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[Music] hey everybody happy November 20th 2017 welcome to your somewhat late episode of Johnny vlogs I apologize for today's episode being late had a little bit of a computer problem luckily HP helped me out and we were able to get that squared up and I'm back up and running and here with all of you before we start today's topic I have to thank a bunch of new patreon supporters let's get right to that melody aka Mel smiles James D Bennett Elizabeth Schneider Arthur Eldridge Krystal Velasquez and Judy Mickelson are all now pledged on patreon thank you all so much for supporting the channel on top of that Maggie edited her pledge increased it thank you so much Maggie and I have to give a very big thank you to someone who sent money through PayPal to John at Lourdes nortz comm and that is Lena Seifert who says thank you so much for what you're doing John the world needs more people like you I truly appreciate that Lena and I thank you guys because that support that you give me helps me do good things for other people and helps keep me here so thank you so much for all of that so today's topic I've got a little bit it's not really an update on the Dr Kunz case but I want to cover some recent developments around it and then that's gonna lead to today's question which the ultimate question is would I hire the private investigator Phillip Cline and if you watched my channel previously you know I've been critical of Phillip Phillip has reached out to me we've spoken about one case in particular he kind of let me in on some inside information in terms of that case we talked about possibly collaborating in some way but I can't really figure out how to make that work and I got a bit of a backlash when I started talking about that on the channel there were many people sending me links to information you know websites were there tracking all the things that Phillip has been wrong about or you know information that is basically going to prove that he's not really as effective as a private investigator as he might want us to believe or something along those lines so let's get through the updates on the do your stuff and then I'll kind of tell you my point of view on it first of all there is a show called people investigates which is on the Investigation Discovery Network they're in their second season and recently they have released an episode on the D or Coons case and I just finished watching it I don't I didn't really want to do an itchy mysteries on this after I started watching it let me just tell you that I'm not the biggest fan of the format of that show I don't want to go into it too much but there wasn't really any super compelling new information that came out in that there was a little bit more detail about discrepancies we already knew about which are basically stories that the parents of Dior have been telling and where those stories aren't lining up there was a little bit more detail on that they did get an interview with Dior's grandfather which has been a little bit of a hard thing for news organizations to do so if you want to see him interviewed about the case then I recommend that you can check out that episode I rented it on Amazon for like two bucks to see it if you're a cable subscriber you can go to and watch it for free right now so but like I said it's not it's not the best there's there's not a ton of new information and the main problem I have with how it's presented is they really play up to dramatic effect I'm not a big fan of them having their editor-in-chief telling part of the story I don't know why they couldn't find an actual expert to relay those parts of the story they've got a staff writer that's telling a lot of the story once again I don't know why they couldn't have found I mean they actually tapped into the expert who is Nate Eaton and they didn't use him nearly enough in the episode he's the guy that writes locally for the area and has covered this case extensively and I really think that he probably should have narrated the whole episode but that's my personal feeling so there's a little bit of an itchy mystery for you guys just right at the start of this episode the main thing are there was a couple of press releases that came out the release of this episode which are very interesting and it is worth noting that Phillip Kline is featured a lot in this episode and the information that he gives seems pretty interesting in particular about some of the details about where the parents stories aren't really matching up but before the episode came out literally on the day that it was going to premiere the Sheriff's Department for Lemhi County actually released a statement so let's read just a little bit of their statement and see if we can try to get some sense I mean when I look at information like this I'm always thinking what is the intent of this information and I can tell you a big chunk of this statement is just going over the basics of the case then talking about the type of search effort that they had and then it goes into this since our investigation began some private investigators have also started separate investigations it's imperative for the public to understand that the Lemhi isn't Lemhi might be leme hi I might be saying that wrong County Sheriff's Office is the lead law enforcement agency in this case official statements and facts regarding the case will only come from the County Sheriff's Office while there are several theories as to what may have happened to D or none of these theories can be confirmed by our office our investigators continue to work diligently to explore all possibilities we can't afford to close any doors or to let frustration drive the investigation in any