[Hearthstone] I’ve Joined The Dark Side

by: Kripparrian

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hey guys how's it going kripparrian here today I want to give you guys my first game playing control lock so why am I playing control lock well as you know from the videos in the last few days in my run to legend to this month I'm trying to get legend in standard we're pretty close and now that I'm switching decks to an actual decent deck it's probably having pretty soon so make sure you guys are checking out the stream regularly I'll be playing for the next few days at least well at least until I get legend but I do want to play the wild arena that's coming up in about five days from the launch of this video so that's kind of my soft deadline but we'll see I think I can do it right now I'm just passed rank three but I was having a hell of a time doing it with the paladin deck that I made as it turns out playing your own original decks makes it very difficult to do well in ladder these days now the Palomeque did okay most people who use the deck told me they couldn't get past rank 18 with it well I made it to rank four and five stars six times but I after the sixth time that I failed to go to rank three mi cake look I know this tech is good enough I know I could be playing it a little bit better I know I could get the legend or the deck like this but who has time for that kind of crap right we've got a deadline to meet we got to play wild arena in like five days so let's kick it up a notch and I started learning to play control lock now the control lock you're about to see is pretty different from what you're used to it's the slower variant of control lock maybe it works pretty well in the matter right now actually a lot of the matchups that counter cube lock don't actually counter the slow variant of control lock now it's also a pretty high skill deck and it's also a deck I've never played before so my play is gonna be suboptimal at least for a while and until it improves it might struggle a little bit but I'm sure eventually it will get where we need to get now today I want to highlight the absolute first game that I played with the deck it was quite a surprise and the deck certainly taught me a thing or two so I want to share that experience so you can kind of get an idea of type of gameplay I'll be putting on on the next few nights so check out the game hope you enjoy it come by and check out the stream and I'll see you guys tomorrow if I keep the liking like the other ones too much so fine let's just duel a queue by itself there when do I want to play dirty rat probably not now I think I'm gonna try it

that's nice I mean it's cute luck no it's got the heels it's probably a variation of control well this is a mirror match wanna play Trin as fast as possible so we need to unload her hand or off let her hand it mean and I'm gonna draw shaded dark facts yeah really tough time getting rid of cards right and it clear that so fast

I should sufficiently screw up his Lloyd Rieber Gould on play mass void Lord versus massive void Lord goo gone was better there I'd rather get more void Lords

that's never happened against me I lost I think seven void walkers and four void Lords just proportioned five and one no it's not 12 I was unit capped several times

could have done that better just me the sure to kill the other than that the banker then yeah okay

yeah your magic shall not see I'm not playing cubes more control variant

three void walkers three guys three less than half

getting on in this game

yeah written at the bottom - it was a good one

what does he have left

but and what I would what honey what the hell is is in his hand what is that

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