延禧攻略 15 | Story of Yanxi Palace 15(秦岚、聂远、佘诗曼、吴谨言等主演)

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Episode 15


How privileged to be a relative to the royal family, attending the ritual even after committing such a mistake Hai Lan Cha To be fair, you are also one of aides of the emperor yet you are not as imprudent as Hong Xiao So the title of Noble Prince Yi is not something else No gossiping

What's happening? Being so hectic.

Your Majesty

Search. Yes

What happened?

Your Majesty, we found it

Hong Xiao Why does the royal family want to share prosperity by sharing meat? Do you stil remember the reason? Yes, I remember Our ancestor left their family at young age. And brought all the brothers to hunt into the mountains. They survived on meat boiled in plain water. Later, this became a tradition. After we, the Great Qing, came in Kun Ning Palace sacrifices twice a day, once on day time and once at night, and hold a great sacrifice every month. In order to let future generations bear in mind the hardships that the ancestors have endured, that is not an easy task to establish the country of Great Qing. Since you know all Why did you add salt to the meat?

Adding salt? I did not. Taste it yourself.

Our ancestors can endure But you can't. Adding salt to the meat of the gods is despising the first ancestor and disrespectful to the gods. How audacious you are! Guards! Prince Yi disrespected the ancestors, salted the meat Revoke the position of Qianqing Gate Guard from Noble Prince Yi Hand him to the Imperial Clan Court! Your majesty! Your majesty, I didn't do it ! Your Majesty ! i really didn't bring salt into the palace Your Majesty, I am innocent ! Your Majesty! Your Majesty I am wronged !

In the day and night sacrifices, water boiled pork is distributed

this is the ancestor's blessing, Gods' blessing. However, unlike Prince Yi, the members of our grand family who used to be brave and battle wise, turned into cockroaches who live on ancestors' glory, who wander around petting dogs and birds. without any serious business to do Not to mention battling in warfare. The meat eating is considered a suffering now.

I have to warn you,

It was hard for the ancestors to establish Great Qing I absolutely do not allow our country to be ruined by prodigal decedents who only like to enjoy life and who disrespect their ancestors!

Investigate investigate the guards outside as well! I want to see, who else as well dare do so Yes


What happened? How can slaves like you investigate us Hai Lan Cha

I am sorry for offending you Investigate !

Officer Fu Heng, please

Your Majesty. Anyone else? Imperial Guards, Qian Qing Gate Guards these people all accepted investigation there was nobody else who dared do that.

After all, others are obeying

Carry on the meat dining

Ministers, please carry on the meat dining

How come Fu Heng wasn't caught?

Young Master Are you alright?

I was really scared. Prince Yi just put some salt He got fired, and sent to Imperial Clan Court. If I knew that I shouldn't given you salt and pepper. Luckily, you didn't bring it with you today.

So I knew it already It is you who reported Prince Yi Right You.. What's with me? Are you blaming me for telling on him? Since he is the Iron-cap king of Great Qing a noble member of royal family he can tell me to kneel and I should take his scold Is it so? I'm telling you I'm from lower class yet I will not take in any bullying He is a prince The world changes The mountains once high up can be flat in the future Nothing is eternal in the world You are not only vengeful but also extremely audacious I'm only giving him a lesson. Letting him know that even an ant can charge into an elephant. One who bullies others gets owned eventually How about me?

You got lucky due to your suspicion at first place? No I just don't wanna disobey ancestors' allocution

so I ditched the seasoning It seems that Young Master is a nobleman

However, in what world will a nobleman destroy others' decency Again and again you tricked me because of Ah-Man, is it so? Yes

If I told you that I didn't do it would you believe me? Do you think I will?

I swear to god I was not involved If you don't believe me,

you can kill me right now. Do you think i won't dare to do it? You surely will Is there anything you don't dare to do? But no means no I have never harmed your sister I have never harmed Ah-Man If you don't believe now you can use this dagger to stab me in my chest

Ying Ruo I will say it once more. Fu Heng will never do anything harmful, never ever.


