FAMILY TROUBLES - The Escapists The Walking Dead Part 1

by: UberHaxorNova

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all right hello welcome to the walking dead variation of The Escapist this is a standalone version of a new escapist game this is pretty fucking cool this is a crossover that I would have never expected to have happen so I am very excited to dive into this but first it is very very hot in this jacket so I'm going to take it off all right the Harrison Memorial Hospital after suffering a gunshot wound during a shootout Rick Grimes awakens to find himself in an unfamiliar place in Oh facing a trigger-happy adversary from out of town police deputy Rick Grimes and his partner Shane find themselves in a treacherous could not read the rest of it this is not good cover me like an old man Wow poor Rick he's in his coma now and there's nobody there to visit him but zombies zombies are there to visit him look at that mommy's right there they had like their tongues hanging out and shit so am i escaping from this facility well this is obviously the tutorial level but oh you can almost see my butt crack through through the the little skitty's jeans and a t-shirt how convenient and I changed right away now you can't see my butt in my butt crack in the Skippy's at all so where are we going here oh this is so cool it's like everything is rundown oh there's bodies and shit the cake Oh what was that I heard that shit it's tell me to go down here though anybody what's in this desk this music is fucking awesome what the fuck am I gonna do with the pillowcase what am I gonna create with the pillowcase is there anything else I can check that everyone just decide to take a break at the same time yeah sure Rick sure Rick found a backpack in there oh what's in this a gun that's that's it oh that's the that's the comic you have found a volume of the Walking Dead with enough exploration and puzzle solving you'll be able to find them all you can you can actually view the volumes that you find okay yes I found okay got a comic we got a bar soap got the pillowcase and my crafting this shit already we're gonna make these already and do the makeshift gosh is that what that is Kosh what the fuck is that oh shit is it still the same like is it still the same combat I think someone is trapped in the elevator I should help what the fuck ding this is so cool with the comics and shit oh it's a zombie swamp so there was nothing in here but ah what's that oh shit replete ok so I guess it's not the same kind of combat I thought it was space to attack but fuck you oh wait what the fuck hello oh it's the right oh fuck what the fuck it's not like crazy like turn-based and stuff like it was before what did he have on him you had files they look different now this is awesome so far I like this I like this ooh oh there is absolutely nothing in the desk but I'm supposed to pick it up middle-mouse give me that oh no it's right nevermind what am I talking about you can't really see with the the prompt there I want to make I want to make something with this let me make yeah we make these cutters a while hey let's get up there select the flimsy cutters yes all right I'm through and just like just like the tutorial in the other game you looks like you get out through the fucking vents but then you will we dig a hole there's another comic book oh I heard him oh what the you don't want to unblock that though do you do you really want to unblock that they're everywhere Oh oh my god no oh I'm dead I'm so dead I died that was holy shit they all came after me and killed me what what why I don't want to investigate the doors though like they're gonna pop out after me and kill me okay I gotta I had the quick run out that look at this oh my god can't you understand oh my god look of it here good after me that's crazy there's more outside what the hell did he oh I got I got rid of him I got a fucking pistol now oh yeah there we go oh the way he holds it out I'm gonna shoot this one right out here oh let's not get too close to the fence now he's did I got infinite ammo well there's the shovel to get out of here thank you the controls are a little bit like different on this it's kind of weird to get used to this again are we digging we're digging up are we good oh there we are can we search roamers pockets fucker didn't have anything on them I'm gonna pop your ass it's not even moving it's not even moving oh it's Reuben to hell but it's going super slow damn oh oh that one just that one's a speedy one right there there's still just roamers though they don't have anything on them oh my god dude I just get the fuck out of here yes I know the guide Rick out but fuck sake can you please get that prompt out of the way it's it's right there in the way got him we still have this this is probably the this is probably the final comic of course of course it's the final comic I've 100% of this fucking level because I'm so fucking good after his first encounter with the undead Rick confused and scared trudges trudges on trudges on trudges on right trudges on hmm here we are Rick is that the RV dad on little Karl ah oh so worried about you Karl Karl after meeting a stranger called Glenn who invites Rick to his camp Rick is astonished when against odds he's reunited with his wife Lori and a bunch of other shit that I couldn't read because it went too fast now we're going right to the farm Wow after Rick's son Carl is accidentally shot by Otis he leads Rick and his ailing son to the green family farm where ODIs hopes Hershel having veterinary experience can save Carl after his pleading claims shoot real good Rick nice isn't allowing his son Carl to join him and Tyreese yeah yeah so what happened oh no what the fuck please don't shoot me it was an accident I swear they even show shames whole like thing that's whole saga the farm I live on the guy that owns the place had a son shot in the foot he got the bullet out patched him up real good this is how we get to Herschel's farm I'm sleeping of course Rick get your ass up is that Glenn Glenn that's Glenn that's got to be Glenn Rick I hope your leaves managed to get some rest despite your current situation I want you to know Carl is in good hands and I'm doing all I can it has assured me is a genuine accident I believe him yeah sure yeah yeah sure when you're awake you should attend the head count there's a head count keep up your survival group morale all right what if I don't attend the head count there's a head count brothers I'm automatically in my