautiful little zombie spawner hair still still chillin yeah cuz this stone sword I don't really want to use up my iron sword to break down gobble cobweb you know it's kind of silly okay so touch them though can't silk touch that unless I put so touch on a sort I don't even know how to get a shirt wearing actually gets the job done nice okay so swords and shears destroy cobwebs very nice

let's try and get a good spot where we're not constantly fearing for our lives over lava nice a nice little area of the ravine of the abandoned mineshaft would be would be great I mean a cave spider spawner would be the best I know that there is one near ish here or was that the other abandoned mineshaft that did that silk touch shears okay all right awesome awesome the more you know guys the more you know so where is this

where is this rest of this mineshaft I hear it whoa I totally hear it's right here right so just straight down to the right oh officers here welcome officer hello there that's scared me I heard someone moving that like did not seem natural and I was like that's either three creepers or it's a human and I got a little I got a little afraid by the way I also need a horse just saying also need a horse Bobby yeah I know sad face sad face I quit my no no no you have debts to pay are we cool fifty thousand no no no no I all right not here what what am I supposed to do with a horse

my little buddy I think you are in a little bit of a predicament that horse is uh ain't going nowhere ain't going nowhere guys huh do you think I need this night vision did I got gamma bright on did so where is this nice whatever we don't need to like find some sort of obscure we don't need to find some sort of I'm really I'm really curious though where this obvious I hear him is he above me is this zombie above what if there's diamonds there guys what if it's a zombie spawner - zombies farms right next to each other would be absolutely mental all right I'm done I'm done here I'm done here we gotta find we gotta get what we came here it's 14 string we need three strings per bow and oh my god do we need like a stack of this stuff we we actually need like a stack of string we got to find that K spider spawner man if we can 5 the cave spider spawner then we'll be we'll be good to go probably already loot this coal pumpkin seeds here's some man what I wouldn't do for a cave spider spawner right now okay guys weird weird usually hate those right now low-key loving him 6666 viewers live by the way that's always a great number to have super extra spooky it feels good it's another one bites the dust I forgot Deb Strider oh my god it's a beautiful thing Oh Deb Strider why are you so good to me running through the water with my woes uh-huh all right so good amount of string right here three more pieces oh it's head down whoa I wonder if we can find diamond that would actually be way too late for the scenes oh darn it where is this case spider spawner let's go up here alright man I cannot find a good little area to go you guys are doing good that was actually a nice try guys the live stream chat is trying to tell me that my mic is muted it's a good one it got me once I think I got me once that's a it's a good collective effort going on right there though guys I can respect that I know my mic isn't muted though so nice try seriously like I'm genuinely like nice tryouts that's a good one so decent rolling everyone's like spamming it so when you get like everyone instantly spamming it's good I know I saw the guy who started it - I know I'm onto you I'm onto you I can't remember your name though because it was like an unoriginal one take tell him his mic is muted guys it happens to me every episode original guys I need original I always get like really afraid of mining on top of gravel alright 51 I think we're just gonna 70 27 of these ah I would love to get more though I'd love to get more hmm it's just not enough I think I need like a stack there's just no like what the hell do where's all the string where is all the string and why is it hiding from me I don't appreciate it man I don't appreciate it

let's follow this this cave up here oh my god there's nothing up here oh my lord I think we'll dip back I think we can try this really is the best way to get string that I know of currently with my current resources unless someone else has another idea I'm kind of at a loss it just sucks that this is so on the precipice of the border I've already combined all the bows that I have guys every single bow that I own has been combined and we got like three out of it so not so great could have been better what if we go up here this could be good whoa hello check this out give me the sweet sound of a spider please I will do anything for a spider spawner right now I will do anything all the string all to myself oh my god it would be just so freakin juicy it will be so juicy