I haven't killed him

As this is in the royal palace If I actually killed him What will happen to father? Even so I've made a big mistake

I can't be staying in Chang Chun Palace any more

The empress wants to see you I told you you're going to rot in hell

Wei Ying Luo Do you acknowledge your fault

Ying Luo Empress has a good temper Just confess It is too late to apologize You committed such a big mistake just wait for life sentence Ying Ruo's (My) mistake is on my own and only myself Please just punish me alone You Where did you get those guts I never noticed What are you laughing at Empress, you just can stand Ying Ruo being wronged She told on Prince Yi and you hesitate to punish her The incident of Prince Yi framing Ying Ruo, is also an insult to us Chang Chun Palace Of course I felt upset and hoped he got punished But he is the first cousin of Emperor I can't argue without Emperor's permission However, this audacious person dare to touch an Iron-cap king (Prince)

Empress blaming Ying Ruo it's regarding this matter Is there any other matter? Fu Heng hasn't said a word to the Empress, how is this possible ?

What other matter is there, say it now... in case it gets me again How do you know? How do I know? Fu Heng sent a message saying you are audacious and relentless and told me to let me teach you a lesson. He is doing it for your own good If not, who knows what kind of fuss you're gonna make Guard Fu Cha (Fu Heng) did not mention anything else? Who do you think Guard Fu Cha is why would he waste more time on you? Probably, the Emperor is glad about this.

What do you mean? The ministers hate the taste of unseasoned meat. They like to use tricks, not only once or twice Using this change of punishing Prince Yi, the Emperor gave others a warning Otherwise, Emperor could've schooled him instead why sent him to the Imperial Clan Court

Wei Ying Ruo Even if you're right one who is nitpicking on everything does not live a happy life For everything, compromise will make a conflict much easy to resolve I punish you by copying "pardon" for 100 times Empress As audacious as she is, she gets away with such an easy way! I just teached her to compromise by stepping back Yet if I punish her severely Doesn't it contradict to my own words? You are favoring her in every way! Ming Yu!

Today, the things happened here stay between us four Nobody is revealing a thing. Keep it in mind No word gets out Otherwise I will not pardon anyone. yes yes

Dismissed yes

Hold on

Any orders, Empress Fu Heng was injured during military practice I'm very concerned Send him some ginger soup from me. Empress, I can do that You? You won't be returning in 2 hours Only causing others' gossip Ying Ruo, go ahead Be quick Yes

You were injured at military practice field? Why didn't I know? It's only an injury due to carelessness during practice You just keep on nagging. Are you tired? Royal Guard Amongst the Royal Guards of Qian Qing Gate who can hurt you? Unless he pulled dirty trick. Tell me who he is. I'll take care of him for you! A bet is a bet. It's my own business. Don't bother Ungrateful

Maid Ying Ruo Why did you come?

Empress send me with some ginger soup Since it is delivered I will see myself out Maid Ying Ruo Empress didn't order you to do anything else? What? Of course to comfort the injured Guard Fu Cha

Excuse me, Excuse me

Why didn't you inform the Queen? I was the one that hurt you

I did not cause any harm to Ah Man Since I'm clean the truth will be revealed sooner or later You think a small kind gesture can buy me off? I'm telling you I am cold hearted- I won't believe in you just based on one or two words- Ying Luo, I'm telling you again I never harmed your elder sister. Not to mention..

to hurt you

The first time I asked you if you knew of Ah Man, why did you pretend you didn't know her?

The matter of Ah Man rippled the whole city Even after she was out of Forbidden City The rumors didn't stop spreading I have heard of this matter before But I have never met Ah Man. That's why i said I never knew her. Why was your jade pendant on her then?

That jade pendant was lost by me Why did she keep it on her, I really don't know

Every word that you said comes from your heart without a bit fabrication? I don't need to fool you If I am the murderer I could've confessed to the Empress. Would you have any opportunity to get revenge?

Okay I believe you for now If one day, it turns out you're lying I will take your life for a life, even if I die. Wait, Is there anything else? Before, you came to me for revenge with fake smiles Now that I'm no good for you you just turn your back on me Ying Luo, do you have the ability to change faces?

