Team Canada | Simulation Protocol : Animosity | Part 24

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we're back welcome back guys 20:19 go alright so this is probably a good place to start yeah this is like it we thought of this place because we've only been to this portion here and this place seems really huge with all the houses so we decided didn't go which way did I don't like this place I know we went towards those things right yes we go either over there or to the right like straight to the right hmm should we split no let's not split up no there was a ring on the left red stone yeah well there was a what the there was a sign something about a red stone ring and there was one of those on the left I think I remember picking up I remember a piece of the ring one ring look I got a dilemma it's like a piece of a ring I don't know where to go though guys just go to the dark we don't know pumpkin guys I've been Arbor now though wait we are viruses potions drink them let's do this oh yeah no swords they don't even actually hurt quite a bit yeah they do oh they're falling from the sky yep I hate this place so much yeah oh this seems this is the way we went though isn't it no there we go up this tower what is this tower is there a way up I don't think it looks like a chest of some sort oh yeah oh my god hey guys going up

I'm gonna check a little further down here are you went up I'll go up okay I'll stay down here I guess hope Eagles over here I thought he went up no no you check this chest nope there's a chest piece in there and that's not important oh wait what's that other potion of region is that splash no well that's not you splat all that be useful to me that's true hmm standing out here Oh what do you mean nothing did we go wait is that hopefully we went to we went to that lit up one yeah oh that's weird it feels like we did not go this way though hmm I'm gonna check out the top of this lava phone how you do that big guy pauses we're going straight up here no is there anything up there I don't have any more latter's oh you dropped one I can bring one up for you puppy that be superb if you did that it's superlative superlative back you guys get weirder with everything I'm doing it down a bit remember there was that place in the ceiling we went up do you think that has anything to do with it oh I see stuff up there I think that's oh yeah oh I don't think that oh this is okay go ahead pause I don't see anything there up there there's wither skellies up there oh is there is there I ain't scurred oh I would be either where'd you go I'm right across from the ladder where you guys are okay shamone who we went oh I probably this is probably not a good decision on my part yeah this is definitely the way we went see like if I go up there oh there you are if I go up here and see if I can spot anything okay I'm gonna go to the other side of the map here this might not be it this is definitely not it did you get up though is there a chest at least I don't know yet I'm almost there how's it going I'm only with her for a couple more seconds oh man ethos sounds like he's in trouble there we should have split up Oh babies the most hates babies really I came up here for iron is there a different way here so if anybody's behind me I could use some help oh man I don't even know where you are so I am oh I'm gonna die are you in deep doo-doo it's the wool Oh everywhere just need to regen can you just dig dig a hole in the wall I can't I got too much of stuff chasing me I might be okay I think I got away okay yeah I'm good so here's the wool oh here's a wall no no the well lookit fire all we got before I think it's a different type of wool Oh oh my god all the things here I don't got that ring and pause you said you went down there under the love and saw nothing right yeah as far as I could go I can see a thing a rootin tootin darn thing wonder if it's not even all right should we maybe I think I might I'm over here with etho yeah find something else are you oh maybe not I'm all out of torches oh yeah I see you now let's go up further this way I kind of feel like it might be here if it is in here oh is that it but that's a walkway I think oh that sounds good hold on you guys need to just go away yeah what uh oh no I'm poison darn it you'll be okay yeah oh good golly missed palsy just hiding oh man that building you went through this is full of stuff but when I went in pause oh this is a bad place this is like this should have been black wool this is not hallow why is there it looks like there's a bridge between these two towers something telling me this is gonna be a useless expedition me go over here still not seeing anything why there was a building in the middle of look kind of interesting oh you don't owe you don't do that to me man that goes all the way through it looks like it's just a light about some source darn shoot shoot oh this is where are you eat though poisoned right now you know no idea where to go you're right by well I mean fighters here can we find something first okay we're just gonna yeah we might need to take shots in the dark here well stay I don't know I'm so low this could be dangerous okay let's not stop right now because I might die Oh paws worry about me Oh God did someone shoot that you can try where is he easy down or not oh I heard that you got him there's gotta be something around here I see where the spotter for that is too darn mmm there's another tower there okay I found a chest oh it's just got unbreaking feather falling five nice voice check the middle yes