So Freaking Noisy! (Prop Hunt #47)

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welcome back guys to more crop hunt oh say with some feeling man fucking sound holy shit this is my favorite sound in the world I think pause would be a good client birthday parties fucking balloon you watch little fucking kid I don't know if I told you that was my part-time job before dude this town honestly fucking down no tell us more my name was Pookie the paws have those climb trees they were like really freaking load whoa every time you open this like an earthquake Ron this is the metal loud yeah that's why just playing the keeping the key guys the door okay I'm gonna try other buttons sake shit ever I wonder what the bugs do dude this map is impossible there's so much rooms full of shit I could only find I couldn't find anything to hide as and then I got stuck as this I wonder I wonder who's going to kill him cuz he's stuck oh well I actually write the room I can see one opposing yeah there's Nord Vash couldn't take the pressure of being lured anymore yeah it's a tough job being allured isn't it having to get all that food served here and ordering all those peasants around delegating his work don't try to pass that off me right no for his hand yeah tell us something to wash your boots it's almost as hard as washing the boots wow you've enlighten me oh thank you nice that's over their entire economy take it Lord bad fucking Rob just told you what a 100 but he is a squad or dodging autocratic who's the buyer you're the squire of Lord bed your Squire Oh bro bro that's harsh words yes that's the flare we need a squire Oh flare I'd put that one on my roast ganja he's not amused it's not a virus I'm gonna talk to my broker buddy wait rookie 12 get them happening my boy bookie 12 making me some spyro spyro is that guy not being permanently behind it don't you know where to even hear let's just start there oh that did fuck I thought I was gonna kill me too this is awesome here we go rope is my rock we're one we are now one happening are you stuck yeah I think here we go let's do this special mission come why how did he take so many bullets our health yeah fuck out of there because Rob and I just know to boil is just the number of shots you got the other one wrong yeah he was claiming he failed but I suspected he didn't oh it's just so funny I'm just too boiler just pumping out that was it we had just arrived in the door open and we popped out one to see what was going on it is happening good god why don't we choose like the most fucking obnoxious map I told you to go right for the gecko this is stupid loud be my paws I am a little bit mad most likely cause I'm bad um I got caught on the letter oh I fell no be you know um you know John the other day who's that door locked oh no come here maybe I can hear it going off again I'm cause I know if I'm afraid of it like being weird

we should go question this guy I don't think you can get it in that room guys because I'm in here was just talking huh me it with me the fader why is dolphin wow this guy it takes a hell of a lot of being tell me where it is tempers are breaking kneecaps yeah well then face lot of knees there you go there you go oh man this guy man this guy's a fighter you ready don't throw him oh you saw the ghost right no I didn't see a go that you fuckin know no there was a go oh yeah I saw him I saw him Rob I so I'm less proud Rob's not full of shit left nothing there I'm right here we're rich dude you may be rich I'm gonna buy so many fucking sour soothers it's ridiculous no more videos from pause he's done now and he's found two sacks of money what is this saying weird voices me hold on

all right it's time for clues here mister badge blues ah you know when you hear someone girlfriend scream in your house you think someone's dying but no I'm but you know scream should be reserved for like the sex fire hit that button on the wall it is the scream of happiness no I was doin anything you to shop did you want me to shop you want anything from the start yet but look look lift up how'd you why would you scream lord Milby lord Milby hey hey hey no that's your tidal volume sorry don't make me don't smite me why I'm confused well how did you die I think I just stepped on a bottle when I trip so stub cheeto got gangrene Stoke the Dylan die you know that list of usual gaps we were talking about before is quite good to reread oh yeah a classic timeless timeless epic it is just stay here pyro pyro would you rather be mates with a dog or a dog or a seal meets best buds wick one probably good dog be honest dogs are all right leg going there yeah passing Rob do you have a dog no do you have a dog pose so you have Zelda don't ya what happened maybe crap I don't know I just rebound my jump button is that I don't have my fly like Oh what are you doing huh I'm not doing that you know in Dora the explora ha ha you're not the one making the ha ha I think I saw something move in here but I don't even know how do you tell my flashlight a rebound my key options my rebound mine it doesn't need to let me flashlight old mine williger's suit to zoom what's that do yeah where did that tell them through the options were in the gate the ventilation system up here is pretty good turbo punch oh sweet okay oh dude this suit zoom is pretty sweet when is it that's like binoculars how do you get it you buy the key to it oh my gosh I feel like Terminator

he made you a message on red air or some stupid I ain't talked to him his voice didn't resonate in your ear it did it did you didn't he knows because when you read something you kind of read it in their voice of the person that say resonated yes spies Lord wise I did talk to honor the praise I'm surprised you're not good friends with him being a CPA or porter's down there I'm gonna strafe jump map yes same things loud I need to like I have to press the zero button immediately because otherwise people are gonna hear the song sorry looks like you just got noob cubed it's an interesting tactic veikko so all we've got left is cool star aha Darko's YY star why not like circle or square square I'm more of an all blonde guy myself but where's that your dead body doing it now no it's not me I'll be back he'll be back what's tell what's doing that I don't understand every every too many chefs part of the broth I've got one gram per liter of alcohol in my breath oh wow thanks to what long antennae penis I'm having what the animators yep yes oh god damn it but the noise is funny yes let's just use copy really bad boys bad boys that's not allowed clearly Garry's Mod got permission to use the sounds pause clearly bad boys all the barrels in there had you know copy written logos you know that but we're about to show those but we're not allowed to show a noise from some film watch it I was actually looking that song up a few weeks ago and on YouTube it's under Bob Marley when Bob Marley did not even touch that song like every every reggae song on YouTube is by Bob Marley this is a fun button nobody stole because I meant it may play something it like get flagged and our videos oh I'm sorry who just played hits my bong oh wow that's a great spot dude oh and bass is being a cheater well I have until he lose out the way he is Lord buys the cheater he would never cheat what was x2 what's making my name why does it excavate my name pop up your does this song ever stop which one uh uh hello thank you thank you you guys like my little avatar I have that's amazing pyro thank you the spy is the only Davi the songs never gonna end yeah your stop sound it are we even allowed to post it sure sure Gary Garry's Mod you know they definitely probably got all these sounds and musical scores for the King oh shit Wow okay what's up arrows my lord dankey I've got my sound that's a very good heading please team three okay team yeah that would definitely I love that although I do love that song that's a good song oh that's gonna get but I'm glad I got what I got it's a good song but it was a very in the moment type of song but it's it's gonna it's got a great video purely educational reason well prop I just got fucking annoying do we need to edit the files to be like all like funny sounds that we've made that's what I want we're down to remember what happened I want I want to tie them just down really there this guy before how do you play the bad boy song it's the same button you don't know what you're gonna get I always kids are feeder yeah it's kid that favors well there we go we're all lined up oh that's because we're for hunters oh yeah we get March okay and I know shit nothing summer just sirs nope no we're fine begin March keep marching at ease at ease I'm stuck help me I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck and that's backwards now okay cool where'd you go where'd you go in here you'll never see us you'll never see us we're good get in here already are you I was watching you the whole time haha why is it so loud holy thigh somebody got stuck in the door left live my lord guru this time

you on the roof just hoping that you would all like get close together so I could do two butyl I can I somehow got away I saw you follow my soldier

so funny

you mean to interrupt your toilet time

bathroom well hope you guys enjoyed that really loud and obnoxious bap not only for the events but also the

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