Since the very first time, I was suspicious of you Later on, I saw your gentleness on Snowball (the dog) Again, I was blinded.

Ying Ruo It is never you tricking me, it's rather me tricking myself

Young Master

I'm very sorry That I have hurt you. I don't want any apology I only want true actions

Didn't the Empress send you with some soup?

I'm injured

How is it? I'm hurt in the chest Royal Physician said I need to rest in bed I can't even raise my hands So Maid Ying Ruo please take care of me. You want me to feed you!? That is an action you should do to a patient and an action of apologizing


Ying Luo Every word you said to me, every smile you gave me, is always on my mind.

Although I clearly know you were fooling me all this time I would rather not to believe that

Can you tell me, I was stabbed for only one inch. Is it because you don't want to kill me,

or you have some feelings towards me?

Young Master. Your behavior, is kinda inappropriate.

Haha! What a cute couple. I ran into it right away Chang Chun Palace has a lot of chores to complete, i'm leaving Please don't leave, I'm just joking around.

Sorry brother Who knows she can't take a joke. I'll feed you, no problem, I'm here I can do it myself


that's painful enough, enough let go you...

Fu Chang, Fu Heng Can I believe you?

4th Prince, don't resist, come on 4th Prince, take the medicine please 4th Prince 4th Prince what's up with Yong Cheng? Consort Xian

Consort Xian, 4th Prince caught a cold, but he refuses to take the medicine prescribed by Royal Doctor. A kid at this age surely doesn't like medicine Ask Royal Doctor Can it add more liquorice? It will be easier for 4th Prince to take still haven't gone? Yes

What's wrong Yong Cheng? Go away, you villainess. I want my mom, I want my mom! Consort Xian please excuse him, 4th Prince is still too young. If he offended you I'm apologizing for him Prince is still young, while you are not What villainess who taught Prince this word? Let it go, Pearl The kid is still young he misses his mother naturally Don't pick on a kid Consort Yong Cheng, Yong Cheng Yong Cheng, Yong Cheng Mom's here Come on Yong Cheng

Yong Cheng Yong Cheng, look at your mother My goodness It's been only a few days How come Yong Cheng becomes so slim? What kind of care are you taking for him The noble body of prince How can it be mistreated by you like this Noble Lady, I dare not I was taking good care of prince without any ease Taking good care? Tell me then. What happened to the prince? It must be due to your careless care. Noble Consort what are you talking about?

Consort worries about 4th Prince deeply Royal Doctor was sent again and again What's so-called "careless care"? Mom's come Mom is here, none of them will mistreat you.

I miss you so much Come on, since Noble Lady is visiting 4th Prince Let your mom check

Niang niang, Noble Lady is gone?

It is an obvious act that she just cried in front of you Pearl I'm not mistaking it. It's only been half a month since 4th Prince came. She comes here frequently and cries heavily It's causing rumors out there They're thinking you are mistreating 4th Prince. Noble lady Jia loves her son and cares for him. There's nothing wrong about it

4th Prince is fostered in Cheng Qian Palace It is the Emperor's order. She should the go to the Emperor. Why is she picking on you? It's just because you are too kind I don't care what Noble Lady Jia thinks After all, the little kid is innocent Since I'm keeping him I have to take good care of him yes, yes, yes Empress is always so kind I was being mean Yong Cheng Fine. No eating Where's the porridge I sent 4th Prince does't like porridge I asked the kitchen to cook some soup Rest assured. The soup is made of rice with some grind meat If the prince doesn't eat a bit, I'm afraid that he will run out energy Let me do it.

Yong Cheng, have the soup please Yong Cheng If you are brave and eat your meals, I'll ask your mom to visit you everyday. Deal? 4th Prince, you can't be acting like this Not only your mother, also your father Be good and listen, I'll invite him to come visit you.

Consort, how about this hair clasp?