single direction then they have some contact information which I will put in the description box below as well as my two previous episodes about Dior's case in case you want to look into that if you might have some information please use that contact info and send it in because it is truly a heartbreaking case I mean you have a toddler that goes missing on a camping trip and some people obviously not just fill up but another private investigator that worked the case who was featured more in the missing four one one documentary that came out a few months ago they're fairly clear that they think the parents did something to do your so it's not just Phillip that's saying that now what I'm interested in here is in how this is worded I think the main point of this press release is this statement some private investigators have also started separate investigations and I believe they're doing that because they're trying to be clear that they are not connected to the investigations of Philip Kline or the other private investigator and I think they're doing that because it seems like Philip Kline is actually being sued by the family at this point so I think they're trying to make it extremely clear that hey Philips knew and his own thing that's his own opinion that hasn't to do with us even though some of their information might be cited in his opinion that is a separate investigation so the episode airs at the end of the episode Philip gives a little bit of a speech about that he thinks that this case will be solved that his team is working on it literally right now and that they're taking steps that he's fairly confident are going to solve the case and then I think the day after the episode aired actually it might have been a couple days after the episode aired this new article hit East Idaho which is I believe that's the same public publication that Nate Eaton works for the expert that I mentioned earlier private investigator Philip Kline withdraws from D or Coons case and by the way I'll have links to these articles that I'm citing in the description box below for you guys also so this article goes on to say that Klein was originally hired by the Coons family in early 2016 to investigate the disappearance of two-year-old Dior and then it goes into quoting his official press release statement and here it is on Monday November 13th 2017 KIC Texas provided formal notice to Steve Penner Lemhi or Lehigh County Sheriff that we would be withdrawing from the D or Coons case effective immediately I would like to make the reasons for withdrawal very clear for the media and the general public and then there's three bullet points the first one is we believe kic Texas can no longer move this case forward that is a serious turn from where he left at the end of that episode and even if the episode aired within the past few days admittedly it might have been shot months ago so maybe many maybe many months ago so keep that in mind but something from the end of that episode to this point has pretty drastically changed and I think he's gonna tell us about it but let's continue here it is our firm belief that until truthfulness comes from the persons that we as well as law enforcement have named as suspects there is nothing further to investigate all evidence leads to the death of Dior Koontz jr. we do not believe a kidnapping or animal attack occurred and all evidence supports this finding now there I think he's making a statement that the county sheriff's are trying to avoid he's basically saying hey look we say they're suspects at one point someone in the County Sheriff's Department has said that they're suspects so I believe that's why the Sheriff's Office is releasing their statement and saying no no no no we're we have our own investigation Philip has his investigation we believe charges should be filed on the parents for child endangerment at a minimum we publicly ask the district attorney of limb High County to strongly consider this charge you know I know quite a bit about this case do I think that there is enough there for child endangerment charges on the parents maybe especially after seeing the grandfather interviewed and there is some discrepancy about the parents saying that they asked the grandfather to watch Dior and then the grandfather is saying I don't recall them ever saying that just all of a sudden his father was coming up the hill saying where's Dior and I thought that he had gone with them and as a matter of fact that whole thing really makes me wonder if if the parents are involved in this case could it be that they were relying on the fact that they had their elderly grandfather there with them that they could kind of spin this story on fairly easily I'm sure it's it's pretty easy to get one over on grandpa who needs you know oxygen 24 hours a day seven days a week just to keep himself functioning I don't know it makes me wonder if they use him as a bit of a pawn in something that might be going on here but Philip might have a point they might actually be able to look at possibly some type of child endangerment charges there you know both the parents decided to go down to the river go look at the river did either one of them really make sure that deer diora was being cared for was it smart for them to have relied on a man that's in that state who maybe if you know Dior went running off could grandpa really chase him down would he even be physically capable of truly taking care of that boy or if some animal had come up to them could he have protected the or what was any was there any bad judgment in that decision it's a really good question back to the statement we have recently become aware that vernal D or Koontz and his father Dennis Coons have filed another lawsuit