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I don't think I think it's all we have I'm really hope so I'm just saying I did not know I had that much stuff in that little house and they still crap all over the place yeah yeah well I know this would too because I think Michaels got the tractor trailer legend oh yeah like I don't know how I shoved it in that house like all this stuff to be honest so I couldn't use more closets yeah wait a minute I think I think I need stuff on my house cuz I wore this weren't sure orange shirt last night I believe it like a you wear it every day I forgot to pick out the plain one it's like I don't even know when it's a clean one it's always clean when's it dirty what's it nice somebody pick up these cones right here we can you know you know cones leather yeah Caroline what do you put one in the back of the truck is that still a thing now I don't think so I don't know I hope that this is like I stole the counterfeit back my shirt there's somebody stole from me you still need anything in that game no I think we're all good I'm good to go just can't throw it in the back at least we'll get them oh dear oh yeah that's a little tractor here yeah dad take the deck off of it well I mean look does it look like our grass that's a racing man all right there it's a race car don't you rose ain't nothing really pushing on the trailer to do it wouldn't crank a leak man what do you know about John Deere's all right are y'all ready yeah all right so where we going um well okay like so I might well I haven't bought this house yep I got put a down payment on it but I figure I can make my stuff in let's hope we can make my stuff here so we just loaded all this stuff up we don't know if we put it down there no not yet but I'm pretty sure we can it's not you know what I know a house right for road that somebody just bought plenty of room we just won't say that to it roll up but hey yeah yeah all right I got a good fuel I don't know what I have yeah I got you feel - all right you all ready yep I cannot I can't see up a back window I can't either I'm used to looking at Chevy's and dodges behind me but I can't look at nothing but a box now oh there's a Dodger front you very Dyson toad mares you're lucky it's the old truck and ain't got new ones on and we got does Ford and 70 in the line this is a lot of American happening in there oh my god and then some jerks driving a Toyota all right well I can't fit in there can I see right here yeah we go a little yet it will fit not you where is too big yep [Music]

gotta love this cheese weather in a while a cheeseburger yeah you're gonna eat an old-ass cheeseburger all right how you gonna next door oh I'll tell ya what and radiyaallah help me move in and everything I'll thank you uh I'll take y'all to hornies yeah no pun intended I wanted to stay look good by grape seed I'll see you tomorrow it's mutable we bye see you see her if I can't put my stuff at the house my wife we get there in that real estate agents and say yeah like sorry one more time little punching fruit you know he's a lot of weight on this trip you said he's back there probably chili about to smoke he probably is I can't find my good Google email it what it fell between the seats there's a cow don't hit it I'm not gonna hit it I like steak come on I wouldn't hit a cow really real tender steak hey you know what if I had that now I would have had a cow hood get it it would have been inducted into the intake is that huh yeah like what what's all over your it's uh-huh hamburger your ground beef on this hotel mmm [Music]

yeah we'll see a burnout oh I just saw a burden well yeah Bob do burn oh yeah what I will do I did a little one there but y'all won't pay for a tires okay I'll tell you what I used to burn us all the tires you get them for a discount yeah true but you know I start to pay for those yeah sure it is like 40% DJ's house and taking this credit card wheeze asleep I mean it's probably in your name knowing these you don't be so you're still paying for it no he's a crook oh no he hooked me up on the set of compounds yeah well I'll probably post it come yeah I mean up up pay for at least 100 for sure that hasn't seen nothing I haven't seen there were nothing come across I got a receipt I got a receipt so every seat uh-huh okay you let me know it's him it's handwritten but I got to receive its ink blue crayon - I don't know green

