Superman vs Tsunami GTA IV

by: SpeirsTheAmazingHD

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hey what's up guys Spears here and welcome to a Superman versus a tsunami um I got a couple comments and messages of people want me to do this after my last video so I was like you know what met may as well so um oh god Superman actually broke his uh it there's a go oh Jesus Christ okay now already really I have failed this is it good day Spears is dead no oh shit okay listen man get me in a vehicle huh now man Atari you're good bro oh there we go I'm safe no I'm not am i inside a wave yep and I can outrun the Rick so that's tsunami right there actually I'm kind of going away from where I need to be on ho oh shit that was fucking scary shit right there mm-hmm anyways we're good now we're good we're not good I mean it's gonna come back obviously but yeah anyways but Superman broke he's flying abilities gotta drive vehicle like a regular person it's terrible I know but he's gotta do it cuz cuz he broke his uh his his flying gland it sort of by your heart if you're a Superman you know a little bit of Superman Anatomy for you the flying gland is is near your heart and he broke it somehow I don't have a key got shop or something it popped Kelly goes it I don't know okay okay I don't okay um so where are ya I'm going this way good this is not too bad not too bad right now there's not much flooding oh shit - jinx myself what's going on down here hmm Oh looks like the waters receded sort of which is good that'll give me more of a chance to get to where I need to go um get me go this way follow my GPS my cape is going through the vehicle well that was the first time I think I've ever actually gotten a tsunami like like it was in a couple within a couple minutes my last tsunami video took like hours and hours huh you know I think I oh my god is that an oil rig what the fuck it looks like the water is completely receded well fuck that that's irritate us alright one second guys are gonna restart alright fellows and we're back as you two restarted there because once the tsunami hits it actually takes a while to reset I think so we kind of want the ability to have another tsunami sort of sort of hit maybe at some point sorry ma'am need your vehicle or what what wait a second a second can I see her face for a second bro alright well that kind of looked like niko bellic it's like an older fatter version niko bellic all right here we go mmm so I wish I could get like a lifted vehicle sort of like oh Jesus Christ alright so maybe we won't go that way just back up back up you're Superman I'm Clark Kent may sound British oh I don't know that's the accent you gave me sounds more Australian than anything Oh like he killed me British what didn't you yep nope alright sorry I did you're right but yeah if you guys like this video and you like these sort of weird videos uh even like would be great you guys don't have to but it's just kind of sort of helpful and I'm trying to make it without a GPS to the airport oh my god just going by memory now if I can remember correctly I think a shit see if I had a lifted vehicle right now it's are like GTA 5 oh there we go - lifted off the ground shit come on come on give me back on the ground get back on the ground I don't know how this thing is still run out yet no it's not running anymore alright cool so we're gonna go by foot I guess excuse me guys okay the waves are getting kind of big this isn't good this is a bad sign oh excuse my brother look just gonna jump on your car there hip ah perfect oh another car you know what let's go on foot for a second I don't know why his head look I know I like running right in it I don't know that's just how Superman runs he dislocated his arm I like a bitch hey bitch that's a man Dolph oh oh he's holding a gun that's his problem my back and who are you I am you want the fight man you want to fight me in the middle of a tsunami consumer man bitch fuck you sir ass shit comes claim smooth but I am fist myself Jesus Christ yeah you're fast holy shit Superman punch fuck I don't have any fucking superpowers I'm just Clark Kent are you wearing kryptonite man okay just just get you know what you know what man I'm just done with you that's it we're done our relationship has ended leave me alone we uh God um so welcome to my new swimming pool oh shit there's a couple dead people in there kind of it's kind of like one Oh public swimming pool with band-aids but they're dead people you know if there's band-aids in a public swimming pool you gotta get grossed out yeah you don't worry about that here's just dead people vehicles and gasoline and pollution sharks you know all the good stuff right um so that is the highway this Duke's expressway I think so if I get in this vehicle here it's gotta smash the window there right know what your Thornberry started and started from the bottom now we're here started and a tsunami no so bullshit now Superman's fucking here super mental but to save the day okay well it's not Grayson I'm not saving the day I'm just trying to get away from the tsunami so people like yeah Superman's gonna favor no no he's not don't no it's not don't get your hopes up lady all right so I'm gonna go this way I think go straight for a bit and then take a right I think that'll do it so it will or get me on track sort of where's though I feel like I'm too safe right now I feel like the waters s it is like waiting the water sitting like outside my window like yes yes feel safe yes oh shit sorry oh sorry it's not not that many people back on Krypton Krypton what is it kryptonite Krypton what is he from where Superman from Krypton the Kryptonian now he's not Krypton Krypton that's it but he's he's like deathly allergic to kryptonite how does that make any sense it's not making sense not to me sure doesn't share doesn't so it does not my friend oh shit is that why is that water wait a second oh I think that's that that's water wait how high up is that doesn't look right Oh oh shit all right yeah holy fuck so this is where the waters like oh hi spares I've been waiting for you no you haven't see you all right so I'm doing the hookers are still working though even though tsunami right they're like oh yeah you think I get a pickup fuck dick to divert booze so say you get you why is it so why the hooker sound like Lil Wayne you know what Wayne sounds like he sounds like when you're stuck when you're hungry your stomach makes those noise like wow is he a baby I hope that didn't hurt as badly as it looked I don't even know so Superman why do you why do you telling a nickel bellick label no my friend hey who is this niko bellic you'll speak of look at that's so ominous look at that water I'm just gonna go off road near at get some speed up my every up don't hit treat no drink no history no no no no no no yes yes this is yes yes yes no no no no no no no no come on come on come on come on real wheel drive fucking shit dark come on Darren all right suck my dick fucking piece of shit water ruining another one of my fucking vehicle Beth drew oh fuck it's getting real