The Lords (Trouble In Terrorist Town)

by: PauseUnpause

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all right Knights area 51 the Knights of 84w 84w oh man is our round table still in the shop it'll be there in time here we go okay oh yeah great perfect hmm this is my steed wow thank you thank you all right what is the name of your HC steed oh man is it honour for you know so you so you can everyone's here right yeah pretty much is yeah you were gonna give us our nightly titles that's right we are we get off the old night wand now you guys know you have to kneel before money all right well what should speed be so do you men stuff to me it's all on me it's all new man yep man five minutes you're surely on the first one just shut it on the first one man on the spot stuff I want to go with sadness just to

Jesus start with Co Co please night please please kneel I dub thee I dub thee sir so how I'm sorry yeah if you have to take the dubbing all right I'm dubbed alright rollin on dubs you're here you are sir Dubs the Dubs a lot thank you my lord no problem you are you know epic tales of conquest dumping through don't do the thing alright alright I Knight B oh do it sir sir sir what was his name mr. what he died before he could so what's his name hobby sir what's his name he died a brave death oh man that's a very honorable

would you would you say a few words sir Dinkley sir Dinkley I didn't know sir what's his name I hear he was kind of a douche chimera Lee is Aegis and beat his grandmother up so I'm actually surprised you managed to tonight him like no ball he never made it to a night that's the thing he failed the knighthood good I was aren't anxiety previously does know right know you've heard you're gonna okay cool sir daily sir Dinkley yeah yeah sir rolling on the dubs how's it going sup sir dangles tankless hey can I request a name change yeah let's go ride our steeds get get our steeds

help me fix my god seed okay oh nice you got to give it a slap on the ass if you want to really that was for throwing all the props at me you asshole what purpose sure I had such plans well I ruined them all I need to get my knight name temp owns matter did I well do you killed everyone no I killed you yeah well what happened Justin people are pissed the grenade which whose fruit we were busy having a ceremony honoring doing a thing to honor the nun named night so you weren't gonna get a name anyway you're near death nobody cared you were gone to be knighted man I was really will get night it now just to get my baby oh my god are we having another round table like oh my god you piece of shit fuck you cool we cool I'm cool I dude truce Oh truth yeah that need that truce need to be a little bit closer pause I'm sorry yeah and yep yep there you go Wow we literally hit a roost Wow living up to that no honor thing example I don't know fear turning around because you know have a gun yeah all right

nighttime calm sir melon King right night for this king is not the king Oh kill the king oh it's like Game of Thrones sick now are sedated yo I got sick names you're gonna be sir uh mr. Gallagher yeah well you know Jessica Mae you're getting that right away Oh get down your fucking knees I am your king now there are these you are sir jazzed in boom 560 you where's Buzz pues yo you are some sir mmm soon ball doodle that's a dumb name I'll live well I will live up to that name the doodle and zoom buzzer all right ready for this you are sir scissor desert I'm not gonna lie Rob rise in there can only be one king I think your body has left you could have given like a little bit of a word about it it wasn't even jihad I just held that grenade which is why I didn't have a chance to fucking run I'm sorry I saw that did I ran yeah Zumba doodle you're a failure that's his name right so you can see doodle just the real reason you ran since you have no honor can't die with your nights we've proven this so many fucking times wow he's to relish it honestly yeah I mean it does just look being dishonorable that's that that's uh that's my fetish being dishonorable he just fucking it a very tortured what he whatever he's dishonorable ran away fully tar like I like I look around for people in need and I just like run away scared and then you go yeah yeah you go home and masturbate feel as I run away around hey girl do something for you are you being Batman right now sure hi I like to imagine Justin thinks he's Batman cuz he's made I didn't like Gotham Joker York is be awesome right just oh yeah what's here look okay let's go through this door over here there's our blood going I wouldn't appear yeah like this is a battery room Co alright okay alright