I'm here after up oh sweet oh hey mama slow down a sure we can't keep up just blue body go out the exhaust another one that means the way whatever your blues but in a second we go back pirates America it's like have you ever seen the fireworks when you shoot them out it does like a little army gotta like a little parachute yeah ah shoot bald eagles out they come with a shoot is everybody behind us we still rolling good yeah yeah we convoy down history sit oh we are heading east mmm yeah wait nevermind anymore we are heading south [Music] once duhkha be down here oh yeah a little car wash what do you do these people are jerks you're jerk jerk jerk well you know it's nicer to say that this is what the therapist says oh we got a Toyota fly huh Oh until ya ain't got nothing come on up here I'll drag race shit let's just get rid of it up yeah this is fancy yeah yeah you're lucky I can't get it out of like neutral flashers well I can't see B I mind I wait for that truck joy relief Springs to crash think is it something hey I got my good dishes up in there don't you Rick well it keeps I got in my Red Solo cups

I don't even wanna know what's in this box I look well it's fragile stuff whatever isn't mines heavy as hell it's that a lot more you know I get that you own trailer bags it's ready so you know what I like it's really it's a nice trailer everyone so hopefully they ain't gonna be too much I got some sway bars for it yeah it needs it this little thing does not track very well all right yeah I'll hit the Sun hey Bob you know where are we going oh no goodness you get a swallowed a bug Sherwood Eagle third I just want his compound feathers right now it's a pretty car that's a really pretty car it is it is I like that you won't flick them off it's like an object oh I like the little red stripe whole bottle I like it on one color yeah all right guess we'll just pull right here and I'll a group up again I feel like I'm about to like floss I'll walk and tip over you you might are we good or no we got carded for cars back Michael back there come on he's in the blue blue nightmare don't curb them rims breath god I'll blow a tire I don't wait go in the road is it the road all right go around okay we're good to go if they're not confident enough to go around then that's their problem I need to go oh there's a paho I'm telling you this is a worst road right through here oh but it's fun to ride on a motorcycle you know what it's so many potholes no wonder they go for the Tollbooth right there to take money at for it like you make it a killer yeah me freaking tickets the police right no freaking killing hey you know that new Playstation I'll pay for that tickets oh it's like we owned the town tickets we're in a deejay that girl look really good walk Bob just go go go you ain't follow me no more non-driver what happened he literally ran all over the trailer you're talking about you know what it is I think it's got a Bob issue yeah it's got a driver issue but not ladies short between the will and the daggone seat you know what Bob's used to drives those luxury vehicles I think it's cuz he's sitting on one side and his fat stacks weighing them down it's like oh we oh no chirp sorry buzz be another equals shoved up in the turbo again just keep driving what is your truck I've eaten an exhaust leak it's just an exhaust manifold yeah that's what I always say oh you see it co right there yeah I see a lot of orders go ahead it's cold okay that's a little bit of like it's water I have a sprinkler it's just a unit of mist I gotta make sure I can help hit now these lights lady I'll keep brakes in stock for 18 f450 yeah I need some we keep a lot of breaks in stock for Forge the power just keeps pushing his in my mom's will just keep like everything is started for Ford as much as they break now hey listening is only they ain't never left me stranded uh yeah it did no I still drove yeah but I took I willingly got out of it it took me like six hours to get home but my lord I thought you know the other day start messing up I think I got some gas in it from 24/7 and Sandy it wouldn't surprise me no no I guess I mean had water yeah head water in that thing so next time y'all talk to Jeff y'all let him know he need to check his pump I swung by my fuel from Ltd you know I went down there to Lee's own place mm-hmm and got some fuel there then uh it still did it [Music] I'll buy my fuel from a city from now on lease it yeah well - usually if you buy from down here they probably you know people probably you know well - because the model diesel oh really honey yeah I don't anything Tyler irons out anymore even my old place ya know I think he sold it apparently at that places people like it when they hate it yeah have y'all seen my new shop no just - what I'm joking I got the blueprints I opened up the plans up wow I wish it was done I'm gonna become a millionaire people call me fat stacks a second he's passed axed a second yep you need to sign a contract copyrighted because the bad stags don't go around saying hi my name's TJ fat stacks hamster so we just went down with some of the most redneck gas trucks in the state where is this Zima I don't know where's my huh what are you doing I was waiting on us it's like I can't give any more like work work it's a red light I can't pull over anymore