[Music] Oh another zombie spawner whoa okay we've got two of them here now oh my god guys that is HUGE that's really big okay do I have any wood besides obviously the wood and some string nice always take some string yeah all right I get it I get it I get it no go stop really I just serrated strike them all right just get a couple torches here really quick but another zombie spawn it sounds like there's another one though guys could this be a double zombie spawner does it not sound like there's two right here

this could be huge right down here oh my god there might be come on show me that cobblestone show me that cobblestone right here same chunk come on it's so loud we're still in the same chunk I think oh my god where is that coming from up up up okay up alright alright I get it I get it I get it let's go up

oh this is loud where are these zombies [Music] no spawner ah with my hole oh my god a frickin spawner no that's just where I came from yeah I got a little too excited there alright fair there's still I'm not giving up hope I could have fallen hmm I just feel like this place is like a lot of yeah all right we got one spawner here good to know well Q $5 hundred every almost everyone says you blog fix house he thinks you're a second-class citizen oh my god dude that is some savage words man well I'm not gonna be blowing up his house unless he makes me so that is a that is my that is my word these guys are still louder after everyone we want to drop down this way oh my god and you're telling me there isn't another zombie oh Jesus that could have been really bad oh my god that was close okay we're good oh whoops

I think we're done here though so good amount of strength I'm pretty happy with what we've got 41 I think we'll be fine we don't need to make it have as many ways it's close enough hold on one zombie spawner here one zombie spawner there okay this is that I don't think it's going to be ever in the same chunk though and we just see a direct line to this other zombie spawner we go straight up here yeah I know there's like one string in that chest CBA hmm we build a cross which is a little scary because we're so high we don't a water bucket on us the other zombie spawner is over here right this might be something we actually build

okay so the other zombie spawner is is this the same hello guys what the hell three of them I've never seen three Enderman spawn in the same area that's actually insane all right in case we fall I guess we can ender pearl our way out where is the other zombie spawn I just got to find it really quick I kind of lost it this all looks the same okay it's close to here nice look at all this string yeah there's five sitting in the chest okay

so where we built up right so it's not here it's across so that's just this is where one of them is and the other ones up here I think it's all the way over yonder though which is kind of annoying

isn't it up here okay can these holes go away dude these holes are terrifying sure just like looked at the cords what was I thinking

hello good sir how are you today oh here it is this way right it's far

hmm anyways whatever I'll figure it out I don't think that they are close enough I'm pretty sure that they're actually quite far so we're probably not gonna be able to stack them together which is unfortunate because oh man zombie stack oh that would have been nasty I just don't know where it it's like I'm literally blind right now blind AF I thought it was up yeah I thought it was up one level it's not any higher it's not down there huh anyways I'll find it I'm not worried I'll like look at this next time see here yeah oh it is here yeah okay I thought what the hell I'm trippin yo I'm trippin see here what anyways whatever I am I'm totally lost classic minecraft classic Rob I think we're good on string I'm gonna dip out hello skeleton and you guys even level 5000 level 57 awesome alright and a witch oh my god please don't poison me we're good okay so man I don't know okay anyways let's slash home let's get out of here and we're gonna make a whole bunch of bows again I don't think we need as many dispensers as demonstrated by what I had us we should be okay let's get that stuff smelting they're really quick let's get dis tough Schmidt oh my god let's get this - male j'en we really got to get a diamond sword going now there is a diamond sword on the server guys but it is currently being held by Lachlan aka has known server in a while it's Kai and I think like a hundred and fifty thousand dollars so whatever he's gonna do with that I might have to talk to maybe I hold that ransom because this house obviously would be a part of the devastation if he if if I if I did blow up Vic's place Laughlin's house would be falling victim most likely to the results of that all right we got redstone we've got some bread whatever we got more gold horse armor awesome and save some gunpowder now it's actually put gunpowder and this area and there we go we're gonna need a lot of gunpowder okay cool so let's actually start this thing let's build it building it won't take too long so I'm glad that we were able to do a bunch of other things get eight diamonds which isn't incredible but I'll definitely take it we have none right now so having the eight diamonds is nice oops 150 mm which will obviously be going up as well all right let's go ahead and and actually get work on this so we got a do please my that enough wood here to actually really okay I got no wood on me am I good sorry guys hold on one second and you would hear oh that should be enough right 24 i put the string away didn't I sometimes Rob sometimes you do the darndest things sometimes sometimes you just do the darndest darkness darkness things cool so let's go ahead and go get the string and try that again I probably just put it into you one of these chests like a Dumbo sometimes when I'm commentating and playing minecraft at the same time I do some really really really silly things

