Elif 818. Bölüm | Şafak Geri Döndü! (English & Spanish Subtitles)

by: Elif Dizisi

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He is back! It is like a miracle! From now on there is no room for mistakes I should have kept Tufan out of this in the first place I will have things more secured

That idiot Tufan must be still thinking that Şafak has left

Why don't you get off my back! Why on earth I got into this woman!

What now? What do you want? Is there any way to get rid of you! Sure there is! You already managed that! This is the last time I'm calling you You just called me to say that? What do you want? Not really, I have something more important to say It's gonna be sad to hear it but I want you to hear it from me first Quit stalling! -I'm hanging up! -Şafak is back! He changed his mind and came back!


You seem surprised! It seems like your plans flopped You are lying right? If you want you can see it with your own eyes He beat you up quite bad as far as I heard It is not going to be easy for you to get closer to him again It takes a courage Isn't it? You don't have it in you! What the hell are you saying! Don't make me get there and burn your house down! Then you can decide if I have courage or not! Sure you can! I think you should mind your own business Jülide is nothing but a big dream for you! Then how do you think you can get Şafak? After all Şafak is here and we live under the same roof I always have my ways! but it's not going to be possible for you to see Jülide again! It would be funny to expect more from that little brain of yours! You also lost me! I'm out! Don't you dare to come across with me again! Shut up! You will end up near me in a desperate way in the end Slut! I'm going to make you pay for this!

She thinks that scum teacher has returned for her Idiot!

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