all right um we'll be doing maybe I'm eating here cuz I ain't seeing anything here it feels like this could be the area though it's this huge yeah and I use it like have you gone we gone over here I don't even know oh hi Sambi there's nothing good in these houses this is badness Oh God one second does with a side over here Oh a sign oh that's what we want oh oh okay I just found that so although there's a witch poisoning me guys I died regen regen potion man did I not drink it I didn't drink it oh oh no now it feels like it's not a color provenance flame for flame one wait power for flight one affinity Wow okay okay let's get down here already oh this little hole haven't actually been through it yet but this has gotta be it we checked the volcano oh the volcano there is this glammed ring that has a break three sharpest to spite one can I just say how stupid this is if this is this is the mud woods humid wood so boy oh hey it's another area yeah really yeah okay we gotta hurry guys we got to finish it this episode all right yeah right I have no torches is this so there's water down here applause pauses rushing it I'm doing this it's not we're doing the last one it's probably bad I would like but I don't have torches so I'm my god guys they're insane yeah bad idea there's a hole this is not good just just go just go just go there's an area down here I'm gonna jump in do it thanks guy let's keep going Oh No oh hi Skelly's oh is that oh this is not the way to go this is not nothing this there's stuff up here this stuff up here is there yeah oh there's also poisonous spiders there oh god oh god what do I do it and creepers doesn't sound like a place I want to go there's some stairs oh please be torches oh my god no oh I'm dead I'm dead him oh that was good I'm getting torches oh Lord how's it going good oh I had to trap myself in a uh can I just say as stupid it is to have a guardian behaving wool without a bead marked but what's good for you it's delicious oh come on no it's so stupid oh man all right let me get this night vision potion going here maybe see if I can't climb up yeah how do you know what to do I'm flustered right now yeah he's gonna rage quit he needs a breather right now what he's a lot bad cuz I died I've just mad because I'm a stupid hidding that was it's kind of weird that it was hidden yes Oh everything else about one piece of wool like the required piece huh there's an entire map you just have to try find it good luck oh man all right little skeletons I see the entrance I think to where to get this wool just go just I don't know if I can man a lot of stuff between me and there I'll get myself sub milk you want some milk beef milk will be great okay give me a sword buzz I could use a sword making you a sword okay we're or you guys will dead yeah yeah we both die oh crap um you're alone there man I'm gonna see if I can do it you out if you want some milk ether if not I'll be joy sir good with Jake all right guys await my arrival you got it no I'm going I'm gonna go I'm just gonna go for it just go it's cuts go I believe in you oh hi creepers uh we should head there though a pause this just in case yeah just head over here yeah I'm just not that we don't trust that you'll get it there's so many creepers oh no poisonous spiders increase if you can't just block yourself until we get there gather your stuff we're going we know exactly where it is I could be right back because we know exactly where that is so we're just gonna run there I was right on the edge of it which is the stuff I forgot to get torches that's okay oh good it was upstairs right that's where we're going yep Oh God and all the things already taking precautions might be a terrible idea I don't think we should all split up I think we should uh don't worry I got us there we go Oh oh snap okay I'm going back where'd you go beef I thought you know I'm up here already Oh what Hill whereabouts are you there's the entrance eye pillar it's right at the beginning you can get up yeah you suck nigga shortcut oh my god stop hitting me with arrows oh yeah you should show them the obscene amount of milk I got oh yeah so much milk dude okay this mounds full of milk so I'm here where is I don't you see the wall yeah okay up in there just die you spiders hmm the other poisonous spiders gonna be a problem oh there it is come on guys oh I see the wall oh that's where all the poisonous spiders were I don't care I don't care you're doing it I got the wall let's get the heck out of here how do we do that oh god please don't die please don't die oh God yes Brit did it the whole way alright well come on come back here don't make me go home make I don't try to go I could do this nostalgic average I got this oh my goodness I wasn't even trying there I thought I know thought he had it just give me what give me give me some food and I got this I'm gonna get this in this run I felt right at the bottom I know exactly where I died alright alright alright I just I hope I just hope we're not getting to the end of the episode here Road Dogg because we're finishing this with the episode just it doesn't mean it doesn't end until it is we are eating all of our food I don't care we have no work left yeah I don't even oh man I don't even have food with beware does reckless at this point yeah we just want that Lazar so close both of us I mean I was rated the entrance pause actually got in there I got knocked off that's what happened where'd you guys set your spawn are you kidding me at the open you kidding me are you back your pose no I just fell

