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what's in here is for me you know I'm saying you gotta know you guys good job welcome back to some more gameplays for today yeah I mean I say what some of the players my thing my shit just turned off and said please recharge haha that's funny bro I'm even good noodles everyday hell yes you can't say that's a bad life good noodles everyday ah I want you to eat good noodles for a week and see how you feel look at that face you may have to but I'll be over I be over it's like a night to be honest this road to the this road to elite right here Laura this shit gonna shock me when I touch it PG brother Joe made a channel make sure that you subscribe the link is in a description white top comment to how you enjoyed appreciate it how you doing your first week of YouTube uh what the fuck was that alright y'all so I was gonna say a couple different things you can feel I'm overwhelmed you know in a good way that's great yeah yeah back to it so I already know what three games we're gonna play I already chosen for you but that are you ready problem that's why I'm here so there's a probably posted on Wednesday which means tonight what side are you going live I couldn't alive if today is Wednesday you're supposed to go live which is tomorrow aren't you supposed to be streaming today's Tuesday brother listen to what I'm saying okay sorry what's up this is being posted on Wednesday so today is technically Wednesday correct so you're gonna go live tonight damn I'm going live tonight yeah hey would you going playing some outlast switch seats switch gay okay watch out for my jacket I should fresh clean bro you know you got some swag Irish are also the first game that we'll be playing today is called dark deception this game came out a few years ago but I think I might have been remade last year or something like that I'm never playing are seeing like a demo of it Joe let's get right into a bro dark deception how you feel about his mouth no comment doc this geez bro a murse bro it is done you're even we've been looking at the screen so I'm getting my hands where they need to be it is done now my faith lies in darkness you saw just all I would never do that you said okay push that brother yogi her name is beers oh and now that one years some company sub beers come over here let's have a look at you she talks like that main character and Glee's be cold what a mean you really do I wonder why look so confused I know everything you've got hidden in that brain of yours yes I know all the terrible things so many good intentions laid to waste I could see the regret yo bear speed it up bro we didn't come to look at you but now your time has come gravel a mega back only death awaits okay and I take that clothes off we all potion you let him know we on potion bro the pieces to a powerful ring are hidden in nightmares behind each of these probes hey find them and bring them to me hmm you'll get your wish is this the first portal thing and you'll find there are face bar the one she's standing in front of waiting for you waiting you here then let me go player unlock it for me are you scared you didn't limp again okay just get off of me for a sec dude bang bro it's all I can do at this point that's a monkey a monkey voodoo monkey I fuck with this soundtrack it just started bro you switch up on you hold on push this gate pause for a second my sister said that I'd be going too hard on you bro so I just wanted to apologize and say I'm a cool it for this for this episode okay okay okay that was kind of disrespectful continue so it's just Britney it's just because Britney said it yes got you hi Britney appreciate you Britney relax Britney's in the Players Club look the red is it five Britney and the players below what were you in right now the fear club do your thing they gonna soundtrack look at the pictures on the wall look at Braille and elevator what's up on his back that's him right there on the wall and on the right wall is what he's capable of wait I thought somebody died on that on that right picture nah bro what's up to him he looked like he could be COO no he doesn't maybe he needs help carrot why you leave like that bro what you want me to just go closer when he's like about a who knows what on me you wanted me to do that noise on you never you know what I mean then don't ever use that noise on me you know what I mean what was your next plan bro take the next elevator down or up I've been so you know wherever he went he's running around doing him you know worried I'm gonna go to my floor and do me though what floor is that that one downwards arrow to the right yeah down right that's a pool bro that shit whacking you and have a room here I'm bout it my fault bro about every knee breaks the board's okay crystal yeah there's our souls are fragments of human spirit Skippy tutorial I can't get going but I want to know how to play each crystal is a remnant of one I'm gonna get pending I'm not gonna road to do gather them all and the first ring piece will gather all the life stars what got it you're not alone there are monsters in here and they're looking here I'm help you out basically horror pac-man it was left by the last guest to disappoint me here just not a very fast run enough instruction oh yeah let's get it going players if you don't know now you know I'm a pac-man yeah I am a pac-man Bing drunk you hear moaning after you absolutely absolutely who couldn't this shit bow this there bro stay we'll stay one step