against our firm this suit as well as the misinformation campaign by certain social media trolls appears to be a coordinated effort to impede the investigation we are unable to continue our efforts in this case while simultaneously defending against a suit of this nature as we have said the truth is the ultimate defense so that is what appears to be the main reason in this statement for this statement coming out in my eyes is that Philip is basically saying hey look we're being sued by this family at this point we have to focus on that so we're not going to be able to continue the investigation as a matter of fact them not continuing the investigation might be that that might be an attorney telling them hey look it's best if you actually just get your hands out of this investigation completely at this point if nothing else just to show good faith that you know you're trying to do the right thing in this situation here what's weird about all this is the official story is that Philip was hired for this investigation by the parents eventually fired by them and then supposedly rehired by someone else and the question of who is this someone else might be important especially if this is really going to trial because originally I saw that it was just some anonymous donor then I saw these stories that it was changing more - it was an anonymous family member someone that was actually part of the Coons family or perhaps the family on Jessica's side but someone that was related to them that was keeping him hired and investigating this case that could be a very key point especially in any law suit proceedings around this I think because if it's a family member that's hired him and he's working on their behalf then the information that he's kind of digging up and what he's doing with that information might be looked at a bit differently than it's some anonymous donor it's some Joe Blow that lives in a separate state somewhere that's just funding this investigation because he's a concerned citizen or something along along those lines and it's kind of weird cuz you know knowing a bit about Philips personality you know having some interaction with him directly I truly I'm truly surprised that he would drop this investigation I would say that that would be the last thing to happen and that's why I think it might be something that's being prompted by a legal team so now that that's the kind of update like I said it's not really an update specifically about the case it's more about politics around the case back to my initial question my core question it's something that I struggle with kind of regularly because I've been I've seen both sides of the coin I feel like when it comes to Philip Klein you know I started as a pretty harsh critic of his I've gotten to know his work a little bit better but I also know a little bit about his personality you know I've seen him defend himself and his company directly to me very strongly I've opened myself to his opinion about that asked him many questions got more feedback from him I've seen the types of trolls that he's talking about and as a matter of fact the information that I got from them was not compelling enough for me to even do a video and say hey look you know because honestly if I had enough proof there where I could say this guy is a complete and total fraud of course I'm gonna say that because I know my audience is people that are interested in cases like this dealing with cases like this and some day they might come across the decision should I hire this guy or not if someone came to me and asked that I would make it I would make it contingent on a very critical aspect is it a nationally publicized case if it's a nationally publicized case personally this is my personal opinion I would not higher KIC I would not hire Philip Cline there is an issue with nationally publicized cases and he's called it out I've seen him talk about it many times there are trolls he literally has people looking to discredit him attack him prove that he is incorrect about these cases at every turn on these public national exposure level cases knowing some insight into his process knowing you know talking with him about one case in particular the Thomas Brown case that is happening in Canadian in Texas hearing some details that are not really publicly known that he shared with me bouncing questions off of him and trying to give him different perspective on some of those facts I can tell you I do trust his investigative brain if it was a non national case if it was truly a private matter which he is that's that's the weird thing he's supposed to be a private investigator but the way that I see the information about his work come out so publicly because it's these national level cases I think it's kind of unfair to to him in a bit of a way and that's why I wouldn't use him in that capacity but in a true private investigation something that wasn't going to be covered by all these publications all across our nation or all across the world yeah I actually might hire him because I've looked at his information about the Thomas Brown case I've looked into details there I've talked to other family members that know about that information I've confirmed some of that information and the information was solid and even considering that the main thing that I still struggle with in terms of Phillip Cline is how he addresses the trolls if you are in the social media space as your job like I am you very quickly learn that conversing with trolls is a pretty much a fruitless effort I think for what most of us would consider trolls if you tried to change the mind of every single one of them you might hit one out of 20 that you're actually able to convert you know to get them to understand