got the whoa did you yeah are you serious God did you get the one I that that was on the ground I think they're with you I was yours good tag team it yeah well he stole you are a great man I'm almost out of food though Terrell you know bailed milk doesn't give you a food no needs to give me food either all the mobs are on me don't worry oh yes for hunger I can give back you sure all right I'm out of food where are you eat though I'm not gonna make it are you outside living accomplice yeah come on come on come on I got some carrots oh yes show me it I can sprint the rest of the way it's so close man oh you guys have to wait so I'll get back there to place it though that creeper saved my life this greatest creeper ever I thought you were gonna thank me for saving your life cuz i attracted all the smooth play thanks it's okay it's fine it's good you attracted the spiders that the creeper killed thanks for being my Beach shield is so cheese what he's saying well that was the idea that's what I wanted to do but he didn't even thank you for you know yeah that creepers the greatest of all time I want to be friends with that creeper let's replace create the Team Canada with I don't get it why'd you break our bed that's what I want to know cuz I was gonna bring it and set it over there but then he thought got it got the wool then I didn't care anymore uh-oh what we might be losing this wool no no no I broke the bed oh but you guys said a different place I'm stuck in space-time what do you mean Oh your ass glitching out uh-huh lock out and log back in I am afraid to do that just do it oh god this is gonna be bad guys I can feel it oh okay good where are you burning crawl wait no are you guys the sounds of cavern stealthy Terrans yeah okay just wait for me are you guys both there already yeah okay this I don't want people to watch me yeah always the trip for the finale yes Affinia the next episode no I'm just gonna be right back for like the third time yes peace here let's go he made it this is the moment good job beef this is the moment I should eat this spider I I'm running now I'm poisoned all right was it the guy who got it I guess it was well we all kind of got it well I found it pause actually got it and you retrieved it the last one was really a team effort wasn't it boys was so here's the thing I don't actually have the purple wool oh I would murder you so hard right now you can murder me you'll see I don't have it what do you mean don't actually have the purple it's in his chest it has to be don't mess because you know you'll never get it from me let's get a pod we kill her to pop out of his dead body holes like a pinata yeah yada oh they're going after me now yeah you better place there is he where is he I don't know I lost sight of him I see him oh yeah I'm all hopped up on spider eyes old stone grass combination oh you boosted me out yes Oh was gonna kill him pausing to kill him ah sword you're dead no sword no don't don't sword he's gonna place I don't actually have it yes alright you're gonna have to do this wow you put it in the stupid ender chest didn't you no it's in the item frame at the monument Oh at the moment GT I don't care Oh what is this what'd you do that for oh okay okay just like city of you kid now I'm placing it cuz Eagles a derp face are you ready let's let's see it alright thanks for watching guys bye son oh look at all the colors hey this is a great map I gotta say aside from the purple that's the only issue I had was I don't like hidden stuff like that especially if it's like required yeah they're really good enough at least indicate in what intersection it's in yeah like there's no indication whatsoever we just cuz there's either flaming necropolis because it was huge or the the Iceland because that one too was huge but yet they do say the last was always the hardest last wool is always the last one you place that was actual Asafa chol at all that was just dumb easy fast look I got all of you pose armor Oh creative mode TM TM TM teatime okay hold on slash game its caps lock now yeah oh man that's a lot of TNT little celebratory - you - yeah you got a flint and steel I do set it out alright let's do it

save myself anyway that's it guys hope guys enjoyed it it was fantastic it was super fun and good map other than the purple wool yeah and yeah look forward to another team Kenner BAP too soon maybe who knows I have no idea I'm just speeding off where it's now let's do it out playing with you guys thank you so much punching these boys Gigi's G's

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