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do my eyes ever get tired of looking at a green room the green is behind me this looks normal good luck [Music] music died we're deck what come on man you haven't seen the date buildings of the apocalypse 2pacalypse oh god no you trick how much have I spent oh my god I can get another down already look at much is left on that one I didn't even need that cannon maybe I did [Music]

Papa Roach yo Papa Roach two minutes ago subbed up for 11 months thank you dude I think I need to turn up the volume on my alerts because sometimes they're hard to catch forgive me it's a lot of buildings he gets cool points for running which

sheesh dude why do you place no now you've made me angry nah I don't even feel like I have enough to go in here

why did I slam that that quick and that bad now like all this is gone the expo gets in a lot of good damage

[Music] yay free pump oh you play giant again there we go know the story of Beowulf oh my god that gave me an anxiety attack not the not Beowulf but that question I remember one time they were in school I had something to do with Beowulf and I didn't do it or I forgot about it and I had to give like a book report on the book that I was half done with oh why you stressed me

giant though [Music] I don't really know why I lane-change hopefully we still win [Music]

[Music] it wasn't BM guys I just don't know what I'm doing

squishy [Music]

tgd no not the first one it's won a couple times be nice to each other guys no I wasn't trying to be M or extend their torture I've gotten mad at people when they do that to me like when they leave a tower at one HP and then they'll like go to the other tower when they have like zap in their hand [Music] how are you winning with this this deck though lol weapon chattin there should be like I don't know I just love the concept of challenges I want one to where it's where you would have to play all building and punish all you guys make you see how I live one win a day keeps the giant skeleton away

you drink some of that vegetable furnace and mortar friends or enemies or enemies oh is that enough yeah


who is this guy surely those skeletons won't you know do that crap stop guys oh I didn't do enough damage

oh but he had bad expo placement I don't know guys he's way in the lead he doesn't that mega minion

yikes come to pep-pep alright on the other side or what I don't know no no I don't even reply to those dude I feel like he's gonna have a spell there's no way he gave up

no way yeah that's mean but strategic guys

you [Music] dopes

know what's supposed to be on his side oh my god that might kill me not ten seconds what you got

dang new Gigi

[Music] got one let's check his deck yeah maybe he was doing something equally weird no spell no burn good for him that's tight wavin yeah he had a he only had one building he needed eight buildings [Music] I'm so afraid to play ranked I wasn't feeling it yesterday

let's make mistakes early took too long freaking out that's why

he's gonna have air

the real dude

Expo was out of range not on the tower no guys when that stuff happens don't even tell me let me live in this happy little world where I think that I know how to play cards in the video game well that's not where I place that is it crap it was out of the rain oh my god

fire spirits like Oh something talk to me he's on the phone with supercell right now trying to figure out why the hidden Tesla didn't take damage sorry the hidden test look it was down it was hidden I don't care what was down do you know how many gems I jammed in this gem uh-huh that's good that's good

another world-famous Tesla he's on the phone again very confused yo you gotta quit doing that ah got bows i got bows in different area codes i might die yep he has fireball Oh God Hey oh shoot the j1 mortar shot did it not shoot that oh my god beautiful timing there he doesn't know that I don't have a spell what did that to you [Music] Expo did it [Music] you only get out of there

interesting deck to be honest you need direct damage dude okay two moments in that that we're just like waiting for the fire spirits to come out out of the furnace the two buildings that I spammed and then they were like building code violation these houses cannot be this close together the direct redirection I think alerts are broke you a the resub and it didn't show up yo Marty move been here for half a year thanks so much man six months my friend loving each and every stream you're the best Thank You Marty it's pretty good yeah twitch changed a whole bunch of stuff when it comes to resub and announcing them I just stream every day I tell you what we get a couple more wins this might make make the YouTube cut or the treat Dewey Crowe what's wrong with stuff today dude do you mean gems our gem in this gem wait that's gone let's go it's good

[Music] wasn't even lethal dude


Zappa uh I'll try to fix alerts in a minute I hate when stuff is broke dude he's got hog and Pichu next is hog or a whiz

little Goblin yes I did the rocket directly on his hidden Tesla and the Tesla is still there sir that the hidden Tesla I don't care what you're hiding

yo bro this guy's got the zap tree let's back it up a little


these counter ones are really hard to get as a Expo here's why he can drop anything right there

shoulda baited them with mortar dude


well wants to be Emilio now

oh I love that book hurry up


if you really text and how come ain't never seen no cowboy hat

he the game

you use lightning he's got hog no Pichu lightning

all right we lost a great player today what happened


gotten zero damage four buildings on them when you lightning and it's just insufficient

too early too late

alright ladies and gentlemen

I love it


he's not even giant oh no I got another Bergamo maro

I'm panicking

why did I do it on the side he wants to lightning he'll get a golem or lightning down again I got so much time that's not good did he just die maybe this is a good little pocket

I think we got it Oh God


[Music] I like to imagine the opponent going okay he's played three buildings no way he's got anymore defense chief Pat got into a car crash is that true don't spread crazy rumors man I need to work on my like censoring I just can't read everything they all type he's on the boat tweeted seven hours ago I'm on a boat and he's on the boat I hope there wasn't a boat crash though I think all the big clash Royale youtubers are going to Finland

you ah

yeah chief Pat looks okay I checked Twitter how many have we won in a row can I call that the YouTube video yet yo that's amazing that's tomorrow's YouTube one two three four five wins in a row no I'm not going to Finland I am NOT a world traveler her man new may the deck no I went on ranked guys

I made a big mistake



I couldn't zapped it anyway would is app this pump and um I don't know what to do now

don't don't watch the streaming drive guys that's dangerous pay attention to the road my babies

he'll do arrows oh my god we messed so much of this up though did he even use arrows

all right

someone said he's lightning I don't know what I'm doing that's chipping

I don't know how to stage this right

oh my god I don't know what to do

how dead am I

I'm so overwhelmed this is too crazy

I'm all-in on a giant

ah where my buildings dude Expo Mordor furnace tombstone pump Inferno tower I never do I never remember my other two kids

Tesla why didn't I remember chat it's hidden God dang that game can't believe

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