4th Prince is still sick I don't have any mood for cosmetics Just go with want you perfer Consort You are just too kind, so kind to 4th Prince yet you get misunderstood. I can't even remain silent for you. All right

Go to the Royal Doctors' later ask Doctor Zhang to feel his pulse He is better at pediatrics Yes Consort, Consort, Consort! Go check on 4th Prince

Consort Xian

My kick is so sick while you act like nothing happened Return my healthy kid to me Noble Lady Noble Lady Jia, what are you doing? Everyone says, you're able and virtuous But how were you taking care of him See with your own eyes Consort Xian, 4th Prince is having a serious fever its very scary Yong Zheng has a fever again? Let me see Don't touch my son What are you doing? Greetings, your majesty Your Majesty, come check this

Go get Doctor Zhang Yes

Emperor, I wasn't careful enough and got 4th Prince sick I feel deeply sorry, and please pardon me, your Majesty Consort You stayed until early in the morning for 4th Prince And he was quite well then It is an accident that he gets fever now How come this is you to blame? Pearl, silence

Your majesty It was my mistake And I don't dare to ask for pardon Even if you take Yong Cheng away from me I will have to obey However, Consort Xian she isn't Yong Cheng's birth mother Plus she doesn't have any experience on caring children It's been only half a month since Yong Cheng came here He's now sick for the second time I came to visit this morning only to find he was feverish and mumbling. "Mom" he constantly called, "Mom"

My heart broke when I heard that, your majesty No matter how mistaken I was you can accuse me and punish me But the kid is innocent. How little he is How can he leave his birth mother?

Consort Xian

I saw how bad his fever was I wasn't being purposely disrespectful to you. Please forgive a soul of a mother When witnessing kid suffering, as a mother, I only wish that was me instead of my child. Consort Xian, I am begging you Please say something nice to the emperor for me Let me take Yong Cheng back Please Please get up first I can't be taking this, please get up

Consort Xian, everyone knows your kindness How can you stand by while seeing them seperated This... Your majesty Noble lady was wrong indeed I am not begging mercy for her However, no one is flawless You own a great nation and bear a great heart Just for Yong Cheng's sake can't you give Noble Lady Jia a second chance? Even if you don't want her to foster Yong Cheng There's me here I can ensure if I can bring Yong Cheng to Chu Xiu Palace I will educate him well This way, with Noble Lady Jia, his own mother around she can assist and stay with her son in case she gets any mental condition Your majesty, be merciful Let me take 4th Prince back Why is Noble Lady Jia so in rush to take 4th Prince? Greetings, your majesty Greetings, your majesty Don't bother Doctor Zhang, go check on 4th Prince right away Your majesty In Cheng Qian Palace, a new place 4th Prince surely feels uncomfortable Let me take 4th Prince back to Chu Xiu Palace please I will then ask Doctor Zhang to diagnose Just let Doctor Zhang to diagnose how long could it take Noble Lady Jia you are kinda too rushing

Other than fever does 4th Prince have other conditions? This..

4th Prince said he felt pain in his body but can't state where exactly. So I was quite confused.. 4th Prince has a pale tongue, and a hot forehead The pulse on one point, it is unstable and slow on the other, it is quite smooth It's the condition of catching a cold Let prescribe some medicine for 4th Prince to take He will be alright shortly Thank you so much Doctor Zhang Your majesty let me take 4th Prince back to Chu Xiu Palace then Your majesty, check this 4th Prince is suffering And I... just can not stand this