Maddi joe-joe thing bro let me get this orange one you have 230 left oh good move stunned Oh like that's like the pac-man horror power balls that's what that's the only thing I need to be going for volunteers my bad my bad I can't hear really Wow I need all the shards bo let me get on my shark Drive you realize when it gets lower it's gonna get harder you got to get every single shard I know good I'm gonna come back to that segment Oh slow down a little you can take your time now you got away from them no no I get in blood you won't buy it right now bro give me some respect on that okay I'm in peace okay okay I'm back in it are you taunting them besa but why do you say brother than him where are you gonna stab you that's only you killing it right now bro what's in here is for me my god bro beat level 1 beat level 1 nokia closed my eyes when monkey came up to status charge that shit I didn't I would I came here expecting a bonus and like that is the bonus stunt click it it's Dunham oh you gotta go that's the ending spot okay you got soo Lauro okay make sure you get all the shards bro okay nice night what does they do never do the enemy on the map alright see him he's slow buddy oh my gosh bro do you hear their borders good luck in this corner good luck in this corner oh go go go go wait that's not the waiting bait Deena just called the waiting bait these two down this what you did is call the weight and I know quit the weight and bait nice low-key that move is me let me hit it it's going to real quick let me hit this corner quickly quickly quickly quickly okay okay Brad this is like the Halloween remix we needed you do you think absolutely bro you see me getting these gems the scary thing is is I think that thing we're off this is level 1 though you know so we want to see level 2 with reaction you can go through doors I don't think so I'll be unfair Dan where they get stopped bowed he came right when you said that oh it wore off oh okay okay [Music]

whoa whoa whoa

yo this is the action I needed bro you have one life get this you see how hard is about one wrong turn and that's it for this point 49 shards 49 stars can I can I expand that what can I make that map bigger it's on it's starting it's starting you got this bro 46 see I can click on some shade did you see that don't worry about that get shards be smart with this bro but you hear them let me let me let me do the race let me do this game make me sweat the monkey I'm just trying to get some shards you guys brought 36 I need to get over this side this shit got me hot this is that heat shut up you better run right into my thing let me ask you if you get a month you got to run back to the beginning you got to run to that spot bro that's hard that's easy all right that's sick boy let's check for next checkpoint hurry hurry Kouga move you need that monster look you sorry brother this game this game we gotta power up anywhere okay next time next time I need to run straight and hit that one then hit the corner I think I think they're just following you you're not about to run into any it seemed like that other monkey when you had that power like split up oh this apart here we got here you guys came over now that's my level now oh they're just revealed okay this is perfect I may use this to win let me use this to win come on come let's go why would you even consumers are gonna think about maybe getting one well why does it sound like they're much closer okay I had to find out

[Music] brother right I know I thought I could make it I've done it can make it real quick

give you that holy shit y'all this game yo I don't have the power shard I know bro you start moving like an itchy every time they get close bro cuz you don't have that sound bro it's just a little monkey feet nah nah I'm cool who on the monkey feet okay here we go there's some more shards for me bro feet is game 200 shards [Music] come on whoa whoa I don't even know which way they're coming from all that purple thing on your on the map the little art shows you where the shards are that's pretty cool oh that is cool I didn't know what that was oh my thank at these two just get these two out two nd two of them you need all of them actually can you know yes this gave me insane brother [Music] that one's gonna fuck me don't let it you're right what you gonna do here bro

give it to me now I'm gonna get the one okay look it to this I booked it to this South it's this way bro it's this way that way it goes back in a circle [Music] brother brother but you can even close this out bro there close this Dini Colin cousin the Rays he called the Kong this killer Kong Vista Kong no one talks about no more cuz he been in this hotel his whole life he can't get a real job you can't fight he can stab me three times clean he's the killer Calm keep dub Kong machete Kong machete Kong that's trash could be cool car what's the worst what's the cool Donkey Kong cousin burning move and me stunned you need this here you need 15 that's it what what's that noise bro that's them being stunned you sure yeah yeah yeah you see it's going faster they've got to be loose right now they're loose where are my 15 shards okay okay I'm not even listening gee lady named Blair Cleopatra and Blair drugged Blaine Blaine no no that wasn't right it's just Blair is Blair bro your run decisions are crazy you feel me no you should have went right not left but I'm gonna go the big square I'm gonna make sure they follow me follow me here to the right you've got the right in two

