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we're the only master Museum I do sing colors yeah I like this vibe really business but it's like go opera glasses so creepy my best one yes yes everything about this is perfect but I think this is my best music video seriously hey old dress look like a prince oh he's drinking axe that's some hard liquor it's so dramatic oh she's like visually yeah ding the jackets I love when they were difficult ok Oh

one day money money if I was late one man one money I wanted more money money money I want you think money money money but I want more oh crap yeah tie me up mania Bunch wait yeah what's her name BDSM et/pt I figured it out oh don't do it oh you did they're becoming the art oh my gosh yeah see it

oh he's in love with a sculpture

so did you think the music video it's confusing yes what they're cute why did you think of a music video what happened why did I went was he the angel he's an all fake were they the art was it me what do you think this was about

sounds like struggle but they're going through blood sweat and tears so I just showed you through a DTS a song dope fire and this was blood sweat and tears how would you write them you're like most favorite to least favorite I think that there are great dancers there they have really cool concepts and with that last one it's sort of showed that they're like sort of go out of the box in a little bit dope was my favorite dancing fire was my favorite like aesthetic and that was my favorite concept yeah they have really interesting it's unique it's not go like oh my gosh I'm like climbing up I'm like crazy settings - yeah interesting like all that fire burning I'm mixing museum and backdrop just so yeah I like them they like blend it into the museum I so here's a picture of the full group which one sit out to you the most some of them probably dyed their hair a little bit so they might look different might look somewhere [Music] which one is which I know rapmonster always worked cutoff pants yeah I don't well I don't know they look really similar to me I know that's like bad to say but like they do yeah girl wearing the same thing oh well j-hope is touching drunk cooks but so but I like Jimin the most because I love him he's an amazing dancer and he's really sweet and everything yeah Oh Abbi is my second-favorite he's my bias record and I just is too much honestly like that video so good like

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BTS is a 7 member kpop group from Big Hit Entertainment.

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