Why Is My Dua Delayed?

by: iLovUAllah™

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one of the obstacles that we face that keep us from continuing to make Dora is this we oftentimes feel I've been making dua I've been making dua and my door is not being answered Allah is not hearing my door and I would have been there or Allah is not answering my daughter out of the villa III but I feel like it's not working and sometimes when I feel that way then I want to give up but let me give you guys a scenario so I can make this point imagine a person really really badly wants a red Ferrari okay and so what this person does because they want a red Ferrari they know that Allah is a Samia right and Allah is an emoji Eve and Allah answers and so what they do is they wake up every single day and for Tahajjud okay to pray for their red Ferrari all right but you wake up every single day for a year for Tahajjud and you cry to Allah to give you this thing now let me ask you this question at the end of that year whether you got the Ferrari or you didn't you actually got something better and it was in the process of making the door that you got that thing and what was it what's that thing that you got that was better than the Ferrari it's something you can't buy with all the money in the world and that is the nearness to Allah the fact that the process of you getting up for Tahajjud and crying and begging Allah and praying and making duaa was in fact bringing you closer to him and that nearness itself is more valuable than whether or not you got the answer to your daughter the answer the the process itself is better than what it was you were asking for make sense so allah subhanaw taala sometimes delays the answer to doís for this reason now in this example when the first night that I woke up and I prayed for my Ferrari I personally don't care about Ferraris but assume I did and I got up and I prayed for this Ferrari imagine if I had gotten the Ferrari the first night I woke up the next day and outside of my house there was a Ferrari just just sitting there what would I have done I would have stopped praying I would have stopped getting up for Tahajjud I would have done it once and that's it and so actually by delaying the answer to my door it pushed me to do what to continue to get closer and closer and closer to Allah through the process of that begging through that process by the very fact that Allah delayed the answer so we should never lose hope when the

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