Bravo you see them I'm taking the big loop you heard me we're taking the big loop you heard me we need shards you don't need extra so I'm cutting straight down thank you let's get it you got a duck you run faster when you duck somehow you got to get to that area you run faster when you duck you do yeah you sure yeah yeah get those two shards these are mine the deans sick right there that's six right there close this bro get to the exit get to the exit right there to the left

he going bananas actually the thing to the left the thing to the lion you got to get there though mr. monkeys

this guy any wall loan he'll take you down get back he was buying me too but I got him off so I won right but you got to get to the exit still I'm trying to see their level two months this game cardio this game right here just hit me on it okay is that Latinos glove what is that I got my thumb on I can't we'll close it or I see the level 2 monster what the hell oh you're not there bro that's naughty woody what do you mean you have to get to the yet to get to the portal now where I think that was the portal actually it just opened for you you gotta get to the portal like this Joe are you doing it esse not cool that shit made it three real get to the portal bro it's my portal okay look at them here yo oh my god what you got me on this is that he grabbed the window level to crack oh it is dark well you gotta go you gotta go talk to Blaine again oh my gosh you do all right now looks like the blame

there's no which speak

it only took six lives okay oh my gosh brother that's only level one oh my gosh brother you ready for level two no but it's coming let's do it let's do oh my gosh dude hey girls there's a girl what I said beer so I said it barely bears what I don't know

bro um you know you hidden that monkey man mr. monkey do you put some respect on it who's this that's her side piece nobody cares about the story right now bro she's just using you give her the ring and there will be comfortable he's the homie ma help her and you will suffer whose bow is he a Bullock he's an eyeball so they both heard him say that yeah pay no attention to him his powers cannot reach you here the ring piece place it at the altar now yes ma'am ah you do it the ring is called are you right an ironic name don't you think a demon's power is contained inside it the creature of infinite Mellark

[Music] complete the ring and you can use Malik's power to fulfill bro I don't want to use malloc for shades get all of this get back to the pac-man game you still try to but they tried a bit a little story about giving me a breather things are a bit a little story around us I can throw it in Game Stop you are nuts Lake I'm not ready for a more nightmares he's 100 go get her oh my no we got to do half this I can't I can't bang all those in one night yo the developer of this game what do you need some money a petition sign we got you this is he Wow is he Oh dark deception I'm still shook close to the entertainment we see you has two thumbs up for me player oh my god this game oh my god next game thing about this I just heard it was really good who is that pirate there for moose for him for us I don't know shout-out to shut out to the homie death trips okay two days after my birthday world reacts trying to get a little shout out and relax just just so they know just oh my god you bought two dozen and they you are a little kid bro the way you was acting just know whatever bro inspector M James is in a hunt for a serial killer called lady dead hmm okay last victim of this dreadful criminal was found in this cheap hotel where lady James is currently investigating okay Oh Inspector James is a woman I like this you know what I mean - happy twist - I thought that was man unfortunately for the inspector the murder still here okay we're in baldies basics or perfection you're kind of short no no no you're not your regular size just like just like a cool five four I know you see that key on the on the shelf in the back yeah I'm a true horror gamer bro I'd do this you do do this whore connoisseur you do do this slow down take a look at your environment slow down get used to it this is just take a look at the couch no crouch you know nothing escape maybe you can change settings that's what escape did for me never mind what kind of shit is that two circles oh let me just get a readjust okay I'm gonna hit the i'ma hit the elevator if you don't mind out of here the key doesn't work on the door maybe maybe there's another key right there you see that thing that wasn't for you I was just the first one was for me the key didn't work on the door you just ignore what I said it didn't work okay dude okay which well he's not even asked gotta you're Alberto Robert I'll get the out of here bro I'll burn it up yo you were supposed to you became the Dorothy there's no way what Oh big bro you want me to do what I do oversee the key on the door Albert are you Yodas dude rolling right now bro for show after that are you kidding me this dude trolling for that he said yep that's it put it on the keyhole you can't wheel scroll to get the key out any of the numbers do anything dude Alberto you've got to piss me off bro this game look too good all I know what you should do bless them yes thanks exactly exactly all right ciao I'm a crouch I'm a crouch do not let him eat that right here do not let him eat that pie