wait when it turns green I'm going for fellas oh I think this overheating is because there's a little bit of performance issues probably wait oh we still get oh oh he's going around oh here's one around oh it's great like yo I gotta go don't pull me over don't pull me over I don't know what's going on here but it escalated very quickly Bob you're in wrong lane see you're wouldn't want to get in trouble and they're gonna look at that what does he do it's probably cuz that covered it's like we can't go ever like I want that let's just I'll pull over I hear this alleyway should we pull this alleyway or like I mean let's just pull over right here right here I'm gonna block your driveway up I'm gonna get it take it forward about the blocking bag on fire huh we don't know why does he want me to pull over how did I pull over now here we are I can't it's a red light oh let me you're any trouble puzzle right we got room back here for you oh I got Doritos yeah nacho cheese oh yeah actually I did there oh thanks you might not wanna you ain't going down my house is down there on the right well after I purchase it it'll be down there on the right I don't know what to do it's like I mean shoot Chuy I don't I don't see how do you know getting sure well fast acts be trodden double yellow that's it right his trucks what the I honestly have no idea I don't red light she kind of had to go through you already have fun Center out whatever turned red oh boy that's the only thing in the trailer sofa will be somewhere I don't know where it came from A to Z did I have a full bar that's a man you are do Bob put one in there you didn't strap it down I didn't know any color in it I just bought that from Ace Hardware never must go sleep especially some pantyhose things later on man yeah well that's real greatly I'm gonna ticket for it and we're gonna go one down to the house and bleach it down here don't lose any more of the tools don't lose that hammer grandpappy game in a hammer you put a nail in with that hammer back in a day all right sir once I believe pull down that little bitch comes out we should've parked in an alleyway I want you to stop it down here all right yeah I got a I still gotta like pay him some money yeah he has some bad news say he'd better I have you bad news you know it's like the longest trip of my life kill Danny ah use work or two yeah I'll be sure I'm not gonna go any because I want to be a guy hey what's going on what's up I didn't know you bring you stuff here with you yeah yeah just so happened everybody was free today well that's good well I don't know if you could like really bring it in the house you probably like leave it here if you're planning on doing that because we're so like moving some stuff out well they still got stuff oh man we'll leave it on the front lawn all righty yeah that'll work wait I mean we'll leave their stuff on the front lawn not mine oh yeah we could do that yes we can just take it out there's just like some minor stuff still in there that we need to get out all right yeah I got the money and everything to give you all right you got the contracts never saying we can go ahead and sign up everything yeah let me just get over my car okay all right let's go over here do it I guess we can go ahead and pull the trucks in and eat my flat home burger isn't my pocket of advice Bush don't leave Bobby you cleaned that vehicle Bob what are you doing you got ran into the tree brakes gave out the treatments the only thing that stopped me all right so it's $300,000 on the dam we'll just do two payments to the bank correct yeah yeah we just set this paperwork down here in my head so it's easier for you son all right you might want to shut that door before somebody takes it off

yeah there's an issue with this door keeps opening up yeah it's probably I don't know that's what happens we buy a cheap car oh it's not that cheap is a really nice one I like it thank you do you own all those vehicles there or there yes I know I'm the green one the guys know Warren Jones the black one the guy in the red there's a white one the guy the vest owns the semi and then I have a guy back there if a lot more but he got pulled over broke my damn wheelbarrow apparently if a wheelbarrow flies now I train lot of red light you get in trouble well I guess yeah it's a shame all right sorry usual paperwork right here with the pen all that it's just showing on paper for the house and all that all right yeah let me go ahead and uh I guess just signed everything all right I'll go ahead Mitchell here and here and here we go all right I guess just left of me giving you somebody yes sir I have an envelope