your point of view or to move off the position of trolling you that means that in a large percentage your efforts are going to be wasted by even addressing the trolls and we even saw this just in the video I did for a searchlight last week where we interviewed Alexis close you know there are people that just want to comment on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the case at hand but because she talked about some other aspect of something completely unrelated that's what they're gonna that that's what they're gonna hop on and even in that case you might say that that's not necessarily a full-blown troll which is someone that is literally just going to come and attack you regardless of what what's being said you just you have to learn how to deal with them and to not focus on them so much but if you're a private investigator is that actually something that is good is it good that Phillip is at least listening to and considering those opinions because what if there is something in those opinions or information that comes from one of those trolls as a source that could potentially crack a case he's going to hear that information one way or another because he's really keeping his ear to the ground and I have to admit I really struggle like I pretty much I'm not on Facebook I really don't use Facebook as a research tool much at all I will point it out when I see it as a resource especially for a missing persons case or something like that but I don't get into the gossip or the rumor mills on each individual case like like you can in a lot of these cases on Facebook Phillip seems to get in at that level and is that good or bad I think I struggle with because I feel like most of the time it's bad but what if that 1 out of every 20 cases what if there's a little shred of good information in there that could help potentially find a D or Koontz or crack another case solve a murder somewhere is it worth it at that point there's something in me that says yes that it is worth it at that point but I still think that there is a struggle in terms of responding to these trolls and if you recognize that there is a coordinated effort that's impeding the investing then just recognize it you don't have to call it out you don't have to try to fight it you don't have to threaten them with lawsuits you don't have to do any of that I view that as almost wasted resource one of the things I questioned when Philip initially contacted me is why the heck is he paying attention to some youtuber that is you know I think I had like 20,000 subscribers at that time or something why is why isn't he focusing on these cases but in a way I think he is focusing on those cases because even through that conversation we came to share information with each other and maybe help to change each other's perspective just a little bit and maybe both of us got nudged a little bit closer to the truth so that's it ultimately for a public case no for a private case a truly private case yeah yeah I do think that there is value there I do think that he's got a good team I do think that his people care about what they're doing I just think that sometimes he gets caught up in the social media aspect and I don't know if that's always to his benefit I don't think it's actually to his benefit in terms of these national public cases I know kind of a complicated thing but this is a very interesting space to be in and it's weird because I think that he is trying to use the social media space and the major media space to help spread awareness to these cases I think that there is good intentions in how he's trying to use media but then there is also the question which I asked right at the start is there some part in him that is looking more for that attention than actually solving the cases I don't think that there is a definitive flat-out answer for that I think that is something that really gets into the psychology of Phillip Cline and that I'm sure is a very thick book and not one that I have read completely so I can't really answer all that anyway that is your Johnny blogs for today before I let you guys go I want to let you know that we're coming up on the holidays this is a pretty busy time of year for me because my birthday is also in the middle of all this this week of course is Thanksgiving here in the United States most people take Thursday or Friday off I'm going to do the same I have family that's coming in to spend time with us in our new home so there will be no video on Thursday or Friday for the rest of this week the schedule is gonna get changed up a little bit we're going to do a brain scratch searchlight update tomorrow I really hope you guys will join me for that it's on a case we've been talking about it's gonna be the third week that we've been looking into this case the case of Calvin closed and basically we have some some very tough things to discuss on tomorrow's video but that is gonna be for tomorrow on Wednesday we will do an itchy mystery and then that'll be it for this week we'll be back next week with a full slate of shows and then of course Christmas this year I believe is on a Monday if I recall correctly so no video on Monday the following day will probably be Johnny vlogs so the schedule will get messed up on that week a little bit but just know that on Christmas Day I'm going to take the day off too the following week New Year's Day is also on a Monday I will take that day off as well so for two weeks you'll get four videos scheduled might change up in terms of what shows happen on those weeks but hope you're heading into a happy holiday season and I will see you back here on the lord and arts channel tomorrow and have a great day

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