there it is oh my god all right there we go and Bing Bing boom one more amazing let's do this and start building dispensers okay hook keep on go in here get them all done and I think we should be okay with that many let's I mean how many is that that's eight its recipe called for 20 probably best we get a couple more probably best all right I have this trick called string straight always know where my bows go and let's finish it up we need a little bit more cobblestone slowly some cobblestone lurking in these chests as you guys know I have not been lucky to get a silk touch unfortunately all right there we go and bow all right cool so this is dispenser making 101 how to craft a dispenser I think 15 will do it I I think I think 15 16 is going to be plenty for our bill let's go ahead and get started though guys we've got the comparators we've got the repeaters we've got everything else we need we've got the redstone going then it's gonna be seeing and doing an inventory of how much T and T we have and then probably striking a ceasefire with Brandon or pizza hi I would I will not be building anything towards his house and he will obviously in turn hopefully provide me with a lot of gunpowder we're gonna make this out of stone as well because what do we make it out of that's actually a really good question I can make it at another break let's make the cannon at another brick that's cool that's cool bang bang bang alright another break so if you know it looks it looks a little bit creepier

you got me those are droppers you silly goose all right Wes you got me - nice one H I had to double-check that I had to double-check that I had - all right I know pete's sake but we're gonna figure that out eventually all right here we go so this is how this works oh you know what I really need to do stone because it's gonna show red it's fine it's a pretty simple build so I'm not really worried so just place the main builds first now obviously it should show not red but this is fine we can do layer by layer what's really cool about this is you can actually go like this and you can do unload oops and we can do oh whoops oh no I did not want to do that home done shoot shoot guys I messed up I messed up all right it's okay it's okay it's okay let's go here let's rotate it to get the front pointing where we want to get it pointing which is this way you guys get to watch me do this again hooray one more rotate right yep one more rotate boom and then there we go okay it's telling me don't unload you can do one why can't I Operations hide show up huh I don't know why it's not showing me the layers anyways it's fine so we actually don't need this so we're gonna put Rhett we're gonna cover this in red because we don't need those and we actually don't need this block here or any of this redstone so we're not going to need that there as well but we are gonna have to start placing down our dispensers okay so let's do that dispensers so this is really cool because you can actually go inside here where my repeaters can't go to place just this repeater wait is that okay because now I can place the dispenser on to that Peter there we go place place amazing place cool oops a little bit too many place place place place that's enough I actually don't really we'll do one more just for good measure because why not but that's plenty power I don't think I need more for this cannon that would be a little overkill okay and this oh we need a ladder okay we don't have a ladder but we'll go ahead and make one and then this is actual our scatter which we only need two for that the comparator over here is a really cool piece it's a double comparator interesting so this is really nice because what it does is it will tick tick tick tick tick tick tick and create tons and tons and tons of shots really quickly thus the scatter this is full tick full tick great and then we got a place a button there we'll do that in a second or so we don't actually need all of this that's actually unnecessary okay so just read a repeater here at zero tick as you can see and we need slabs okay so we actually need to go get some stone and then we're gonna be able to pretty much finish up the rest we gonna make some some slabs so stone slabs I mean mat as well as showed me oh we got two more dispensers thanks use the power of stone slabs is incredible and moving redstone up it's really useful I think you can use any stones slat any slab but we'll see yeah we're gonna work that that will not be a problem okay cool so the nice thing is that like as much as I really like to use the schematic ax I could actually build one of these by myself so afterwards I'll be able to get rid of the schematic ax and actually see specifically how it's built and if any issues happened because I should be able to recognize if there was I shouldn't be able to recognize that all right here we go I agree CJ I agree CJ CJ I agree all right here we go so place place place Oh what's this going on here oh I didn't put the the back dispensers I thought I did though these are placed in those are placed in should be able to just slap okay there we go and then redstone here redstone here you don't want to get any of these blue blocks that's when you know you're doing something wrong there you go so obviously I mean I could place these down but again don't need this but I could maybe set this to go to like fireworks or something here that'd be kind of funny yeah we did fireworks there so it's like the fight the shot is happening fireworks all right so this is gonna be our barrel like this so obviously guys if I use stone it would look like that's but nether brick is a block of choice for this destruction alright cool so that is good repeater like that's there you go there you go they there you go oh oh that's there's no slab there that would be exactly why so I actually don't have anything higher so this is also a no-go I don't need anything up here because this is all empty I don't need this much power that's a little overkill so we're good so let me just go ahead and hit like this and just do hide and voila this is our cannon it's looking not bad looking not bad we actually got to get rid of this a little bit though I'll set this up with a ladder is we got to go get some ladders is what we're missing and a couple of other small minor details but let me just double-check this so this is not necessary this isn't hooked up to anything so that should go here that's gonna lead any here we're gonna fill these all up with TNT that's set up this should oh I actually think I do need that over here because yeah I do need this but this is