wavy over here man real wavy how's that bus going through how the fuck did that bus make it through there son of a bitch I want that bus get back here hey hey faggot pants look at him he's actually a good bus driver man that guy look at him he's cutting right through that fucking traffic you think I'm a fucking bus ask me if I give a fuck like do you go fuck ain't no one give no fucks man maybe because the bus way so goddamn much that's why he's getting through it perfectly fine God if I spend any more time here there's a tsunamis gonna fuck it up here holy shit the waves are getting huge I've had nightmares like this before I don't like this I don't like this one bit space does not enjoy this oh fuck mm okay come on give me the bus that's why you stopped at a red light you fucking really turn this bus is stopped at a red light I'm getting in this fucker I am getting get the fuck out of your bus get out sorry but I need this okay now I don't know how the bus is doing this this bus is a beast a fucking tank this isn't a bus this is a fucking tank so yeah Superman can't fly so it's why he's driving a bus Superman drives a bus this is that you hear the radio the radio is going fucking crazy right now come on come on come on come on fucker see the sad thing is I know okay maybe I'll make a right here hey I'm going to save people I'm not actually I'm just trying to get a fuck out of here yeah yeah buddy look at that thing oh my god wait a second why does the bus only have one tire massive B oh shit oh I was like where the hell'd that come from alright there we go so a tsunami didn't come thank fucking nipples you know what I'm gonna go ahead and hit the map wow I'm going the opposite fucking direction great I've got a spin around it put the fuck out the way man don't fuck out the way oh the waters rising down here too again what if I build some speed up and I should go down here I think that would work out pretty well no never mind gotta go this way anyways ha fuck you water nice B come back oh fuck the skies are red that means I'm gonna die now it just means that my EMPs fought hello mister red car you know this water back there right like ya fuckin know that you think I give a fuck right oh alright never mind hope maybe you don't Superman doesn't give a fuck and tell that much right now look at that Superman driving his bus look at that in an unintentional drift Superman you beasts look at the water down there it's filled up the subway systems I feel like that'd be the first thing to fill up in a tsunami or if a tsunami was coming like well actually I mean this isn't really realistic a tsunami would suck the water out it wouldn't wouldn't push water forward so like if you went to the shore and you saw the water was like ten miles out I would be running the I wouldn't be running I'd be driving I would literally get the cops on my scheisse oh my god is at the airport sick how the fuck am I gonna make it to the air okay only boats anywhere I think a boat would be useful right now shit can maybe oh my god alright hopefully I'm heavy enough to get through there if I'm not Superman is gonna fucking die because I can't stay I can't stay in one place too long alright come on come on come on come on it's really interesting seeing cars do this and oh fuck come on come on come on come on come on come on no no no I'm dying dude I don't like it surface air oh now see a boat right about now would be perfect yes it would be quite enjoyable not not really enjoyable more so needed than anything else um oh fuck that's not even the airport for Christ's sake experience what have you done I don't know might whatever dog you're fucked up what you've done oh shit here we go this is the overpass this is the airport but it's not the airport yeah it's not where I need to go I don't even know where I sent the set the waypoint to no man stop super let's go save you no Superman can save you too bad well you told me to shut up did you hear that like shut up I don't care what Superman can or can't do asshole he rhymes so majestic I'm so muscular I am so her strong muscular what are you doing man I'm push these for them to cough see and give a shit that is not the airport is it it is ah yes there is ah you motherfucker huh you want to fuck around bro I'm gonna fuck around with mido fuck around dead bitch yeah that's how Superman rolls let me get your fucking taxicab to this is my shit now and yo Tex get motherfucker motherfucker pie fucker alright I'm not going down that way you park your vehicle piggies burger burger burger kurisu's some dumb your words your tippet as me alright and step on C brakes take the turn down the water here we go ah shit excuse me fuck sake alright rank it's a feet nice the water just completely fucking denied me the water's like hey how do I get out okay it wouldn´t let me out for a second I was like um please okay here we go so that's a that's a that's a road sign you see this for here like this that's how high the fucking water is the water's at least twenty feet deep below me right now oh shit okay I've hit my head oh good what exits that way don't give a shit gotta make to my checkpoint yeah come on come on go on get her done space get her done oh shit where am i oh there we go come on get out of my way asshole I'll fucking murder you fuck up my worry welcome to Frances and Nashville Airport anyway Oh sh a go on top of this mother fuck yeah my give me I'll double this bitch real quick like Oh she'll get a plane go and you see it spins like a big shark thank dananddana damn the water's getting pretty wavy right here pretty wavy and am i gay I've made it on top of the airport um now now what is that sometimes the water doesn't roads like water kind of like carpet doesn't it once in a while I don't know that's not really carpet look those people like new like retarded the seals what's that oh yeah that's I wish the water was that high it's like the control tower I think that'd be great there's a water rising wait a second no not really so is that playing in a plane just took off shit what how's that person standing right there do you see that what the fuck oh no said anymore it's like I've done standing I want to swim my god Nigel Michael alright if your name's Nigel I prolly was pretty weird kids go this way I check points over there but if I can get up to a high point and jump up I think that'd be cool oh shit never mind what the fuck is that oh my let's just fucking planes oh shit poor planes God is it just me or do you guys hate these terminals as well like these are here that's you've got to walk into to get the fucking planes things are goddamn disgusting it smells so bad it's like plastic dick oh shit yeah the police don't like this very much do they oh there's a police helicopter up there too isn't there yep it should be fun alright I've got a pistol what are you fucking kidding me a game just fucking crush god damn well I made to the airport that's right if you guys enjoyed that leave a like to be great and other guys like you later thanks for watching

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