The Kimura!

by: The Grappling Academy

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[Music] so here it is in my clothes job good God and what I can try to do is I'm going to pull him forward as I pull my legs forward and try to get the pant down to the math sometimes he's not a sucker though they do put his hands on me and you please his hands on me so I get my two hands is like full of prepositions I pull in with my legs and I do the double mr. Miyagi's back long backdrop that hole and now I have two pens in the ground as soon as that happens guys I'm going to under my leg put a mother mask and an hour reach over boxes on the key point is not going to get my saucer right surgeons are I can't I don't plan here this will never work I have to be all the way here now just like in the takedown nicely just it the key is the only clamp okay so we just deserted our takedown class with the different take in my class now one type clamps I grab the wrist nuts up and I fold around as well outlet does I'm okay now that I have even lost to me I must not values my arm I must not now try to close my god and pull your hand up to this once that's up okay is going up so what we're going to do is I hold it to me tight and now I try to get my flat on the mat I wiggle out until his shoulder is now touching the mat and my back is flat now I just push it up yeah but notice how I'm cutting him down with his letter if I don't cut them down with that leg you can actually roll out of it and now get off on Paul and I saw you it's not going to be a good mood so we need to make sure the one about a crime to him down stopping you from doing this country okay so if we back here now God again we do this all the time so I can bring them forward and read tab to the math we have to do it without hand I can do it with my hands I come I reach my left hand over and I keep my elbow is very close to my body my right name grass my listening gone under and arrest now I've taught my arms now wellzyn to mother now my back flat on the mat it has to be a little bit until it's perfectly flat and his left shoulder is touching the ground now I make sure he's getting a good squish here and I just push hand out behind it back Scott visiting officer right they fit so from here this is a Kimura very good position okay vampire could be shot her on ground seeing him his shoulder who go down and take away cool so yes in short Nvidia and nothing's happening inshallah gone as soon as I couldn't shoulder George on the map now he had to tap right but if I go up here same tradition that far behind about to lose so lose the all the right hand if I could be shoulder on the map like this sorry if I study shoulder on the map just waiting tap ok here shoulder off the mat that's do plenty room I string all the way up no way forget elbow over the grass put the shoulder on the ground like that ok so it's not an artist decides it's a full body movement exercise that is minimum beginner requirement next one an intermediate to Laura I'm a big fan of using the Kimora for things other than to cook more up stuff ok so I like to use Mike Morris for more than just ripping people's arms off of the shoulder ok so the next one will have a look at make sure I please leave the right over again it's going to be a Kimura rollover so sometimes when guys are parking my god a head or your gut roller thing is they keep the legs down and run around okay okay Maura ways that is very similar to most iPods so what we're going to do is we're going to talk my god okay you know I got all track my god getting pop I need to know when to hold em know when to fold oh so I'm actually going to fold on this God and look Maura it's all I've got now don't want to run around okay like that did I never assume that's going to happen because he might freak out once I love Kimura so actually talking my god I'm open to more us and now watch I put my elbows to my body and I run feet away grandma remember until at five are at a parallel angle and now you Donald the underneath body I give you a big bridge and you will roll right up from here guys we can come straight into the TV position if you're familiar with this otherwise you can just get on top okay work pack size control realistically topside Kimura here so we have a little different attitude possible god I just get work okay but now we can't do anything from here at 5:00 to perpendicular I must make them parallel so I run up and around and now in the movie bridge unroll it here if you know this more track position this is like that they him if you don't hold onto your Kimura while you get out decides to drop if you lose it no problem but if you don't that's a beach in real life a little bit d no D what's that yes so it's a very evening condition and this one like is AMA takers but high risk suggestive like you've got to take the beating to scream at you you threw that up your stuff inside control but if you look at it in the way of well you're going to pass my god anyway isn't it better to try to at least go down swinging so you can kind of for me ie when I file it in each other I'm Gump in I'm not limit again but the village a romantic notion that I went down swinging I would have tried and so it would make a loop one more time and then eventually it will work to do so you shouldn't have done it to me Brock and this was the work to try and work again and he goes on friends but if you screw this up and you get squished just not that hey sometimes guys it's better to go down trees just to go down and swing okay so that's at intermediate okay Tamura that i want you guys to play now I'm trying to do my intermediate more so he goes to pass and I Drive it's more up but now as I run away he gets posture so I run away to get posture he knows my trick so now I'm going to continue to be and launch for my ombre this is a very high percentage really lowest maneuver some guys did this on purpose I love this month here Carl yes no I did not he was out maybe knowing it had been doing this a lot but this is a very effective technique that I'm like in Ibiza so about I go for my more album but he knows where I have to and he stopped here so I was team running away from him all the way around and then once I'm here I'm going to do a backwards roll and bring my knee in and my right leg over his head at this point I'm going to take him out so let me do this one quickly he's here I grabbed a wrap looking over the hood and I'm just going to come right here so it's a really really great technique this I use all time I love this one Smith on the bus variation it's a necessary combinations based on you rolling people over this is partially guys because I show you once your customers guard it rolled over and come or it you'll be timid next time someone doesn't you and if they get to this and do the right thing blombo so let's go back by see I've got my legs around it I'm going to keep impress I'll break it hostage in his hands to the great if I need to I'll do mutters to me I iced it up all over ha hold it to your body and now go back on your back we're going to get a shoulder on the floor nab him a little push it this next one is probably that wrap run breathe roll you're on top a lot of fun you try to do that please not and spread it out so we're just going to come up and take the armor okay so if you want to got a little bias really hood at the last one I mentioned the guy that outside because a lot Kenan Cornelius issues at that one so you should speak into a credit all right let's do this guy's to the partners will freeze the first one no problem second one getting a bit complicated but very easy third one I think maybe is the easiest of them all if you're good enough to practice it so let's have a look at these guys this hopefully makes you think of Kimura as an armor set up a submission and as a way to stop a guard part and sweep someone one weapon freeze okay let's go things watching the video guys for more videos the kids describes this channel to get all of our awesome videos and cliquey and if you'd like to have our hour-long series from free on foot locks and how does the bend put lock some leg attacks of all kind please click here I'm coach Tom guys

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I love the Kimura! I use it. My students use it. On the mat at the academy and competition. It is massively effective. In this video which is taken from a recent class...I cover three different ways of using the Kimura. From basic to more advanced. The great thing about these moves is that they are not difficult. Watch the techniques and the little tricks and points. There is reward for careful viewing. Enjoy guys. As always, give it a try on the mat. And let me know how you do... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ “Jiu Jitsu is perfect. It’s humans who make errors.”

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