Consort Xian what's your opinion I failed to take care of 4th Prince I regret deeply As long as the prince turns healthy I don't have a second opinion Consort Sister Xian You are just way too kind Do you even know Noble Lady cried all the way here Now words are spreading saying you were mean to 4th prince Now if you let her take the kid it equals the proof of your wrong-doing Consort Chun I know you are thinking for me But rumors ends at wise people I'm OK with it as long as I have a clear conscience Elder sister, you indeed have a clear conscience But you just push 4th Prince into the ditch Consort Chu What do you mean by that' Will I the birth mother, mistreat my own son? Consort Chun Pick a right time for nonsense 4th Prince is still sick now Your lying accusation what's with it? Doctor Zhang just said 4th Prince caught a cold But you know what season this is In this room, the windows are shut He is covered with quilt Tell me where is the cold from? My repect to Consort Chu There is a saying among the folk "To keep a kid safe and sound always offer him a bit hunger and cold" Wearing to much or covering to much leads to sweat and cold causing more problems As such More covering means more likelihood for getting sick this slave has been taking care of 4th Prince he has never been sick from birth 4th Pince's diet last night he had some rice with minced meat Considering 4th Prince's weak body is too much for him. He should drink some light porridge. This chicken is too much to digest. It's a big supplement Of course 4th prince is going to be uncomfortable eating so much I told the kitchen to send rice porridge but prince refused to eat it The porridge was sent from the western kitchen So 4th Prince was not willing to drink it the mother also sent fish soup Chenzhe Xian fei niang niang did not quietly followed This is too hard. The child is sick he id weak, has gastrointestinal dysfunction. If you gave him fish soup, he is sure to get diarrhea yes 4th Prince has diarrhea but still shouting with pain

you are saying now but previously didn't

take her away for interrogation i want to know why my prince is sick take her away your majesty spare me, your majesty spare me this noble person this useless person this useless person this slave is begging you Please have mercy, this servant (I) had no choice. but to obey order You are full of nonsense! Speak up Is it not Consort Xian who coerced you to do it? Noble lady Jia how can you pretend to be a total different person? It was your words clearly Only in this way the 4th prince can go back to Chuxiu Palace Your majesty It's not true. Your majesty I am the mother of 4th prince how would I do this to my own child, your majesty Noble Lady Jia 4th prince is only 2 years old now How can you do such a thing He is depending on you Even it's your own son, you don't hesitate to do so. Surely Noble Lady Jia has no intention to harm 4th Prince She just wanted to get her son back from Consort Xian Unfortunately on her mind 4th Prince is not her son He is not like a leverage for power and fortune No Not ture Your majesty, Your majesty I didn't do it! Your majesty It's all Consort Xian's plot No Consort Chun as well you You're in on this too I was in Chu Xiu Palace all this time how can I have such an impact It must be... It must be Consort Xian Yong Cheng always dislikes Consort Xian By doing this she can make Yong Cheng hates me, his birth mother, forever By doing this she can take Yong Cheng for good Your majesty Consort Xian doesn't have a kid right now She doesn't know much about children's diet Only the nanny knows 4th Prince well You are taking advantage with this to frame Consort Xian How despicable No Your majesty Until now you don't feel sorry I think the badest thing for Yong Cheng is have such a mother like you Come on Noble Lady Jia is not being benign She does not deserve to be a mother From now on, deprive her title and downgrade to repliant relocate her for grounding Your majesty I did not I did not, your majesty Come on, take them both Your majesty, I cannot Your majesty, pardon my life Your majesty Noble Consort Noble Consort Help me please Help me please What a Noble Lady Jia You are so relentless that you do such to your own son You turely disappointed me Yet now you wish me to begging for your mercy That's impossible Noble Consort How can you... But I can take very good care of 4th Prince for you considering our past Be a lamb and get out Your majesty, Your majesty, Your majesty Yong Cheng, Yong Cheng, my kid Yong Cheng Your majesty What a world of surprises How could I expect Noble Lady Jia took advantage of my kindness in order to frame Consort Xian Such a woman truly does not deserve to be Yong Cheng's mother However Yong Cheng lived in Chu Xiu Palace before His sudden leave is quite change for him In my opinion is it possible for me to take Yong Cheng back to Chu Xiu Palace and to take good care of him Otherwise Consort Xian doesn't know much and almost made a mistake Your majesty what do you think?

Noble Consort Consort Xian doesn't know how to take care of kids but practice can make perfect Her warm heart for the kid, is much better than the birth mother

Yong Cheng stays in Cheng Qian Place Concort Xian is capable for taking good care of him Thank you, your majesty

I heard that Consort Chun is well-informed and good at medical knowledge Today, I've got a lesson Noble Lady, you're flattering me I'm far from that













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