no no that gets powered yeah and then there's just redstone all up here right yeah okay oh nothing in there okay we're good all right there we go so that's all good with redstone again this is all unnecessary we don't need any sand stacking we can now make this look a little bit cooler so we can add you know some extra layers to it make it look a little bit more bad eh we can even make the barrel a little bit longer like that's and we can do some cool designs as well you know we can do whatever we wanted to make this cannon look a little bit more terrifying I like that though you know maybe something like this was some sort of offense coming down that would look kind of cool some stairs here kind of like that like nothing is kind of hanging up I'd be kind of cool and there you go there you have it this is a cannon now we've got to just do the water on the inside so and then a couple things missing in here it looks like so the water source is gonna be down here ladder so this fires a TNT pushes the TNT into here it lands into this pocket then the other team's he lands on top of this ladder and has exploded through the barrel quite easily quite simple do we have all of our timing set here this is looking good full tick no tick so it's exactly four ticks behind so it should shoot pretty quick this is some devastating damage that I'm telling you right now this is gonna be this would be quite the show if we ever use it hopefully we do not now I might test it actually let's get it done first and then I'm gonna show you guys something we might do a little bit of

no no no no no no we have our first

yellow dude what are you doing in my house I want to use the TP thingy absolutely not that is reserved for paying members of the TP membership all right how much is it well what do you think it is first of all how you gonna get there the gold look have you been that one how do you use it yet oh I've heard people talk about it oh go try all right where is it it's a good question oh I heard it's a gold blog yeah see follow me all right I'm following you now it's not quite open but you might be my first customer oh yeah I'll shut the door let me go thank you so you might be my first customer follow me so it's not quite ready yet but I will be releasing the the way to get into the secret area so you're obviously seeing it without being done so redstone here but this is the where the TP goal block is now to get access to the store you will have to pay the membership fee though okay how much is up now I was gonna charge $50,000 for unlimited use but first customer I'll do 35 K and you can use it whenever you want okay yeah there you go awesome so it's just this button right here and press it yep there we go come on through oh and this is the block and well the goal block is hitting the goal block is secure in an other location and I will not be telling you where it is but this button will indeed teleport you to the corner world border of the map in which there is a strip mines set up there is choose ami spawners the man abandoned mineshaft nearby and a whole bunch of other awesome things so alright only reason I want is I just want to go down pretty far from the place though to fly a wither well then there you go just try and fight it maybe a little bit farther from that I mean what happens in that area is is you know what all yours I I have no claim over that corner but yeah alright yeah that's fine so there you go check the button I appreciate it yeah and feel free to there's a button to get out by the way on the stone and it opens up the door and you can then leave at your own discretion but feel free to use using that entrance at any time just because you don't really want people running into my house it just it makes me a little nervous so I'm sure I'm sure you can understand yeah yeah okay cool well it's uh it's been a pleasure I'm actually really quick wondering if you have a couple of things I'm looking for actually I think I have everything I need we're good all right cool there you go thank you for a my first ever and I will be putting you on the on the list so when I do eventually get security they know to let you end no problem I awesome great all right thanks yeah all right guys first first customer to the teleportation device 35k now we will be charging everyone else 50k there it is we are at $185,000 killer killer what were we doing what were we doing oh right water which we have a lot of ladder which we can build quite easily