there you go oh my already sir for you do you need help we're done loading your stuff I mean we'll probably to be honest probably just like unlatch it just drop it into the driveway just like that alright enough on that all right yeah so do I just leave there the Hockley no I don't have them yet can I just uh well me wash I do with the stuff that's inside then oh there's gonna be a team coming by sometime today I'm pretty sure okay we'll leave everything in like will play everything in one room that way they know how to get it out of there and then I already know pop all right way I appreciate you thank you I'm going to try um I hope you enjoy anyhow yeah thank you yeah Oh buddy - all right guys y'all ready get a good day are you - all right I guess we're just back everything in it will just start definite from just unloading the crates and everything and Michael hundred good Michael yeah can you get your what how do we get your truck coming keep back up to the gate right here let me don't forget for you

well I make he just backing up in the yard right here just put it right here like the door probably back yeah all right that'd be great

fat stacks oh yeah Bob you can probably just back your truck over here Chuck it - just back it right over here I guess hey who's that girl how you doing come on back come on back back it up don't don't scuff the trium tree um keep backing in come on Bob don't hit you scratch it my gate Bob hang out Lissa let's say for this out this way hang on here we go now go ahead back in there Bob very gently dad back it in yeah yeah there you go no don't hit my stop you're gonna hit my porch here we go CJ hey I don't know hey yeah you know what my name's TJ I'm new to the neighborhood ah crowd now it illegal to talk to women now [Music] I don't know what happened oh yeah dang it what is it ever you can't you can't park that truck there sir that is a gnarly and then like the cup the cops re harassing us we just try to get that quick was that y'all try and get it done quick hey I want to move my truck over here I guess back your stoop to the next to the garage Lee really I can't leave my truck here for a minute or so but I'm telling you there are you harassing us said somebody's he's by the book tell you that oh oh great we got another one by the book yeah Bob Bob watch it out you're gonna get rid of er I know what your low boyfriend get run over by first Jean Cummings for come on now it won't look good on my record you get rid of a loss all right hey uh can you go ahead and bring that truck you bring that truck in and park fork out here out back you sleep your truck out back I'm trying to get over native of the back high-polish truck in here just don't don't lose another yeah just don't lose another wheel barrel Dave can't afford that okay you don't want to see what you're getting gate did to my truck you scratched my gate I seen it no your gate messed up my tailgate actually knocked down a sign oh it was but he didn't are you knocked down to do not block intersection son I don't see nothing oh my gosh keep all three think I'm go back in oh there goes the neighborhood oh really here I got this door here oh you about to get me no don't hit me freakin gate no and you can't drive no he's mentioning it stop pushing me and get better help to get the tendon you know what get better time manners

you know what you should wait look you just broke the crate just keep on going back you know grandma's like you know stuff in it is she moving in with you no oh my gosh I just seen a big shadow of oh well all these rich people down here oh you know why I'm here for $300,000 I don't have $300,000 Seaboard is that all this house cost no cost a hundred thousand over 750 oh I got a four deal they had like a mass-murdering here and they said you in houses a mass murder no I'm joking Evan they said it might have a ghost in it I was like well let's hope it no right now I don't know sir bag they really are a ghost guards all right well let's go hit this with Casper you know what I say we go we need a lunch break I say we hop in this pool that's hot truth is iced water fountain or what is that don't make fun of my water fountain okay it might there is that what that's supposed to be I don't know you can have a look pretty cool it was storming and raining when I bought the place but really you know why about this one because they had this flex rock right here flex right yeah right your hard work like something like huh who's SUV of the I mean you want me to really show you how it works yeah that is that was not likes rock that's Tonya's car there's not maybe I said woman maybe she was she's waiting on the movers again here here stuff out it's a really nice house man I'm what you wait you can walk out your house one day and Tonya's gonna be across from your house actually this is a really nice house it really is all right guys I'll give you the guy toward it would just chill for a little bit and then I guess we'll just unload everything this was really cool thank you well I'll have to have like a house gathering hey how you doing over there house what is the house gathering housewarming party I don't need that I gotta take a see well me in a warming party all right yeah well you know come on this way I'll give you the Grand Tour all right thank you for helping me this way oh yeah

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