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[Music] hey guys today I want to talk about a fab filters for K no filter which is this guy and specifically I want to show how to use these sidechain options to do some some cool feedback modulation so to do that I'm gonna start with a Neil track I have a drum beat here which is just an apple loop and it sounds like this right should sound familiar to all logic users and then I have a volcano filter but I'm going to load this one as a MIDI control effect rather than a regular effect and this way this is the only way for logic plugins effect plugins to actually receive MIDI note data and that is what we need for this so I'm gonna know if okay no - and then in this sidechain I need to receive my drum beat so dis drum beat I'm gonna send it to bus let's say bus twelve which has no output and then I'll send that pre fader and I can Dowe my fader down so now this goes to bus twelve and we won't hear it anymore but then I can receive it here inside okay and now we should be able to hear it again you can hear it's a little bit distorted which already shows some of the filter capabilities and we have an input and output dial here level level dial if I set the input to plus 36 and the output to minus 36 this is gonna be even more distorted it gets completely crunched and that shows us that these are analog modeled filters that will actually respond to to the loudness of your input so for now I'm gonna set this maybe down - turn for the input and the output can be 0 and it gives us a little bit of a cleaner signal now here's the cool part because we've loaded this as a midi controller effect we can now use MIDI notes to control the filter frequency cutoff so what I'm going to do is I'm going to set this frequency to let's say c1 which is about sixty five point four Hertz I have a reference list here let's see right there while we can see which frequencies belongs to which MIDI note and here we have sixty five point four is c2 actually not c1 all right and now I'm gonna crank the feedback on that and then we should be hearing or tone

right so we get a bass sound for for every for every drum hit and that based on this tune to see but because we have this as a MIDI control the fact I can now add a source here and I can act a damn it i source and I can say a keyboard track which is gonna track the notes that I've added into the MIDI editor and now I can set this up to control the frequency and now these nodes should play back in pitch if we give it some feedback [Music] so now we're using this filter more as a synthesizer and what I can do is I can add another add another filter actually right here by clicking that we can add I believe up to six or four filters here and this one I can tune it to for example a G or a c3 which would be one thirty point eight so let's set this to one thirty point eight and let's choose a different filter type like a metal filter for example and let's set up this as well now you can hear that right now even though logic is not playing it keeps going and if you don't want that at the bottom here we have Auto mute self-oscillation if you click that it will it will stop feedback and even if your if your peak value is set very high [Music] [Laughter] [Music]

[Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] now there's more cool stuff we can do after this for example right now I could choose some some different filter types and see how they all sound so I could switch between gentle extreme although most of these are have the ability to feedback then I can set them up as bandpass filters as well rather than low-pass filters are here I can switch between lovers and bandpass and I can also change the rotation route right now they're set up as serial but I could suit them a bit to be in parallel which means that they're gonna receive equal amounts of the incoming signal [Music]

[Music] now if I want to add some more movement to this I can now add a regular X LFO which is this guy and I can set that up to control the peak of the Liefeld and peak here it's just resonance right so let's set this up to be quarter notes and then I'm gonna interact the balance all the way to the left which is gonna give us a plucky sort of sound [Music]

and we can try some different intervals as well so for example this one it is a little bit low this extreme filter so I could try to set it to even 1c higher for example 2 6 1.6 so somewhere here [Music]

and now with the notes of course there's a lot of different things we could do as well I could add an arpeggiator for example I could even make this feedback into chords so if I add some more notes there let's say a C minor chord

[Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] and now you could add your drum beat back in [Music] and of course you can you can do other things with the signal like probably what I would now try is to distort this and then make it into a nice bass sound that fits your drums because it sort of reacts on the drums and that's the cool thing here so let's choose for example distortion too and then that's add an equaliser after that



[Music] finally let's add one more fun thing which is this X my controller and with this we could very easily modulate the frequency or maybe the amount felt so we can try it set up the x value to control our frequency depth from the keys so our response edifis to the to the key so now let's see if we can find that in our list here so let's say we set up the x value so we want to find that one right here normally I would learn this but for now I'll go it like this okay see if this works [Music]

[Music] I actually like that that's a pretty cool sound finally I would sent this probably if I want to make it more usable I would send this to a record bus and from there I'll say record from input 50 and now we can capture that sound and then we can also make a few variations so you could copy this a couple of times like that with the drum loop as well and then you could start recording here and then tweaking the the X&Y pad

[Music] and now you have your final output sound [Music] I actually like the pitch drop in there so I hope that gives you some new ideas it might not be like the most convenient thing to fit into your workflow but on your sound design in dayz give this a try you might come up with some very cool distorted sort of bass sounds that you can use later on in your productions alright thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe if you want to have more videos or and if you want to learn more about this kind of stuff you can always book a lesson with me through the link below alright thanks guys see you in another video if you're an aspiring music producer looking for that breakthrough moment to evolve your sound check out our online mentorship network

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