hmm okay that's we need a couple ladders though so let's get a couple sources of water here why is getting wood always such an issue it's I mean I watch I've done all these tree I hate birch trees but oh no I mean I did get my money claim yes I did so the way I'm thinking is there's abouts I don't want people to use that corner I think it's awesome and there's a about five to ten people that would use it and I want to just make sure I get there they're the purchasing of it and if when I can if I can do 50k and have like ten people buy access to it then I'll take half a million dollars that's definitely definitely worth it now maybe I can work on something else but maybe it'll go up ooh next one for 45 then 55 then 65 it's like an exclusive I like that so $45,000 for the next purchase to get in then 55,000 then 65 I'll go up by 10 every time perfect perfect these are all done how's our sheep doing doing good all right looking comfy all right whatever I don't care about that let's make some ladders you know what I'm honestly gonna just go ham on sticks right now because bang man there you go I want like tons of ladders ladders are actually awesome anyone who doesn't use ladders it's missing now in life by m62 ladders put them in here ma'am okay we've got some ladders awesome hook jump down here obviously we will be getting rid of this and adding on our top defenses and once this is done by the way guys I will be giving myself a way to get into this base a secret way that I can use that obviously I will not be showing on camera for pretty fair reasons let's actually do a roof here I need to make that into obsidian though right okay so I'm gonna work on the inside of this probably a little bit off-camera I got to turn all these into obsidian and then I need to I might cover the whole top layer with obsidian as well because we have a lot of obsidian and now that I've got this money covering the top layer of the potato maybe not a bad idea okay cool so let's go ahead you guys want me to test if this works after we do all this so it's a this up this and I think the water goes here yep and another water probably let me see said that's no hmm let's see something really quick I'm not really sure where this water source is being placed yeah so we'll be at the top here and honestly we can just do this like that well there goes the wither so that's good and then but it's not quite

this actually working I think this is actually good I think you need water hmm and by the way I'm gonna build a mechanism to get rid of the regions if I ever do want to blow up so it's gonna be a part of the redstone I'm just not sure I do that yet uh yeah I think we have to just place a water source right here no but that's gonna flood this way and what's going on here what is going on here so the water is coming here and stopping but we want it to because that's where the sand stack happens it's not really very clearly showing oh yeah okay so this is a water source like that okay and then we can go ahead and just like this place a ladder there alright let's let's test this out guys let's see if it works alright just give me one second we're gonna see if this bad boy makes the magic happen hold on one second guys [Applause] which repeater I got my live stream chat telling me that I got to watch out for a repeater apparently is not in a good spot right now which I find very hard to believe

let's see real quick why it's my OBS not working it's like not showing my screen all I gotta reload the schematic in so hmm just a double check there's no teen teen here good works perfect all the way up awesome soon we get a multiple click on there click click click comparator limits it this is unnecessary there oh no we need that to run that signal a little bit longer ah ah that's cool so if it goes if you don't have that redstone there it stops but if you run that one longer it actually gives you that multiple tick love it that should work completely now I actually might want to do a slab here slabs are always pretty good could just I wonder if this is yeah let's uh let's try it out let's try it out should not be missing any repeaters we are good to go it's ticking it's working it's a beautiful up that repeater that's what you guys are saying I got you I got you not super necessary not a super necessary repeater but I figure all right you guys are right see sometimes you guys are trolling sometimes you guys know exactly what you're talking about

let me just I guess there's why I put that repeater back right and repeaters or Peters or Peters where's my repeater we don't really need it all right it's filled as these bad boys up with tea and tea all right and we will see if this is rip or if it is nuts powers got plenty of tea and tea let's get rid of these regions right here oh let's put yeah that'll be good there and to get rid of the regions we'll just go like this oh can you go away boys thank you let's see if this works let's do it

