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happy Monday everyone john Lordan here with another episode of brain scratch case cracked want to give a very big thank you to christy yarn heart for working so hard on researching and writing today's case and tell you guys that there will be no brain scratch this week on friday this is the week of the 4th of july so that falls on a Thursday this week and that's usually the day that I do most of my work for brain scratch so no brain scratch this Friday but we will have a search light on Wednesday and if you really want to spend some more time with me we are releasing our eleventh episode of crime after crime starring Danielle Helen and myself this week as well so that's another hour that you can spend with Danielle and me in place of brain scratch on Friday if you really need your John fix but just wanted to let you guys know all about that alright let's get into today's case this is one that I like to call the man in the woods McClintock Park is located on the push to go river in the town of silver cliff Wisconsin with four wooden bridges located over Rapids this bridge park is a beautiful place to take pictures have a picnic or enjoy more rustic activities like camping fishing and hiking this Marinette County Park has offered activities for any outdoor enthusiast since 1936 and was a booming tourist attraction until the Peace of those surroundings was shattered on July 9th 1976 by the sound of two gunshots oh officer Lance timber was camping while he was off duty that afternoon and was just a short distance from where the shots originated after searching for an hour he discovered a young man lying face down on the ground at a remote campsite the young man had died of a gunshot wound to the neck found nearby were his car tent and camera officer timber didn't see anyone else and contacted the park caretaker so the local authorities could be called with the nearest phone 20 miles away it would be evening before additional law enforcement arrived at the scene investigators had several questions after arriving was this a case of foul play accident or did the young man and his own life they found his wallet and learned he was 25 year old David shale DS they also found a bullet lodged into the wall of a women's restroom just a few feet away from the young man's body as well as a purse sitting on the front seat of his car the purse belonged to 24 year-old Ellen Mathies with the wallet and purse being discovered theft didn't appear to be the motive why had David been shot and where was Ellen the next 24 hours would offer some answers but very little in the way of evidence investigators found that David and Ellen had met four years earlier while attending the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay David worked as a part-time employee in the circulation department and Ellen worked in the technical services department at their library they were one month away from their wedding and had decided to take a weekend trip to McClintock Park to hike and sightsee the following day only six hundred feet from where her fiance his body was Ellen's body would be discovered in a wooded area it now appeared that the two had set off to hike or take pictures with their camera as they left their campsite Ellen had decided to use the restroom but before she entered the building the first shot from a 30 caliber rifle rang out hitting David fatally in the neck the second bullet missed Ellen and lodged and while near her investigators believe she either ran to the nearby wooded area to escape or was possibly dragged there it was in that small group of pine trees that her killer assaulted her as she tried to put her clothes back on she was shot twice in the chest they next turned to the community to see if there were any eyewitnesses even though the campsite was remote a few witnesses were found who had seen several unusual things on the day of the murder one witness reported seeing a man near the crime scene why into his car while carrying a gun the witness was able to provide investigators with a composite sketch that would be used throughout the investigation another witness claimed that the day of the shooting he saw someone carrying a rifle along nearby Parkway Road even more disturbingly two Brown County law enforcement officers and their wives had camped in the area two nights before the slayings while they sat around a campfire one officer noticed a man watching them from the woods the officer retrieved his revolver from his camp trailer but when he returned to the group the man in the woods had disappeared the officer said the man he saw was the same man portrayed in the police composite sketch with few leads and little physical evidence the investigation will go cold years would go by and his new officers came and went everyone tried to keep the memory of this couple alive many would try to solve this case but nothing new would come to light until law enforcement was able to use DNA to help in investigations just like this they had found a DNA profile on Ellen shorts that didn't belong to David twenty-five years later in 2001 investigators tried to renew interest in the case by submitting the suspects DNA profile to a national database in the hopes of finding a match among the criminal population already on file again they were disappointed by a dead end as no matches could be found amazingly 43 years later investigators would turn to Parab on Nano labs and their DNA profiling techniques were helped by December of 2018 parabéns genealogists were not only able to narrow down their suspect pool to a specific family in the Green Bay area but they were also able to offer investigators a picture of sorts using a technique called snapshot phenotyping with the sample the lab had acquired they were able to make a prediction of the physical appearance of the person they were profiling their prediction bore an eerie resemblance to the sketch police had made back in 1976 of the family identified four brothers were still alive now detectives had to figure out how to collect their DNA samples without alerting the suspects meticulously they watched and waited until they were able to collect one brother's sample from a trash can and a second brother sample from a used coffee cup both of those brothers were ruled out on March 6 2009 teen 2 sheriff's deputies knocked on the door of the third brother a man named Raymond then Ivanova using the pretense of filling out a brief survey on area policing the two officers asked him to place his survey in an envelope and then use his saliva to seal it detectives wouldn't need to ever track down the fourth brother within eight days Raymond was found to be an exact match to the DNA found on Ellen's clothing and was taken into custody for decades the 800 residents of Lakewood Wisconsin had known Raymond as the helpful handyman who greeted everyone with a smile he was a widower and father of five grown children but had somehow managed to evade authorities while living in plain sight for 43 years even though neighbors and friends in the community knew little