here's what we do do you have a gun oh no wait do you have a quick gun you fuck go away stay here it's not being cruel nope spit save me well shootin we're gonna trap the average consumer don't hit me with the knife you bitch this right here way shoot is come on its side there we go okay so this is your an average deal that you find on a Black Friday Robbo do you kill oh you got him wait now we must wait for the average consumer I remember no one even knows he's there Oh looks like looks like might have an average consumer hip I'm just looks like we might have an average sir hey Oh God

help help help Oh almost kinda not really know what is that touch it spin I don't want it there Kate it in wait wait wait wait wait think Rob tried that spit I did yeah that's not good I don't know where that bathroom is though so you're safe I remember we're now over here Oh aah aah he's crazy he's pretty splash I was taking a bath all about Saturday night have a gun or something

no they jump in the water oh please don't do it give me that gun it'll be fair they're playing with their food Oh

dead end we're just like two lions chasing a mouse so many ways to kill them but I bleed they out

pause you whether you're the rightful king I think you should sort of do some dubbings oh my sir I still haven't even got a cool name alright looks like everyone is here let me just grab this come this way it's kind of the size of a table alright please get coat coat get off help get off get off alright so I am here to dub you guys as loyal and beautiful and sexy Knights you sir co-star really you're not sir co-star you are sir birthday cake you are sir buttery potato motherfucker ah blah I know you and I we slept together last night so you are circumsized pregame material kiyo team of writers to write your stuff bottles Sookie baya yeah you have a band together I don't mind how do you cut a means bid so good so push for you want speed us up good do you die in the water hey buddy won't there's only one body in there you see the little die I just I see a body over there he's not dead is he

do you really not see me know when I say turn around a shot huh hey Justin why you such a nerd wow I'm just giving people points Oh like you know a little flinch every time I do it now good just the old feel good flinch bit well good well ow oh there's a spaceship there's no space shit don't lie to me come spaceship right here don't believe his lies don't don't believe his lies drop that wow you almost pushed me in there yes damn it I just want one whoa gee how ya know so good he was man

how are you believing this because Wow Oh God not even safe so what a jet again I know you did why do you keep dying so fast how'd you know he's dead maybe confirmed it um one second boss wants me to make bridge okay okay I can't see your name Thanks Wow where did I pick it up oh you piece shit Oh Justin father thought I failed you Justin saved you hey Mike Mike Mike Wow my monitor Marc mama bear help I failed they failed no I failed rail bridge I found where the guns are where are the guns not gonna tell you Wow Wow you just found the guns yeah I knew there were guns I didn't know that we're not gonna found the guns oh yes found the guns that's how I won cuz I'm the one with the gun right here with gun one gone with the one the one with the gun wins how did you it Justin would sound like if he was Scottish no pretty sure it'd still be Wow sorry it was really way Australian whoo where me I'm a wooden TV you will Oh No Wow fuck these boxes man how did you throw that that he just got it got a little English on it we're preparing for the other world we're gonna get all this give me some right now all right because I'm trying to fly this thing at you and it's not working oh fuck oh nice but you were spitting oh whatever I said actually not Co you like I got probably spit here yeah yeah you go you love that thing you know you'll give him present - Oh presents I think I only got one oh no I got you all right cool I never give miss presents all right you're spoiling him you know that just just know that okay so we met we need to find a way to barricade ourselves now all right it's justa nice wait up wait for me we're gonna barricade somewhere need to find him flush him out boys let's go let's go whoa Justin Justin Oh take care of Justin Oh God just to protect the gasps protect the gasps Oh see weird every time Co uses the poltergeist it shows up on my screen that apparently means you're a traitor dead bones am i gave code the poltergeist you're a traitor yeah I gave pull the kulluk code apologized oh I gave poltergeist Eve the Po and culture Geist then we can then we can grab our coats all right go you won't have an old-fashioned that's no honor none had a man eight keys to make these chairs

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