why did you get that close to stop watching do that problem you think he gonna grab me he gonna can run straighter than me you're scared that's why you don't want to get close scared I wanted a front-row view bro I don't want to see him do that that's making me mad bro I need you to either knock the thing off the table push the table out the way I better get in his way nothing gonna stop him without him what's up what's up what's up you hear an whole vision thing being alone on the Christmas night isn't that bad when you think about it giving that you have the whole house in your possession Oh agent where I check the door check the door I have nothing on my to-do list opening the door is not on my to-do list a knocking particular bro okay so it's e we just got a everything again that I just three eat okay well you never do what the game tells you that bless you hey hey bro flesh egg it looks check the door oh yes that's how you hit the Grinch hell yeah bro player just moved in whoo I thought the real bridge you look at that come on that's what I'm saying like house house bro got that in the game you should hide him find it [Music] well what you want a sprite cranberry bro but I have something to fight the ghost bro my grandpa what's that nasty what dude

wait what does it say throw it in his pro look at player that's LeBron James hell no it ain't what is he doing like that dude you just get a mask on like that once more and it says get to the gas station seek help what the gas station got you that ain't the gas station apparently are you gonna get out of here well that's the question oh maybe thought maybe throw a soda at the wet

he's inside bro how do I get out do you gotta get it you gotta get off somehow

how'd it bro come in here why are you scared of LeBron James asking for a soda bro get out of here this might beep what's that track you're still playing this like it's a real horror game bro get us out of here already you're right Oh get me out of here then okay so there's there's a little jump in jump in action I'm gonna try and jump out a window right here throw a soda through it click bra clicking ain't that ain't shit it's e not just lost a Fanta what the fuck was that what's going on you know how to get out of here brother I thought he busted a front door and what I saw brother is like right here what if you throw it what do you beat those on there through the window so now I'm 2 2 guns less I think I think this game something went wrong he's supposed to busted a friend or from what I saw all right let me restart it real that restart restart restarted whoa what tough best of LeBron James we need it right there that guy's got a station he's behind you bro whoa why is he running are you I kind of impressed with it turn around coming back in the house that's his house now bro home that's fine where's the gas station I think I think hello dude they're just breaking shit over there down here it's got to be down the street that's a good friend bro he knows he was about to go on this ride he asked did you want something to drink you know he's on his way you don't have a sprint he's singing to you brah you just go yeah he said yeah I laid there be a re-imagined he said yeah miss miss y'all wow this guy's ass whoa dude he pressed me fast right there he's still following you now ain't he fucking sipping on that Fanta Lissie now y'all me maybe I was that blue light he said Yeah right on his Fetty WAP I'm gonna keep it a bug with you bro this ain't it I know oh wait oh wait man I wish you would have saw that earlier yeah we could have went the other way oh let's just beat this real quick then

Alberto gang was asked this game is ass first game was cool bro the first game was straight Heat straight Heat bro straight you gotta check it off it was he I know bras over here so I took my glasses off because I got foggy nice Texaco Texaco bro they copywriting everything dude you did it well guess you saved huh I think that's the end of the game and even though Christmas is ruined for you you're alive

but check this out though Bravo check this out check this out oh you want to eat you want to know why you can't get mad at this it's not a Mac it's not a Mac top right top left it won't let you bro it will not let you now let me ask you this you want a sprite cranberry you know hey guys we tried you know play three horror games the one was good that one was really good really good dark deception right there yup that's the one let on - when's that gonna come out good question I will look into it was just somebody with those in the comments there's nothing cool yo hope y'all enjoyed this video make sure that you hit that like button and subscribe if you are new and turn that notification Bell on so you always know what I'm going live Joe you know you got his channel now you don't have a URL yet though that's the thing you got to get you a hyperlink hook it up with a hyperlink soon he's got a channel it'll be in the description make sure that you subscribe to him and you go ahead and say the last piece bro I'll see you players on the next episode and click end next time

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