of Raymond's past they were shocked to learn of his previous arrests it seemed Raymond had a dark side to start with this wasn't the first time that he was in jail in 1957 when he was 20 married and going by the name Laurens van Ivanova he was jailed for six months for an attack on a 17 year old girl she was walking with three friends when he struck her in the back face and shoulders shortly before that he was also tried for an attack against a 16 year old girl before sentencing many Mahnomen claimed he was only trying to quote scare the girls in 1960 he pled guilty to not providing financial support to his wife and their one-year-old daughter for which he was placed on probation for a year and as investigators dug deeper into his life they also heard stories from people in town Fred Mason who works at a dump where Raymond would frequently rummage for engine parts heard he could get angry when he drinks Ramon's brother-in-law twin to his late wife Rita stated that he was a very loving father to his wife and kids he's convinced of Raymond's innocence the van even omens were married and soul Rita's death in 2008 a few months after they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary after his wife died Raymond spent his days fishing hunting and going on weeks long camping trips it's unclear where he worked before retiring some heard he was an ironworker but others heard that he used to haul and deliver boats it would take time for everyone to come to terms with the allegations against their next-door neighbor the guy who would occasionally repair their lawn mower or snowblower at then even ovens first court appearance on March 22nd 2019 bond was set at 1 million dollars not guilty not guilty not guilty he yelled when the judge asked him if he understood the charges On June 19th there was a preliminary hearing and the court found probable cause to try the case against him for two counts of first-degree murder family members of the couple welcomed news of an arrest but lamented the time that it took to catch the killer quote it was a long time coming said Cynthia shy Zek Matthies 53 year old niece who lives in Henderson Nevada it's just something that always hangs over your head knowing that there's someone out there who did this heinous crime case cracked so interestingly if you've listened to the channel in particular if you listened to three men and a mystery you know I'm you probably know I'm not the biggest fan of the snapshot product and I think the images that we saw in today's episode will actually show you why admittedly the phenotypes of what he looked like at the time pretty similar to the police sketch but there's also a part of me that's wondering if they might have been influenced by the police sketch and I don't know if they really allow for that in their phenotype in process but if you compare the Aged sketch to what he actually looks like at this point I just really struggle with the value in I don't think it's a very good match for me personally but you cannot knock the importance of their genealogy work and this is another case that just highlights how critical that is how important it is and if you haven't been following three men in a mystery there's been a big change in terms of the main tool that's used to do that there's a website called jet match that is used for doing the genealogy tracing through DNA information and they have recently changed their policies so law enforcement can't just go and actively use all their profiles like they used to be able to so if you are a part of jet match if you do want to help law enforcement please remember to go there and to enable your DNA profile to be used specifically for law enforcement purposes it's been such a critical tool it has cracked so many cases over the past year a lot of us are scratching our heads wondering why jet match went about the change in that way I think it would have been much more simple to just kind of grandfather the system in like that and then say four new profiles going forward we're going to make it part of the profile where you actually have to answer the question do you want this used by law enforcement or not but for some reason they've kind of gone this retroactive approach and they've undone a significant system for solving cases that sat dormant for years decades in this case and some of those cases are we're talking multiple offenders so a lot of us at least in the true-crime community we're really shocked by all this and I just wanted to share this story with you guys this is a case of them being able to use that tool and look what we have here but we need your help to make sure this tool is still just as good in the future so if you do use Jed match please go and switch that flag now outside of all that I'm still curious to see what happens with this court proceeding kind of in another parallel to the three men in a mystery case that we're covering we have DNA that's found on the scene but it's not necessarily found on a weapon so you know seeing that there's DNA found on her clothing yeah we could kind of insinuate that maybe there's an attack happened there but there's also the possibility that it wasn't there's also the possibility this could have been some consensual act or there could have been some other type of DNA transfer that is going on here so I'm interesting to see what happens with this case as they actually try to process it through the court system I don't know if we'll have an answer to that for years and possibly so we're gonna have to keep our eye on that and of course if there's any major developments or twists on this case I will be sure to update you here on the channel but this is a pretty tough one we've got a DNA match I don't know we don't really have information about what his defense is is he saying that he knew them is he saying that there's some other way that his DNA might have been transferred to her we have no idea so that's why I'm just gonna keep my ears out for updates on this case and we'll be sure to let you guys know so I do have a little bit of a question is this really a case cracked or not pretty put it pretty close I think but in terms of the information presented at court I think there might be a chance that this could still kick around a little bit and we might see an outcome we're not expecting for a traditional parable nano labs related case before I end today's episode I just want to thank a few new patrons starting with Allison and Byrne thank you so much Allison as well as PJ Newton on top of that we had a few people increase their pledges thank you so much Jennifer doing that for doing that and thank you to Angela bordick as well really appreciate that Angela very kind of you all right everyone so thank you so much please come back on Wednesday for a brand new episode of searchlight remember no brain scratch on Friday but we do have that crime after crime episode out there if you need your lord and arts fix i hope you'll check that out take care and I'll see you back here on Wednesday on the Lord North Street [Music]

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