Minecraft: Deep Space Turtle Chase w/Nova & SSoHPKC Ep.4 - Seamus Dun Pushed The Button

by: UberHaxorNova

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[Music] he's got a way for someone I could make the job check out some of these paintings I'll tell you these things are pretty nifty pretty high-tech pretty high-tech huh Oh like a TV like a futuristic TV whoa oh you look you've lit everything up great how does that help us I don't know oh no there's nothing up there I don't think so where's the there's the button wait where'd you where'd you go back what so we have wait a minute well you had that went and reactor flow control line probably change something backwards like the other three I sure as hell hope so yeah maybe yeah back here to the crew decks ducks and this is completely missing for me that's fine for me briefing room are you serious I can't see anything I hold on I don't see anything there we go okay get in like any of these sure fucking idea well I was kind of hoping there'd be like a pressure plate in front of one of them or something but maybe any one button and reactor down the crew quarters we gotta go down there you go this fucking music is loud Jesus shut the shit down I hear it's loud as hell it's a lever here there now it's nice and low what was in there big talkers this is huge the pressure plate locker rooms that looks like a good for you straight back down Wow how close does this couch need to be to the fucking TV seriously people sit down if I like brain-dead yep hmm oh God we are we eventually gonna have to come back what I just fell yeah that's where that's the top way that I can allow and it locked behind me okay well down it is awesome where are we going down though oh I don't know did you go all the way down yeah maybe you shouldn't go all the way down though why I don't see anything new he right here there's the reactor if you where do I take this I think I do give me that give me that reactor fuel reactive power that was still on right whoa whoa whoa I should just crash well you opened everything so Thanks whoa hold on my sheep just crash when I push the button mine's fine Wow all right I'm back in now fantastic everything froze as soon as I push the button here are these maps for you to read just in time thank you thank you welcome so I want to do loading them up slowed them up any day now it always like loads I'm like kind of half I can't see it I gotta drop it again come on come on what the fuck just happened I can't I can't read this I can't read this crap if test you nine wasn't aware of you before you can be sure he is now I count 18 cruisers and were frightened FRA gates converging on your location your best bet is to make a quick sprint to Tarsus three and hope that Ares hold out long enough to make it to the surface take I don't know what the fuck that word is tits cut off by a line take something access tunnel to your right up to the command deck did you give me a fucking dirty looking cactus it was the souvenir that got dirty I don't want it the Cheetos grew out of the ground this one is this one is completely not loading as many times as I drop it it won't load hey there's a little face in the top left-hand corner this guy look as derpy is shit I carry you I stay dammit I can't read I I watch I can't read it see if you can I can't it's it's broken up let's see that's another face in the corner yeah I know it's not loading for me and everything I don't like get it on the correct thing to be able to read it Wow look everything else closed up when I push down you I should have known you'd be capable of auto thoug I guess when you have so few brain cells there's no concern of doing any real damage no matter once I finish you off I'll find and eradicate that tenacious pest pest is underlined just in case you were wondering Schmidt then I will finally be free to start my new life doing what I love tortoise rustling farewell angry face tortoise wrestling I think it says tortoise rustling yeah it's rustling and there's an angry face at the end so you know he means business eight toward not tortoise rustle rustling rustling rustling tortoises all this stuff up here he looks drunk in his picture are we supposed to take power reactor no I don't know but you might as well just in case I don't know if that's gonna close it up on me though when I push that it fucking crashed everything so I don't even CP to me I'm not pushing it again okay it's too dangerous off that's a power reactor enable disable automatic defenses okay what's all this ladder and some other random shit whoa honor mr. cutter I'm on the corner give me oh my god yeah go fucking fly the ship shoot stuff don't be surprised with my gun jams though you're letting the map come between us I guess it's nothing with the ships I mean that switches when I said ships push that shit did you hear that no what was it it was a little song it was like doo doo doo doo oh wow my sound is low put that back up turn the seat down dude what the hell opened up over here my shit crashed again okay back again after a whole five minutes and then ends up crashing yeah you're pushing them for now on I don't know what the hell the deal is there all right okay the hell's on notice it sound like a slang or something what is that I have no idea oh well another ladder that's word what the hell are you doing looking down at me sicko are we back at the same like area we were back at the crew no con about the crew dicks this isn't where the other spawn oh yeah it is actually this isn't it this is where we originally spawned after how long was it like two hours almost probably an hour and a half maybe yep I'm stuck in here yeah how do I get out I don't know you best not push that button that's a fire all weapons button I just hit it oh wow you fucking crashed it again fucking crashed it what did you do I hit the button it wouldn't let me I had no choice where the hell hold on I got a respawn Jesus what did you do yeah I did it's probably I killed me oh look I spoke wait what no this isn't the same spawn I'm somewhere different now oh you might want to keep eating my dead body and see if you can uh live what the fuck did I raise you on now the room has been blown up to bits what leave it to you to break the map there's a fucking button there I needed that fucking that switch to myself what the hell do we do I don't know we're gonna get back over to there now what exactly like went through your head it's sad fire all weapons I got some I figured it was gonna blow up something else not us damn it what I don't even know what that was fire all weapons you know what the hell why did it blow up the inside I have no idea hit backfired yeah what the fuck was the point of that um what do we do now I have no idea where do we caught we came up here right yeah we can't say yeah basically you you and in there what is that thing what the fuck is that thing hold on poor thing what the fuck is that thing is that a chicken no it's glowstone dust oh fuck dude wow man I don't how did that happen oh I went outside are you serious get the hell out of there what are you doing up there trying to look for a way to go I think we gotta go backwards or something I don't know what the fuck you did man you've never loved the mutton lose that fire all weapons chicken we're a little I don't know what the hell it is I think it's right through here that's pretty useless there's nothing in there no it's probably nothing in the other one eat what did the sign even say probably fire all weapons yeah probably fire all yeah did one of them said fire all weapons but the other one I don't know what the other one said oh is that what the other one said that's it ow so hmm I must say you did a very good job I was locked in a room said fire all weapons I think that might be it right there well this just screwed deck thing in 3d I can get up if I can get in it there we go yeah I'm in here there's a shooting range I think this is actually this is the same floor it might be the same fucking floor shooting range - I can't even get in there oh well thanks a lot she's welcome I can't believe you would do something like that you told me to press the button it's so just juvenile you know fine then you can press all the buttons from now on oh no that makes my game crash fuck [Music] how do we do I don't know where'd you come oh yeah ill where'd you

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