hmm hmm TNT went into place that doesn't have water duh oh my god unbelievable silly Rob Trix are for kids hey can this there we go alright it's working now um yeah this water placement was not smart because the tnt went right where'd you go hey how did it blow up hmm where's the water pocket here that's the water pocket we need that right do we even need that do we need that

two blocks are blogging some in the bath yeah this is all oh I mean this this shouldn't actually oh my god fam what am wait what was I even thinking all right hold on a second guys uh smart oh my game just crashed darn it we're smart uh what am i what was i what's that doing there that's uh that's what's up there it is there it is that another brick was in a really bad spot it's why you use the appropriate materials given to you in the schematic okay Frank I wanted to make it look pretty all right I wanted to make it look pretty and we have failed I failed you guys all right let me just toss that all this stuff Oh hold on

we're gonna do this we're gonna do this and we're gonna make him make the magic happen so now these blocks are gone

let's do this again let's fill this up with tea and tea we don't we don't need this we don't need that much I don't need to fill up all of these just like that's plenty like it's either gonna work or it's not gonna work right like I don't need to fill up all this with tea and tea and obviously IRL it will be filled up with one each so I know that this is different than what it's supposed to you I do think that ladder is supposed to be here though do you think this ladder is supposed to be here it's gotta have a place yeah all right let's try let's give it a shot okay we get a little bit stuck on this on this slab here let's get rid of this slab all right shooting a little low here shooting a little low so we can get rid of this because that is way too much of a guider Oh baby it works oh my god oh my god alright alright uh yeah DJ oh my god J skelux you got out how did deejay skelux get out what the hell dude how this magic alright um dude nuts that's crazy we could do more hold on so if we actually get rid of this fill this with tea and tea and then put I don't think that's gonna work I think this needs to be cooled this would need to be glowstone right yeah cuz it needs to be off oh no no on that powers both of those and then this will power both of these and then we literally need to just use

hmm yeah we need repeaters right it's a redstone traveler travel from that slab but how do we we do like from here hmm

yeah okay so I just did I did this off by one so that should that should power both of those all right let's see if the devastation Oh oh yeah oh yeah oh no oh that landed it landed inappropriately okay so we cannot add more power unless we create a bigger barrel we're good we're good let's go look at the the devastation could someone tweet this to Vic and be like rip your house Vic let's take a take a screenshot really quick and tweet that out to Vic shall we copy let's get that let's get the download on that get the the upload there awesome well guys that is the stream hope you guys enjoyed thank you so much for watching you guys are all amazing of course that is a single-player server but I am assuming anyone watching this probably knows that Vic's house is fine this is as just a test DJ's skelux is alive and well Vic's house is good what are these guys doing whoa whoa whoa whoa easy what's up talk what's happening what's up what's up so someone's going on we don't know what it is are you behind this rope what's up do you know if quips off this no good I don't know what you're talking about hey the beacons at some will shuffle in my inventory your diamonds are gone their house the beacons back it's red now I'm confused man I'm a little busy guess I can't really help you yeah we're scheduling quiff right now dog did ya see ya okay I'm just gonna I thought it was me a boring mind mining episode you guys sure are making it fun that much I heard some blocks around I'm not doing any of them being shot by DJ skillets stop it what you don't trust me do not anyways I gotta get back to work so I've got this this little box to seal up hey you guys wanna see what's in here in the box in the box what's in the box where's the box you guys want to see can you handle it oh man oh you guys already that never mind you know what I don't think you want to know what's inside the box it's all good you're chillin it's it's it's not for the faint of heart that's for sure this water box over here I wanna know what's in there let's check this out wait what we know in groups right now oh no I tweeted

stairs on the other side now before you come on top of this box is there any chance of me dying yes watch out watch out stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop or I will swing stop this is between us behind you this this is between us no one could know and don't go inside of it okay you can just pick it you can just peek oh is this that is all and as all you guys can see now get out of here I gotta add my thanks scram all right guys thank you so much for watching this episode take care and Jesus I guess that goes bad and we'll get to some off-camera working and I've fixed up a couple of the defenses and get a little bit more secure and it all speaks yeah later it works I gotta fix up the parts that make it work obviously and I'll see you guys in a bit

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