fucking outfit what in the world Rick's got some goods in his desk that is a Hershel right there that's her show how did I know that's her shoe ha ha ha Jesus man had kept all the way over their daily routines as the leader of the group keep the threat of the walkers at bay by constantly attending headcount attending mealtimes completing jobs basically the same thing as the original escape as it seems remember keep on top of this daily routine to look after your fellow survivors yes ok wait who else was over here Who am I missing here we got Maggie Laurie why's Laurie got like purple hair is that Laurie am i right and they all they all eat dinner at the table how cute can I have Mike can I have my plate please there we are I just want to sit down thank you I just want to sit down yeah this doesn't look like I don't know hey I'm fine Rick really I wasn't talking to you Jim ah hey they have a gym at the fucking what they have a gym so let's fucking do that let's use the punching bag shall we can I do it yeah oh yeah what are you doing in here Dale asshole it gets faster each time this is actually I like this system better than mashing I'm getting tired now I'm done what's my strength that I put my health up to seventeen Dale get your ass off the fucking treadmill what's wrong with you Dale you know damn right you don't want to fucking work out you didn't work out at all in the fucking show you just set your ass on the RV get your ass out in the RV Lori let me talk to you my wife Lori Lori how's our son Lori how's our son get off the fucking treadmill what is the matter with you people on the fucking treadmill there's more things at hand here look my son he's he's dead damn it he's dead there's no helping my son turn the light off let's unplug him right now there's no point how do I find stuff oh here we go laundry really we're doing laundry as Rick in The Walking Dead version of The Escapist is this uh is this a comic please me something oh yes oh I like that thank you I got a hoe that's a weapon right there I already got that and a crafting note yeah that's okay that's from the old one nice let's do this as our weapon here failure always ensure you meet the quota failure Oh rise of the threat level okay so I have to do laundry in order to hold off the zombies that makes sense right I think maybe I don't if you don't do your laundry if you if you got some fucking skit skid marks on your fucking clothes then the zombies will smell it and they'll come for you make sense okay take the infected always infected clothing I'm stupid from the dirty laundry it didn't they they use that they use that to mask themselves so what that wouldn't be a bad thing necessarily we only have two working machines what's all this garbage in the middle here how long does it I don't really know what the fuck dude I'm not done I'm not done doing the wash it went up because of that you anus I have attended lunch now can I leave I'm leaving I need to go rummage through some shit and I I really don't want to fucking watch as they run on the treadmill because that's probably all they'll do we're surrounded by the dead what guide Rick to Karl's bedside what hello hello I see you Karl Karl bori should be the one over there fucking helping him out I got I got shit to do I run this place is there anything I could do your boy needs operating on now Rick I'm gonna need you to get me some items who oh oh oh I need to get those little snippers oh it's it's literally in the drawer Glenn's gonna fucking steal them dude he's a little these a little thief get the fuck out of here they're in here there they are well I'm glad it told me where to go I'm gonna take all this shit - I can't live like this I thought I could but I can't there's some more goods in here there's a zombie in the barn just like in the function just like in both the show and the end the cava guy dick right uh take it up I'll keep that in there and I'm gonna keep the gun Oh what the fuck are some of these a melee dent oh man and I got two of the components right here fuck yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and put that shit in there and then hopefully I get hopefully I get something good pretty soon here look at that fucking look at the zombies in there man look at that one outside asshole this is the one that I'll use to stash I guess me now I won't keep all that shit on me at the same time so I can quick throw all this in there or I could take it back to my room back to Rick's room and that might not be that bad so that way I don't have to run all the way over here but I'm still in the process of doing this anyway so apparently I just I don't give a shit you can use your assigned s to store items why not check ha ha ha yeah let's steal from other people this isn't mine is it is this mine this looks like oh I'm meat look ah there's some fucking cool weapons in here a saddle a drill I'm gonna use the meat hook as a weapon I think that would be pretty good instead of the hoe that I got let's get a look at that look at that hook fucking throw that right in someone's face I got to craft something with that now operating kit alright find her she'll give him the operating kit uh okay that's that's simple enough there's my desk right here I'll put that in there he's got medicine he's got ink he's got a postcard is this a desk - this is a desk as well shouldn't this also be my desk but though hacksaw a horse brush am I gonna have to like get a horse at some point they have all this horse stuff hey Hershel what are you doing man you were just dicking around there you go buddy recruiting survivors a happy face is shown above Swire's with high okay these survivors can be recruited if you push what is that the left click when standing near them they follow you until you dismiss them that's pretty cool are you happy with me let's just say I won't be are you Hershel are you he's happy with me Hershel Hershel baby he's coming with me come Hershel I need you to cure my son and then Oh Glenn come with me - Glenn yeah yeah we got a crew now oh ok I think I have a hold of it hold them down oh shit pulled the bullet out stop the bleeding Thank You Hershel you're so kind you don't want to go in there trust me I'm going in the barn dismiss him fuck off Hershel you don't deserve to be with me but my main man Glenn does because he's a fucking asshole actually wait is this Tyreese Tyreese get up hey yeah Tyreese I want Tyreese with me damn it I want Tyreese with me damn it

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